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Iceland Stables
about english riders who give and take lessons.

Hey Jane, can I make another club called Iceland Stables? It's about english riders who give and take lessons.


Show Clothes-
Barn Clothes-
Competition Style-

Show name-(if any)
Barn Name-
Barn Tack-
Show Tack-
Everyday Riding Tack-
Competition Style-

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-09 02:32:19
Welcome to your club. For our records it is 465460
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-12-09 02:37:46
Name- Sally J***
Age- 12
Gender- Girl
Looks- Long blode hair and big brown eyes and her skin is naturally tanned.
Show Clothes- Cream jodpurs, black jacket and boots.
Barn Clothes- Denim jeans, old T-shirt and gumboots.
Horse(s)- Bella
Competition Style- Cross Country
Extra- Loves horses and is very adventurous.

Show name-(if any) Southern Belle
Barn Name- Bella
Gender- Mare
Age- 7
Height- 14.2hh-Horse
Coloration- Bay with a star, but no socks.
Barn Tack- Bitless bridle and bareback pad.
Show Tack- Brown bridle and brown Cross Country saddle.
Everyday Riding Tack- Bitless bridle and bareback pad.
Competition Style- Cross Country
Extra- Very sweet and gentle.

Please can I join? Thanks!

Mangogirl106 & Bella
2012-12-09 18:08:02
Name- Lucy K M***
Age- 13
Gender- female
Looks- she stands at 5.4 with green eyes and curly brown hair
Show Clothes- see Barn but with a hunt coat and black hallmet
Barn Clothes- Jods, Boots and her purple helmet
Horse(s)- Star and Midnight
Competition Style- Show jumping
Extra- she loves her horses and saved Star as a weanling
Show name- A Hundred Stars In The Night
Barn Name- Star
Gender- Gelding
Age- 3
Height- 16.2
Coloration- jet black
Barn Tack- a Blue halter
Show Tack- a white pad, Black saddle and Brown bridle
Everyday Riding Tack- same but a blue pad
Competition Style- Show Jumping
Extra- he was rescued by Lucy. He is a TB
Show name-(if any)
Barn Name- Midnight
Gender- mare
Age- 7
Height- 15.3
Coloration- black and white
Barn Tack- a purple halter
Show Tack- see Star
Everyday Riding Tack- same as Star but a purple pad
Competition Style- Show Jumping
Extra- she is a Warmblood

Starwalker123 & Star
2012-12-09 18:30:07
Name- Kierra Nala Smith (fake)
Age- 14
Gender- Girl
Looks- Jet Black hair in emo Xtra Long Shag with deep red bangs, her eyes are naturally lime green, she is very pale even though she lived in Spain for most of her life
Show Clothes-Different for each class
Barn Clothes- Designer everything
Horse(s)- Sky and Gold
Competition Style- English and western, favorites are Show Jumping and Roping
Extra- She is very rich, but doesn't let people know

Show name- Silver Sky
Barn Name- Sky
Gender- Mare
Age- 3
Height- 15.2
Coloration- Golden Palomino
Barn Tack- Black Hackamore, Black Circle Y treeless saddle, Neutral Multicolored
Show Tack- Black Curb Bridle with Silver trimmings, Black Saddle (whichever the class requires) with Silver Trimmings, Black Breast Collar with Silver Trimmings, Black Boots, White Saddle Pad
Everyday Riding Tack- Usually bareback
Competition Style- Wester
Extra- She doesn't like other people riding her, but she doesn't mind other people handling her.

Show name- Silver and Gold
Barn Name- Gold
Gender- Mare
Age- 3
Height- 16.2
Coloration- Silver Overo sprinkled with gold, her tail is platnum with golden streaks
Barn Tack- Black Hackamore, Black Wintec 2500 AP, Purple Saddle Pad
Show Tack- Black double Bridle, Black Saddle (whichever the class requires), Black Breast Collar with Standing Martingale, Black Boots, White Saddle Pad
Everyday Riding Tack- Usually bareback
Competition Style- english
Extra- She'll gallop any chance she gets

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-12-11 22:41:44
Name- Jennifer "Jen" Rose E***
Age- 13
Gender- Female
Looks- Wavy bobbed chocolate colored hair, ruby lips, a touch of scarlet in my pale cheeks. Kind blue eyes that twinkly when I laugh, tall, slim, a smile's always on my face.
Show Clothes- Black, Navy, Red or Olive Show jacket and black velvet helmet, tan riding breeches, tall black boots, and gloves for a better grip on the reins.
Barn Clothes- Jeans, Horse shirt or sweatshirt, paddock boots, schooling helmet.
Competition Style- Everything, but mostly jumping.

Horses will get posted later.

Galloping Bareback & Dakota Sioux
2012-12-15 19:48:59
Name- Maggie Red
Age- 20 years
Gender- Female
Looks- Maggie has medium-height layered brown hair with blonde tips. Her eyes are a very rare color, violet. Her skin is lightly tanned.
Show Clothes- Tan jodhpurs, and a white jacket and black boots.
Barn Clothes- When maggie isn't showing, she usually wears a pair of worn out jean shorts and a white t-shirt, and cowboy boots.
Horses- Sea Biscuit
Competition Style- Jumping
Extra- Nope.

Show Name- Sea Biscuit
Barn Name- Biscuit or Buddy
Gender- Stallion
Height- 16 hands
Coloration- A dark chestnut
Barn Tack- Blue halter
Show Tack- A rather worn saddle, brown bridle, ect.
Everyday Riding Tack- ^
Competition Style- ^
Extra- My posts are gonna be a bit wordy XD Just warning.

Pinkrocks123 & Sea Biscuit
2012-12-18 22:22:26
Can i Join?? :D

Looks:Pale skin, strawberry blond hair down to waist and green eyes.
Show clothes:Black velvet hunter show jacket ,Creamy white breeches , black leather long boots and a champion velvet helmet.
Barn wear:Deep purple Collar T-shirt , cream breeches , brown boots with leather chaps and a champion helmet.
Competition style: show jumping and dressage.
Extra:is friendly and kind

Rereity & sundance
2012-12-19 17:35:24
(Ooh, I'm going to discribe mine now!! It has a bedroom with a closet with organizing stuff, dresser and nightstand, all in varying shades of nuetral browns and creams, all blending into a beautiful college, the livingroom has a marble fireplace, a cream leather sofa, white floorboards and an oriental rug, a white bookcase, it has a black flat screen TV and a Xbox and Wii system (curtisy of Kierra's parents), the kitchen is all cream with a microwave, oven, fridge, all sorts of pots and pans)

Kierra: *I walk back into my cabin and kick off my boots by the door, the light interior of it contrasts with my black clothes and hair, I walk to the TV and turn on The Big Bang Theroy, I walk to my kitchen and make a big fancy omlette, I sit down and wrap a white affgan around me and lounge on the couch*

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-12-24 00:26:55
Lets role
Lucy: I brush Blast

Starwalker123 & Star
2014-04-09 00:16:21
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