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****Simply Free***
Thats the words the Stallion Dream Star told his herd

“Simply Free” That’s the words the Stallion Dream Star total to his herd. Can I have a club called Simply Free. The Pluage would be of a jet Black stallion standing in a meadow.

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-02-09 19:19:10
Welcome to your club. For our records it is 479860
Jane Crandal & JB
2013-02-09 19:25:03
The Herd Info
There is 2 big herds and a group bachelors. I may alone a third herd if we get to many members
The Herd
Dream Star’s Heard aka Starry Dreamers Herd: The kinder of the two herds lead by Dream Star
Falcon ’s Herd aka Bird Of Prey Herd: the meanest herd ever lead by Falcon
The bachelors aka Foot Loose Herd: They are the fun loving Teen age Stallions the herd member range from age 2 and up they are Lead by Mystery and his brother Koda
The Lands
Area One: The meadow covers 5 acres in the middle is a 2 foot deep in summer snow fed water hole. The bachelors are almost all ways here as will a Dream Star’s Herd.
Area two: if you climb up out of the meadow you come to the forest. It is vast covering the whole upper half of Simply Free Mountain. Falcon’s herd came sometimes be found roaming here as well as Dream Star’s Herd.
Area Three: at the top of the mountain is a meadow. Falcon’s herd is the only herd allowed here
Area Five: at the base of the mountain lays the dessert. Loners are found here most of the time
Area six: the calk cliffs at the base of the mountain facing dessert. Pregnant mares need the minerals found here.
The Rules
1. The Leads Word is Law
2. Loners/ bachelors and can challenge herd Stallions but they will almost always lose
3. The loners can travel in up to groups of 3
4. The Loners have a harder life then herd horse
5. Play up to 8 horses and no less than 2
6. Post like this
Area (Then Its number)
Falcon: I wander slowly
The Ranks
Falcon and Dream Stars herd have this
Lead Stallion: lead the herd(Taken in all Herds)
Lead Mare: The lead Stallions Mate
Future lead Stallion: (The first born male son of the leads)
Lead Foal: ( They have this rank until apprinced)
Meadince Horse: (Heal the sick using herbs and berries)
M- Apprentice: (Learns to be Med.Horse. 6 months and up)
Lead Warrior: (Leads The warriors. The warriors are trained to fight to guard the herd.)
Warriors: (The warriors are trained to fight to guard the herd.)
W- Apprentices: (Learning to be warriors)
Lead Scout: (Lead Scouts.)
Scouts: (They are used to search for danger)
S- Apprentices: (Learn to be scouts. 6 months and up)
Foal watchers: (Watch the foal the disabled)
Elder: (The old members of the herd)
Queens and Foals: mare with foals and their foals
The bachelors Herd has this
Leader/Leaders: Taken
The Herd Clown/Clowns: (The funniest horse in the herd. Up to 2)
The Herd Brain: (The Smartest horse in the herd)
Herb Horse: (The best horse with herbs)
The Others: (The Rest of the herd)
The Joining Form (Use Yours but make sure to have to requirements)
Long/Full/reg. Name: (Make it fun. Required)
Name: (A word from above Required)
Age:( Required)
(Looks Required)
Mane/tail: (All about it)
Markings: (If Paint put the pattern Here)
(Family not Required)
Mate: (If one)
Foals: (See above)
Siblings: (Or pot two lines brother and Sister)
Other Family: (Except Parents)
Sire: (Dad)
Dam: (Mom)
(Life Story)
History: (required make it Fun)
(Herd Stuff This is Required)
Herd Joining: (Falcon, Dream Star, bachelors, Loner)
Rank wanted:

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-02-09 19:39:09
Full Name: Midnight Waya (waya means wolf)
Name: Midnight or Waya
Age: 9
Breed: Wild Mustang
Height: 15.6 hands
Mane/Tail: Both long and flowy. Jet black color with a silver streak right down the middle of her tail.
Coat: A Black, very dark
Markings: None
Mate: (hopefully Falcon's)
Foals: pregnant
Dam: Grass of The Waya
Sire: unknown
Life story: Waya was abandoned by her father at birth and her mother left her when she was a yearling. She scavenged the lands for grass and ponds and shelter to sleep in. She lived this way for three years. She was captured by humans and brought to a rodeo and performed tricks for 3 years there before being released back into the wild. She scavenged again for another year until falling upon Falcon and his herd.
Personality: Aggressive to other herds, shy about her past, friendly to her herd, caring to protect the herd.
Herd Joining: Falcon's Herd
Rank Wanted: Falcon's Mate

Kristi Cavanaugh and Barq & Comanche
2013-02-11 15:23:44
Purfect You are Flacons mate and lead mare
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-02-11 23:19:44
can i join? :)
full name: Endless Love
name: Lovey
age: 4
breed: mustang
height: 15.2hh
mane/tail: chestnut with white strips
coat: part~(chestnut with white patches)~
markings: socks and stockings on legs, blaze on face
mate: none but looking for one
foals: none
dam: Falcon's mother
sire: Falcon's father- (they're brother and sister-plz?)
life story: was separated from her family when foal but now is rejoined with her brother.
personality: shy, funny, outgoing, smart, playful
herd joining: Falcon's herd
rank wanted: Falcon's sister

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-02-12 22:41:54
ok can you guys make Star' herd ones two
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-02-12 23:40:53
She needs a rank like Warrior, Med. (See the List in my post)
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-02-13 00:15:37
Long/Full/reg. Name: The Devil's Warrior
Name: Diablo (Means Devil)
Age: 3
Breed: Thoroughbred Friesian X
Height: 17.2
Mane/tail: Jet Black and wavy
Coat: Jet Black
Markings: None
Mate: None
Foals: None
Siblings: Ajax, Survivor, Storm
Other Family: D, Hades, Zeus, Posiden, etc.
Sire: Ares
Dam: Aphrodite
Personality: RPO
History: He is a god
Herd Joining: Falcon
Rank wanted: Lead Warrior

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2013-02-13 22:14:01
OK Dream Star's Heard needs menbers
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-02-14 00:04:05
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