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***Shanks boarding school *****
Welcome to Shanks horse boarding school for girls. Here you will learn to care and ride your horse. There are seven turning-out paddocks, and lots of stalls for your horses. You live in cabins on the east side of the school. The cabins have 3 bunk beds in each of them, and there are cabins A-Z. Besides the seven arenas for turning out, their are separate ones for different riding. There is an arena for jumping, one for trail, one for barrels, etc. any style of riding is welcome. Please read the rules below.

Hi Mrs. Crandal!
I have 200 wbucks ready for a club. I'd like the plaque to be a girl holding a horse with a bridle or halter, with the words Shanks school on it. Could the name be Shanks boarding school? Thanks!
The boarding school is called Shanks boarding school for girls. Here you will ride your horse(s) and learn how to care and ride them. rules:
1. no swearing.
2. no fights please.
3. always treat horses with respect.
4. If going on trail ride, bring at least one rider with you.
5. no playing horses please. Meaning don't start to roleplay the horse's life, but you can describe what he/she is doing in ride, or in paddock.
6. have fun!!!!
OK, fill out this form to join please.
type of tack(english, western):
style of riding(trail, poles, barrels, jumps etc.):
Name(fake please):
wears(show and barn):
Barn Name:
Show name:
Tack (show and barn):
My info:
type of tack: english
style of riding: trail, jumping.
Name: Lauren Smith
Age: 12
hair: long to waist, dirty blond, always in ponytail.
eyes: green (wears glasses, because is cross-eyed.)
wears: black, black, and more black.
personality: nice, friendly, patient, understanding.
other: is super attached to horse Sugar, ever since she nearly died when left outside in lighting storm.
barn name: Sugar
Show name: Sugar Candy
age: 6
height: 16hh
coat: paint, black and white.
mane/tail: white and gray
markings: none
tack: everything black
breed: pinto
personality: jumpy, open-minded, friendly.
other: tries to listen to rider, but tunes out when stands around for too long.
Thanks! Enjoy the game!!!

sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-12-06 04:47:43
Welcome to your club! For our records it is 464854
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-12-07 22:46:51
yayyyyy! Oh, another thing. There are cabins A-Z, so also say
Cabin Letter(A-Z):
Mine is A

sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-12-09 02:32:19
Name(fake please): Ellie
Age: 11
Hair: Dark brown, to waist
eyes: Green/blue
wears(show and barn): Striped t-shirt and khaki pants, helmet
personality: Kind, sweet
other: Riding is her favorite thing to do, she saved all of her money to buy Angelic Love

Barn Name: Angel
Show name: Angelic Love
Age: 7
height: 14.2
Coat: Black
mane/tail: Black
markings: Star, Ermen marks
Tack (show and barn): Western tack
Breed: Connemara
Personality: Brave
Other: Lived with Ellie since she was a tiny baby

pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2012-12-09 02:32:19
Type of Tack- Western Barrel saddle and western bridle with rope barrel riens and saddle blanket, occasional polo wraps (black leather and turqiose pad and wraps)
Style of Riding-Barrels, Poles, Trail classes
Name-Mia Izaks
Hair- Short(to shoulders), light caramel/golden brown with thin lighter highlights
Eyes- deep, dark blue that are as dark as midnight
Wears- Light purple t-shirt that says: "Der Moorder Doitch Muffin" with a picture of a deranged muffin(she has a serious imaganation), blue jeans,and brown and turqiose boots, for show, black t-shirt with jeans and boots and a silver hat
Personality-Spunky, Smart, Generous, Friendly, Sunny/Happy
Other- Not much to say, but she was adopted at a young age.

Barn Name- Frodo
Show Name-Frodo of the Shire
Height-15 hands
Coat- Bay snowflake appaloosa
Mane/Tail-Black with occasional thin white streaks
Markings- White blaze and black legs(because of coloration)
Tack- Show- Black saddle and matching bridle with blue halter, pad, and polo wraps, Barn-Same as show
Breed- Appaloosa cross
Personality- Spunky and Wild with a touch of spiciness and flare (he is er...fascinating...)
Other- He is a gelding, but he sure doesn't act like it!

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-09 02:32:19
Lauren: finishes unpacking her clothes into the large dresser, closing the massive drawer. Peeks out window, seeing Mia and Ellie. Hears SUgar bugle happily, and smiles.
sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-12-09 02:54:35
Yes, you can join! :)
sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-12-09 20:49:09
Ellie: I unpack when I get into my room.
pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2012-12-09 22:29:10
Thanks! I'll stay in cabin C, if thats ok with you.
Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-09 22:37:21
type of tack(english, western): Western
style of riding(trail, poles, barrels, jumps etc.): barrels, showjumping and xcountry also dressage.
Name(fake please): Shira
Age: 14
Hair: curly black
eyes: blue
wears(show and barn): barn- jeans and patterned T-shirts, boots. show - black helmet, black riding jacket, johds and riding boots or jeans, western style boots and shirt and hat
personality: smart, fast thinker, kind and sensible, serious too
other: Cabin G plz. Shira has been riding horses all her life, living on a horse farm, until going to boarding school.
Barn Name: Joey
Show name: Dream Prince
Age: 7
height: 15.7 hands
Coat: mahogany brown, black points
mane/tail: black
markings: blaze
Tack (show and barn): Barn - halter, if anything. Show - hackamore, western or all-rounder saddle depending on event.
Breed: Thoroughbred x
Personality: good natured but sometimes a bit too wild and crazy!
Other: Shiras mount for 4 years - well, she trained him. (mostly)

Avari Terrwyn Miles & Sheraga
2012-12-10 09:23:13
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