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*** Genovian Champions***
One of the things Genovia is famous for is its unique horses, the Genovian Thoroughbred.

I'd like to start another club called Genovian Champions. The plaque has a picture of a whitewash barn with a light blue roof and brown stable doors, surrounded by pastures, and a few cherry trees and a silver wall far, far, far back into the scene.

It is set in an imaginary country called Genovia, surrounded by ocean on all sides. The plaque has a whitewash barn with a light blue roof and brown stall doors in the middle of lush, green pastures. A silver wall is far, far back in the background. One of the things Genovia is famous for is its unique horses, the Genovian Thoroughbred.

Horse Gentler & West Australian
2012-10-08 19:42:05
Welcome to your club. For our records it is 448064
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-10-08 19:42:05
Can I join?

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-10-08 19:43:49
In this club, I'll be playing as Orion Harlequin, king of Genovia.
Welcome to Genovia, the Platinum Palace. Here, you can own your Genovian thoroughbred and race for the top!
To enter, please sign up as one of the following:
dog, cat, eagle, penguin, puffin, or any animal that can ride. (This does not include cows, horses, sheep, or goats)
The usual coats for a Genovian Thoroughbred are white, gray, bay, brown, buckskin, roan, cremello, or black. Some others are spotted, like Appaloosas.
Here are the rules:
This includes no fighting ortaking anyone's name in vain. If you want to promise, make sure you keep it. There are lots of potential friends here, and we don't want to hurt them.
If you win, don't gloat. You can praise your horse, but don't gloat. If you lose, please still congradulate your horse for trying. Don't pout, either.
Take care of your horse, post and tell about it every day or so. Before you can jump to competition, you need to train your horse depending on its age.
The order form! Here's one one of my jockeys did:
Name: Lucky Honey
Type: Dog
Looks: Small legs, dark brown coat

Horse: Hidalgo
Race Name: Hidalgo
Breed: Genovian Thoroughbred
Coat: Gold
Purebreed? Yes
Sire: Grand Nigatore
Dam: Secret Royalty
Important Facts: Broke record on all races of the Genovian Triple Crown
Here are the other characters to meet:
Queen Snowdreamer- white sheepdog
Prince Copper- copper colored puppy
General Crescent- Dark brown dog with crescent on his head
Captain Chicago- gold and beige dog
Lieutenant Yukon- gold dog
Sir Thunder of Buxton- alias Thunder, gray arabian, head of the work-horses in the Palace
Lady Charmer- white work-horse
Windall- palimino work-horse
JC Penny- alias Jacey, chestnut work-horse
Jewel- hummingbird cook
Bullseye- puffin stable hand
Skipper- springer spaniel
VISITORS (they will come occasionally)
Emperor- emperor penguin, king of the penguins
Empress- emperor penguin, quenn of the penguins
Baby Emperor- son of Emperor and Empress, friend to Prince Copper
General Ruby- general hummingbird
General Immortality- great blue heron general
Colonel Podjhasky- colonel horse, son of Thunder and Bella
Colonel Pence- friendly puma
Lady Bella- albino, married to Thunder
Rainbow- painted bunting, cooks
Reddy- northern cardinal, cooks
Stellar- stellar jay
Blujay- blue jay
Wingate- white-breasted nutcracker
Lucky- Border Collie from States
King- husky from States
Coco- young elephant, with Lucky
Ellie- little duckling, with Lucky
Helena- puppy, with Lucky
Sandy- cocker spaniel, with Lucky

Horse Gentler & West Australian
2012-10-08 19:43:49
Name: Soar'n
Type: Eagle
Looks: Big with giant talons and is a Golden Eagle

Horse: Black Magic
Race Name: Magic
Breed: Genovian Thoroughbred
Coat: Black
Purebreed? Yes
Sire: Do you Believe in Magic
Dam: Black Fury
Important Facts: Is the daughter of two of the most well known horses in the racing world, she is blind.

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-10-09 11:57:02
Here are the horses:
Name: Champion
Race Name: Lupian Champion
Coat: Black
Purebreed? Yes
Sire: Lunar Lupus
Dam: Championess Of The Night
Caretaker: Bullseye
Jockey: Thor

Name: Hollister
Race Name: Hollister Prince
Coat: brown
Purebreed? Yes
Sire: Fire Walker
Dam: On The Spotlight
Caretaker: Chicago
Jockey: Prince Copper

Name: Mystery
Race Name: Mystery In Motion
Coat: Blue Roan
Purebreed: Yes
Sire: Neon Moon
Dam: Bluegrass Dancer
Caretaker: Bullseye
Jockey: King when he comes

Name: Maple
Race Name: Maple Pie
Coat: Cremello
Purebreed? Yes
Sire: Trio Of Fire
Dam: Maple Sugar Delight
Pregnant to Hollister Prince
Caretaker: Chicago

Name: Magic
Race Name: Bright Magic
Coat: White
Purebreed? Yes
Sire: Magic Pegasus
Dam: Unicorn Clouds
Caretaker: Chicago
No Jockey, learning horse for Helena
I look forward to meet you and your horse!

Horse Gentler & West Australian
2012-10-09 15:55:38
Welcome, Soar'n. Black Magic can have stall 7#. Fell free to ride on our trails, explore the palace, or go cherry picking. Have fun!
Horse Gentler & West Australian
2012-10-10 23:18:29
Chicago: *Runs a brush through Mystery's unique coat.* No worries, boy. I'll take you out on the track once I'm done with this. *Tacks up Mystery in his excersize tack and leads him out to the practice track.*
Horse Gentler & West Australian
2012-10-10 23:34:47
Um... HorseGentler... I kinda said that Black Magics nickname would be Magic.
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-10-10 23:34:47
That's fine. Most of the hands call her Bright Magic instead of just Magic.
Horse Gentler & West Australian
2012-10-12 21:38:57
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