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Naughty Ponies Roleplay Club
a club where a person roles a naughty horse

Hi, I would like to make a club. It will be called "Naughty Ponies Roleplay Club". Its a club where a person roles a naughty horse that eats flowers from the garden, and/or gets into the feed room, and/or breaks into the house. Just anything you can think of that is naughty. The plaque will be of a pony sticking its head in the window and eating the kitchen decorative flowers.
Thank you.
Augustine Boot

Augustine Boot & Rowan
2013-02-07 03:42:53
Welcome to your club. For our records it is 479182, plaque_573
Jane Crandal & JB
2013-02-07 03:42:53
May I join?
Danielle Rose & Dandy
2013-02-07 22:14:00
I have a naughty pony.... So I'll join!
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2013-02-07 22:17:40
Can I Join I Love RolePlaying
Puggly111 & Acorn
2013-02-08 05:54:59
I know a naughty pony. Her name is Star and she's adorable! Our neighbors own her and I ride her all the time!
Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2013-02-09 18:16:19
can i join? one of the naughty ponies i know is called Soda Pop and every time he canters, he bucks and once he bucked my friend off.
Moody Dolphin & Annie
2013-02-10 02:37:36
he's very beautiful and Soda Pop's owner always dresses him in purple (purple halter, saddle pad, rug, grooming set- YOU NAME IT!!
Moody Dolphin & Annie
2013-02-10 02:40:00
Augustine Boot is my little sister, and she asked me to monitor the club for her until she gets back on.
Danielle Rose & Dandy
2013-02-11 04:36:03
You can just send in any info you want to, just it has to be a pony, and has to be very naughty.

Heres my pony
Points:flaxen mane and tail, no white.

Danielle Rose & Dandy
2013-02-11 04:39:55
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