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Moondancer's Herd Welcome to Moondancer's herd. You have been lost for some while. You have found the herd and are trying to be accepted. You will have to venture through tough times, climb over the mountains, and gallop through the forests, deep in North Carolina. Trying to survive and kep the herd together.

Here are the ranks:

Lead Mare
Lead Stallion
Right Hand Mare (Second most powerful)
Right Hand Stallion (Second most powerful)
N/A (A mare or Stallion with a lower rank)

No Swearing, powerplaying, or fighting
You are only allowed 2 characters
You have to fill out all of the info
Ask to be acceped to the club

Mane and Tail:

My horse
Name: Moondancer
Breed: Appaloosa
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Rank: Lead Mare
Coat: Silver with grey spots on the rear (Like a moon)
Mane and Tail: Silver
Markings: Grey spots on the rear
Mate: N/A
(I will add another later that is lead stallion)
OK!! Just fill out this form and after someone joins I will make he first post!

1357abcd & Snow
2013-05-08 13:27:50
Ok. Here is my other horse.
Name: Blazing Shadow
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6
Rank:Lead Sallion
Coat: Dark brown/black
Mane and Tail: black
Markings: A white blaze
Mate: Moondancer-Later
Other: Will introduce later

A few more things.
You can have three horses but only if your first two have a foal. And if you want, you can have at first only one horse and introduce the mate or another horse later. You can also add an "Other" Tab on your horses description to tell they're story.

I will post the ranks again later. Thnks!!

1357abcd & Snow
2011-07-06 21:53:43
Rank:lead filly
Coat: black
Mane and Tail:black
Markings:a full moon on her face with a stripe right down the middle
Father:lead stallion?

Rank:lead colt?
Coat:like moonshadow
Mane and Tail:like moonshadow
Markings:like moonshadow
Father:lead stallion?
Other:is identickle twin to moonshadow

pp2 & Finnigan
2011-07-06 22:43:44
Of course you can join! What I mean by that rule is don't start playing without letting me know. I have one problem though. I have entered my stallion's info and it should show up soon and would like it if your foals are from 2 other wild horses. Only because
A: I want to have Moondancer have foals on her own time:) and
B: I will not introduce my stallion into the herd until later. Anyways if you wanted to breed your characters, you couldn't cause that would be inbreeding. Otherwise yes you can join! I will make the first post.

"Come on," said Moondancer, to her herd. They were trying to escape a round of horse capturers. She tossed her head. She looked back at the two new foals, worried that they couldn't keep up. She was a great lead mare, yet very motherly and caring. She always knew what to do in tough times. She was focusing hard on keeping the herd together when she was interrupted. She heard a shrill whinny, and it was the kind where you could tell that the caller was in pain. And then it hit her. She was hurt and quickly falling to the ground. She hit the ground with a loud thud and saw her broken leg. All she could think about was two things. How they could escape quickly enough. And she thought about the wellfare of the foals.

1357abcd & Snow
2011-07-07 00:40:03
Name: Ajax
Gender: Mare
Age: 3
Rank: Back-Up-lead Mare
Coat: Black
Mane and Tail:Black with silver highlights
Markings: Electric Blue eyes
Mate: Beucphalos

Name: Beucphalos
Age: 4
Breed: Freisain
Gender: Stallion
Color: Black
Mane+Tail: Black with shimmery black highlights
Markings: N/A
Rank: Back up Lead Stallion
Mate: Ajax

Name: Angel
Age: 5
Breed: Arabian
Gender: Mare
Color: Light Grey
Mane+Tail: White with golden highlights
Markings: A black stripe
Rank: N/A (Scout maybe?)
Mate: Zanzibar

Name: Zanzibar
Age: 5
Breed: Arabian
Color: Dapple grey
Gender: Stallion
Mane+Tail: Light grey with white highlights
Markings: N/A
Mate: Angel
Rank: N/A (Scout/Gaurd Maybe)
May I join
Please check out Lark Rise Role Play and Pat Parelli club

arabluv & teapot
2011-07-07 13:11:29
(how bout Moon and shadow are just like moonshadows foals but really arn't?)

Moon-*comes up to moondancer* mom are you okay?

pp2 & Finnigan
2011-07-07 21:19:26
I'm going to make another horse

Rank:Medican horse
Mane and Tail:pure white

pp2 & Finnigan
2011-07-09 19:04:55
(may i join? if so:)
Name: Scar
Breed: Friesian
Gender: male
Age: 7 years
Rank: N/A
Coat: black
Mane and Tail: black
Markings: scar over left eye

kazul9009 & Scar
2011-07-10 02:08:52
can I join?
Info Was a wild horse all his life
Name: Lepord
Breed: mustang
Gender: Stallion
Rank:Needs one
Coat: chisnut appalosa
Mane and Tail:dark bay
Markings: a blaze and a snip

Info was wild all her life
Name: WindStar
Breed: Mustang
Gender: mare
Age: 7
Rank: needs one
Coat: dappled silver
Mane and Tail: dark grey with white at the end
Markings:4 stockings
Mate: Lepord

poor Pretty Boy & Freedom
2011-07-10 14:58:22
Yea u can join! Leafyx13 enter ur info. Kazul you can be gaurd 3.
Following post:

"Moondancer?" Said Blazing Shadow. "I'm here and I have Moony, the medicine horse."
"I'm fine." replied Moondancer. "I have just hurt my leg."
"I doesn't matter. All the gaurds are working to keep the herd safe so do not try to find an easy way out. Get to work Moony." Said Blazing Shadow. "Please."

1357abcd & Snow
2011-07-10 16:01:44
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