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**** Horse Patch Farm****
Description: A farm that helps horses who were abused, recover.

Description: A farm that helps horses who were abused, recover. We help the horses rebuild their trust with humans, we also help horses in poor health get into a healthy condition, & we also train horses who absolutely do not trust humans. We basically do what ever it takes to help abused horses get healthy, trust humans, and be safe for families to adopt. If there are ANY questions, Please ask me! -maddiebaby & Sir Trenton

maddiebaby & Harry Styles
2012-06-23 18:03:39
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 425524
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-06-24 03:56:13
Personal Info Forum

Riding Style: (western OR english)


Gender: (stallion, mare geldling)
coat color:
mane & tail color:

I will give you a cabin number (where you sill be staying at the farm) , and a stall number (in the employee barn...not the barn where the rescued horses go) after you post your Info Sheet

maddiebaby & Harry Styles
2012-06-26 23:56:41
Personal Info Forum

NAME: Maddie
AGE: 13
GENDER: Female


NAME: Trenton
AGE: 3/4
GENDER: stallion
BREED: thoroughbred
COAT COLOR: jet black
MARKINGS: white socks(all 4 legs), and a blaze
MANE & TAIL COLOR: black & grey/silver
TEMPER: well mannered... loves being ridden, but can be somewhat stubborn at times.
OTHER: loves being around other horses

STALL #: Stall #1 Employee Barn

maddiebaby & Harry Styles
2012-06-26 23:56:41
Name: Gemma
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Riding Style: Depends on the horse, Lady is English, Khon is western


Name: Lady of the Mist (Lady)
Age: 3
Gender: Mare
breed: Lippizan
coat color: White
markings: N/A
mane & tail color: White
temper: Sweet and easy going
OTHER: If someone's horse is sick (doesn't matter which style) she can be used.

Name: Around the Corner (Khon)
Age: 3
Gender: Stallion
breed: Andalustian
coat color: Jet Black
markings: N/A
mane & tail color: Black
temper: Unpredictable but nice
OTHER: He is kinda crazy

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-06-27 12:10:30
Of course you can join Horseluver2001! :)

(Just fill out the info sheet and I will give you your cabin # & your Horses stall #)

maddiebaby & Harry Styles
2012-06-27 16:34:35
Personal Info Forum

Name:Maria (not my real name:)
Age: 10
Gender: Girl
Riding Style: Western


Name: Seniorita Senora
Age: 7
Gender: Mare
breed: Spanish Arabian
coat color: Flaxen Chestnut
markings: Blaze
mane & tail color: Blondish
temper: Good manners, loves little kids

Can I join?

Horseluver2001 & My Pony
2012-06-27 20:01:47
Maddie your clubs are so great! How you keep on top of them all though is beyond me!

I am SO joining!

Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2012-06-29 00:07:36
Name: Maggie Cooper
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Riding Style: ASA (American Sidesaddle Association) and Western.

MAggie: You're going to have a hard time boarding all these horses when $ gets low. Rescue horses are enough, but everyone elses horses will clutter up a lot and that means HP is not their main priority. Don't think that I'm saying its a bad Idea! just it might get pretty hard. I'm always willing to help though!

Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2012-06-29 00:07:36
Welcome to the club ParelliChick, & Horseluver2001!

CABIN #: 1
Stall #:2

Cabin #:1
Stall #:3

maddiebaby & Harry Styles
2012-06-29 00:07:36
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