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*** Shalimar's Herd ***
It's a follow up to Sariavo's herd, (his great great grandsons)

Hi Jane!
I'd like to make a club, Shalimar's Herd. It's a follow up to Sariavo's herd, (his great great grandsons) I have the money, I'll send you the plaque!

Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-13 21:40:15
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 437982

I added the word Shalimar to the plaque, let me know if it is ok

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-08-13 21:40:15
Can I join?
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-14 22:43:10
OK, thanks!!
Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-14 22:43:10
*Shalimars Herd*
This is the club of Sariavo's great great grandson. The son of Dancer, the daughter of Glory, the son of Fury, the son of Sariavo. Shalimar has a brother named Storm, but they go two seperate ways and I am roleplaying Shalimar.
1. No graphic fighting, we will fight cougars and other horses, but nothing graphic
2. No people, I mean we will just role play people; we will meet them but we will not put people info
3. No power playing, like taking control of other horses, Example: your horse is Storm, and someone else's is Penny. *Penny falls over a cliff* No, no no:(
4. You may have foals, but don't explain it please
5. HAVE FUN!!!
^. Oh yeah, don't use fancy writing like, $%@@##^^^?<>" please? I do not understand that and no one else does
7. Don't use &&*&^^$) to mean blocked bad language.

Have fun in the club of Sariavo's great great grandson, Shalimar!!!

Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-14 22:43:10
Hey Parelli! Sure!
Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-15 12:18:36
Sorry rule #2 might not be too clear:
2. We will meet people, like in the books, wranglers, and cowboys with a wagon train, but don't put people info please!

Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-15 12:22:28
Those are good rules! Do you want me to explain what the sybols ($%!#<>) mean? Or do you already know? And also, how do we put the horses info. Please don't think I'm being rude, just asking some questions! :)
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-15 23:23:50
My Info
Name: Shalimar
Age: 3
Breed: Mustang
Mane: Black
Color: Grey, Brown and Black
Eyes: Brown
Markings: Black muzzle and Black Stockings
Rank: Lead Stallion

Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-15 23:23:50
(Not rude at all!)
I have no idea what they mean, it is just better to use letters, instead of &$@#@&&*()! And for horse's info:

Annaneya & Sequoia
2012-08-16 20:46:37
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