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****Jaban's Bachelor Herd****
A club with wild bachelor Mustang stallions who don't have any mares of they're own yet.

****Jaban's Bachelor Herd****
A club with wild bachelor Mustang stallions who don't have any mares of they're own yet. The plaque with be of the bachelor band.

Here are the rules:

Rule#1. Absolutely no fighting scenes. Your bachelor may capture mares by cutting them off from they're herd, or by finding them right after they have foaled(wild mares foal in a private place away from the herd).

Rule#2.No mares unless your stallion is getting that mare for his own, and is leaving the bachelor herd.

Rule#3.When your stallion gets a mare for his own you have to make another bachelor stallion, and can't role the old stallion unless he loses his mares and rejoins the bachelor herd.

Rule#4.Please don't change the time period. the time period right now is before the revolutionary war. So the only humans you see are Native Americans


Heres the info sheet, with my info:

Age(2-10 please):4
Mane+tail:Light Flaxen
Her He Was Born In(for example:Flames herd, or Midnights herd):Night Pride's herd.

War Horse13 & Joey
2013-04-17 18:20:28
can i join?
Name: Dreamer
gender: mare
age: 3
color: Strawberry roan
mane+tail: reddish
eyes: brown
Herd She Was Born In: Morning Glory's herd.

can Dreamer be Jaban's mate?

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-04-15 20:01:20
Name: Diablo
Gender: Stalion
Age(2-10 please): 3
Color: Jet Black
Mane+tail: Jet Black
Eyes: Black
Her He Was Born In(for example:Flames herd, or Midnights herd): Goddess Herd (Coming soon!!!!)

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2013-04-15 20:01:20
Can I join

Name: Onyx Arrow (Onyx)
Gender: Stallion
Age(2-10 please):4
Her He Was Born In(for example:Flames herd, or Midnights herd):Jet Arrows herd

lighting1 & Patchwork Prince
2013-04-15 20:01:20
guys it's a BACHELOR HERD there are no mares in bachelor herds ONLY stallions!

Color:Blueish black
Mane+tail:Blueish Black
Eyes:dark sea blue
He Was Born In:Greek's Herd

Age(2-10 please):4
Color:white and light blueish black
Mane+tail:White like a cloud
Eyes:Sky Blue
Her He Was Born In:Greek's Herd

tylerbt & Vintage
2013-04-15 20:01:20
OK I'm not trying to mean but I am pointing out the fact IT IS A BACHELOR HERD THEIR ARE ONLY BOYS now I don't mean to be rude it's just some of you who are asking for a horse you have to be ones mate(not including Parelli)is really giving me a head ache because n a bachelor herd there are no mares!so horsesforever12 and Moody Dolphin I'm not being mean but in a bachelor herd it's impossible to have mares because its for boys not girls now please don't think I'm being mean because all of this was hard for me to say
tylerbt & Vintage
2013-04-15 20:01:20
Hi can I join?
Name: Dragon
Gender: Stallion
Colur: Black and white
Mane and tale: Black and white
Eyes green
Herd: Fangs herd.

Gottoride & Winner
2013-04-15 20:01:20
Hi can I join here,s my info.
Name: Phoenix.
Age: 3.
Gender: Mare.
Breed: Mustang.
Color: Black and white.
Personality: Kind, Really smart, Pretty, Tough, Risky,Mischevious, Love's adventure!
Mate: None yet.

Gottoride & Winner
2013-04-15 20:01:20
your welcome Parelli and Gottoride this is a bachelor herd so there are absoloutly no mares ONLY stallions and colts the people who haven't noticed that yet just haven't figured out that its a bachelor or just didn't read the rules so you will have to get rid of Phoenix and Admin has the owner been on recently because I feel as if I'm keeping he/she's club in line
tylerbt & Vintage
2013-04-15 20:01:20
Your welcome everyone and Gottoride it's fine you can keep Dragon but everyone who made a mare your mare will not be included I'm going to mail warhorse13 now
tylerbt & Vintage
2013-04-15 20:01:20
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