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*** December 2011 Story Contest Age 12 and Over *** Scroll to the end of this thread to vote

*** December 2011 Story Contest Age 12 and Over ***

Scroll to the end of this thread to vote

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-02-11 19:11:59
Horses of Thunder
By Tamikia


Once in a valley there lived a herd of horses that were so beautiful, fast and intelligent that they were sought after by everyone. One horse alone could sell for enough money to make whoever sold it unbelievably rich. You would think that they would all be snatched up, not one left in a single heartbeat. But, since they were so smart it was quite easy for them to avoid humans and their petty tools. Only a few people claimed to have seen the herd and even then the sightings were few and far apart, so the world labeled the stories as no more that legends. The herd was led by their great leader Ahearn, which means lighting, and like lightning he would strike when angered. Ahearn was the greatest strongest most powerful and intelligent horse their ever was. He led his herd with the pride and love of a father. It seemed that those horses would always stay a legend, but there came a time when men used more than just horses and ropes. This time they attacked using helicopters, hidden pens, tranquilizers, trickery, lies, and cunning. At first so many horses were caught and lost that even the great leader bowed his head in grief.

Chapter 1

It was midnight. The moon was full and cast a silvery light around the peaceful glade. A few crickets were singing and there was a slight breeze. There was a rustling in the bushes and five exhausted horses stumbled into the clearing. The first was a bright bay who’s eyes looked as if they would have been bright and cheery had she not been so tired. Next came a black mare a little on the smallish side without any markings. She had a dull, dead sort of feeling hanging over her and her head drooped. After her came a black and white paint mare, heavy with foal and limping. As she stumbled along she was helped by a young blue roan, who whispered encouraging words to the paint mare and guided her down the path. Following them was a palomino stallion with a creamy mane and tail, who in spite of his exhaustion still managed to look proud and alert.
“Senona, are we all here?” asked the great stallion to the bright bay mare.
“ Yes, Ahearn, what is left of us,” replied Senona.
“Ahearn, where will we go?” asked the blue roan in a frightened voice. “Where will we be safe?”
“Layali, we will try to find a new home but tonight we need shelter,” glancing and the paint he continued, “Kalila needs to rest, as do all of us.”
Layali walked over to the black mare and nuzzled her. “It’s all right Luna, Ahearn will take care of us.”
The black mare stared at Layali with a vacant look in her eyes. “Safa…Safa…” she murmured. Suddenly realization swept into her eyes. “NO! NO! SAFA! My only foal, no..no…No!” Luna’s neigh was high and desperate. “Safa! Safa! Safa…..come back.” Her scream ended in a sob. “ Safa….” The moment ended as quickly as it started and Luna once again had a vacant expression in her eyes.
The horses stood their heads bowed and great sadness upon their faces. Ahearn was the first to raise his head. “I smell water, where there is water there is grass and possibly shelter, let’s go.” He started out followed by Kalila, Luna, Layali and Senona.

Chapter 2

Half an hour later found them on the banks of the river drinking water and lying down in a small cover of trees resting. All except Ahearn, he stayed up and kept watch over the mares as they slept. Towards early morning his attention was suddenly turned towards Luna. She was thrashing around and crying out: “Safa! Safa! Hurry Safa! Hurry! SAFA!” Then all was silent. His heart bled for the black mare. Two months ago she had given birth to a foal after being barren all her life. She had named the filly Safa, which meant ‘innocent’. Safa was a sweet filly and deserved her name, she rarely ever got into trouble, unlike the other young foals. One month ago some horses started to disappear. At first Ahearn thought they were just wandering around looking for better grass, or perhaps going off to have a foal. But as more and more started to disappear he began to get suspicious. It all came down when it happened. The day was sunny and promised to be clear. The herd was scattered going about the business of grazing. Then out of the sky comes a loud frightening thing. It circled towards a large group of mares on the other side of the valley. I galloped down the valley trying to reach the mares before the thing did. The thing beat me to them and started to herd them. The mares milled around and suddenly bolted. The thing chased them. Suddenly the clang of a gate closing sounded and the mares were trapped in a hidden pen. Now men with horses entered the pen and herd all the mares onto something that I’d seen cows get hauled around in. I galloped faster but they were already in the trailer before I got there. The tailgate shut and the horses were carted away. I chased them but the thing out ran me. Sometimes I think back to that night and wonder what would have happened if I had only run a little faster. It come back to me again and again, the horse anguished neighs, their faces pleading with me to help them. After that we fled the valley, but the humans followed us every few days we lost more and more horses until there was only six of us left. Then one day we heard the tell tale rumble of a car engine and started to run. They ran us for two miles straight. Safa was starting to lag and we still had a river to cross before we could start to slow down. We plunged in and started to swim. We were almost to the other side when Safa was pulled under and swept away by the current. Luna immediately swam after her only to be carried away as well. The others started to follow her but I stopped them. “No! Swim to the other bank, I will look for them.” They obeyed and I turned and started to search. I stayed in the water searching for almost an hour. I felt as if I would die from exhaustion. I was determined to keep searching, even if it cost me my life, then I blacked out. Suddenly I could breathe easily and I wasn’t cold or wet. I opened my eyes and looked around. Before me was a large field. Standing in the center was a horse so bright that I had to squint to look at her.
“Come forward Ahearn,” she called to me in a silvery voice. I approached her. “Ahearn, I know you are desperate to find Luna and her foal, but remember, this is the time your herd needs you the most.” She started to fade.
“Wait, “I cried, “wait!” But she was gone. Next moment I was in the river again. I started to swim for shore. It broke my heart to leave them but the silvery horse was right, my herd needed me. I dragged myself out of the water, as my herd surrounded me.
“Did you find them?”
“ Did they survive?”
“Where are they?”
“No, I am sorry the current was too fast.” I looked around the circle. They were devastated. They needed me, I had to be strong for them.
“We will rest in the trees tonight and search for Luna and Safa tomorrow.”
I led the herd through the trees until I found a sheltered spot. “We will rest here.”
When morning came we were walking down the river bank when Senona caught sight of something up ahead.
“Ahearn, there is a black lump up there on the sand. This place smells highly of bears and that could be one,” she told me.
“You are right. I will check it out, be ready to fight or run.”
Cautiously I approached the figure. I was ten feet away when the lump stirred and muttered: “Safa……….Safa.” It was Luna. I trotted forward and nudged her. ‘Luna, Luna wake up Luna.” She opened her eyes. I started in fear. Luna’s eyes were full of terror, rage and sorrow, all together they formed a look of great hate. The fierceness in her gaze was so strong it could have stopped a mountain lion right in his tracks. “Luna! Luna, come back to me Luna!” I said a little more sharply than I intended. The hate gaze left and was replaced by a look of utter confusion. I helped her to her feet and guided her back to the herd.

Since then we had been wandering around trying to avoid the humans. We need to find a new hidden home and fast. I don’t know how many more horses will be left once we reach our new home.


To be continued in an upcoming story contest.......
If you have ideas on what should come next W-mail me your thoughts and I will consider useing them. :)

Tamikia & Whisper
2011-12-03 14:26:44
Somethings Missing

Bang I heard the shot.

Annabeth coappased with me one her back. I tumbled swiftly to the ground.I reached in to my pocket for my cell phone, only to find it smashed by my fall. I crawl over to Annabeth to see a wound. What was I going to do? I tore my pant leg off and tied it around her hoping it would help. Should I go get help?, I asked myself. I came to the conclusion that Annabeth needed me so I should stay with her. I hugged the neck of the chestnut Appalossa. I just layed there beside her. My watery tearful eyes started to dry up when light tricles of snow rushed down from the sky. It was cold but I soon drifted off to sleep.

I woke up, the sky was bright blue and I was under my horse comforter on my small little bed iside my room. I glanced towrds the clock it was ten a.m. Was it all a dream? I got up and quickly put on my boots and my coat and ran to the barn.I came to her stall. I looked inside. I fell to my knees. I put my hands in my face in sobbed. Something was missing, my horse, my pet, my bestfriend,

I would love to know some Feed back W-mail me your thoughts!

Paint_Pastures & Bandit
2011-12-04 22:39:16
Star Dancer

As we pulled into the dusty, brown driveway, I yanked off my green jacket. One of the buttons got stuck in my long blond hair. I started to yank at the jacket and my dad looked over at me.
“Amber! Are you OK? Oh my gosh! Let me help you!”
“I’m fine, Dad,” I muttered as I rolled my eyes and untangled the last wispy strands from the button. The reason my dad acts that way is because I was in a car accident a few months ago. The accident killed my mom, and should have killed me too, or at least left me paralyzed. I was “lucky” though. After months of rehab, I started to walk again without any help. The doctors decided it would be a good idea for me to go to my Aunt Matilda’s ranch in Wyoming for “further rehabilitation.” That’s the reason my dad and I were now parked outside of a rundown, blue farmhouse with an old truck parked outside. Paint was chipping off the house, revealing the rotting wood underneath. The truck was so rusty I couldn’t tell if it was blue or brown. My big, blue eyes widened in shock.
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I exclaimed. “I am not staying here! No way!”
“Oh, I’m sure you’ll like it once you get used to it,” my dad said. “Let’s go inside and meet everyone.”
I started to get out of the white SUV we had rented from the airport when my dad rushed over.
“I don’t want you to hurt yourself!” he exclaimed as he scooped me up like a baby and set me on the ground.
“Dad! I can do it myself! I’m almost 13, you know, not 2!” I yelled angrily. I marched up to the house, stumbling because I was still relearning how to walk, about eight times. I picked up the grimy wooden doorknocker and let go. It slammed against the red door and knocked off some flakes of chipped paint. After a few seconds, a tall lady wearing a cowboy hat with sun-bleached braids sticking out from underneath it opened the door.
“Amber! Honey! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! Look how much you’ve grown! Come on in, I’ll give you some dinner, and then show you your room.”
After I ate my dinner of chicken and fresh green beans, Aunt Matilda walked me down the hall to a makeshift bedroom.
“We made a bedroom down here for you. We didn’t want you to have to climb any stairs with your legs.”
“Oh great, more babying. Just what I wanted,” I said to myself.
“What’s that Amber? I didn’t hear you, sweetie,” my aunt inquired.
“Nothing, I’m just tired,” I replied quickly.
“Alright, see you in the morning then,” whispered my aunt as she tiptoed out of the room and turned off the lights.
I went to the barn after breakfast to collect eggs, like I had been doing for a week now. I brought the eggs back to Aunt Matilda then hobbled down the stairs and went to the horse barn. I was really starting to like hanging around the horses. I hoped I would get to ride one soon. My cousin, Baylee, was in the old red barn saddling up her horse, Blackjack. Baylee was the only person who I really liked talking to around here because she didn’t treat me like a baby, or like I was handicapped.
“Hey, Am,” she called.
“Hi, Bay,” I shouted back, “Goin’ for a ride?”
“Well, I was gonna, but I’ve got a better idea now,” she said with a mischievous grin. Her green eyes twinkled as she led Blackjack back into his stall and brought out Sunny, an old horse that Aunt Matilda used for little kid’s riding lessons.
“Are you riding Sunny?” I asked doubtfully.
“Nope,” she answered with a grin, “you are!”
“Really? Are you sure I can? Is it safe?” I asked apprehensively.
“Well, I can tell how much you hate being babied, so I thought I’d help you have a little fun,” Baylee said as she led Sunny into an empty, grassy field. I limped up to Sunny and patted her strong bay neck nervously.
“Here, climb up,” Baylee told me as she dragged a white, plastic stool over to Sunny. “This will make getting on a lot easier!”
I slowly climbed the two steps and put my foot in the stirrup. I tried to swing my leg over Sunny’s back like I had watched Baylee do with Blackjack a million times, but I couldn’t do it. My legs weren’t working well enough yet. I tried once more and slipped. Baylee ran over and grabbed me before I hit the ground. I struggled to stand up then climbed the steps again.
“Wait! Let me help you this time!” Baylee exclaimed as she sprinted over and jumped up the two steps. With Baylee’s help I managed to get onto Sunny’s back. I looked down at the ground and almost fell off.
“The ground looks so far away!” I said nervously as Sunny started to walk.
“Don’t worry. It’s really not!” shouted Baylee, “You’ll get used to it. I promise.”
Three weeks later I was riding a horse like a pro. My favorite horse was named Simba. I had just gotten back from a long ride with him when I noticed an enormous, silver horse trailer attached to a shiny, olive green pickup truck. Aunt Matilda beckoned to me from the front porch where she was talking to a man in a navy blue suit. He was running his fingers through his short black hair.
“Alrighty, then, she’s all yours,” the man said as he climbed into the truck and drove away.
“Who was that?” I asked.
“A man from the racetrack,” she responded. “He left us an injured racehorse to take care of.”
“Really? Can I see her? What does she look like? What’s her name?” I asked excitedly.
“I’ll show you. I was actually hoping you’d like to take care of her for me. Her name is Star Dancer. She broke her leg in her last race.”
“Oh no! I’m sure she’ll be great again once she’s better, though,” I said to Aunt Matilda. Then I said to myself, “Just like me.”
“I don’t want you to be disappointed if we can’t save her, though.” My Aunt added hastily.
“I’m sure we can,” I answered as we walked into the big red horse barn. I slid open the stall door that Aunt Matilda told me to and saw a huge, white horse laying on the ground. Her muscles bulged underneath her glossy coat as she picked her giant head up to look at me. She attempted to stand up, but couldn’t because of her leg, which was wrapped from top to bottom in a chunky white bandage.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhh,” I whispered, “It’s ok. You’ll be running again in no time. You’re just like me,” I told her. “I hurt my legs too, but I’m getting better, and so will you.”
Star Dancer put her head down again and relaxed. I spent some time just stroking her head and talking to her.
“Amber! Dinner!” hollered Aunt Matilda from the house, “Baylee, you too!”
I scrambled up and walked back to the house as quickly as I could, because I couldn’t quite run yet.
I ate my dinner of chicken and creamed corn, and then flopped down on my creaky, old bed because I was exhausted. I fell asleep that night dreaming of Star Dancer, and all the fun we would have together when we were both completely better. I had fallen in love with that horse.
The next morning, I went out to the barn where Star Dancer was right away. I decided that she needed to be groomed, so I walked over to the box of horse supplies and grabbed some brushes. I brushed Star Dancer until her coat gleamed with cleanliness, and I gleamed with sweat. Then I cleaned out the dirty old straw from her stall and put fresh straw down. I refilled her big orange water bucket, sat on the ground next to her huge white head, and then fed her hay and a few carrots. By the time I was done I had to go eat dinner. Every day for two whole weeks I went out to the barn and worked with Star Dancer. I brushed her, cleaned her stall, fed her, and talked to her. The whole time Star Dancer was getting stronger, and so was I.
One Tuesday morning, after I had already spent a couple weeks with Star Dancer, I went out to the horse barn to see her as usual. When I slid back the splintering wooden door of her stall I peered inside and found Star Dancer standing up and looking at me with her gentle coffee colored eyes.
“AUNT MATILDA! AUNT MATILDA!” I shouted, “Come see Star Dancer! Come see her!”
“What is it? What’s wrong?” shrieked Aunt Matilda as she raced into the barn, her hair flying behind her.
“Nothing!” I exclaimed as I reached down to pick up her big straw hat. “Star Dancer is standing up!”
Aunt Matilda gazed at Star Dancer in astonishment, her green eyes the size of golf balls.
“Well, that’s just wonderful! That also means that you’ll have to start walking her around a little, and pretty soon we’ll have someone come and ride her a bit,” Aunt Matilda announced.
“Why can’t I ride her?” I asked in a rude way.
“I don’t want you to hurt your legs,” explained my aunt.
“I’ll show her!” I thought to myself.
I said good-bye to Star Dancer then saddled up Simba, and rode off in search of Baylee. I found her on our favorite trail. It was the one that snaked down a mountain into a big flowery meadow with a small creek running through it. It was a perfect place to relax, or talk without anyone eavesdropping.
“Baylee, I need your help,” I announced to my cousin.
“Sure, Amber. What’s up?” she asked my as she hopped down off of Blackjack.
“I want to ride Star Dancer,” I said slowly, “I’m going to ride her in a race. I want to prove that I can do things for myself. Your mom told me we would have to hire a trainer or someone to ride Star Dancer and get her running again, but I want to do it myself. Will you help me?”
“Of course! I can’t believe my mom actually said that to you! Doesn’t she realize you’re the one who’s been helping Star Dancer this whole time?” she said angrily as she twirled her chocolate colored hair around her finger, “We’ll start first thing tomorrow. Be in the barn by seven, OK?”
“Awesome! Thanks so much!” I squealed as I hugged Baylee.
“No problem. It’s nice to do something other than what my mom says for once,” she giggled. Baylee helped me climb onto Simba, and then hauled herself onto Blackjack. We rode back to the barn smiling because of our secret plan.
The next morning I was in the horse barn dressed in my favorite faded blue jeans, brown leather cowboy boots, and an orange and green striped tank top by seven o’clock. Baylee walked in and opened Star Dancer’s stall. I put on her purple, leather halter, and led her out into the aisle of the barn.
“Let’s get started!” declared Baylee.
After we had brushed and saddled Star Dancer we took her out to the big grassy field behind the barn.
“This way Mom won’t see us,” whispered Baylee.
“Good idea,” I said. I dragged over the plastic mounting block and climbed up.
“Are you gonna be OK getting on?” Baylee asked me, looking concerned.
“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry,” I said as I (almost) gracefully swung my leg up over Star Dancer’s broad back and plopped down in the saddle.
“Nice one!” Baylee said. “You’re getting stronger.”
“Yeah, I guess I am,” I replied, happily grinning as I sat on Star Dancer’s back. Her leg was completely healed now. We had made sure right after I had decided to ride her. “We are going to be awesome,” I whispered to Star Dancer as I gently nudged her sides with the heels of my boots. She took a few tentative steps forward, then picked up a normal walking pace. She was amazing to ride. It was so smooth and wonderful.
“You look like you were made for her,” Baylee called from the other end of the field. “You’re doing great! See if you can get her to go a little faster, OK?”
I nudged Star Dancer’s sides again and she began trotting, which is slightly faster than a walk. I asked her to pick up a little more speed and she started to buck, and I flew over her head and onto the freshly cut grass.
“Amber, are you alright?” Baylee called as she rushed over to where I was sitting on the ground.
“I’m fine. Really, Baylee, don’t worry,” I said as I pushed myself of the ground into a standing position.
“Maybe we should try again tomorrow?” Baylee asked.
“Yeah, let’s call it quits for today,” I replied sheepishly.
Baylee and I worked with Star Dancer for weeks and weeks. I fell off quite a few times, too. We finally found out why Star Dancer was bucking every time I asked her to gallop though. Her girth, the strap that goes around the horse’s stomach and holds the saddle in place, was too tight, and didn’t fit right. Every time she would stretch out to gallop it would pinch her stomach, so she would buck to try to get rid of the pain. Once we solved that problem our training went smoothly. We spent hours and hours training and practicing with Star Dancer for her big “come-back race” as we were now calling it.
On August 18th, we loaded Star Dancer into Aunt Matilda’s rundown, old one horse trailer and drove down to Wyoming Downs, the only racetrack in Wyoming. We told Aunt Matilda about our plan since neither me, or Baylee could drive. Aunt Matilda started the truck as I secured the last bolt on the back of the trailer. I hopped into the cab of the truck and squeezed in next to Baylee. I had to hold my big blue canvas bag containing my brand new racing silks on my lap because there was barely enough room on the torn up truck seats for three people, much less a big bulky bag.
The racetrack was huge place full of people and horses. You could barely take a step without bumping into someone. The stables were giant and looked new.
“This place is amazing,” I whispered as I gazed at the barn in awe. “It’s huge!”
I led Star Dancer into the barn and began to saddle her, but Baylee stopped me.
“Go get changed, I’ll take care of Star Dancer,” she told me as she shooed me toward the dressing room.
I pulled my shiny, blue and silver checkered shirt from my bag. The shirt was a gift from Aunt Matilda, of all people, who had given it to me after she found out what we were doing. I pulled the shiny material over my head, slipped on my breeches, buckled my boots, and then strolled out of the dressing room, swinging my helmet by my side.
“Wow, you look great!” exclaimed Baylee. “Ready to win this race?”
“I sure am,” I told her with a big smile on my face.
Baylee helped me mount Star Dancer just as Aunt Matilda walked in.
“Good luck, Amber!” she called as Baylee took hold of Star Dancer’s bridle and led us to the racetrack. A short man wearing a track official’s jacket walked over and led Star Dancer and me into a big blue starting gate. I whispered soothing words in her ear as I waited for the bell that would open the gates and signal the beginning of the race. We waited in dead silence for what seemed like years. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, keeping a steady beat like a bass drum.
“BBBBBRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG,” was the noise the bell made as it pierced the silence that had engulfed us. Star Dancer leaped forward with such force that I almost got left behind her. She plunged forward as fast as lightning, passing all of the horses, but one, with ease. The wind had ripped my hair from its neat ponytail, which was now whipping all around my head like my own personal tornado. Star Dancer and the only horse we hadn’t passed now, Neutron, were neck and neck.
“Come on Star Dancer!” I shrieked, but my words were carried away by the wind. “You can do it! Run, girl, run!”
Star Dancer was running like her life depended on it. She was moving faster than I knew she was capable of running. The tons of people in the stands were just one big blur as we whizzed by them at the speed of light. We were so close to passing Neutron, which would mean winning the race, but I could feel Star Dancer tiring beneath me. She was slowing down, and the pack of horses behind us was gaining on us. I leaned down as low as I could so I was practically lying on Star Dancer’s neck. We were rapidly nearing the finish line, and I was ready to give up.
“Second is good, too,” I thought to myself.
Then, out of nowhere, Star Dancer raced forward with a sudden burst of speed. She was kicking up a dust storm behind us, and I couldn’t see anything. I nudged Star Dancer with my heels, willing her to go faster. Even though I couldn’t see anything I could tell we were catching up to Neutron.
“Run!” I shrieked. ”Run!”
Star Dancer pulled up beside Neutron, and the world seemed like an old silent movie, put in slow motion. I could suddenly see the faces of everyone in the stands; their mouths wide open as they screamed. I could hear every “thud” that Star Dancer and Neutron’s hooves made as they landed in the dirt of the race track. I felt like we were trying to move through molasses.
“Wham!” Suddenly everything was racing by again. Star Dancer lunged forward and stretched her neck out as far as possible. She surged for ward with one last surge of speed, then “click,” I heard the sound of the camera as we crossed the finish line. The race was a photo finish.
Aunt Matilda and Baylee rushed up to Star Dancer and me and start talking so fast that I couldn’t understand a word they were saying.
“You were both incredible!” I heard Baylee say once Aunt Matilda had to stop to breath.
We all waited anxiously for the results the results to be posted on the huge screen above the starting gates. We all remind ourselves that second place would still be amazing, especially because it is Star Dancer’s first race after her injury.
“Look Amber! Look Baylee! The results are up!” Aunt Matilda exclaimed.
We all silently turned our heads and scanned the list for our names. I looked through the whole list twice, and then I found them in the first place space.
“We got first! We got first! She did it! She got first!” I shrieked.
“Oh my gosh that’s so awesome!” Baylee exclaimed.
“Let’s go get your prize, girls,” added Aunt Matilda.
Baylee grabbed Star Dancer’s bridle and led her to the winner’s circle while I sat on top of her. Star Dancer was given a gorgeous blanket of roses that were draped across her neck. I was given a big golden trophy with a picture of a running horse on it. After about a million photographers had blinded us with flashbulbs, and the newspaper reporters were done bombarding us with questions, I leaped off of Star Dancer’s back. I adjusted her roses, and then gave her a huge hug.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me Star Dancer,” I whispered into her ear. “You mean so much to me. You helped me get better. I’m so much stronger now, thanks to you. I’m so glad I got to help you, too. I’ll always remember you, Star Dancer.”
Baylee helped me cool Star Dancer down, and then get packed up to go home. We folded up Star Dancer’s roses, put my silky racing shirt back into its bag with the rest of my race clothes, put my trophy in the bag with my clothes, and then loaded Star Dancer into the trailer. Once I hopped in the truck and slammed the door shut Aunt Matilda drove off.
A week later when my dad came to pick me up, I begged him to let me stay. I told him I loved it here at the ranch, and I would miss everything and everyone dearly. Dad said I couldn’t stay, but he had a surprise for me. When I asked him what it was he just led me to the car.
“I have to say goodbye to Star Dancer!” I exclaimed.
“Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time for that,” he said with a smile as he pointed to the back of our car.
“No way!” I said in amazement.
“Yep, Star Dancer is coming home with us. I figured we could rent a stall at a stable nearby for her. Aunt Matilda told me all about her,” he replied.
“Thank you thank you thank you!” I gushed as I ran to the barn and threw my arms around Star Dancer. “You’re coming home, Star Dancer, you’re coming home.”
I led Star Dancer into the trailer, slammed the last rusty bolt into place, hugged everyone good-bye and told them I would miss them, and jumped into the car. We drove down the dusty, old driveway just like we had when I first came here, but this time something was different. We had one new family member this time: Star Dancer.

chincoteague13 & Watch Me
2011-12-06 21:09:07
My new best friend
BY: imastar1999
"Mom!" Susie Roader called from the car. "We're going to be late to my first riding lesson with Angelica Davis. Hurry!" Susie sighed. Her mom probably couldn't find her keys again. As she sat there ready to go, she thought of her new riding instructor. Angelica was thirty nine years old and a very successful veterinarian and a professional show jumper. Susie thought of how lucky she was to get to have a lesson with her.
"Coming!" her mom shouted from the porch. She was frantically trying to find the right key to lock the front door. Susie stole a glance at her watch. 9:57, wait, no, make that 9:58 A.M. Mom jumped in the car and put the key in the ignition and drove off. They reached Willowy Farms just in time.
"Oh! Thank goodness! You're here just in time!" Angelica said. "Go and tack up Snowstorm."
Snowstorm was her absolute favorite horse. He was a gray Trakhner/Thoroughbred cross. He was, standing at seventeen hands high, the best jumper at the stable. Susie had bugged her mom to buy him for her, but her mom said that she wasn't ready to handle such a spirited gelding. Of course, she had ridden him for a year now without a problem, so her mom might buy him soon. Might.
He was tacked up in less than ten minutes. She had him at the ring ready to ride right on time.
The lesson felt like it had just started when Angelica called for her to dismount. I obeyed her obediently, heading toward the barn.
I untacked and groomed him. Mom came up to me right when I was about to turn him loose in his stall.
"You better have taken care of your new horse properly." Mom said.
"What?!" I gasped out.
Mom smiled. Snowstorm really was my horse.
"THANK YOU!" I said through tears of happiness still holding Snowstorm's lead rope. She hugged her mother. Snowstorm looked at her with his ears pricked and his eyes warm and brown. I gave him a hug.
"You are my new best friend, Snowstorm."


imastar1999 & Bambi
2011-12-11 05:14:25
Take The Chance

by 9966332

Chance is the happiest horse on earth, running, winning, and being spioled by her teenage jockey, Ashley. but then money problems cloud the farm, and someone offers to buy chance for the amount needed to pay the bank! if ashleys pearents cant find the money to pay thier debts within one month they'll have to except te offer, and the man finds no favors with chance, ashley is stumped on what to do! then the idea comes, they could enter the breeders cup! but can they convince her pearnts to enter chance? or will chance have to leave her beloved jockey forever?

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Chapter One
Take The Chance

A light glimmered of my almost black coat, what was this world around me. My senses flared with each new smell and sight, I could sense my mother next to me. As long as she was there I felt safe.
Mama started to clean me when I started to be more interested in what was under me, questions formed in my mind with only one way to answer it, try it!
I curled the spindly things under me trying to figure how to work them. All that happened was that I toppled down back to the ground, ambarensing I know! Mama chuckled beside me and nudged me again. With regained strength I gathered them up, straitening my back legs first, and then pulling up my front legs I managed to stay where I was, but I was now above the carpet of hay below me on long fragile legs covered in ringlet's of dark grey and white stockings on my back ones coming half way up my legs.
Now that I was up here what did I do? My senses pointed me in to an empty pit in my belly, and it was hungry! I sniffed along mama's side my nose narrowing in on food! I found the answer to my roaring angry monster of a stomach inside of me. But after I felt the drowsiness to overwhelming and let my new found legs collapsed and relax under me. What days would there be ahead? I had no idea what I was, what I was to do, or what was destined to become.

My eyes followed along the fence line at the bottom of the hill, where was Ashley? I glanced at mama who was a few feet from me. How could she be so calm? This was such a big day! This was my 6 month birthday! And I was going to be weaned! Whatever that meant--
Ashley Cane was my human, she was the one who named me Take the Chance and she always brought me carrots and salad snipping's from the table!
Mama saw me pacing and chuckled to herself, 'don't worry chance Ashley will get here when she gets here,'
I glared at the gate and turned to her, 'which is when?'
Mama laughed, 'Why don't you go find shadow and Anne? Then you can think about something other than Ashley.' Mama didn't need to say it twice I bolt out across the grass to the other side of the paddock where Timely Shadow and King Supreme were wrestling, and lots of other foals were watching.
I found Lady Anne, or Annie or lady, Annie really didn't care. She was one of the more care free but she could run like no other filly in our pasture, besides me of course! Ha ha ha.
King and shadow were in a heat of a wrestling match. Shadow was more serious and new how to show a showier colt like king how to lose.
King I could see was falling fast, his chestnut body falling under weariness, shadow landed a kick on kings neck and he let out a squeal and faltered before shadow grab a chunk of skin on his neck and pulled king down. Shadow leaned his weight onto king and then shadow reared up on a down king and landed just beyond kings ribs.
'great shadow!' shadow snaked one last warning bite at king, the group dissipated and king righted himself and stalked off, shadow trotted toward smirking at his victory. he laughed giddily and crow hopped before cantering to us.
'You were pretty good, king was dust!' Annie laughed at shadows antics.
'King's a coward; he just doesn't want to admit it.' We started back up the hill chatting on the way when a whistle screamed from the gate, Ashley!
Spinning on our heels we galloped pulling at the ground underneath us, flowers whizzed past in a blur, the only thing visible was Ashley holding up halters and lead ropes. I recognized my bright blue standing out in the red, green and brown halters held in Ashley's hands. My nose took up the scent blowing in toward me, Ashley had treats! Sweet!
Annie gave me a hard shove with a laugh cantered down the hill leaving her trailing words behind, 'catch me if you can!' oh no, Annie was in for it! I gathered up strength boiling under me and reared slightly before leaping out in a giant leap, shadows dark side roared beside me, sweat and hot breath beating down my side his slender legs pounding the ground fist full of earth flying out behind me and shadow. I flicked my ears back when I heard shadow snort out a nose full of my dirt. Shadow was probably planning revenge rights that second, none of us like dirt! Mama said that was natural for a thoroughbred, our pet peeve was always either, dirt or last! And already I was sick of the product of Annie's hooves! I was getting out, I switched another gear and drove forward like a locomotive, I was really more leaping then galloping, my strides reached great lengths I thought my legs had grown several feet!
I kept my ground on Annie's side, Annie was not happy with me beside her, that's her pet peeve, someone else beside her! When her mama told her about her great granddaddy, Secretariat, she wanted, to always and forever be at least a length ahead, and then pretend she was ahead by the same lengths secretariat had won the Preakness by, even if it was just a half a length.
The gate neared, and imagined a roaring crowd urging me on, giving me strength! The wire came closer and closer, feet was engulfed beneath me and Annie, first I gained to a neck, a head, and then I stretched my neck as far as I could go, like mama told me to do, and gave a mighty leap, just enough to get me ahead by a visible nose!
I slowed and stopped heaving with the last effort it took to make that last stride. Ashley giggled a little at our little gang, panting and Annie declaring that my nose had gone in front of hers after the finish line. But I pointed out, while Ashley put on our halters, that the finish line never was established. So with that statement Annie pouted with a stab at the ground. As I said, she absolutely hates losing basically, period!
Ashley finished buckling my halter and patted my neck and gave me a snippet of carrot. I chewed savoring the sweetness, hardly feeling Ashley tug on my lead rope and lead me out of the paddock, without mama.
Ashley started leading me toward the much bigger barn, mama said it was the training barn; I was confused by being led to that barn instead of the smaller broodmare barn where me and mama stayed. I stopped still in my tracks bracing my legs, which I know is a terrible way to behave being led, I know it! All my leading lessons went out the window, especially when I looked back to see no mama. Panic ripped through me. Ashley crooned to me in my outburst. I didn't even notice when she reached in her pocket full of treats.
'Come on girl, look I got your favorite,' Ashley pulled out a plastic Ziploc bag… full of apple slices! Not only that but they were dipped in molasses! My all-time favorite! Total mind switch, mama to, sweetness!
Sticky molasses slithered onto my tongue and crunchy apple stung with tartness, sourness, and ultimate deliciousness.
'Come on chance, I have more waiting in your stall!' I heard the word more in the sentence and leapt fast to catch up with Ashley. I was now almost as tall as Ashley and matched her strides to mine on the way to the barn. I couldn't wait for more molasses! Mama was sometimes fed some grainy, flakey stuff with molasses on top and it was always delicious! But mama always caught me trying to take a nibble!
I smelled the molasses before we even got to my new stall in the training barn, I lurched against the lead rope hoping it might snap, much to my disappointment, Ashley was only tugged forward and then she kept the rope taunt. I could only move beside her. but my stall was large! A shiny brass nameplate glistened in the sun, obvious Ashley had given my stall five star attention.
I didn't pay attention to the detail but charged for the pan next to the door. Sure enough a juicy apple slice and baby carrot sat idle in the pan, just waiting for me! Ashley just laughed while I ground the tangy fruit and vegetable down to a growling stomach! Ashley unclipped my lead and gave me a kiss before leaving.
All too soon my treats were gone and not a lick of molasses was to be found in my stall. My stall was large and roomy, especially for a 6month old foal like me, I felt like a single dot in a small world, the world of race horses! Hot breath and pounding hooves, cheering, trophy's lining cabinets like shiny gold trinkets, a strange new world to me, but it seemed like a ran, screaming in my veins to run until you couldn't run no more. I felt the blood of ancestor's racing through me, calling to me, beckoning me to run with them.

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The Freedom of Independence

Part One

by 9966332

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Come on! Race you to the lake! I shot off from the herd and past mother lead the group, I could see the lake just a couple yards ahead. I could easily win this race!
I glanced behind me I could see that River, Amber and Swift were well behind me, they were my three best friends. The lake was close I scrambled on the pebbles then leapt into the water it felt good with the heat of the day already coming on. I turned around to watch River, Amber and Swift straggle in.
Swallow will you ever stop winning? Amber said exasperated and eased herself into the water swift charged in after me looking like she had fire in her eyes, I should have won! she tried to nip me and kick me but I swam into the middle of the lake and dodged her in the deep water until she was exhausted!
Hey take it easy guys mom is ready to come in her a break it up with you two! Oh river always there to speak to reason! Rolled my eyes and ducked my head under water, fish swam around the smooth bottom. That was why this was one of my favorite lakes, you can swim without fear of big rocks.
I snatched up a large clump of water reeds surfaced and horse paddled to the shore. The herds had gathered around the shallows and were getting a well-earned drink after a day without water since coming back from the high meadow.
I ate my taste waterweeds and gazed around the herd it felt so perfect peaceful an-, a motor! A buzzing sound was coming from the sky it was soft at first but I could tell from its slow increase it was coming closer and close-. Father leapt off the hill he had been watching us from and neighed so shrilly I knew it was a battle cry father was challenging the buzzing sound.
It was now a roar. It was deafening I could not fight the fright any longer when I saw the huge bird above us. Its wings were faster that the speed of light it seemed I started galloping head long toward the other end of the once peaceful valley. I dodged gopher holes and jumped over logs and rocks galloping with the herd for all I was worth.
When we reached the end of the valley we were funneled into a small gorge between two high cliff faces the sides were jagged and steep we slowed and splashed through the small trickle that had carved this ancient passageway on the other side was less fertile meadows and less water it was basically a huge bowl surrounded by cliffs and it was more used by humans. There was a road leading through the big basin but I did not stop to think of the risk of humans when we exited the other side of the gorge with the bird still following us. It chased us a little longer before leaving us alone. Then there were humans on horses they came on either side moving us closer to a trap that we could not see. Gut instinct told me not to go closer to the trap but I didn’t’ t listen and kept following the herd.
It seemed like we were just walking into a thicket but then I smelled humans, metal and other horses and that’ s when a metal clang signaled we were cut from freedom, and our lives!
Every muscle in my body ached when I finally awoke to the many neighing of horses. The bushes that had camouflaged the fencing yesterday had been removed and we could now gaze at many shinny cubes and slightly larger cubes following behind most of them.
People were shouting and dogs were barking it seemed total chaos. I nickered for mother in the mess of horses while listening to the humans that were gazing at my herd.
The grey filly should adopt out nice, the two other fillies should to and the colt is young that should about do it for this herd. We’ll sort them out as soon as we get everyone fed. The voices were strange to me. But it seemed everything was moving, I could hear frantic neighs from nearby in the corral complex. That scared me if they were afraid maybe I had something to fear too.
As I walked passed one side of the corral I saw a man by a box he was poking something in the metal box suddenly he jumped back as the box vibrated a frantic neighs could be heard from inside the box. I shivered. What was all this? I thought back, back into when I was a foal of course! I remember my older brother was always telling us stories of how he had escaped from a place like this. He had jumped a 6-foot fence and then jumped a barbed wire fence before running away.
I found mama by a round cage with slits for our noses and filled with dry grass, maybe you should eat something honey mother looked at me with a frown, ain't as good as the meadow grass but who knows how long they’ll keep us here.
I couldn’t’ t eat if my life depended on it I grumbled and snatched a strand it tasted different, bitter but sweet in some places. But to me it could have tasted like mountain loin and I wouldn’t’ t have noticed.
But I did notice two gates opened, a small narrow gate slid too the side. And 2 humans and two coyotes entered through a wider gate. I turned a neighed franticly for my friends they emerged from a cluster around a second caged grass they came nearer to see the humans. They circled the outside of the herd and I clustered closer to the middle. I had no idea what their intentions were but they couldn’t’ t be good.
They kept circling and then they turned into the middle fast and quick scattering us like a school of fish that live in the lake. The coyotes burst out barking zipping in and out of a sea of brown and grey. I could feel fear from the nearby horses.
What is happening? amber whispered I shook my head. I turned my attention to the nearing yelps and barks. The humans on the horses suddenly turned with the coyotes in front of them. I reared and ran to the other side in fright.
Come on! I nipped river beside me but then I kicked out in surprise the coyotes were right behind us! And there was no escape! I searched the high corral walls and saw the open gate.
Hurry we can escape through that gate! I could see recognition and swift lurched in front of me absolutely terrified of the monsters behind her. I quickened my pace to keep up.
The coyotes barked ferociously and nipped our heels faster the escape came nearer and nearer when we reached it I dashed in so fast and so quick I almost ran into swift who was still running when we came out the other side, closed in by two sides of high fencing. I panted heavily shaking with exhaustion. Then I heard the sliding door close and latch behind us. We had been tricked once again.
We stopped for a breather and once we caught our breathe fear began to set in, what was all this? I sniffed the walls seeing if there was a weakness but there was none. I was beginning to hate humans for destroying the only life I had. But anger couldn’t’ t set in when fear buzzed through us.
River went ahead and came to a box before we could investigate it rocked and a horse screamed from inside. The door opened and behind us a human clapped his hand. River started to run and ran right into the box. We couldn’t’ t even follow him before the door was shut snugly. We waited in dreaded silence. The icy stillness was shattered when rivers frantic neighs rocked through the area and the box rattled and the door opened. Frightened I galloped to an escape blinding all senses that were telling me to stay out. And no later had I run in that I was stopped by a dead end and the door shut behind me. The only light came from the small openings on the walls to let fresh air in.
Frozen in fear I glanced around the darkness. I was blinded temporarily by a window being opened in the side it gave the person on the other side enough time to slip a rope over my head and pull me closer to the opening.
I kicked and thrashed so hard I thought the walls would fall down. I reared and came back on all fours panting. The hand came through again and pressed an object my neck. It sent shivers of pain through me and I tried to pull away once again but the rope held me fast. Finally I was freed the object released its pressure and the rope slid off and the door opened. I shot out so fast I almost couldn’t’ t stop before the fence.
Indy! River cried urgently and rushed forward toward me. I was almost in a daze, confusion, bits of pain still humming though me coursing through mixed with old anger and helplessness.
Where are the others? he continued. Just to answer his question, the door slid open and amber gallop flat out and ran into the fence.
Amber! Are you all right? I ran to her side as she got up and shook of excess dust.
Who put that fence there? she glared at the metal poles and I laughed. Even river stifled a giggle. It felt good to release a little bit of stress. Unfortunately it was back to reality when sift burst out and instead of the fence she ran into it was me!
I groaned get off of my face! I wish I could have screamed but it was only a muffle under swift’ s chest.
Swift got up and I gasped for air, oops sorry! swift giggled I glared at her. She just giggled again. Then I was distracted by an incessant itch on my neck. Everyone was starting to feel it. While we were trying to scratch on any surface inside the pen we didn’t’ t notice the truck pulling in by the gate. When the gate clattered open was when we turned to the other side.
What is it? Swift rose hear head to try and get a whiff of the strange contraption. I human came from the side and opened the door on each side, blocking the cracks between the contraption and the fence.
We watched with increasing fear two men on foot entered the pen with ropes slinging at their side. We drifted to the other side to avoid them but they followed our every move. Then they swung the ropes over their heads, the swinging fast action of the ropes sent sparks of fear trembling down me. I broke away from the rest of my friends a bolted to the other side. Only to have the rope snake over me and tighten.
They pulled me close and slipped another rope on me. Pulling and tugging we neared the contraption and gate. Fighting to get free I could feel my friends frantic energy jump behind me. But the contraption in front of me was all I could think of. They pulled me closer. And closer. When we reached it the two humans linked hands behind me and pushed. Hurling me into the metal contraption. While one jumped in a held me, the other secured the rope to bars. Then the swung gate inside the contraption closed limiting my movement in the big box. Then they close the last gate. And I knew my freedom was gone.

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by callie9399

Hi my name is Lexi,I am 7.I am dying of cancer.My mom,dad,and the doctors keep saying I'm goin to make it though this,but I know the truth.The doctors told my parents to start preparing for my death,and spend valuble time with me.My parents knew I couldn't be saved.I had a dying wish though.To ride a magnificent paint.I passed this horse many times going home and back to the docters.My wish was granted.The docters said there wasn't much they could,except keep me comfotable.So I got to ride the paint,as my dying wish.The paint was magnificnt,and so sweet.I feel in love with her!And her name?Angel,her name was Angel!I got to ride her,and it was so amazing!When I rode her,I felt free!I forgot all my worries for once,and just felt normal and free!It was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

WhenI got done riding her I gave her a hug and whispered to her"Thank You Angel,you gave the perfect ending in life."We left and went home.The doctrs said Imight as well be home comfotable then at a hospitol.THere was nothing that could be done except wait.Three weeks passed.I went back and forth from the doctors and home.I got to ride Angel one more time!This time it was like,I saw heaven.The wind in my hair,the beautiful sight of the farm from Angel's back(she was very tall).I loved it here and never wanted to leave,but I had too.I told Angel thank you again and hugged her tighly.I hoped heaven was like this.I lived two more weeks,7 days before I died Angel sadly passed away for unknown reasons.

The night before I died,I had a visit from and Angel.Can you guess what she looked like?She was tall,and beautiful.With blue eyes,a long mane and tail and grey an white!

THe day I died I told my parents I had an unexpected visit from and Angel.They didn; t belive me at first,but they finally said okay.

As I slipped away from life,I caight a glimpse of me riding bareback with no birdle or anything on Angle.Runnig free,away from all our troubles.

My family said their goodbyes.I told them "Don't worry about me please?My Angel is waiting for me."

I slipped out of this crazy world.And went to go find my Angel.

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