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May Story Contest 10 & Under Note: To be eligible for voting, the story must have a pony or horse in it somewhere.

Jane Crandal & JB
2013-04-28 20:30:37
TITLE:The Ghost Horse
It was a very windy day and Sara went out on her paint horse mare, Misty. she was only riding for a little bit and all of a sudden something moved. Sara was scared. Misty reared and set of galloping across the path where they had come. Sara was left behind in the dirt. All of a sudden she saw a big black horse, then it vanished. one week later she found misty with the big black horse. Sara thought that they were fighting, but then she noticed that they looked like friends. then the big black horse disappeared.a year later Misty had a little black foal with a white star on his forehead. the saw the big black horse the month after but then he was never seen again. The foal grew up and was a ghost horse. but sara didn't know. eventually she figured it out. THE END

ponylovers54321 & Snow White
2013-05-06 21:06:04
The Show
by 12345678910
It was the day of Kyra's first horse show.She was so nervous.She kept saying "We can do it star we can do it,""It' your first show so just behave and you'll be a winner,"She said nervously.Star kept saying to the other horses I'm so nervous"."Just try your best,"Diablo said.She was the last person to show and then it happend......

A stallion so pretty jumped the fence went after star chased her and Kyra fell off and they both ran off the next year, Star comes back with a foal white as snow but it didn't look like anything like ether of its parents.So, they saddle broke it and the little mare went to the championships to see if she was a champion and a stallion walks up to snow neighs it sounded like my baby girl I love you you go win.....
Then,she got 2nd and got loved on and cared for till she had her new foal on.

0123456789101112 & cyc
2013-05-09 01:08:27
Cherry Creek Meadows, Stick with me. By Iamfree.

"Willow, hold still!" Sabrina Stark tried her best to keep the nervous young mare from bucking, but how could she when Willow knew what was coming? "Having trouble with my baby?" Britney Hice smiled as she calmed her horse down. Britney and Sabrina had been friends since kindergarden, and the two really set off. Sabrina loved to tack up Willow for practice, Willow used to roam free in the plains of Navada when rangers caught her and brought her here. Sabrina's dad owned a Wild Horse Rescue Center, or Cherry Creek Meadows. Sabrina dreamed of being as talented with horses as her father, and being able to take care of them when they were sick like her mother. Britney led Willow out of the stable for jumping practice with Mrs. Meadow, the real owner (Her dad was only the manager) of Cherry Creek Meadows. Sabrina went out of the stable into the barn, were at the very back a stall was built for knew horses or pregnant horses. Bucker, a spirited 3-year old stallion, pranced and snorted as Sabrina came in. Bucker was named for a reason; he was so fond of challenging a fight against the rider. Sabrina slid on the bareback saddle and bridle. It was her job to exercise Bucker. Sabrina walked out of the barn and gave a surprising halt as someone almost banged into her. "Oh, Sabrina, I didn't notice you." It was Victoria Ashland, a popular yet unpopulat snot. "I feel so bad for you, having to ride that horse. Why, he's so spirited I bet you couldn't cross Dead Mans Canyon Jr. without coming back in 100 peices." Sabrina could almost feel Bucker's breath turning hot, just like her. "Bet I can!" Sabrina challenged. It almost seemed as if Bucker gave her a playful nudge, like saying 'You can't do that!' Victoria started to walk away "Better go over to Dear Mans Canyon Jr. and find out." In rage, Sabrina mounted Bucker and cantered him halfway to Dead Mans Canyon Jr. before letting her anger cool off. When they finally got their, it happened. Bucker started to act up. Sabrina halted just feet away from the edge and tried to calm him down. All that excitment seemed to wound him up, and he sidepranced toward the cliff. Sabrina gave a huge tug and Bucker stopped quickly. Surprised, Sabrina fell down. Her legs dangling in thin air, Sabrina tried her best to cling onto the cliff, but let go, knowing that it was no use. Pain shot through Sabrina's arm as she landed on the trail that led to the bottom of the cliff.
She layed their.
And layed their.
"Have you seen Sabrina?" Britney asked, putting her saddle on the saddle rack. Julie, the stable hand, shrugged "I thought I saw her go out, you know her. Horses, horses, horses." Britney nodded, still worried though. All thoughts of Sabrina disappeared when Sam, Mrs. Meadow's son that helps her own the stable, called all the sstudents to attention, announcing a knew student.
Sabrina groaned and rubbed her eyes, staring up at the sky. She was 20 feet above from the bottom of the cliff, and ten feet from the top. Sabrina felt a soft nudge on her back, and Bucker was chewing on her hair. "Bucker, quite it." Bucker looked at her with big, adoring eyes. Sabrina tried to stand up, but sat down when some unbearable pain went through her leg. Sabrina sat down, she couldn't think. Her head hurt terribly. Suddenly, Bucker layed down, keeping his back up. Sabrina grabbed hold of his mane then tried to pull herself on his back.No use. Her hands grabbed her cell phone though. Dialing furously into her cell phone on Britney's number, she typed.
HELP ME!!!! Dead Man's Canyon Jr., it was named that for a reason!
Sabrina heard the light gallop that echoed throughout the cliff. Two head's appeared, one Britney's and someone elses. Britney gasped, and not saying anything, trotted slowly down the cliff path. Words gasped out of her mouth "ARE YOU OKAY?" she said in short, quick cries. "My leg and head hurts." Sabrina said, dizzy. The girl dismounted. Sabrina shook her head. Either she was seeing things, or that horse was as pretty as a sunny sunset. Maybe she was dizzier then she thought! "My names Vanny (Vanilla) Martain....I have a survival kit, here. You can ride on Brownie, she's so calm she wouldn't notice if a panther climbed on her back." Vanny flashed a quick smile. Vanny and Britney both helped Sabrina up and setled her comfortably on Brownie, Vanny's horse. Britney climbed on Bucker and Vanny on Willow. They slowly trotted across the feild until they saw small little specks moving towards them. Sam galloped up on Mars, the stable Thoroughbred.
"So, dad, what will you do with Bucker?" Sabrina asked, resting her crutches on Bucker's stall and petting him. Her dad shrugged "I don't know....I found some good owners who have a girl thats moving up here that wants a horse....should we sell it to them?" Sabrina rester her chin on Bucker's head. "Naw....But...I also really, really, want a spirited paint horse, who loves apple...don't you agree?"

Iamfree & Lost Promise
2013-05-12 01:42:12
How Jess Became a vet...
By: ponylovers54321
One day Jess was at her work and one of their horses were pregnant. The stable hand told Jess all about it, Jess was half scared half exited. the next week Jess could not find anyone she looked in all the stalls but didn't remember to look in the paddock. Then she remembered when her horse was born in the paddock. "The paddock!" finally Jess remembered the paddock. she ran outside and saw the mare! She is having troubles, can you help? The vet asked. So Jess helped first she started soothing the mare and then she pulled the foals legs. Finally the foal was out! The foal was dappled gray and they decided they would name it Dapples. Then the vet said." When you grow up you should be a vet." Then Jess said." You really think so?" Then the vet said."Of course!" In the next couple of years Jess worked as an equine vet and was very happy! THE END

ponylovers54321 & Snow White
2013-05-23 00:39:58
My horses days
By: pielover

Once there was a girl named Sally. She wanted a horse. One day her moms horse Sandy had a foal. Sally asked can I have her can I have her. Her mom said "yes". She said "You have to feed her and water her". So she did. She said I will name her Showtaka.

A year later Showtaka was tall enough to ride. She would race her mom and she would win. So year later she retired to a retirement barn and lived happily ever after. THE END!

pielover & Sally Belle
2013-05-30 20:37:54
A misty past
By missladypotter
Jenny gently squeezed pumpkins side to keep him going.'Steady know' she muttered.She went through this everyday.Pumpkin would be fine and really quite until she got to the old circus wagon.He would start dancing and prancing on the road.But today was different today she had a plan.When they where just at the wagon she dropped her reins P

missladypotter & Monkey puzzle
2013-06-22 10:44:03
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