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August Poem Contest

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admin & Aslan Equinox
2012-07-28 22:10:36

Floating like a dream
No saddle, just hide.
Clinging to the mane
Horse and rider of one mind.

Feel the muscles of the horse
Find your balence at once.
Ride and feel lifted of the ground
Feeling happy, the first time in months.

Walk, trot, canter and gallop
They all beat a show anytime
When I ride you bareback
I know you are mine.

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-01 20:12:00

My horse and I
Were at the walk
The slowest gait
We talk and talk

My horse and I
It's fun to trot
The second gait
Boring?I think not

My horse and I
Move on to the canter
My favorite gait
We have our own banter

My horse and I
Now at the gallop
The fastest gait
Just wait till we are developed

Cece4me & Dusk
2012-08-04 00:20:56
Rainbow Horses
By Ponylover1709

I look at the sky
as a ranbow herd goes by
The black one
Black as the quiet night sky

I look at the sky
as a rainbow herd goes by
The white one
Like blinding light

I look at the sky
as a rainbow herd goes by
The red one
Like the blood of a hero

I look at the sky
as a rainbow herd goes by
The brown one
Like the mud their strong hooves kick up

I'm sleeping in a chair
as a rainbow herd goes by
My favorite animal


ponylover1709 & Oreo
2012-08-04 21:04:45
~ Have You Ever? ~
By Flower

Have you ever loved someone,
And known they didnt love you?
Have you ever wanted to cry,
And wondered what they'd do?
Have you ever looked into their eyes,
And known they didnt care?
Have you ever looked into their heart,
And wished that you were there?
Never fall in love my friend,
You'll see it doesnt pay,
It isn't worth the heartache it causes on the way.
Again I say dont fall in love,
and all I say is true.
You see my friend i ought to know
Cause I fell in LOVE with YOU.
If i could be anything in this whole wide world,
I'd be your tear drop.
Born in your eyes, live on your cheeks,
and die on your lips.

flowergunner & Black Lantern
2012-08-06 20:22:00
By Belhew
Have you ever been greeted by a dog?
To see them wag their tails instead of their tongues.

Have you ever whistled to your horse? and have him Gallop up to you to dry you tears.

Have you ever told a cat your secrets?
They won't gossip about it.

have you ever witnessed a rabbit run to you?

Have you heard a guinea pig gossip?
No, the say ''Hello, I'm glad your home.''

please don't gossip it hurts some one close to you

belhew & Sandy
2012-08-12 01:00:20
by Onaneagle

A storm could come and rain on me;
Striking lighting around me;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

A tornado could come and rip my house apart;
Trying to rip me from my horse;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

A flood could come and try to drown me;
Soaking me to the bone;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

A tree could fall on my barn;
Crushing the stalls and tack;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

The sun could come out trying to burn me;
Peeling the skin on my back;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

The electricity could go out;
Casting us into darkness;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

A famine could come, leaving us starving;
Leaving us with no food;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

An earthquake could come, cracking the earth;
Shifting our world around us;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

The world could end, melting the earth;
Shattering lives around us;
It would not matter,
I am with my horse.

I am with my horse

Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-14 13:19:58
the herd

a herd of ponys run wild,they run all day as the sun watched and smiled,when they reach a brook the leader will stop and look,to see if it's safe to cross,then they cross and run across fresh green moss on the riverbank,and they still look so amazing even though they have mud on their flank.

cloudwings & thunder
2012-08-17 14:11:57
Chincoteague Island

by PonyArtist

The Ocean Waves lapping at me feet,
The wonderful view from the sea,
Show me the wonder of Chincoteague
Where wonders are born,
Like stars in the sky, So So high the Island of dreams

Where the wild Ponies are free
to gallop to see the things others don't see
Their canter much smooth,

And How Do I Know?
I Do Not Own One, But Ride One All By Myself And Her Name Is


Her brown and White back, Those blue eyes shining Her face, Like no other pony's the way she is-is different

That Chincoteague Pony!

PonyArtist & Acorn
2012-08-17 18:26:15
A horse

There he is hiding by the trees he trys to run but i am i jump with ease he roors his disproveal but i calm him down he seems to relise i mean no harm the hunters come and i leap on his back we gallop far and we never looked back.Missladypotter

missladypotter & Monkey puzzle
2012-08-18 12:06:21
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