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August Story Contest Age 10 & Under NOTE: To be eligible for voting your entry must have a horse or pony in it somewhere. Start your entry with TITLE by YOUR USERNAME

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Jane Crandal & JB
2013-07-31 21:18:21
Sunshine Valley Riding Academy { Part Two}
by xSilverReins

Sarah kicked off her sky blue blanket. She had to go feed Windstorm, and give him a ride if she had time. She heard that Khloe was still snoozing the day away. Her mare, Harmony was not going to get her hay for a while!

Sarah walked down the hall. Other girls and boys walked by, some already in their riding clothes, others still in pajamas. "Man, Sunshine Valley is just so normal!" Sarah thought. She soon saw the glass doors that led to the Riverbank Trails, that led to the stables. She heard the waterfall, that let the water fall into the river. Soon she saw the stables, it's small flowers watered, and the path spotless. She walked in, taking in the smells of hay & horses. It felt like home. She saw Harmony, who was showing her teeth to all the horses. "Must be hungry," Sarah muttered. Sarah got to Windstorm's stall at the end of the aisle. He was snoozing in the corner of his stall, his tongue hanging out. "Aww, he's adorable! Is he yours?" asked a girl. "Yes. His name is Windstorm." Sarah replied politely.

Sarah pulled on Windstorms' saddle's girth. Finally, it came to the right hole. Sarah took Windstorm's bridle, it's bit shining in the still rising sun. She pushed the bit into Windstorm's mouth and then put the straps into their positions. Windstorm snorted and blew breath out of his nose, knowing that they were going to ride.

Sarah led Windstorm into the arena. The jumps were already set up, which was great for Sarah, who was feeling a bit too weird to do it. She put the reins over Windstorm's head and mounted up. Windstorm skittered sideways as Sarah put herself into position. Sarah smacked him softly with her crop. She knew the gelding was still a bit green, well, actually became greener after the accident.

They flew over the double oxer, as Khloe watched in awe from the rail. She held Harmony's reins. Sarah pulled Windstorm's reins until he halted. "Your a great team." Khloe said. "Haha. Thanks. We've just been together from a long time. But we've had our falls. Like a bad one that happened a year ago..." Sarah said. "Oh. Yeah...I had a bad one at the Riverview Championships last year." Khloe replied. "HEY! My bad fall was at the Riverview Championships!" Sarah replied.

Khloe trotted around the arena as Sarah took some jumps. Khloe put Harmony into a Canter that was so powerful and beautiful. Sarah smiled at Khloe. Khloe gave her a quick glance and smiled back. Who knew you could make friends so easily?

Sarah laughed as Khloe told her a joke as they walked down the girls' hall. They got to their dormroom and sat down on the beds. "I seriously don't want to go to French class!" Sarah said. "I know! It's ridiculous how they make you go to class RIGHT after riding your horse!" Khloe replied.

"Well see you after surviving boring French class. You'll be going to Math with me, right?" Sarah said. "Of course, Ms. Sarah Parker!" Khloe replied sarcastically. They both broke out into laughs.

xSilverReins & Eclipse
2013-08-01 01:07:05
A Real Race Horse
By: Roy Rogers Fan 2

My grand mother would tell a story about when she lived in California and had a lot of famous race horses. My favorite was Patty Patron. Patty Patron was a dapple gray thoroughbred race mare. I knew dapple gray are not known for being race horse and they were known for being jumpers. But she said she had big long legs. I remember my grandmother showed me a booklet that showed the horses in a race and in one race there was the 3rd horse in the starting gate was Patty Patron. She said Patty Patron placed 1st place on it! So I will probably hear more about her so I will probably write more about her so till I write again THE END!

Roy Rogers Fan 2 & Star
2013-08-01 20:27:28
Dream Horse

"Mom I want a race horse more than anything!" I said to her. "You now we can't afford a horse rite now Faith" She said in said "What if I worked for it?" I asked "Let me think about that and talk to your father" She said "Thank you mom!" I said and ran of to tell my friend. When I came in for diner I asked dad if he had talked to mom about the race horse. He said he had and he said if I work realy realy hard I could have one! "THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!" I said. I was so happy I couldn't sleep that nigt! I took me two years to get that race horse I wanted. But I got it! He was a butufull brigt bay with a blaze on his head. That is how he got his name. Blaze. Me and Blaze wher best friends. One nigt whale me, mom and dad wher eating diner my dad said, "I have sined Blaze up for a race" "Realy?" I said "Realy" he said "Thank you dad! I just now he will win!". When the race day came I felt sick. Are joky was named Wolf. The gun went of! The horses wher of! Blaze was in 3rd...then 2nd...then 1st! Blaze was head to head with a horse named Chance how had won 5 races in a row! They wher almost to the finish when Blaze puled ahed by a little and won!!! "BLAZE WON!!! MY HORSE WON!!!" I yelled! I ran over to Blaze and gave him a big hug. I said to him, "I new you could do it!"


Pinkey280 & Finn
2013-08-04 18:47:10
Snow Ponies
By: CharlotteandtheStartlet

Chapter One

‘Stop it!” Katie laughed.
Her small chestnut pony, Sunny, was trying to put his nose in her pocket. It was a cold winter day and she had rushed to the paddock after breakfast. Sunny pushed at her pocket again. “Alright, you win!” she laughed again.
She gave Sunny the carrot. While Sunny munched on the carrot, Katie hugged Sunny.
She gazed at Sunny’s companions. One was Holly, the pretty, grey mare that belonged to her mother, and her black foal, Ivy. She glanced at her father’s large sturdy gelding, Mack.
Next, she looked at Snow Dancer, the beautiful, bay, showy mare that belonged to her older sister Emma.
Last, but not least, her little chestnut pony, Sunny. She had received him for her 8th birthday, and now she was ten. She loved him so much that she rode him every day, whether it was sunny or rainy, winter or summer, she didn’t care.

“When am I ever going to beat you to the paddock?” Emma (Katie’s 12-year old sister) asked Katie teasingly, sneaking up behind Katie.
“Hmm, let’s see…” Katie pretended to think, putting a finger on her chin.”Well, unfortunately, Em, you’ll never beat me!” Katie said cheekily.
“Hey! I just like to take my time,” Katie turned around to watch the horses again. Suddenly, she felt something cold hit her back. She turned around and saw her sister smiling guiltily.
“Hey!” Katie yelled, throwing another snowball back. Soon, it turned into a full-fledged snowball fight.

A while later, Katie threw a huge snowball at Emma, and before Emma could retaliate, Katie said, “Let’s make peace Em, and say that we both won.”
“Alright.” Emma agreed. They shook each other’s hands and grinned at each other.
Even though they were two years apart (Katie in Yr 4 and Emma in Yr 6), they were like best friends, though they did annoy each other like sisters usually do.
“Let’s go for a ride!” Emma suggested cheerfully.
“Just what I was thinking,” Katie said with a smile.”Race you back to the house to get changed!” She suddenly yelled, running towards their home.
“You cheat!” Emma yelled at Katie, running after her.

CharlotteandtheStarlet & Angel
2013-08-10 23:00:21
The Equine Switch

by hula girl

I have always wanted a horse. One has always been in my grasp, but it goes away from me. My name is Megan Clark, and here is my story.
I started out like any normal day. The sun was shining, my little brother was crying, (That always happens!) And I had plans to go to my favorite riding stable, Lone Valley Stables. It was a quiet afternoon as I set off on my bike to the mile-long ride to Lone Valley. When I got there things were pretty busy, as usual. Grooms were running around, people were looking for there horses, and people were getting ready for lessons. "Beverly, where's Patch?" I asked. Beverly looked through her schedule "Sorry, Megan, but Jenna's riding him right now." I sighed. Nuts! "Where is Grace, then?" I mentioned Beverly's sister, the other owner. "She went to the animals shelter to pick up some horse I think." I was walking down the barn isle when a sudden yell startled me. "Where's my horse?" somebody shouted. I turned around. Veronica Mles was standing right next to Belle's (Her horses) stall, lead rope in hand. Beverly hurried towards her "Jack went to cool her down after that long ride you took her on. Veronica stomped her foot "I want her know!" `Just then Jack came in the stable, leading Belle. "Jack, you little brat! I need to ride in the advanced class right know!" Beverly slapped her forehead "The advanced class!" Jack looked at Veronica, confused "But Veronica, Belle looks so tired, and I'm sure you could miss a lesson just once-" "Jack, I'm going to that lesson whether you like or not!" Veronica took Belle's bridle and walked her out of the stable. I've got to watch this! I thought. I followed her out to the outdoor paddock and leaned against the fence. "Good, Jenna! Okay, everybody! It's time for some jumping!" Beverly set up some three-foot jumps. Veronica rolled her eyes "Please, Beverly. Those are so easy! Me and Belle can do jumps twice that size!" Beverly sighed "Okay, Veronica. You go first, then." Veronica grinned wickedly then clucked Belle forward. My heart started beating faster. Poor Belle looked so tired! Veronica kicked Belle into a canter, picking up speed every step of the way. "Slow down....slow down!" I said to myself. When the first jump came, it looked as if Belle dragged over it. "Veronica! Stop! Please!" Beverly shouted. Veronica did nothing but forced Belle into a gallop. "VERONICA!" Beverly cried as Belle crashed into the double oxer. "No!" I cried, hurrying into the paddock. Veronica didn't move. "She's unconscious." Beverly reported. "And what about Belle?" I asked desperately. Beverly looked grim "It doesn't look good. Megan, call 9-1-1 and Dr. Lisa." I nodded, dashing down to the stable. I grabbed the bright red phone "Hello? Oh, of course nobody's going to answer...." I dialed 9-1-1 "HELLO? Yes, this girl...she fell off her horse. She isn't moving and her leg looks funny...okay...'bye!" I hanged up then called Dr. Lisa. Then when she answered, I broke into tears "Ye-s, Oh Lisa! It's Belle! I-I think she's-she's gone!" I sniffed. "Okay. Bye." I dashed back to the arena "She'll be here soon!" I cried. Beverly nodded. Soon the sound of a siren filled my ears. A ambulance pulled up, followed by two police cars and Dr. Lisa. Two people got out of the ambulance pulling a stretcher with four policeman following. Dr. Lisa got out of her small pick-up, carrying her vet bag. "Doctor!" I cried "Help!" Dr. Lisa right away started looking over Belle, but only for a minute, then she stopped. "Lisa, what's the matter?" Beverly asked, reading Dr. Lisa's eyes. Dr. Lisa looked away "She broke her leg...she's gone."

"Megan! You have to eat something!" My mom said. I looked away. "Mom, Lucky Charm's isn't going to do anything." I grabbed the newspaper then felt like ripping it to pieces. Guess what the head line said.

On Tuesday, July 19th, a tragedy was committed as Lone Valley Stables. You Veronica Mles was out jumping her horse, Belle, when suddenly Belle ran straight into a jump, knocking Veronica unconscious. "I just think Belle was scared by something," Veronica explains later "It didn't have anything to do with me of course. I have a book case full of trophies, after all." I couldn't read it any more. I slammed the newspaper down on the table. My mom looked up "What's the matter?" I looked at her, my heart boiling with anger. "Veronica takes this moment to boast about her riding skills! It makes me sick!" I raced up the stairs and into my bedroom. My older sister, Kit, was snoozing on top of the bunk-bed. I flopped into my bed. Life is so unfair. I thought. I stared down to the magazine on the floor with the title: Is you're life unfair?

"Good job, Carly! Okay everybody, class dismissed!: Beverly shouted. I untacked Ruby, one of the school ponies, and fed her some hay. I ran out to the back paddock and was surprised to see a gray daple mare peacefully grazing in the pasture. "Who is that?" I wondered aloud. Grace came up and smiled "That's Dancer, Lone Valley's knew schooling horse. I was hoping you might be able to buy her?" My grin grew bigger "Me? really? Thanks! That would be-" "SHE GORGEOUS! AND SHE'S MINE!" I turned around. Veronica was wearing the biggest grin of the universe as she ran towards the pasture. "Stop right there, Veronica!" Grace instructed "I bought this horse in the mind that Megan could get her." Veronica laughed "Nobody in there right mind would give a horse to Megan. I guess you could her a miniature pony or something. But NOT Ms. Gorgeous here." she said smugly. I could tell Grace was getting annoyed "Unless you're parents come up with a great amount of money that there offering, Dancer is Megan's." Veronica tossed her hair as she walked away "We'll see about that. I'll get that horse, trust me!" I could felt nervous "Why is that when somebody says 'trust me' I feel like I'm going to die?"

"Veronica has been using the phone for like, a million hours!" I complained to Beverly. Beverly looked up from reading something of her desk. "Sorry, Megan, but Veronica said she was on a very important phone call. She's paying me for this long a phone call....and I don't want to bother with her phone call." It was the next day and I was planning on taking Dancer for a hack. I just wanted to let mom know that I would be home a little later. Hmmm....veronica's phone shouldn't be SO important, I thought. I bet she wouldn't mind if I just.....borrowed the phone for a while. I went into the tack room while Veronica was talking excitedly talking on the phone "yes daddy....yes....wait a minute, daddy, somebody has just come in. I'll call you later." Veronica looked up at me, no doubt in my mind that she was annoyed "Yes?" she asked. "Um, don't you have you're own cell phone?" I asked. She rolled her eyes "YEs, I do. But it's dead." Then she completely changed the subject "Anyway, what are you doing?" I stared at her awkwardly "Um, taking dancer out for a ride, why not?" She smirked "Oh, yes, that's very nice. Because, I OWN Dancer." I almost fell backward "WHAT? I mean, um, I thought Grace said that Dancer is mine." I put my hand on my chest, making a point. Veronica laughed wickedly "Well, to bad. Because I'M taking her for a ride." she walked past me then paused "Oh, and I hoped you already groomed and tacked her up. You better of." I found Grace in the paddock "GRACE? Grace, is it true that you've given Dancer to-to-Veronica?" Grace sighed "Megan, I've very sorry, but it just didn't work out like how I wanted to. Veronica's father offered me more money than I have in my bank account right know. I'm sorry, but it's true." I felt so taken back. How could Grace give a perfectly good horse, like Dancer, to horribly vicious snot, like Veronica?

"I'M positive that I will win the Opal Competition this Saturday!" Veronica bragged "I have the most perfect horse, to who could stop ME?" I felt like kicking her. Perfectly good Dancer didn't deserve her! My cell phone rang. "Hello?" I answered grumpily. my mom's voice sounded excited on the other end "Honey? Sweetie? Oh, never mind! Guess what! I got you a horse!"

"I didn't sleep at all last night, and know I now that I will be going against Veronica in jumping!" I complained. my new black Arabian, Champ, side stepped nervously. "And I'm not a big fan of my horse!" I said. Grace sighed "You're up next in jumping. Make me proud, okay?" I nodded. "And that was Emily Perkins, on Blast. And know we have Megan Clark, on Champ!" I gulped before trotting Champ into the arena. My heart quickened as Champ cantered towards the first jump. We flew over it. A smile crept onto my horse. We jumped the rest of the course clean. "And that was Megan Clark, with the highest score yet!" A cheer went throughout the crowd. Grace came up and hugged me "You did it!" she cheered. Beverly congratulated me. Veronica tossed her hair "At least you could of gotten some more decent outfits." she said. I grinned. That could me only one thing: Jealousy. "And know Veronica Mles on Dancer!" Veronica proudly trotted Dancer into the ring then turned her into a canter. She flew over the first two jump, but Dancer knocked down three rails at the third jump. At the fourth jump she totally refused to go over it. "Come on, you lazy horse." I could hear her mutter. When nothing happened, she just carelessly dropped the reigns then dismounted, leaving the arena and probably the entire competition. "And Ms. Veronica is disqualified! And the winner is.....Megan Clark on Champ!"

"The trophy was really nice...but it wasn't what I really wanted." I admitted to Grace the next day. She grinned as she put the first place trophy on the Lone Valley trophy desk. "Well, it was nice to win." Just then and there Veronica stormed into Grace's office, totally ignoring me. "Grace! That-er-horse, yes, horse, that you gave to me is totally untrained and is highly unpredictable! I order you to get me a totally different horse-or better yet- another horse in trade of this monster!" I stepped forward "Veronica you can have Champ. I'LL have Dancer!" Veronica tossed her hair. "Sounds okay with me!" I ran out to Dancer's paddock. I hugged her. "Dancer, you're mine!"
Now that's MY story.

Hula Girl & Dance
2013-08-12 21:38:13
by smoothlov9

i love this horse named smooth he is a quarter horse.

i wanted to ride him so badley about a year later
i got to ride him he is the sweetest horse in the world i walked him around at first then picked up a trot then finally a canter!

he was very fun to ride i want to ride him again some time but he was hard to ride too so after riding him a learned that every horse is different and special.

smoothlov9 & Whitney
2013-08-26 23:57:28
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msjane & AE
2013-09-01 01:34:13
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