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May Story Age 11 Note: To be eligible for voting, the story must have a pony or horse in it somewhere.

Jane Crandal & JB
2013-04-28 20:30:54
Title: Ghost Horse
by RKR2001

"Where are we, Kate?" asked Bonnie
" I don't know. All I know is that we are in this dark misty forst and we are here because of your crazy idea to follow that mysterous horse!"
"I'm sorry. Hey! Look over there! It's that horse ahain!" Bonnie stated
" I'm NOT going to follow that horse again!" exclaimed Kate.
" Well, I am," said Bonnie following the horse.
" You can't just leave me out here alone!" cried Kate.
" Then follow me." Bonnie calledto her.
"This is a bad idea..." mumbled Kate.
The two girls followed the trail the horse had made not knowing what could happen to them.
All of a sudden, Bonnie screamed!
" Bonnie?!" yelled Kate.
"I'm down here, Kate," whined Bonnie.
"What happened?" asked Kate.
"I-I don't know. Just don't take another step and try to find that flashlight I gave you," said Kate.
"OK," said Kate as she rummaged through her backpack,"here it is! Hang on Bonnie."
"Kate, use the flashlight to go find something to get me out with, like a big stick or something," instructed Bonnie.
"OK, I'll be back!"
Bonnie walked inpatiently around the small hole she had fallen into. As she looked behind her, she saw the horse she had been chaseing after. The horse lowered down so that Bonnie could easily climb on it's back. Bonnie climbed onto the back of this beautiful, cream-colored horse and somehow the horse got her out of the hole.
"How did you.."Bonnie's voice trailed off as she looked all around for the horse. It was no where to be found.
"Bonnie!" Kate yelled, "I found a... stick. How did you get out?"
"The horse, it helped me out."
Suddemly, the horse appeared again and let the girls mount it. They rode out of the forest to safety. The horse lowered to the ground to allow the girls to dismount. They got off the horse and turned back to give the horse an apple, but is was gone.
"where did it go?" asked Kate.
"I don't know, but it must have been a ghost horse."
The girls pondered the mystery of the ghost horse as they walked home in the night.

RKR2001 & Snow White
2013-05-03 21:27:03
Horse's Love
by thezoekid

Once upon a time there lived five girls. Their names were Abby, Kris, Rocky, Beth, and Lee. Lee owns three horses. There were two mares and one gelding. The mares were a bay and a paint. The bay's name was Rosie. And the paint's name was Candycane but they called her Candy. The gelding was a gray named Shadow. The horse that Abby loved was Rosie and Candy. Kris loved Shadow, and so did Rocky. Beth loved Candy and Lee loved all of them. Our story now begins.

Chapter 1: Rosie's Life
Rosie was inside a trailer that was hauled from Texas to Maine. Rosie was stuck in the trailer for two weeks and was mis-treated by the person that was hauling her. She had little water and food. When she finally got to Maine, a lady named Terrisa and her husband Bruno bought her. She was now in a paddock with a pond and a stable, all alone for now.

Chapter 2: Candycane's charm
Candy was a head-strong left-head. (Left-head means that they want to dominate you and always scare you or play around. Right-head means they think things through, and they obey the rider.) Candy was bought by Terrisa (Lee was Terrisa and Bruno's daughter,) and given to Lee on her birthday. Lee loved Candy and Rosie so much that she cared enough to ask Abby and Kris (that were sisters,) to take care of them while she was at school. (Abby and Kris were homeschooled.)

Chapter 3: Shadow's Love
Shadow was both a right-head and a left-head. You could also say he was a normal-head. Lee bought him from a 4-H. When he got into the pasture with Rosie and Candy, he fell head-over-hoofs for Candy. But Candy had no mind in him.

Chapter 4: New Summer
One day, Abby, Kris, Rocky, and Beth (Rocky and Beth were Abby and Kris's younger sisters,) decided to go ride the horses. Abby was teaching Rocky to jump with Shadow. While Abby was teaching, Kris and Beth were up in the stable's hay loft looking for saddles that fit Beth. They found a small little western saddle. Kris, a big fan of Roy Rogers, thought it matched him and his tack in the movies. She brought it down from the hay loft and put it on Candy, to make sure Beth could fit it. She stupidly didn't tighten the girth, but instead picked Beth up and put her on the saddle correctly.(Kris was a blond-head. And if you know blond-heads, they forget quickly, like 5 seconds quickly.) After Beth was in the saddle, Kris asked Beth to dismount. Beth, not being a blond-head, but a burnett, remembered that Kris hadn't buckled the girth. But Kris wouldn't help Beth get off, but made her get off herself. So being the obedient sister she was, she obeyed. That caused her to almost break her back. Abby and Rocky stormed through the stable door with Rocky crying because Shadow had stepped on her foot. But Abby was standing there laughing.

Chapter 5: Swimming with Manure
Abby and Candy, and Kris and Shadow thought it was a beautiful day to swim in the ocean that was down the street from where the stables were. Shadow, because he loved Candy so much, let Candy go first. That was a very bad choice. Because, Candy had to GO! "Oh! Abby!" exclaimed Kris.
"What?" questioned Abby.
"Look!" yelled Kris.
Abby turned her head and see that Candy was taking a dump and Kris was getting all the mess. Abby, of course being herself, burst out laughing. So, that night, Abby and Kris took a long bath.

Chapter 6: Love's Pain
One year, Abby, Kris, Rocky, and Beth were on a family trip Key West in the winter. Lee, Terrisa, and Bruno were watching the horses. It was a very cold winter, and Rosie was very cold in her stall. So she laid down. And the next morning, Lee went out to see the horses and warm them up. Then she tried getting Rosie up and Rosie would not get up. They called the vet, and the vet said she was lame. She would have to be put down...
Abby, Kris, Rocky, and Beth got a call that night that said that Rosie was dead. They cried, cried, and cried that night, and it was so horrible their parents had to take them out to ice-cream. But Abby, she was not happy but she was not sad. She was surprised. She later told them that before they left, she went to see Rosie and she felt like she would never see her again. So she took some scissors and cut some hair off Rosie's tail. Abby's family owned a bus that they slept on. So that night, Beth and Kris sat up on top of the roof and looked at the stars. Beth saw three stars and it reminded her of Candy, Shadow, and Rosie was the brightest star. But now, the star looked dim to her.

Chapter 7: Told you so!
Rocky had a friend named Abigail over. She loved horses as much as Rocky did. So, Abby, Rocky's older sister, got Candy and Shadow and brought them to her house. Now, Beth was old enough to ride alone. But Abby didn't trust Candy, because Candy was a left-head. So, Abby stupidly made Beth ride Shadow and Rocky, who hated Candy, because she was scared of her, ride Candy. Now, Candy felt that Rocky was scared. So, knowing her, she started racing forward. And Beth, being on Shadow, tried to turn around but Shadow saw Candy and raced after her. They went galloping and galloping into the forest until Rocky that much longer. She went flying off the horse and fell on her tailbone. Beth, seeing that Rocky fell, got scareder. And her helmet came loose and started whacking her head and flew off of her head. The reins slipped from her hands and she also fell on her tailbone. That night was a very painful night for Rocky and Beth. But what Beth said was, "I told you so!"

Short story short, Candy and Shadow were sold. Candy got a very nice home, away from Shadow, when Shadow got a crummy little barn.

The end.

made on 5/11/13

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2013-05-11 14:57:25
a story of a dream

once apon a time their was a girl named alice her biggest dream was to have a horse...

that was about to change

alice hade finished her homework and ran to were her mom was making dinner. mom! alice said. what hon. her mom said. are we going to round up sunday there having horse rides! no im sorry hon we have a lot to do sunday! her mom said what! aww man. alice sighed. im sorry hon why don't you go to madysons and ride with her. her mom suggested. yeah ok. alice said. as alice walked she thought about having her own horse. alice stoped and knocked on the door and madys mom answered. can I help you. she said. is mady home. no she went to town with her dad. oh ok bye. alice said. alice turned and walked back home and as she walked she saw a blinding flash in her back yard and ran towards it. when she got there before her eyes stood a beautiful white Pegasus. then it spoke saying: come and ride and I shall bring you to my kingdom to live their. she smiled and ran and jumped on the Pegasus's back and they flew into the sunset and disappeared.

srry it was short! enjoy!

twilit & Monty
2013-05-13 20:18:24
The Secret Of The Unicorn
by Amazing123 and Asteroid

Some say the unicorn does not exist. most people say things they do not really mean, for example you say you hate your mum for confiscating your most favourite ( sorry! English spelling!) toy,but you actually love her very much. it is almost the same thing with unicorns
part 2 coming soon!

Amazing123 & Astro
2013-05-23 20:24:19
Flowers in the Mist
pizza freak

After hearing her story, the mare knew what she had to do. She galloped into her forest and made it to her parent's cave. She saw an old stallion and his wife pacing back and forth. "You, you are my parents." The young mare said. The old stallion nodded and smiled. "Yes. Now go! Your people need you." The young mare nodded and galloped faster than she ever had before.

That day, all the war ended. The mare went back to live with her parents. She also lived with the stallion who had told her what her story was. And they all lived happily ever after.

pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2013-05-24 00:28:06
The First Time
By allstate

"Hi Molly!" Cara said as I got out of the van.
"Hi!"I responded. We went over to the barn where the horses were.
Cara told me which horse I was going to ride."His name is Willy."Cara said.
"He's HUGE!" I exploded.
"Ya that's what I said the first time I saw him!But hes very gentle and wont hurt you!" Cara said. I trusted her so we groomed the horses and put their tack into place.
We walked the horses over to the arena and hopped on. We warmed the horses up. Then Cara asked "Can we pull out the barrels?"
"Is it ok with Molly?" Cara's Dad asked.
"Sure that's fine with me." I said. So Cara and her Dad pulled the barrels out. Cara went around the barrels a few times, then Cara's Dad asked me if I knew what to do. I didn't. So he walked me through everything.I had seen other people barrel race but I never had. I trotted around the barrels a few times then I felt something.
Excitement tenseness. Any way I forgot about that and trotted around the first and second barrel like I had that evening then it was the third barrel it almost fell over I looked to the other end and they were cheering I looked down at Willy's gait and he was galloping it made me smile. That must have been why we almost knocked over the third barrel, I didn't notice because when I'm riding I move with the horse forever!!

allstate & Storm
2013-05-27 00:05:29
Midnight Dream
By allstate
Ding ding ding. The clock struck midnight and Callie woke up. She felt that something was wrong out at the barn. It was thundering and lightning that night. She ran out to the barn and looked in one stall was empty. It was her horse Dream. Callie ran in to the house and got her parents. they told her to calm down while they went to look. they also saw that Dream was gone and the went and got Callie and her sister Annie to get their equpment so they could go look for Dream.
Callie and her sister went together to look for Dream. They saw hoof prints and followed them. they lead off in to the forest. Callie was scared but she kept going with her sister. they came to a trail of blood and saw a cave up ahead. they went to the cave and found Dream, She looked like she had been attacked by a mountain lion. The sisters decided that Callie would stay with her horse Dream and Annie would go look for her parents.
When Annie got back to the house her parents were there. They had been worried sick about her and Callie. Annie told them about what they saw and they all rushed out again.
When they all got to Callie Dream was bleeding even worse. Her Mom and Dad had brought an first ad kit and were trying to doctor Dream when they heard a growl from out side. Their Dad told them to back away very carefully and slowly when they saw it was the mountain lion. Luckily their Dad brought the rifle and he took care of the mountain lion. They all got home safety and they called the vet for help with Dream. they said she was going to be fine but need to rest. Callie never left Dreams side that night and finally Dream healed and was all right.

allstate & Storm
2013-05-28 20:34:55

Buckaroo Up
By allstate

“Mom Dad I can go to a state rodeo in Cody!!” Heather said as she ran in to the house after rodeo practice.
“That’s great hun.” Mom said.
Heather’s families lived on government land and were horse rehabilitaters.
Taylor knew which event she was going to do. She was going to do barrel racing. She went and got all of her tack barrel racing saddle, saddle pad, halter, bridle, lead rope, lung line, and her horse. She loaded everything into the trailer and told her Mom and Dad good bye and headed off.
When Heather got to Cody and her hotel room she called around for a stable. She found one and took Storm there. She got him in a stall and paid half the board. When she went back to the hotel she went to bed…
When she woke up the next morning it was almost time to go so she slipped on her clothes brushed her hair, braided it ran down stairs got a muffin and yogurt from the breakfast and went to get the truck and trailer.
Heather went and got Storm from the stable and paid the other half of the board. She got to the arena and warmed up Storm. Heather was first up for barrel racing. She went around the first barrel then the second and the third barrel it wobbled and wobbled and wobbled. Heather dare didn’t look back. She ran Storm through to the finish the crowd went nuts Heather's time was 14.3 seconds unbelivabel Heather went again and that time her score was even more amazing she got 14 seconds flat. The crowd was even wilder. Heather almost got beat another girl got 14.1 seconds.
Heather had won the barrel racing and got 1,000 dollars. She was so proud of herself.
Heather stopped once and got out she figured that Storm needed out to so she got him and the lung rope and she let him run around in the parking lot in short lopes. After they were all stretched out Heather figured that they were about half way home. Heather thought they would make it home before dark.
“Stop jumping around Storm!” Heather said to herself. Storm was going every which way and it was driving Heather nuts. Well maybe it’s the weather thought Heather. After it rained a while Storm stopped but then started again. Heather called her parents and asked them what to do they told her to watch the weather because you might not notice anything but Storm can feel everything. Heather watched the weather and nothing happened. Heather got home safely and her parents told her how proud they over and over. She told them that he coach said she should enter a rodeo nearby. Heather told him no because she wanted to go home!!

allstate & Storm
2013-05-30 01:20:51

msjane & AE
2013-06-01 02:34:34
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