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*** Pony and Kitten Lovers Club*** Its were we talk about pony and kittens and tell each other about ponies and kittens!

Hi Mrs.Crandal!I would like to make a club called "Pony and Kitten Lovers Club".Its were we talk about pony and kittens and tell each other about ponies and kittens!The plaque will be a pony and a kitten together.I will be willing to pay the 200 W-bucks fee.Thank you!-Stevie Lake
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-03 03:54:19
Hi Everyone!Welcome to Pony and Kitten Lovers Club!Its a great way to show you love for each pony and kittens.We find stray ponies and kittens and ask people in our club to adopt them!We also give tips on how to care for ponies and kittens.Its very fun!-Stevie Lake:D
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-03 15:42:31
Hi!Welcome to my club!Its called Pony and Kitten Lovers Club!Its really fun!So we pretend we find a stray kitten or pony and act like we take care of it and we ask people in the club to adopt the pony or kitten.We also give tips on how to care for ponies and kittens!Please join it will be very fun!-Stevie Lake
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-03 20:12:42
****Stevie walks down the rode and finds a cute little kitten.It is all brown with 5 white patches.After thinking,Stevie picks up the kitten gently and carries it home*****TO BE COUNTINUED
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-04 01:48:03
Can I join? I love ponies and cats, there one of my favorite animals!
eaw & • Sadie•
2011-12-04 21:08:00
Sure Eaw!U can join!And Sunnyhorses, this is both a roleplay and we talk about ponies and kittens:)Like we give tips on how to care for them.By the way if anyone has a pony or kitten they have in real life,they can post the info about it.I have a kitten in real.Heres his info.
Name:Max(But we call him Mackie)
Kind:Orange Tabby
Age:He is 1 years old
Looks:He is preety much orange and has orange stripes
Personality:Very very VERY sweet.My other kitten Annie died by getting hit by a car or eating something or falling of a fence.Mackie seems like hes a baby.He is sleeping on my Christmas owl sheets right now:D.

iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-05 03:08:54
Oh I forgot to put down this..
Name: Destiny,
Gender: Girl,
Age: 8 weeks of age,
Color: White with big brown eyes and a little grey spot on her tummy,
Personalitty: Nice, sweet, bubbly, loyal, funny.
Hope I can join =)

eaw & • Sadie•
2011-12-05 03:19:52
Oh,and Sunnyhorses you may join too!COUNTINUED....When Stevie gets home she puts the kitten down.She finds out it is a girl and finds it a name."Hmmmm",thinks Stevie.The kitten jumps on Stevie's lap and purrs.Stevie pets the kitten."Hmmmmm",thinks Stevie."What shall I name you LoveBug"??"Thats it!",exclams Stevie."Your name is LoveBug".After sitting for about a half-an -hour,LoveBug jumps off.Stevie getings up from the couch and gives LoveBug fresh water and food.LoveBug digs in!Stevie is happy to find such a sweet kitten.As time went by Stevie and LoveBug became the best of friends!But she knew she might have to give up LoveBug.Later in the week,Stevie takes LoveBug to Dr.Bob Crandal's Vet Service."Well hi there Stevie"!,says Dr.Crandal."Hi",answers Stevie."Who do we have here"?"Oh,this is LoveBug",says Stevie."I need her checked and things"."Ok of course"!Come back in an hour.~~~~~~~~~~~AN HOUR LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The vet tells Stevie that everything looks good.Stevie is very happy!TO BE COUNTINUED.....
Oh and Oliva this is a club about ponies and kittens.Can your turn the puppy into a kitten possibel??-Stevie:D

iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-05 03:21:25
hey stevie can i join:)
haileybmichael21 & snowbell
2011-12-05 13:15:49
Oh okay!Here are my real life cats(i have a horse too)
Personalitity:loving,sweet,loves attention and food!

NameSprity(little sisters cat)
personalitity:shy,sweet loving

personalatity:loves to pounce,cuddle,sweet and outgoing

color:gray and white
age:6months(Laser's sister)
personalitity:loving,but,doesn't like new and loud people.Likes to catch mice

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-05 18:29:05
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