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January 2013 Age 11 Story Contest

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admin & Aslan Equinox
2012-12-30 03:37:02
Heartland Part:2
By: bay speed

I was in the house jumping up and down, because my sister Lou was finally coming to my birthday party. When suddenly the phone rang, it was Lou! " Amy, I am not going to make it to your birthday." Lou said. "What, you promised" Amy said. " We can get together some other time. You know how busy I am with work and everthing." Lou said. " Great, thanks alot." Amy said." She slammed the phone down and went to her room.

The next day, she got up and headed to the kitchen. Her mom was making breakfast. " Hi honey, Katie is coming over today. You can go on a trail ride with her." her mom said. " Ok, mom." Amy said. Amy ran out the door and headed to the barn. There she pat Pegasus, the horse her dad used to own and waited for Katie to arrive.

Katie's mom just pulled into the drive.

Look below for the rest of the story.

bay speed & Ruby
2013-01-01 20:44:02
Belle’s Legacy
By popthepony99

Chapter 1
The New Stable

“Hi,” said Amy. “I love new comers!”
“Thanks, I think,” Hanna said.
“Is there any horses here?" Asked Hanna.
“Yes, there is,” said Amy. “Would you like lessons?”
“Sure but what horse will I ride?”Said Hanna.
“Hmm… I don't know,” said Amy. “You go pick one and I will tell you if you can ride that one or not, ok? Go on!”
“Hmm. Which one?” She thought. “Oh this one please!”
“Ok, that’s Belle. Would you like to ride her? She's free.”
“Yes,” said Hanna. “That would be great.”
“She is a race horse she races in really good races,” Amy said.
“Ooh! She's a race horse? Cool!” said Hanna.
“Let’s try a ride shall we?”
“Sure,” Hanna said.
“Ok, let’s ride here first.”
“Ok,” said Hanna.

Chapter 2
Let’s Ride

“Ok, go on, follow me and don't fall behind,” said Amy.
“Ok,” said Hanna.
“Go on girl,” Hanna said patting Belle.
“She is so brown!” Hanna said.
“Yes, she is a chestnut,” Amy replied. “Now go on.”
“Ok, sorry. I got mixed up.”
Hanna wasn't used to this place, but she thought, “I will get used to it. Oh well.”
“What’s wrong?” Amy asked.
“Oh, nothing really I’m fine.”
“No you’re not. What's wrong sweetie?”
“Nothing I said. And I mean it. I’m fine. I’m really just fine!” said Hanna in anger.
“Ok. I’m sorry sweetie. Let’s just ride.”
Later that day when Hanna went to bed, she fell asleep then she had a dream about Belle.
“She's a race horse,” Hanna thought. “But how is she a race horse?”
In the morning her parents brought her to the farm and she went in the stable to tack Belle up, but Belle wasn't there.
“Mom! Dad! Come please!” she cried.
Her parents ran in. “What's wrong honey?”Said Hanna's mom.
“Do you know Amy's phone number?”
“Yes, why?” said Hanna's mom.
“I need it right away!” said Hanna.
Ring… ring… ring

Chapter 3
Ring… Ring… Ring

“Hello? Who's there?”Amy finally answered.
“Amy! Come now! Belle's gone!” Hanna yelled.
As soon as Amy got there ***
“Amy, come now! Come on!” Hanna dragged Amy in to the stable. “See? Belle's gone! I’m so worried!” said Hanna.
“Oh no, don't be worried, Hanna” said Amy.
“Why?” asked Hanna sadly.
“She is fine. She is out in the pasture,” said Amy.
“Oh, ok. Few!” said Hanna. “I thought Belle was in danger.”
“Let’s go get her tacked up,” said Amy.
“Ok,” said Hanna in relief. “Is she really a race horse?”
“Yes. She is,” said Amy.
“Well then why isn't she signed up in any competitions?” Said Hanna.
“Well, there are no races to sign her up in.”
“Yeah there is,” said Hanna. “Can you please enter her in one please?”

Chapter 4
The First Race

“Ok. I will, but you have to ask your parents first ok?”
“Ok,” said Hanna.
The next day she woke up her parents and went to the barn and saddled up Belle. Then she asked her parents if she could. Her mom said yes, but her dad was worried.

Chapter 5
The Final Race

Amy sat down next to Hanna's parents.
“Ok Hanna, go on do your best. Win it!”
“Ok Amy!” Hanna shouted out loud.
There were lots of other horses. There was a black one, a palomino one and a buckskin one too. The race bell rung and Belle started to gallop faster and faster and faster. And here comes the finish line! Belle is behind the black horse but Belle does not give up and slowly goes past the black and crosses the finish line first!
“The winner is Belle and Hanna!” said the owner of the race.
She did it!

And that is how this story ends hope you enjoyed it!

popthepony99 & felicity
2013-01-01 22:18:36
To continue part:2 of Heartland
By: bay speed

Katie hopped out of the car and said " Hi, Amy." Amy said " Hi, do you want to go on a ride and see that new gorgous horse next door?!" Katie said " Yea, that would be great!" Then Katie and Amy tacked up the horses and rode off into the distance.

They where on a spooky trail, with tall shadowing trees and clouds where blocking the sun. Finally, when they got there they saw the neighbors had moved. So they headed back for home, when it started pouring with rain. Then suddenly they heard a neigh coming from a building straight ahead.

Going to continue on Part:3

bay speed & Ruby
2013-01-03 02:44:43
the wild stallion
by faithinhorses44

chapter 1
star of the show

one day on river creek farm
a new horse was out in the pasture
it was a horse named ginger she was a very dark
bay and she had a foal standing next to her
the foals name was lagecy andhe was a pure white foal and they named him after his father lagecy his father was a famous horse
and he was pure white as well he was a star

chapter 2
the wild

three years later lagecy wanted to explore
the wild but he was in a stall then
but one day a girl named jane walked into the stable and talked to him he had never seen her before and she went to the tack room
and got some tack to saddle up lagecy to test him if he is just like his father but just then lagecy
thought if she opens my stall and leaves
me i can get away

chapter 3
the pretty mare

then she forgot the bridle and left the stall open just then lagecy
bolted out of his stall and out into the wild
four days later he found a big rock and on top of it was a yung mare he went up to the rock and yelled out loud hey he said
the mare looked around who's there she shouted
in a pretty voice me im here he said
look down here the mare looked
down and got scared

chapter 4
oh who are you may i ask
she said softly my name is lagecy im lost and need your help he said to the mare come down
and lets make friends
she walked down and said my name is snow fall she was pure white to

chapter 5
when will i see you again

snow fall that is beautiful
thanks said snow fall they traveled
from place to place but one day somthing happpend
they ran into snow fall's herd and they never saw each other again when will i see you again
snow fall lagecy was hert and beat up snow fall was not alloud to see him ever again

faithinhorses44 & faith
2013-01-03 03:26:17
Forever and Always
By fluffy23

The petite brunette signed as she slid against the old, wooden barn door.Her delicate pale fingers traced the outline of the scrapbook she was holding.

It had been exactly two years since her black Arabian ran away, in her case it had been way too long. The girl's hazelnut orbs started to water as a single tear slid down her pale cheeks.

"I miss you Midnight, when will you come back?" she softly spoke to herself as she opened up the scrapbook to the first page.

She quietly chuckled to herself as she examined the photos of when she first got Midnight, she remembered as if it was yesterday.


"Cathy, please be careful on the hike. You broke your arm the last time you went," Mrs. Anderson softly spoke to the small girl that stood in front of her.

"Yes Momma,I'll be fine!" the brunette or as now known as 'Cathy' giggled while giving her a small kiss on the cheek before she ran out of the small beige house.

Cathy soon made her way into the forest walking further slowly while her small hands brushed against each tree, supporting her weight. Her soft hazelnut orbs became attracted to a meadow far by. Cathy couldn't exactly explain why but her mind urged her on to explore into the meadow which she gladly did.

She was paralysed by the colours and the certain shapes of the flowers but what got her excited the most was seeing a young stallion in the middle of the meadows.

Cathy made her way to the horse, trying not to startle the beautiful animal. She slowly reached out with her right hand to stroke its soft mane as she took deep breaths to stop herself from overreacting.

"It's okay boy," she whispered into the Arabian's ear as she quickly pulled herself up to the back.

The horse reared back certainly started by her actions but Cathy held on tight as she soothingly whispered into the stallion's ear.

After an hour or two of getting used to riding, Cathy rode her way back to her house with the Arabian in a trot. There surely was a wide grin on her face as she held on to the stallion tight.

"Where have you been! I was so worried!Who's this?" Mrs. Anderson exclaimed as she quickly ran out of the small white door.

"I'm fine Momma, I found him in the meadow. Can we please keep him?" Cathy replied while pulling her best puppy dog eyes.

"I can't see why not," Mrs. Anderson answered leading hi into a stall in the empty barn. "Wait! What's his name?"

"It'll be... Midnight," Cathy softly spoke as she stroked Midnight's mane."I promise you Midnight, I'll be there for you forever and always,"

~End Of Flashback~

Cathy smiled as she gently closed the scrapbook while leaning her head against the frame of the door.

"Forever and always Midnight, forever and always" she quietly spoke as she closed her eyes with her hands still around the scrapbook.

The End

fluffy23 & Moonlight
2013-01-25 13:58:29
BY: Daisy Maisy

Once there was a foal named Midnight, he was a black stallion! One day he wandered too far from the herd, he was lost...... but his mom didn`t notice until after dark. Poor Midnight was lost, hungrey, cold and scared! Early the next morning Midnight set out looking for his mom. Meanwhile, Midnights mom set out looking for him, only she had the herd with her. Meanwhile Midnight was wandering closer and closer to the humans, for the herd that could mean trouble!

Daisy Maisy & Princess
2013-01-26 19:12:39
You can vote once a day

msjane & AE
2013-01-31 19:02:32
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