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May Story Contest Age 11

admin & Aslan Equinox
2012-04-29 14:43:17
The Blind Mustang
By howrse101

Holly stood looking out over the range. She Smiled
Her paint stallion shaped his hoof impatiently.
" Easy Boy" Let's get going then " Holly loved watching the range just hoping to see a wild mustang run across the range. Sure, her parents ran a horse recuse centre but it wasn't the same.. Holly looked at the range one last time before she kicked max into a trot and trotted back to the barn.

holly woke up to her dad yelling " Holly!" "Get up" Someones found a wild mustang!"
Hearing that Holly snaped out her sleepiness and got dressed and ran down the stairs. her dad was putting on his coat."dad!" "yes Holly?" " Where's mom?" "gnu to get the truck and trailer" Just at that moment . Mrs.Baker ( Holly's mom) drove up holly and her dad ran out into the truck

Holly couldn't wait until they got to the range- the same place she had been yesterday. She saw the beautiful Mustang Colt that was a black with a white star. Holly's mouth dropped open when she saw him.the vet walked over. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Baker it seems that this inguried mustang has been attacked by wolf and theres also another fact he's blind."

Holly Stared at the mustang. He was in a stall at Horseshoe Acers ( Holly's parents rescue horse barn.) He was very loud and he kicked the walls in anger.But Holly Loved him anyway. Holly's parents had decided that they would look after the mustang until he got better then they would try to rehabilitate him back into the wild.

Holly smiled.
The once "crazy" Mustang was standing quietly next to her while she treated his wounds for the last time. 9 months had pasted holly saw that the mustang had true personality and spark. She had named him Black Magic and when she called his name he ran right up to her. "Holly!" Yelled Her father. "Load the mustang in the trailer please!"
Holly Sighed she haltered Black Magic And loaded him into the trailer. She whispered to him and smiled " You're on your way home".

Holly lead the Mustang out of the trailer. He seemed to sense that he was back on the range. He hoped around and trotted in circles.
Holly took of his halter. Black magic winnied. He had learned how to sense his surroundings better.
he started to walk away back not the range but then stopped. He tired back toward Holly. Holly smiled. " Go!" "Run with your friends." She said looking over and seeing a group of horses forming across the range.
Black magic nickered and ran off. The he Reared as if to say " i love you Holly and i will Never forget you"
holly smiled as she watch a wild mustang run across the range.

howrse101 & Chico
2012-05-05 04:54:52
Man 'o' war the legend part 1 by simbasimba

The year is 1914,Trot on said nala as she changed her gait.She was traning her 1 mounth year old colt named oddie.Well then know as oddie,little did the family know she would be a racer some day.Then she felt it as Nala tried her into a gallop,her mane moving be her said as if a flyin egale,her mucels moveing,she couldn't stop running but just as Nala slowed her into a walk she was felling as slow as a slerping snail on it's way to its home 6 minutes away in a heat wave.Soon Nala bedded her down in her stall,Good girl said Nala that was ver well for a horse bred to be a pet- to be continued

simbasimba & Dove
2012-05-06 18:37:33
title Good friends
by simbasimba

Sundance wasn't always as good at drassage as she use to be.She started out as a biggner,everyone try to tell her she wasn't readt she just wasn't ready.But her owner she thougt she was ready.Befor the jumping contest Sundance almostfell down practicing!But during the contest she was knoking all the herdals on the last one she was doing a turn and twisted
her ankle.She factured her bone.The hostpital rasced to bring her to the vet emergencey.When they got her there her helth was getting away very fast.One of the proffensonal vets asked why , how could they do that to such a pretty animal.The owners ran of to a different country.So suzzy Sundance was all alone fighting for her life.One of the vets Suzzy was her main vet.She called her old owners every day but they never answed the phone.One day as usuak Suzzy did the xraysuzzy saw that the fracture was healing!It did not make sence to suzzy a fracture that bad was umpossable to heal.But if sundance whanted to fight she would fight with her.The next day Suzzymade Aundance get up and lead her around the stall it was though for sundance but you could tell she was ready to fight.They got farther and farther every day until one day sundance let suzzy ride her.She acted like she wa never sick but by the way sundance walked she looked like a dressage horse.Suzzy grew attached to sun dance.A few weeks latersuzzy asked the vet if she could buy sundance after along time he said YES.
Username .simbasimba

simbasimba & Dove
2012-05-06 19:36:53
Samatra's New Home
by Paint The Wind11

Sunshine filled the horse-filled barn,waking up groggy Samatra.But that wasn't the only thing waking her up."Sammi!Sammi!I think we might be going on a trail ride today!"she looked down to see the annoying Shetland pony,Snickers,bouncing up and down."Who cares?Besides,Alli knows there's a big show coming up!"the aggravated white Connerma pony lashed her tail.Snickers shrugged,then nickered to his human,Kasey,who had a jumble of worn tack in her arms.But Alli had a bunch of padding,the kind she wore for being in a trailer.Samatra was confused,but let Alli put the equipment on and lead her to the trailer.She traded places with a sleek,dappled gray pony,who Alli led into Samatra's stall."Wait,don't leave me!"she whinnied,but the trailer already rumbled away.

Paint The Wind11 & Indian Paint
2012-05-29 01:22:01
Beach Wavespart 1
by Paintsplash923

The first thing I saw was a dark bay mare,nickering to me."Hello,Beach Waves.I'm your mom."her eyes shone in the dark moonlight.I looked around to see that we were in a small outdoor stall.The fencing was a bigt higher than the other fencing,and I also saw something wwith two legs staring at us."Mommy,what are those?" I motioned to the upright Twolegs,as I had come to think about them."They are humans.I was a wild horse,with my herd in the valley,but they had captured us."her voice was wistful."Well,anyways,try to stand up,like I am."I carefully splayed out my legs,then gathered them up beaneath me,standing up to my mama's shoulder."That's wonerful,you stood on your first try!"she nickered over and over.In that while,she taught me to wal.Then,exsausted,I fell asleep on the short,springy grass.
The next morning,the humans came closer,up to the fence with stuff that my mama said was rope and a halter.After a few minutes,they had that on her,and led her out to a bad smelling box hooked to a thing with circles as hooves.Later I heard from and old horse that those were the truck and trailer."Mommy!Don't leave!"she struggled,but the humans wore her out and she got into the trailer,going farther away.

Paintsplash923 & Rose
2012-05-30 13:53:28

msjane & AE
2012-05-31 04:26:20
can i enter
flower98 & chesnut
2012-06-24 19:23:17
Yes! This contest is closed but the current contest is under News. Click on that link at the top of your page and you can enter there. Make sure and choose the right age category!


Jane Crandal & JB
2012-06-24 23:11:36
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