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September 2013 Story Contest Age 10 & under NOTE: To be eligible for voting your entry must have a horse or pony in it somewhere. Start your entry with TITLE by YOUR USERNAME

You can vote once a day for your favorite

Jane Crandal & JB
2013-08-30 17:47:24
friends forever
by horseracer9000

chapter 1
the house

Sam come on! Sams brother called from the front
door im comin im comin! Sam called back lets go her bother called again im getting my shoes on!!
Sam called you could have said that earlier! Sams brother called back be quiet sheesh jake just stop," said Sam jake came running over to her.
your not getting your shoes on your getting ready to ride right?," said jake Finally you calm down Sam whispered to herself. come on Sam its almost time ok ok," said Sam Sam jake come eat breakfast their mom called from the kitchen,
mom its almost time for the play date with emma and harley," Sam called to her mother
i know just come eat you cant miss breakfast," her mom called back i also have something to tell you," her mother called. jake and sam made their way into the kitchen what was that thing you wanted to tell us?," sam asked well you see sam and jake you too are very wonderful children and i know you wouild never leave this place, of course not," sam Interupted her mom sighed.
oh sorry," said sam were moveing," said sams mom
sams eyes opened wide jakes mouth opened like his mom was teasing him with a cake why!," sam started' the goverment told me this morning," said sams mom no!," sam started tearing im sorry honey.........................

part 2 coming soon!

horseracer9000 & molly
2013-09-02 22:23:18

The Four Ducklings
Bu POA Girl1

One day mother duck decided that she would bring the three ducklings for a walk, and they decided that they would all go for a swim. The largest duckling was named Star, the medium sized duckling was named Shinny and the smallest duckling was named Mini- bean. Mother duck called the three ducklings out of the pond. They all heard the children call them and they all ran up to the children. They all pecked crumbs of of the pretty green grass. They went back to there home and they had a nice night of sleep.

The next morning Mother duck brought her ducklings to the pond too get a drink. Tiny did not want a drink so he went off on an adventure.

He went to the woods and saw another lean beautiful duckling.

He asked her what her name was. It is Rose, she said sounding very worried. I'm Tiny. I don't have a home. Said Rose. How about you come home with me, I have a family. Great, I’ll come home with you, said Rose. Let's go, said Tiny. They walked out of the woods and let Rose and the rest of the family meet each other. They all welcomed Rose into the family and they had bread crumbs together and they became the four ducklings, and lived happily ever after!

The End

POA Girl1 & Remi
2013-09-12 15:50:42
Title: Bravery
By: Iluvkitties

~Chapter 1~

Once upon a time, there lived a unicorn...the most powerful of all unicorns. Her name was Crystal. She had a blue coat and a pink mane and tail. She had purple eyes and her hooves were rainbow colored. She lived on the "Sapphire Island of Unicorns".
One day her mom called for her.

~Chapter 2~

So Crystal went to her mother's house.
"What is it, mom?" she asked.
"Sweetie, there is a war coming, and you are the only powerful unicorn that can fight in the war. You must go. I will pack your things." her mom said.
"Okay," said Crystal. So the mom packed her things. She said bye to her mom and dad (the king and queen,) and her brothers and sisters and then she left.

~Chapter 3~

Crystal traveled. She finally got the the war camp. The general came over to her. He was a alicorn. He had a black coat with silver wings. His eyes were sky blue.
"I am Devil." he said.
"Is this the camp?" Crystal asked.
"Yes," said Devil. "Let's begin. First we will stand here." And he stood on a big rock. Crystal got on the rock. It was a very flat rock. Crystal made a bow and arrow with her horn.
"Now," Devil said, "you have to shoot that little target." And he pointed to it. "When I say okay, you shoot the target. Right......NOW!" Crystal shot the arrow. And she hit the target. Devil was surprised. He thought, "No other unicorn can just hit that target! I've taught other unicorns before and they didn't hit the target. But she is learning." They practiced day by day, Devil and Crystal. The unicorns and pegasus's were surprised about Crystal's job.

~Chapter 4~

It was time to go to war. The good side and the bad side were facing each other. "To war!" said Devil. They started fighting. Crystal was fighting too. They were fighting and fighting and fighting. The war was done. The good side won! Devil ran to Crystal. They fell in love. They went by the sunset. Devil said, "Will you be my mate?" Crystal was speechless.
"Yes," she said finally. They became mates. They had a little colt. It was a alicorn. And they lived happily ever after.


Iluvkitties & Cupid
2013-09-24 14:40:01
I hope that you vote for me:)
POA Girl1 & Remi
2013-10-18 19:15:29
I like your story POA but it did not have to do anything about ponies.:(

if you made the ducks horses it might of been a lot better I will have to vote for someone else. I am sorry :( it was a wonderful story. :D

Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2013-10-20 19:05:06
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