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*** December 2011 Story Contest Age 11 *** Enter your story as a wmail here

*** December 2011 Story Contest Age 11 ***

Enter your story as a wmail here

Jane Crandal & JB
2011-11-30 18:09:36
Snow Horse

‘ Ack!’ yelled Katie. ‘ I HATE snow!’ She tramped angrily through it, muttering to herself. Maddy looked at her gradually disappearing shape through the winter’s mist. It stumbled quite a few times. Looking down, Maddy saw she was up to her knees in snow. Perfect reason for school to be cancelled. ‘ HURRY UP DAD!’ she shouted to her father, who was battling vainly with a sled that had her younger brother on, not helping at all. ‘ Be there in a minute!’ he replied from behind her. ‘ You go on ahead.’ And go on ahead, was what Maddy did.

After a long and tedious time walking, Maddy finally arrived at her destination. The snowman building contest. A stern woman with a thick black jacket took down her details. ‘ Team name?’ she enquired stiffly.
‘ Equestria,’ replied Maddy, refusing to be beaten up by some silly old woman.
‘ Equestria?’ the lady said snottily, arhing and eyebrow and raising her chin. She looked at Maddy- horse boots, thick jods, Mountain Horse Hat, black hoodie with silver: ‘If you can read this, then please put me back on my horse!’ (Upside down, naturally.).
‘ You do realise,’ she added seriously, ‘ That this is a snowman building contest?’ she put emphasis on ‘man’ . A much kinder, round-faced man came over. ‘ Oh, let her be, Debbie!’ he laughed in a trademark-Farmer Ted’ s advert voice. ‘ We got people building igloos, an’ all sorts here!’ Both ‘Debbie’ and Maddie looked to the contest. Maddy’ s heart sank- everyone was almost finished. She would have to work extra-hard to build her snow-horse. And win.

Her Dad took longer to come. Eventually, he registered as the last contestant (After his daughter), number sixteen. He and Toby started to build something along the lines of a cross between a ghost train and a heap of snow. It was a good thing she knew Toby so well. She laughed to herself and started her snowhorse.

It was just in time she put her finishing touches on. She stood back to admire her work. It was, no bragging intended, sure to win. The horse was- well, grey of course, in the white manner- and lying down. She had expertly given it a long tail, and a mane nothing short of half a metre, to keep a delicate, dished face from falling off. Two (Quite literally) coal black eyes stared out, but there was a certain kindness in them that Maddy couldn’ t quite understand. Maybe she was getting a little too prideful about it.

Sure enough, Maddy won. The judge had made a beeline for it when it was announced that the they were deciding the winner for first place. She came out from the sidelines (So no one could destroy another’ s model) and happily accepted her prize- a small, wooden sledge, just big enough for her and a blue rosette.

When she had gone back, the judge announced that everyone was to keep their models up, but take home anything like hats and scarves.

Eventually, everyone packed off and only Maddy’ s family were left. Toby made sure (Too many times) that they had everything off his trainball (He had a tantrum when Dad almost forgot the fourth-place ribbon the judge had rather hastily given them, seeing Toby yelling that he was going to win.). Kate, who Maddy only just remembered had entered too (For a laugh), sullenly skulked about her entry, a bunch of choir singing snowmen in third. Her mates, who made up the rest of Team Coolio McSquoolio (Debbie’ s eyes were rolled exaggeratedly at that one), walked off with Kate to their favourite café.

Team Steamies left too, and Dad told Maddie to be home within an hour. She was alone with her snowhorse. Bending down, she squatted next to it and stroked down its finger-made slim stripe. A little star, covered almost by forelock, rose above it. She took a deep breath and brought out her camera and rearranged her things. The sledge’ s long rope was shortened and put around Snowhorse’ s neck, to make it look as if she were really preparing to pull it. The deep blue rosette was also tied around Snowhorse’ s neck (Though thanks to the mane, it was a bit hard.) Maddy put her camera on a twenty second timer, then onto a thankfully close tree stump, far away enough for everything to get into the picture. Maddy hugged Snowhorse gently and smiled, though there were hot tears in her eyes. The camera beeped and then clicked. The tears came and streaked down her face. They collided with one of Snowhorse’ s coal eyes and a grey line of water trickled down. Maddy sobbed for ten more minutes, before patting Snowhorse, telling her she loved her, and collecting her things before walking off in silence.

That night, Maddy shook in her sleep. She had done well in hiding her feelings to her family (Minus the cat), and was now letting them run wild. When she heard a clatter. Even in her depressed state, she woke up, got dressed, and crept outside.

The sight was something she’ d always want to see. A glistening pony stood by the shed in the garden, tossing its head proudly. Maddy gasped, realising it was Snowhorse. She ran over, doing her best to keep quiet. There was less snow now. She swung her leg over Snowhorse’ s back and hugged her. The feeling of horse was warm and real. The half-a-metre long mane was startchy, like a blanket your Mum might knit you at birth. Snowhorse was real, alive from the prisoning snow. She whinnied and took off.

The midnight ride was magical. No one was out, and the moon was full. It caused the snow on the street to glisten. Maddy and Snowhorse cantered- no, wait, galloped- past silver trees, waving to her gently. Something compelled her to wave back. She had never rode before, but she felt at home on a horse’ s back.

She got home and Snowhorse 'hugged’ her warmly. Maddy said goodbye.

rockinrider & Pegasus Rock
2011-12-31 12:13:22
Perfect Horse by Cece4me

Once there was a girl named Jenna who had a horse named Cece. Cece was a Morab who would run all day if you would let her. She was a bay horse with a black mane and tail and Jenna loved her very much. One day in August she was practicing western games with Cece because she was going to a horse show in Ramona in a few days. Jenna was nervous,it was her first horse show and she was so excited. She planned to take Cece in a showmanship class,a halter class,a western pleasure class and a western equitation class.
It was the day before the horse show and Jenna had come out to ride Cece,give her a bath and take her tack home to clean. Jenna left earlier than usual because she had to get up at 5:30 am. That following morning Jenna got up, had breakfast,took a shower and grabbed her show clothes then her and her mom headed to the ranch. They took Cece up with her blanket because it was really cold that morning.
They got ready for her showmanship class and unfortunetley they did not place but there were alot of people in the arena. So the next class was halter,they got 2nd place in that then there were the english classes and a lunch break before they switched to western. It was their turn to do western pleasure where they got 5th place, then there was equitation where they got 3rd place.
Jenna sprayed Cece off before they left and praised her for her good work. Jenna decided she wanted to show again next summer.

Cece4me & Dusk
2012-01-01 19:34:40
Clara's Rescue
by Maid Mairain

Me: Mom? I'm going to go for a walk. May I?

Mom: I don't know Clara. We are new here and you don't know your way around...

Dad: Aw, let her go, Miriam. It's hard being new. Maybe she can meet new friends. And how is she to get to know her way around if you don't let her go out. Come on. Please?

Mom: Well.. Alright, but be careful. And make a map so you don't get lost.

Me: Okay Mom! Thanks Dad! Bye! *Walks outside and into town. Passes a building that says "Helping Hands Animal Shelter"* Oh great! Maybe they have a canary or something that Mom and Dad would let me get. *Walks inside* Hey! Can I see your animals?

Man: Hey kid, are actually interested in the animals or do you just want to cause mischief?

Me: No sir. I would truly like to see the animals. My parents might let me get one.

Man: Well, alright. Down that corridor. *points*

Me: Thank you Sir!

Man: Kids!

Me:*I run down the corridor but then I remember and slow down to a walk. I see a bunch of tired looking horses and cows and such. Then I see
a vet walking past her with a serringe.* Is there a sick animal? *I think. So I follow the man. He comes into a beautiful brown mare's stall. There is already another worker in the tiny stall. He forces the Mare to lay down.*

Worker: I'm glad that you are putting this one down. She's been a whole lot of trouble. Breaking out of the stall, getting into the feed. I kept punishing her for it by not feeding her, but that make no difference! If anything, it made it worse!

Me: What! *Rushes into the stall* You aren't putting this beautiful horse down, are you!

Doctor: Listen kid. We've had this devil for a week. That's twice as long as the length of time we keep most of these animals before putting them down.

Me: But! But that is unfair! If you waited a day longer, you could have had someone to adopt!

Doctor: Maybe, but likely not. We don't have enough money to keep all these animals to the end of time. Now, it would be best if you just moved on--

Me: No! Say. Here's a deal. You don't put that horse to sleep and reserve it for me. I'll ask my parents when I get home, if I can get her. If someone else comes and wants to buy her for something other than dog food, let them have it . Deal?

Doctor: Deal.

Me: *Walks back home.* How can I convince Mom to let me get that horse? I simply have to save it's life!

Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2012-01-01 19:34:40

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-01-01 19:42:29
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