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January 2013 Poem Contest

You can vote once a day

admin & Aslan Equinox
2013-01-14 23:21:08

I woke up one morning
I heard not one tiny thing
So I went out side
And smiled big and wide
There stood a horse
I gasped of course
And on his magnificent head
Was a bow the color of red
He's yours my mom said smiling
And my heart began to sing
My heart simply burst with happiness
I ran over and gave him a kiss
Your my Nitika I said standing with him alone
In other words my Angle of precious stone

Hope you liked it and Nitika does mean Angle of precious stone at least that's what I learned if you google it it might be different

Candy1 & Nitika
2012-12-31 23:06:50

Love of Horses.
A tale to tell.
Love of Horses.
Something you can't sell.
Love of Horses.
It's not wrong.
Love of Horses.
You can write it in a song.
Love of Horses.
It's a beautiful thing.
Love of Horses.
All year long;Winter through Spring.
Love of Horses.
You know it well.
Love of Horses.
Because it's a tale to tell...

TShorses & Meghan
2013-01-01 14:21:45
New Year
By sockylola1

The possibilities!
The new start!
New responsibilities!
A new year is an Art!

If you play everything right,
you may get a horse!
Or get to hang out later at night!
It could be a time for remorse.

But don't lose hope!
'Cause its a new year!
No time to mope!
It's a new year!

What's your resolution? (Something to work on?)
Maybe, lope better?
Or beat chess with only a pawn?
Perhaps get a Pen Pal, and send a letter?

Whatever it is, it don't matter,
whatever it is, don't worry!
Christmas or new year? I prefer the latter!
The year will surely go by in a flurry!

So, before time runs out, Happy New Year,
See you next year, I'll meet you out on the peer!

sockylola1 & Spirit
2013-01-01 18:23:51
Mystic Pony

"Someone, someone!" says the pony,
She whinnies because she doesn't like being lonely
Her rider come to the gate,
The pony prances 'till it's late
It is time for her to rest for the night,
Waiting for it to turn to light,

It is morning yes indeed,
She lets her rider lead,
Through the woods they go,
Making the greatest show,
The day is at another end,
The rider into the house descends.

apple06 & Keeper
2013-01-02 01:34:25
Title: Horses of the Wind
By: Horsesforever12

Oh, the horses of the wind,
never tired of running,
chasing every breeze,
Oh, the horses of the wind

Oh, the horses of the wind,
free, wild, and graceful,
looking for adventure,
Oh, the horses of the wind

Oh, the horses of the wind,
we can learn of their spirit:
let us be free to the ascent; never afraid to be you...
Oh, the horses of the wind

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-02 19:31:17
Title: Ballad for a War Horse
By: gabby33384

There once was a big thoroughbred
with white socks and a star.
He ran across the battle field
and made it pretty far.

He was running from the Germans,
who had a great big tank.
It replaced him as a weapon
and so his big heart sank.

Guns sounded off each ev'ry where,
both sides looked set a-fire.
But still he ran on fearlessly
until he hit some wire.

The poor horse got all tangled up,
and stranded on the field.
He struggled just to free himself
but soon he had to yield.

Both sides stopped shooting out of shock,
they couldn't quite believe.
A horse had had made it through the night!
A feat none could achieve.

A man from each side of the field
went out to set him free.
A coin toss gave him to the Brits,
the horse was filled with glee.

The poor horse was badly injured,
he was set to be shot.
But his owner came and whistled,
the horse set at a trot.

The horse was reunited with
the boy who was his friend.
And so he went on home with him,
the war was at an end.

gabby33384 & Sparks
2013-01-03 02:44:43
Title: The Annual Derby

The commenter cries and sings and shouts,
Horse number one has been knocked out!
Easy now,the jockeys say,later,you can play!

As the horses have a rest,
Nests with birds in fly west.
Naughty ponies eat the hay,
Usual warm ups test the best.
And the judges decide the one that beat the rest.
Later on, the judges say,

Dreamer has won!
Excitement is spread all around,
Riding is fun,
Bonkers, the crowd did go,
Yes,the last bit does not rhyme,but look down the Side!

tree45 & Hidden Moon
2013-01-03 13:03:39
Fall poem
By: Rue Katniss

No pony in poem

Laughing children,
Falling leaves,
Fun and play,
Work and Weeds,
Grass grows dull,
Leaves go dry,
Crunching beneath the laughing child,
We run and play,
And jump in hay,
And even drink lemonade,
And even the wee child loves the hay,
And jumps and plays in the leaves,
The crashing leaves are everywhere,
Even in my hair,
We jump and play,
And laugh,
And run,
Until our freezing feet freeze,
Then we sit by the fire,
And know that it’s true,
Fall is gone,
But we still have the memories

Rue Katniss & Gallifrey
2013-01-04 19:25:59
Title: The Foal
By: Horsesforever12

As the sun peeks up over the horizon,
With it's golden rays as that of a lion;
I tramp across the snow,
My eyes bright but my head low.

The cold winter wind makes me shiver,
And as my birth pains grow I begin to quiver;
I lay against the ground,
And nothing makes a sound.

My mane lays scattered across my neck,
I feel alone; of everyone, my herd is the ones who would neglect!
The foal is coming fast,
I take a breath, and at last...

The foal comes out all wet, yet cute;
A babe! He's mine, a colt for me to suit,
I lick him dry,
And he gives a sigh.

As he suckles on me I nicker happily,
I am joyful, and no longer lonely.
The colt looks at me with a spirited fire in his eyes,
And I decided to call him Fiery, a name that tells no lies.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-07 19:05:08
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