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--- oldest sib. club ---

i was wondering if i could start a club?,itwould be called oldest sib. club.thats ok if i can not,but i would love too!!!
mdo17 & bunnykinz
2011-12-27 20:58:32
Hi mdo

As in oldest sibling?

What do you want the plaque to look like? This is the club, we will put it on the clubs page once you let us know.


Jane Crandal & JB
2011-06-17 01:46:46
hey mdo, can i join?
bannana & mindy
2011-06-20 17:00:34
can i join even though im a younger sibling
Issabelle & Silver Dollar
2011-06-20 23:41:35
mdo, i am an oldest sibling:) LOL
bannana & mindy
2011-06-21 16:49:03
Can I join? I am the oldest sibling and sometimes it can be really annoying. i wish I was the youngest, they get everything because their the baby
poniesRus & Ty
2011-06-22 01:57:46
little siblings can be quiet annoying. they do get in trouble a lot. i am not saying older siblings don't though...
bannana & mindy
2011-06-22 19:08:48
I'm an olny child but can I join?
pp2 & Finnigan
2011-06-22 22:09:46
rusty, u r rite im the youngest and i get in the most trouble my older brother is never home so he cant get in trouble
Issabelle & Silver Dollar
2011-06-23 05:25:23
you are pp2?
bannana & mindy
2011-06-23 13:03:49
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