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*** the girls only club**** We will talk about all the things girls like to talk about.

i was wondering could a make a club called the girls only club.We will talk about all the things girls like to talk about.I am willing to pay the 2hundred w-bucks.The plaque will be a girl with a purple dress,brown hair,and blue eyes. my brother thats username is jack560 is the only boy that can be in the club. 2nd to get in the club they have to tell me there name there horses name(can be real or can be there club ponypals one)and they have to tell me about there personality for example say somewon said this:My name is Natalie and i like swimming.My horses name is firefly.

user no longer exists & ---
2011-12-22 00:18:15
Welcome to your club. For our records it is number 369009
Jane Crandal & JB
2011-12-22 23:09:31
I'll join!!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2011-12-24 01:03:05
can i join?my name is mollie and i have an arab horse named sinbad in real life
mollie 123 & Cammo
2012-02-19 00:05:01
Hi can i join?
My Nickname is Angel/Angie
I'll be on everyday add me if you want!
so what do we do in this club do we chat???

AmuletAngel & Dakota
2012-03-18 03:34:39
Comanche1999 & Dancer
2012-04-18 21:14:02
Inactive confirmed, club will be deleted from the clubs page unless a member wants to step forward to keep it active.
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-04-18 23:34:20
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