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*** Animal Lovers Club ***
It will be about our pets and animals we love.

Hi I would like to start a club called Animal Lovers Club. It will be about our pets and animals we love. I would like the plaque to be a cat and dog next to each other. Thanks.
catgirl04 & Magesty
2012-07-18 22:37:16
Welcome to your club for our records it is 432067

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-07-19 00:25:28
I will join this club! :)
MAC1023 & King
2012-07-20 18:13:49
Can I join
ocwiegert & Charlie
2012-07-21 21:26:21
I'd also like to join this club! :) I have a tabby cat named Whisper. He's the fattest cat I've ever seen! lol He weighs 19.6lbs! Believe it or not! lol He is SO heavy! Its kinda cute, but he's unhealthy because he is so fat. We need to play with him so helll be more energetic...lol does anyone else have an adorable cat?

Tendarah & Rainflower
2012-07-28 15:23:28
Oh my! I have a white cat named patch and a black one named lucky
MAC1023 & King
2012-07-31 02:33:17
I have a really fat black and white cat named chance
ocwiegert & Charlie
2012-07-31 02:57:18
I'd likew to join!I have a 13 year old Samoyed dog named Kody,he is so cute.I have 2 fish as well.But I know this horse named Frankie,and I love him to the bits.He's a 10 or so National Show Horse(Saddlebred/Arab) Paint Gelding,16 or so hands high with blue eyes,and he kisses me sometimes!:)
Alexi Noelle & Mountain Sky
2012-08-01 01:59:07
Can i join i love both cats and dogs

Shirleyzeng & Daybreak
2012-08-05 02:40:31
Hi I am Pinkey280. Can I plees join
Pinkey280 & Finn
2012-08-17 17:18:01
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