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May Story Contest Age 10 & Under

admin & Aslan Equinox
2012-04-29 14:43:04
the quest
by ut

We stood at the edge of the sixth sea . are you ready chase? ariana said.yes milady . ari
mounted . then held the scepter high and said
ride on chase !. and they dove into the water.
we had been swimming for some time when suddenly
chase said the royal family was in the cave next to us.
how do you know ari asked him .becuase my horn
reacts to the royal family .
we swam into the cave. when thay went into
cave we had to defeat kraken .
we swam to shore then when we got to the palace
there was a parade

ut & My Pony
2012-05-26 18:42:35

msjane & AE
2012-05-31 04:25:59
Good job Lippizan Boy!! Your story is great!!
Coccetta & Ice Cream
2012-06-10 20:38:56
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