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January 2013 Age 10 & Under Story Contest

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admin & Aslan Equinox
2013-01-14 23:21:08
Monty prt 1
by sunny daze
9 year old Ana looked wearily out her father's car window. 3 days ago her mother died in a horse accident "Can you please tell me where were moving and why?" Ana asked her father. "Hollywood. I got a job at a horse racing stable there. C'mon Ana. You'll love it" Her father, Ian replied. Ana wanted to argue, but her heart was full of sadness. Ana's eyes felt heavy and she slowly fell asleep.

"C'mon Ana. Follow me across the street. I'll go first" Ana's mother, Susan said. "Okay mom!" Ana watched as Susan slowly walked across the street. Ana's horse, Cool Whip waited patiently "The street is always quiet" Ana thought. All a sudden a loud squawk came from the woods. A huge crow flew above her mother's horse, Cherry Bomb. Cherry whinnied fearfully and reared. Susan tried to regain control, but that caused Cherry to flip on her back "MOM!!," Ana screamed. "C'mon Whip!" Ana galloped Whip over to Susan. Cherry had managed to to get up, and Susan was laying quietly on the road. "Mom. I-I'll get help" Ana said, she was sobbing loudly. Susan's face was quiet, so hurt. What if she was unconscious? What if- "MOM!!!" Ana awoke with a jolt. "Honey?" Ana's father was carrying her somewhere. "Where a-a-are w-w-we going?" Ana said, trembling. "Were here" Ian told her. "What time is it?" Ana asked "Time for us to get breakfast" Ian said.

Soon after breakfast, they went down to the barn to see the horses Ian was training. "Thats Talia" Ian said, pointing to a fierce black mare. Ana held out a hand towards Talia. Talia stomped and snorted. Ana jerked her hand back. "Whats wrong with her?" Ana asked, looking at Talia carefully. Ian shook his head. "The old owner of Talia taught her to be disobedient" Ian explained, as he moved on. "Thats Triple A" he said, nodding at a elegant chestnut gelding. Ana petted his nose. "Awww" Ana cooed .They moved on "And heres Monty" Ian said with less enthusiasm. Monty, a scruffy white mare was frightned when Ana stretched her hand towards her. "There there" Ana soothed, as she stroked the Monty's nose. Ian shook his head "I doubt shes gonna make it. Owner abused her." He said. "Poor thing" Ana said. Ian nodded. "Lets go see the other horses outside" Ian decided. "Okay" Ana replied. As they left, Monty whinnied wanting Ana to come back, but not haveing much hope she would.

"Honey, we need to talk" Ian said suddenly at their new home. Ana looked at her dad worriedly. "Did i do something wrong?" Ana asked. "No.." Ian said, as Ana sat down next to him on the couch. "You..You know how your mother died riding?" he continued Ana looked down at the floor, nodding. "Yes" She said quietly. Ian took in a big breath. "Ana... I think you shouldn't ride anymore"
please vote for me! I will make part to for feburary

SunnyDaze & Kona
2013-01-05 01:22:36
Trying to Touch the Stars

By: Rue Katniss

For my little sister Isabella, my brother Jacob, and my loving parents for their support.

Chapter One

I am still trying to touch the stars even after what happened. I am still getting lost, but when I was stuck in the mountains it was different, I was truly lost. All I wanted to do was touch one tiny star. It looked like it was right on top of the mountain so I followed it. Before I knew it I was far away from my own home, I was in the high mountains. My mother had warned me and what she said had happened, I was stuck in the mountains. Like another one of those poor innocent kids who wanders off from this small town never to be found again. They had read books, heard myths but, none of that could save them. I had seen the news and the newspaper article with the title: KID LOST IN MOUNTAIN and the same story of a kid wandering off and the search party never finding the poor kid. My title might as will be BOY LOST IN FOREST NEVER TO COME BACK. Everybody had searched for me day and night, but they never found a trace of me. That wasn't a comforting thought but, I couldn't be like those kids, I had to be strong. But I was only ten I got scared, very scared. How could I do anything? I had always love nature but never thought of exploring it. I remember how the moon glowed bright and lite my path, I remember how the brook flowed like air, and how the morning dew was damp beneath my feet. Most of all I remember how scared I was that I would die. I had read many books about how others had survived but, those were all fiction so half of it could be fake. I decided to try to catch trout in the nearby brook, even though I hate it but, food is food and I was starving but I couldn't eat raw fish. Wait, I keep a lot of misalliances items in my coat pocket maybe there would be something in there. I hope so because I was freezing and starving. A knife, a few old screws, four buttons, and a blanket I found a pack of one hundred matches but that wouldn't last me long, I would have to be careful. I could get bit by ants and I am really allergic to them. Ants could be anywhere Where would I sleep though? I would not find a bed on a mountain. I thought about the books I had read, they always slept on the ground their first day but, they were always in a forest, this was a mountain. I walked a bit more and there in front of me was a hollowed tree trunk, it was perfect. I checked to make sure it wasn't filled with bees and there was no animals in it. I made myself a pile of leaves and covered myself with an old blue blanket and used my jacket as a pillow. As soon as my head hit the leaves, I was asleep.

Chapter Two
When I woke up in the morning it was a beautiful day. I admired my surroundings and then set to work. I decided to stay where I was so I would not pursue further up the mountain. I needed something to eat so I looked around for some berries and found a small bush of strawberries I ate away. I heard a low growl and looked around quickly. There, further down the bush was a giant bear eating berries. I moved slowly away hoping not to startle the bear for, I did not need to be dead on my first day in the mountains. I crept back to hollowed tree trunk and tried to make it as homey as possible. I thought about a lunch and dinner so I decided to go fishing. After about twelve thousand hours I finally caught one fish but, it flipped back into the water and then began to speak. “How dare you try to kill me! I am so ordinary fish can't you see”. “Sorry, I didn't know.”I said. “Well of course you didn't know there was a magic fish in these waters.” “Oh, are you magic.” asked the child “Yes”
said the magic fish. Oh, I am awfully hungry could you give me something to eat?” asked the boy “If you leave me alone.” “alright.”I said. Instantly as if magic before me appeared a grand plate of food with much to eat upon it. I gobbled it up in two seconds. When he looked in to the water to thank the fish it was gone so, he went upon his way to get prepared for the next day. I came upon many sticks and collected them for fire wood. I wondered if he should make notches in wood to tell how many days he had been in the mountains. I grabbed the longest stick and made two notches for how long I have been here. While I was looking at the stars that night I thought about my home, my family, my bed and the magic fish. Wait, fish can't talk on earth. Am I even on earth? I decided to go to the brook in the morning and ask the fish where I was. I went to sleep and hope for a happy and cheerful day. As I woke up I thought to myself where am I? Then I remembered me wandering of and getting lost in the mountains. I needed to collect a store of food and some weapons so I could protect myself. I got some wood and set out for some berries and fish. When I got there I saw the magic fish and I remembered my question. “Where am I?” “You are on Mount Aldis.”Said the magic fish. So I walked away with much worry for I thought the mountain witch I was upon was called Mount Kindas. As I was collecting goods I thought about how I was to get off this mountain if it wasn't the one I thought it was. But where was I and how do I get saved? I pondered over this question many days but, could find no answer.

Chapter Three
As I woke up I began to think of the possibility of weapons again. I would definitely need them so I could get meat and skins and also protect to myself. I thought maybe bow and arrows would work I could use wood for the bow part and for the arrows too and for string I could use vine. I thought this a good idea and started off to find wood and vine. As I was walking I saw many animals and thought how good it would be to have weapons. Then I heard a SKEACCCCHHH!!!!.
I followed the sound and soon came to a baby horse whom looked half dead. I didn't know what kind of horse it was but, it looked like it would be kind and gentle so, I picked it up and then continued to look for the supplies but I thought about the small baby horse in my hand in my hand. If I could nurse it back to health it could capture food I would think if it got strong. And then I would not starve to death if I was unable to move. When I got back to the tree trunk I gave the horse some of my left over fish. I finished of the rest and then went fishing for more and got some berries. I set to work on weapons. I searched though my wood for any curved but strong sticks. I found a perfect stick and set to work carving it with my knife. The came the arrows I took the sticks and carved a sharp edge and for the end some feathers that fell from the bird I found. As I looked at my master piece I decided to go out and try it so I covered the horse with my blanket and left. When I first tried it, it fell in front of me but, the second time it sailed far away. As I went to collect the arrow I thought about a name for the horse. I came up with a few names but, they didn't seem to fit the horse. Then it came to me Watch Light it fitted the horse perfectly. When I found the arrow I headed back and told the horse their name. I ate a dinner of fish and berries when I realized I needed a real bed, a real house, and a different diet. I decided to redecorate tomorrow.

Chapter Four
I looked around the hollow tree trunk which will now be my home for how knows how long. I needed a fire place, a bed, a table, and a chair. I also needed things to eat upon. I set to work on a bed. I used wood I have had for a while and made pretty much a strong table. I added some bed posts to this and it looked almost like a real bed. This had taken hours though and the day was over. I gave Watch Light the rest of the fish and I finished off the berries. Tomorrow I'll need a new stock of food but, I'll go hunting for that with my bow and arrows. I'd also work on finishing the bed and the fist animal I'll catch can become a pillow. The next morning I got a fresh start and picked a supply of berries to take hunting. I covered Watch Light up with my blanket and left some fresh fish for him to eat throughout the day. I packed my backpack with everything I needed and headed out. Suddenly a huge bird sat on a tree right in front of me. I aimed and hit. It fell to the ground in front of me. I picked it up and hoped and deer would come. Out of no where a fawn appeared, as before I aimed and hit. I couldn't carry anymore so I headed back. I used my knife to skin the fawn and likewise with the bird after I plucked it's feathers off for a pillow. I took the birds heart and made a dam in the shallow part of the stream and put the hearts in there. The next day there were many fish in that part of the stream I caught them and stored them in a cold rock that I could put all my produce. I also let the skins dry in the sun ,but only after I had dipped them in water and let them run smooth. I took the meat and washed the blood from it then, I cooked a little for myself but, I gave Watch Light some raw because I thought she would like it better. I thought it was surprising that this horse even liked meat. It was juicy and I ate mine quickly before Watch Light could steal it from me. I'd say it was the best dinner in a long time. I started to work on a pillow and sheets for my bed. I took the birds fine skin and made it into a sturdy pillow sowing it together with some needle and thread I found in my pocket. I stuffed it with the feathers from the bird. With that I began to work on covers for the bed so I took the blanket I had and used that. It was near winter time and I was getting cold and what I wore was too small. I took the deer skin and made myself some fine new trousers that suited me well. I then took the old ones which were very big and made a door covering for my little dwelling. With the rest of the deer skin I made a long sleeved shirt. It had been a long day so I decided to finish the shirt tomorrow. Everything has been running smoothly so far.

Chapter Five
I have marked thirty days on my stick. That means I've been here a whole entire month. Sometimes I think of what my Mother and father and brothers and sisters are thinking. Are they still looking for me or have they given me up for dead. I have been faring pretty well these past days. For a mattress for my bed I heap many furs I have caught. I have made myself a new entrance fur door for my little house. It is now winter so I have began on a small but, useful little fireplace. I have also caught so many animals that I have three outfits. I need to restore on berries though. So, I go out to the berries bush and I realize that there are not many berries left so I pick every single berry on the bush. But after I finished I turned around and there was a bear right behind me. I saw my big blue eyes staring back at me in the bears eyes. I freaked out and it started growling and I thought for sure this was the end of my life. At the very last moment though a knight came out of nowhere and shot the enormous bear dead. I was struck with amazement. After I recovered I looked up to thank my hero but, the knight was gone. “This is one weird mountain” I thought. The huge bear that was right of me came to mind again. I looked at it. I couldn't possibly carry it so I skinned it on the spot. There was so much meat it would last me the whole winter I realized after I finished skinning the bear. I have stored muck meat by now. I could last for almost forever if I caught a bear each winter. I picked up the huge skin which I now decided I would use as a winter coat. I washed the precious coat and let in dry out in the sun. After I stored the meat I noticed it was starting to get dark so I got my stuff put way. As I looked at the sky I saw the star that had seemed so near but was really so far away. I also thought about the bear and how I had killed it. It doesn't even seem possible now. The next day the skin was ready for use but, when I went to get it there was a beautiful young girl right next to the skin. She was so beautiful no maiden could match her beauty. After a long pause she spoke in a soft voice “Hello, Unknown boy.”I did not know if I should respond or wait for her to say something. After a long pause I spoke “Will you help me?” “I will, but, will you help me?.” said the pretty maiden. “Yes, of course” I say. “ I will tell you my very long story first and how I came to be in this spot on land on which I now stand upon. Let us sit down though” The pretty maiden said. The Story of the Pretty Maiden
I have always lived in the sky on a peaceful cloud. My father makes the rain come down from our lonely cloud. I always have to be careful not to fall off and come to the earth but, one day Mr. Rainbow came to talk with my father. He was angry because he thought it was raining too much and he was exhausted from jumping his bow from place to place. My father said that there was drought and in some lands, and he had to let it rain there or he would feel guilty for the problems there. I never heard another part of that conversation. I did not like fighting so I went out of the house for sometime. I was skipping so I could get farther away faster. I could tell they were yelling at each other because when a rainbow and a cloud fight there is always a big storm. Sometimes so big rain and thunder even comes to the earth. But after I had gone a while, I started to fall. I knew that I was falling from my peaceful cloud. I never though about where I would land because I was falling so fast. I landed in the spot which you now see me in.
After she was done I told her of my story and how I followed a star to try and catch it and how I got stranded in these mountains. I welcomed her into my tree home and showed her Watch Light. She adored the little horse and played with it he whole time. I cooked some dinner I asked her to tell me about herself . She told me her name was Hydrchrome and she was a cloud fairy. She was made of a mist like material that you could swipe your hand though. Most might think this bad but, it is good for getting though and wall but brick. She said she ate mostly mist on her cloud but she said she liked the meat. After we had eaten I took some of the furs off the mattress and made a bed for Hydrchrome. She fell asleep quickly but, I stayed awake for awhile thinking about very many things like Hydrchrome but, most of all my family. I think of them much and wonder if they think of me. I like to think they are looking at the same stars as me.

Chapter Six

Watch Light is getting bigger everyday. I have began to teach her to hunt and he has brought in a few rabbits and squirrels. Hydrchrome says that she will have to go back to her cloud soon. The next day she left but, she gave me a little cottage and some livestock for my kindness in letting her stay in my previous home. I thanked her many times before she left. She even said if I needed any help ever I just have to say “Ara Ara Hydrchrome here, I need your help please come here.” She floated into the sky and said goodbye to me. After she left I missed her company. She had been a friend, a person to talk to in all my troubles. It was now about summer time and when I counted the notches on the many sticks I had collected it all added up to one two and thirty days. I was starting to think that I would never see my family ever again. I might die out here and never see anything familiar again. When the sun rose the next morning I worked on teaching Watch Light to hunt some more. I have been surviving pretty well out here. I have taught myself to weave with the wool from the sheep Hydrchrome gave me. I am now one year older than I was when I came to the mountain on which I now am on. I'm now eleven years old. I now think that I could travel throughout the mountain to see if I will ever find my home again. I needed many things for the journey so I started packing up my clothes, food, and other much needed things. After I got everything packed I started off on the long journey. I knew there would be dangers but, I could stand up to those. What I was really worried about was ants, I was allergic to them really badly and I react badly to them. It had not been a problem so far but, troubles could surprise you any moment. I thought about it and finally came up with an idea. If some one could create a deer repellent I and bug spray I could create a ant repellent to keep the ants away. I worked all night on it and after I tried it I knew it would work. The ants fell away quickly and easily. I sprayed some on my skin and then started on the journey. After I had gone a while I started to see some snakes and there were a lot of bugs. The mountain floor was damp. This worried me some because that meant the mountain floor I would soon be sleeping on would be wet. After a while it started to get dark and tried to pick a dry enough spot to sleep in. I was looking a lot when after a while of walking a house suddenly appeared before me. I entered cautiously on the table was a note. It was from Hydrchrome. It read “My dearest boy, I still thank you for your kindness. I have made this house for you to sleep in. Please Enjoy, Hydrchrome. I wrote Thank You on the paper but, as soon as I finished the paper disappeared. I guessed it went to Hydrchrome. I explored the house and found a little room just for me. I ate some meat that I had brought and had a hearty meal. I fell asleep quickly but with Watch light in a blanket beside me but not before thinking about my plans for tomorrow. I woke up to a loud grunting sound coming from outdoors. I looked out of the window and there was a giant wild boar. Watch Light was screeching very loudly but soon stopped to my relief. I thought back when we were learning about these in school. I realized that most people think they need a teacher til they need the knowledge most. I didn't want to take any chances so I stayed inside the house and occupied myself by working on some new shoes since my old ones were old and worn inside and out. I thought back to some books I had read a while back when I was in civilization. It was a book about Indians, what they wore, their culture,and everything else to know. It said that instead of shoes they wore moccasins that were made out of animals skin. It just happened that I had a little extra deer skin from a resent deer I had found. There was no need of that though because when I hoped for them they appeared on the table before me. They were made of red leather with gold buckles. In the right shoe there was a note from Hydrchrome saying : Dear Boy, I have made these for you. I hope you enjoy them. Hydrchrome I tried the shoes on and they fit perfectly. I admired them on my feet and thought that they were such good well made shoes. I then remembered the wild boar outside. It was gone but I knew it couldn't be far away so I waited about another hour before heading out again. I looked back to take one last look at the house but the it was gone. I was kept worrying about seeing the boar again. I tried not to imagine what would happen to me if I ever saw the creature again. My only protection was my bow and arrows and you must imagine that I kept my hand on them the whole entire time I was walking. My legs have become to feel like jelly. I had never walked so long in my life. I wanted to stop but the thought of seeing my family kept me going. I needed to even walk though the night but I had the stars to guide me then and when morning came again I was far off from my first home in the mountains. I actually kind of missed the temporary home.

Chapter Seven

Watch Light is so much bigger and I found out that she is a girl. She seems to be getting fatter and slower and I am beginning to think that she is going to have a baby or two. This is exciting and I have enough meat to feed her since she isn't able to hunt. I was happy and contented all these days but, I was not comforted when I counted the notches on the sticks. It counted up to six hundred and seventeen days. This means that I have been here for two years and I must admit that I sometimes cry over that I might die and no one will ever know. It a very sad though that sometimes creeps into my head. I'm hoping that I will never have to live that thought. It's okay if I dream it but, if I live it I might as well die now. I thought no longer of it though for I heard a cry. It sounded like a human cry so I ran toward the sound of the dreadful loud cry. When I was there I was tied up and blindfolded. I was pushed around ruffly and Watch Light cried out at this. Then a voice spoke out in a ruff tone and said “Who are you and why do you dare disturb our peaceful morning.” I reconsigned the voice speaking and said in a questionably voice “Alex?” And the voice said “Jonic?” The blindfold was removed but the ties stayed on my hands. I looked around me and saw every child that had gone missing. I asked Where I was and he told me this was the camp of the lost children. The first kid which was I started this and every child that has got lost in the mountains has found their way here by some force. It was odd but, I took every one of them in. they have been here since. We have never found our way out but, I believe that's why you are here. “Me?” I said. They explained that a person named Hydrchrome had come and said that you would lead us out of the mountains. Before I had the chance to answer a letter appeared in my hand from Hydrchrome. It read: HELP! Mr. Rainbow has kidnapped me and will not let me go unless my father makes it stop raining but if he does so there will be many bad things on earth. Please rescue me. From, Hydrchrome. Fear instantly spread throughout me. If Hydrchrome was in trouble so was I. She was my only protection, she kept me alive. If she died I could not stay alive much longer either. The lost boys and girls began to cry out “We must save her for she saved us!” I agree and we start to make a plan. We were wondering how to get up to the skies when I suddenly remembered when I had wrote on the paper before. We could write our question on the paper and then Hydrchrome could get it and answer our question. I told the boys and girls this and together we wrote on the note from Hydrchrome: How do we get to the clouds? As before the paper disappeared but, even though I had seen it before we all stared in the place where the paper had once laid. We were speechless for what felt like an hour finally I snapped out of amazement. One by one everyone else snapped out. Alex, who seemed to be in charge said “ Well if we are to save her we must have sleep so let us sleep now and early tomorrow morning we will discuss this problem.” Alex led me through the village. I looked around in amazement, everything was orderly and neat. It was a remarkable village I must admit. Alex stopped in front of a small but, comfy little cottage. He led me in side and told me that I would be staying here for the time being. I thanked him and after he left I began to unpack the few things I owned. The cottage had only one big main room which held a bed, a kitchen, and a small but, comfortable and inviting living room. I slept silently and quietly that night with Watch Light at my side. I woke up in the morning to a loud knocking sound on my door. I opened in and there stood a beautiful girl who was about eight years old. She was holding a bowl of bear soup and a cup of pink petal tea. I took it gratefully and thanked her. She told me that Alex was calling a meeting in about thirty minutes. I thanked her again and asked her name she told me it was Agrea. She then went but, I still thought about her. There was a girl from my town named Agrea, she was the baker's daughter. I took that moment to think about all the lost boys and girls. How they had gone through this. They seemed to believe I was going too get all of them out. The trusted and believed in me and I couldn't let all of them down.

Chapter Eight

The meeting was successful. We got a not back from Hydrchrome which told us how to get to the clouds. It was really simple. All we had to do was make a kite with a star which represented Hydrchrome. Which would signal her father to let down a ladder which we could walk upon to get up to the clouds with. We tried this and after about a minute the started to turn into a ladder shape. A minute more and the ladder transformation was complete. We packed food and water and headed out on the long journey before us. I left Watch Light with a girl named Amanda. Only half of the children took this long and tiring journey so there were two hundred and thirty three of us going. We had walked a while when Alex called a halt. This was a good thing since many children were tired, hungry,and thirsty as I was. Suddenly the bridge began to move. It was being pulled upward. Finally I understood, we were not to climb it for it would take us way too long since we are only children. We just had to sit and the bridge would carry us to the clouds. We waited about an hour when we began seeing a nice house in a cloud above us with a little but kind looking man at the front doorstep. I figured this was Hydrchrome's father. I was first to jump of as soon as we got to the top. He greeted us with kindness and hospitality. The subject of Hydrchrome came up after a while. We told him that was why we had come here, to save her. He gave us much information on where Mr. Rainbow's castle was and how we could get there. He told us he was a man of peace and did not like to make trouble with his neighbors but, he told us that he could not let it stop raining in the deserted lands and the places where famines were common. He wanted to be a good neighbor but also a good cloud. I believe these words were touching to the whole party as they were to me and they encouraged us even more than we had been before we set out on this journey.

Chapter Nine

We started of toward the evil Mr. Rainbow's castle was. There was a path connecting the houses of Mr. Rainbow and Mr. Cloud. We walked along this path for sometime and after a while a tall and dark looking castle came into view. I had thought rainbows to be bright and cheery but, that was for sure not the case with this one. I now see why he was feared by Mr. Cloud. Me and Alex look at each other with worried eyes and I know we are both thinking the same thing, what if we never come out of this dark gloomy place. I know the whole team is thinking it. I am scared of the thought of meeting Mr. Rainbow himself. I expect him to be like his home, dark, gloomy, and mysterious. I know the whole group is trying to act brave but, they are all scared inside. We purse closer to the house and the closer we get the better we could see a man outside the house with a evil smile upon his old and wrinkled face. To me he looks like a person who would enslave other people but, I don't tell and one else so they won't get even more scared than they already are. We walk more and more but, suddenly I run into a wall. I look in front of me but, there is no wall. Alex sees this too but, the rest of the children don't and they knock into the wall too. We all look at each other in amazement. We tried to go around it but, it seems we are stuck in a glass or invisible cube. The cube then starts to rise higher and higher into the sky. Many of the children start screaming with fear. Many of the older and more mature ones went around and tried to comfort them. We were starting to float into what looked like the chimney of the big castle. It was dark and had soot in it. We floated downward for such a long time that I thought it would never end for miles and miles. I was scared on the inside but, I wasn't about to tell anyone else that, they would think I was a chicken or a scared little cat that could be eaten by a small mouse the size of a finger nail. I didn't need to earn that shamed name. I needed to be brave like a lion or
Robin Hood. This was no time to run away from danger. This was time to be brave.

Chapter Ten

Mr. Rainbow was before us with his evil smile growing broader and broader every minute. After a while I couldn't hold it any longer I said in a loud bold voice “Where is Hydrchrome?”. He answered “ You will never see the one called Hydrchrome ever again.” He laughed out loud . I could tell right away that I would never like this man that stood before me. He started to move toward the glass cube. He opened a door I hadn't seen before. We all rushed to the door all at the same time trying to knock him down in the process, but he stood as strong as stone and as fierce as a lion. We slowly went back to the places we stood before for we were afraid of this man. I was more afraid of him than a whole army of brave strong men. He began to take us out one by one starting with me to work as his slave. There were many other people, some from earth and others from the clouds. That night I got a note from Hydrchrome. She told me she was in the room right next to me. I couldn't believe this would be so easy but, it was not as I thought. Hydrchrome's room was held fast with strong bolts and locks that I could not even undo one of them. I went back to my room and pondered over this then I sent Hydrchrome a message telling her of the bolts and locks. She replied so quickly that I was so amazed that I fell off the bed on which I was sitting. This time it was a package, that held a key inside. On the note it read: “This key works for every bolt and lock. Hydrchrome. I was happy to hear this and immediately went over to her door and started to unlock them. This took a great deal of time though and when it was morning I was on the last lock, but the problem was that the key would not fit into the lock. I got worried and started thinking, what if Mr. Rainbow came, what would I do? I wiggled it back in forth in the lock, but the lock wouldn't budge. Then it hit me, the lock was shaped like the other end of the key. It was too late though, footsteps rung down the hallway. I bolted up the door once again and ran to my room. He didn't catch me but, tonight I will have to be careful and quick. After all that that night, I was exhausted and could barely work. I wondered if Hydrchrome ever came out of he room. I never saw her so I thought she probably never came out. That night had no bigger success than the night before though. As went the same for the next night and the next night. I was starting to worry that what Mr. Rainbow said was coming true, that I would never see her again or my family or Watch Light.
Chapter Eleven

The days are long and I worry I will never escape from this miserable place. Life was for sure hard and I felt like I hadn't slept in weeks. I used to have rosy skin and cheeks but, I am as pale as white snow now. Sometimes I think maybe I will die or never see the sunshine again. These frighting thoughts though they may be dreams, they feel so real. They are dreams that are unexplainable, dreams, that I will never be able to explain to anyone else. The sight of pain to me is unbearable but, to Mr. Rainbow it just brings a smile to his wrinkly evil face. I hate him even more each day and every time I see him I want to repay him for his evilness. I often write to Hydrchrome and sometimes she responds sending little gifts every so often but even these don't soften the sadness in my heart. It is so great that it can only be softened me and my friend being freed and being able to go back to my much missed home and family.

Chapter Twelve

It feels as if I have been in this place for a thousand years. And for Hydrchrome I can't imagine how long it has felt like. She trusted in me to save her and now I have become a slave. I have pretty much failed her and she has done so many things for me. I heard footsteps down the hallway and knew that they belonged to Mr. Rainbow but, instead of coming in my dungeon hole called a room he went to Hydrchrome's. I listened to their conversation and thought that this was the perfect opportunity to free Hydrchrome. I wrote her a note explaining my plan. She said it would absolutely work. That night when Mr. Rainbow took Hydrchrome to a metal surrounded room she escaped and came to me. Mr. Rainbow was sure in a fit so we had to hurry. We collected all of the people who were enslaved there and rushed out. But, this was done in such a longer time than it sounds. We wanted to save all who was there but, to us this felt impossible. But, as we knew that Mr. Rainbow used bells to summon his servants, we rang these and they all came to one room. We told them our plan as quick and as orderly as possible. It took long but, I know that me and Hydrchrome knows it's worth the pain and time. We are taking a break on trying to escape. There were three hundred who had come with us. Some started to return to their home but, other stayed with us and when we started traveling. I was so happy to be reunited with Watch Light that I did a little dance of joy. Sadly though her babies did not survive. Some of these times were happy but with no sight of home we were beginning to lose hope. We have traveled for months and there is no sight of our home. I tell Hydrchrome of my worries and she told me she would take care of everything. I had a peaceful night and a sure surprising morning.

Chapter Thirteen

It was anti-gravity when I woke up! Can you believe it? It was funny seeing Watch Light trying to fly in the air. I guess she thought she was a bird but she learned that she was not going to be able to fly so she learned to float though the air. When Hydrchrome said she would fix everything I never imagined anything like this! Now we could go at a greater speed and our supplies weighed almost nothing. We headed off at ease and soon before us we saw a meadow. We landed gently on the ground and with a sigh of relief realized we were no longer on the mountain. We cheered at this and began to walk through this grassy meadow. We enjoyed ourselves more than we had since the time we were with our family. We made camp after we had traveled ruffly a mile or so. I stood watch for the night but, during my watch time something was wrong. Really wrong. There were noises. Noises that didn't sound like good ones but, for sure dangerous and harmful ones. There was no brave within me. Even though I had my bows and arrows, to me they were just sticks and string. Even though I had Watch Light she could not do much to protect me or herself. They felt like they gave me no protection, no courage, no life. I felt like if any dangers came along, I could never be protected. I would be bait, unprotected bait. I had different feelings throughout me. At one moment I was scared and the next I was brave. At last to my relief dawn came and the children began to wake up. As we walked throughout the day I began to hear the same sounds I had heard that night. I tried not to worry but, I think even Hydrchrome had heard these mysterious sound and begun to become frightened. Out of the blue Hydrchrome came over to me and said into my ear so only I could hear “The powers you hold are special to all. Use them when needed and keep safe when heeded.” I heard no more for she was at the front of the line once again. I thought over her words but, none of it made sense. I made a list of questions in my head. Did I have magic powers? What was heeded supposed to mean? I knew not the answer to these questions but, I knew someday I would find out.
Chapter Fourteen

Ferocious, maybe that was the only word in the universe to describe this horrible beast. Scared, we were scared of this beast. He haunted around us, showed his sharp teeth and snarled at us. Watch Light was frightened too. Everyone was freaking out and running in every direction. I tried to calm them but, it was no use the beast had them all scared to death. Hydrchrome now thought it was the perfect time for a science experiment. I wouldn't have a problem with it if it was anywhere else but, here? Was in the world she possibly be doing. My suspicion turned into fear. She was proceeding toward the vicious beast. She could kill herself but, instead of being killed or injured she put her hand right through the monster and it disappeared. She let out a big laugh. It was a animation! Who would have thought of that but Hydrchrome? We no longer had to fear that dreadful monster. Although we came over a number along the way we were no longer afraid of these towering beasts. We continued our journey so peacefully that we did not worry one little bit when one of the fake animation beasts came upon us. It was not even a worry when a different beast came upon us but, in that thought, we were mistaken.
Chapter Fifteen

We tried to run, we tried to scream but, those ability were no use to us with this monstrous beast. One of us even foolishly tried to put their hand though this beast that we were so much afraid of. As sad as it was to say the ending was not good for him but, it wasn't good for ourselves either. We were all eaten but, when we got inside we realized it was a machine monster for the inside was not of flesh and blood but, of tin. Most would have thought this for the better but, for us it was the worst we could possibly imagine. If it had no flesh how could we shut it down? It was almost impossible there was no switch and no gear to control it. At this point I knew we were all doomed, as we could see there was no way out of this metal prison. We were trapped like rabbits , caught in a poachers trap unable to free ourselves from any danger that came our way. Watch Light for sure didn't like this and kept crying out for she was continually being squished. We were crowded like little mouse around a small chunk of cheese. With no way out and nothing to do I planned a escape if we could even possibly get out of this dark dungeon. We were surprised when the belly of the monster opened up and we landed on a soft pillow of grass. Hydrchrome came over to me and said “Powers are valuable when used in the right way.” That made me wonder if I had done it but I had no time to think. I looked around in the distance I saw houses but something here was familiar. I heard one of the younger children named Lily cry out “Home at last!”.
Chapter Sixteen

Home at last! That was true for sure. The beast had not wanted to harm us but, just the opposite or maybe I had brought us back home. I would probably never know. Many children ran off to their homes calling for their mothers and fathers who thought they would never see their lost little children again. The children who didn't have mothers and fathers followed me to my house for they looked up to me like a brother. I knew for sure my family wasn't expecting me to walk into the house anytime soon, I don't think they thought I would ever walk through that door ever again. We had a family reunion and I introduced them to the kids I had brought along with me. My parents said they could stay as long as they liked. When my parents met Watch Light it was love at first sight. My parents couldn't get enough of me in the following days. It felt like they were hugging me every second and when they weren't, some one else was. My parents never let me out of their sight for fear of losing me again. We were different though, that little group of lost children was different, very different. We were changed beyond repair. We met everyday by the river that was near our home and talked about our adventure in the mountains. No one could understand what we had been through, no one but, ourselves could. I enjoyed myself in the times and I was about to enjoy it even more and a little trouble.
Chapter Seventeen

It was so uncommon to have a crime in our town that we didn't even have a jail. Everybody trusted everybody and everyone who came into our town was peaceful. Every once and a while though there would be a small robbery from some bandits that lived in some of the richer towns here to make us poorer than we already are. This time the house that got robed was mine. It wasn't by men, which was usually the case but by big fish, and the leader among them a killer whale. His name, was Miller the Mysterious. The last part of his name really was true because he was really Mysterious and nobody knew anything about him. He always got what he wanted from anyone he wanted. The last part of his name just made him sound more fearful and respectable. All fish were afraid of him and his every wish was their every command. No one had ever caught this fearful fish but, every time he slipped away like a slippery snake. In fact no one had ever seen him and new not how he survived out of the water. He was a whale of course and he for sure needed water to survive. The victim was only notified it was him by water on the floor and a red mark on the door. He even stole from other robbers and added their loot to his. No one dared to anger him and he always got away but, as I know because this is my book, this is the end of his terious reign as a captain of robbers.
Chapter Eighteen

The bad thing about robbing is that you never know when you are going to get robbed. It like a bad surprise party. That's exactly what happened to me. We had our peaceful day but, there would be no peaceful night. He slipped in with ease nothing to stop his evil plan. He slithered across the floor but as you may know in every book there is almost always a happy ending. There is only one book that I know of which doesn't turn out for the best in the end. So as he continued as quiet as ever with his slippery crew he was unaware that this robbery would not turn out as a happy ending for him. That he would spend the rest of his life paying for his evil deeds. There was the sound that woke the whole town telling us of our unwanted visitor or should I say Watch Light woke the whole town but, for a good reason. Soon we would be Miller the Mysterious visitors, in jail. He was caught that night and he was sent off to a jail in a place he could no longer disturb anyone else in our small town.
Chapter Nineteen

I knew that the children who had no mothers and fathers could not live in my house any longer. It was crowded and we had no room or privacy. I began working on a plan for a house where they could live. Many of the towns people heard of this plan and helped me greatly in building it. The children without mothers and fathers did not know what we were doing. We didn't tell them so it would be a delightful surprise. It sure was a delightful surprise and they have lived ever since happily and contented. You might be wondering how they ate but, the towns people were very helpful and generous in that part. All of the children were assigned to a house so every child went to a house and had dinner with a family. No child went hungry. In return the children helped out with some chores around the house. This benefited the children and the families so everyone was happy.

Chapter Twenty

Now you might remember a while back when I was in the mountains I created the ant repellent. Do you wonder what happened with that idea? That product went from my little town in Georgia to becoming a world wide product in every store you came across. This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you that that's another story but, I really am supposed to make this book at least ten thousand words because that is my goal so this is going to have to be one story. Hope you like my book because you'll never read another one like it. Not one even close to the experiences I've had.

Part Two

Chapter Twenty-One

As it turns out people had created bug repellent, and many other kinds of repellent but, there was no ant repellent known on the market. This took a big play in my next move for this product. I didn't want to become rich but, it happened by mistake but, you may not understand this but, I became rich but, I didn't become rich. The business took off into a major money making business. I at fourteen had become the founder of a ten thousand dollar business. Every dollar bill that went through my hand went to some ones needy hand. Yes, I donated the money but, I didn't need the money to be satisfied and it made me happy to know that someone else would be helped. Life was peaceful and happy then and even Hydrchrome came to visit me. We talked about the hard times in the forest and what was happening in our lives. One time I asked her if I was the one who had made the monster come. She told me “Whatever you believe is true.” I pondered over this and I decided in the end that I did do that. Although times were peaceful I was not completely happy. I had no adventure and so life was not as interesting as before. I longed for adventure so very much that I told my friends the lost children, Hydrchrome, and my parents. They understood that I was aching for adventure so one day they set me out with supplies and enough food for a week. I set out to once more ready to fulfill my dream, to touch the stars. This time I knew I would bring success to this dream. That was what I was about to do. I of course took Watch Light and Hydrchrome traveled with me to protection and for company. We went at night because then we could follow the stars. There was one star that we followed exactly. It was the brightest but also the smallest. That's what I love about it because it's small, bright, and I think those qualities are just like me.

Chapter Twenty-Two

This journey was different than my first one because the route we took did not take us though the mountains but fields of lilies. This made the trip easier and more comfortable. I found that traveling with Hydrchrome was different than traveling with anyone else. I didn't need the supplies or food I carried because Hydrchrome provided all the supplies. Even food for Watch Light was no problem and like before there was always a house waiting for us. With her help we made good progress and I found her very useful on this long and tiring trip. I will tell you now that if you are looking for the perfect love story and you think this is the one you have got the wrong book and should just stop here because this is a story of adventure and so not a love story.

Chapter Twenty-Three

I want you to continue reading so I will tell you one small part of information. I will not tell you how but, just what happens. My dream is fulfilled in this book. That is all I will tell you and I hope that will be enough to continue.

Chapter Twenty-Four

We wandered for days but the star was still far out of reach. Then I thought of something I should have thought of a long time ago. Stars were up, they were above me. I needed to fly up. I told Hydrchrome and she told me a genius idea that made me glad I brought Watch Light along for the trip. Within a few minutes Watch Light was ten times her regular size and right beside her, a space suit in my size. I asked Hydrchrome what she meant by this but, she just showed me today's newspaper. In bold letters on the front page it said:MEN FLY IN SPACE FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!
I knew this was my only chance and though I may not meet the space shuttle, it was surely a good idea. I would be in space for about six hours so I thought it would probably be a good idea to eat before I went up into space. This was a big moment in my life and for Georgia, if they even knew. I was ready to go so I put on the space suit and it turns out Watch Light had one too. After we were ready, we took off.

Chapter Twenty- Five

It was an amazing sight. I was the first human to ever see this beautiful sight. It is sight, a view that is unexplainable one that you can never explain. Watch Light knew where we were going and headed straight for a huge galaxy of stars. I was glad I brought some jars so I could collect the stars in. As we headed toward the stars I was breath taken by the view. We arrived at the galaxy and I reached out with my right hand and grabbed the brightest but, also the smallest of the stars. As I put it in the jar I felt a feeling of satisfaction, that I had done my duty. When we were flying back we saw the space shuttle and I was pretty sure they saw me too. I knew for what would be the on the front page in bold headlines, in the newspaper tomorrow. As I returned to Hydrchrome with my jar with a star in it, I thought of all the adventures I had. I think this one was the best one yet!

Chapter Twenty-Six

Hydrchrome was delighted at my success and congratulated me. By surprise Watch Light did too, with an actual voice. For a minute we admired the star with great curiosity, it was so small but, yet so bright. When we were walking back it seemed that we couldn't take out eyes off the star because it was so beautiful and had so much beauty within it. Even Watch Light was effected by this bright blue thing. We walked for quite a few days and then finally saw sight of my town. Hydrchrome had to leave so we bid farewell and me and Watch Light headed back. Everyone was joyful at seeing us back and the star everybody came and saw that star that it felt like they never left. I took my star and now if you ever meet me you will see a bright blue star around my neck. As I thought the newspaper headlines were ASTRONAUTS SEE BOY ON HORSE IN SPACE!!! NASA started searching for me and eventually found me because I really didn't care if they found me. Surprising or not the president came to our small town and shook my hand. Gross or not though, I am going to try to never wash my hand. NASA appointed me at the NASA station and Florida and I am now the youngest person to work there at sixteen. I then started working on a project, Landing on the Moon. I also had a little side project which you have now finished reading.


Trying to Touch the Stars, a Summary:
My book is a flashback of a boy when he got lost in the mountains and has to survive there for more than a year. This is no ordinary mountain it is a magic mountain. There are magic fish and fairies. He meets one of these fairies and she helps him and all of the other boys and girls that got lost in the mountains. Nobody believed he would make it back and maybe he starts to disbelieve in himself. He makes it out though and even starts his own ant repel business. He loves adventure but, he never expected anything like this! And just to think it was all because of a star.

Excerpt from Trying to Touch the Stars:

I am still trying to touch the stars even after what happened. I am still getting lost, but when I was stuck in the mountains it was different, I was truly lost. All I wanted to do was touch one tiny star. It looked like it was right on top of the mountain so I followed it. Before I knew it I was far away from my own home, I was in the high mountains. My mother had warned me and what she said had happened, I was stuck in the mountains. Like another one of those poor innocent kids who wanders off never to be found again. They had read books, heard myths but, none of that could save them. I had seen the news and the newspaper article with the title: KID LOST IN MOUNTAIN and the same story of a kid wandering off and the search party never finding the poor kid. My title might as will be BOY LOST IN FOREST NEVER TO COME BACK. Everybody had searched for me day and night, but they never found a trace of me. That wasn't a comforting thought but, I couldn't be like those kids, I had to be strong. But I was only ten I got scared, very scared. How could I do anything? I had always love nature but never thought of exploring it. I remember how the moon glowed bright and lite my path, I remember how the brook flowed like air, and how the morning dew was damp beneath my feet. Most of all I remember how scared I was that I would die.

Rue Katniss & Gallifrey
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being strong the fist move
By kira lavoto

chapter 1:sickness

One day Mrs.Lila was sick Mrs. lila was worried because the horse flu was going on it was also spring and she was wild. She loved to run. Though most of her friends got caught from the rangers she managed to get away but she was still scared. She hurt a lot one of her friends named Ua had a bad felling about this she was top of the herd the princess horse she was beautiful kind and giving shelter to those who cant find a nice tree. Her coat was a beautiful grey and whiter with black socks and a pretty white mane and tale her forhead was the symbol of the moon. Ua means the moon.

chapter 2:
it was a few a month later Lila found out shes not sick but still wonderd what was wroung princess UA's dad came he was strong and courgeous and storng he hated moving the herd some get left behind because the rangers come the ones that come are the mean ones. Princess UA's dad had a black coat you could see his muscule. He had white socks and a white muzzle his mane was black so was his tail. His forhead had a sun so they called him King Eclips.

Chapter 3: the story of UA's mom

This is the story of UA's mom. UA's mom was having a foal when a storm happend they moved her to the kingdom the biggest tree in the world. Every horse knows to hide in a storm after the foal was born they hid the dad and the daughter maneged to escape but the mom tried to portect the daughter but she got caught princess UA still rembers it. It hauntes her and her father. Every day she wonders off in to the forest and trys every ranger station she can find and trys to find her mom. She can never find her.

Chapter 4: the foal is born

The day had come Lila found out there was something in her belly. princess Ua came she said congratulations what are you going to name it. Lila said I dont know. She was scared if it was goong to be sick when it was born.

Chapter 5: its come "sick or not"
The day had come the foals had come not sick they where twins star chaser was one of the girls Diamond sky was the other one they bother where amzing "the end"

kira lavoto & war prince
2013-01-28 06:44:38
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msjane & AE
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