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September 2013 Story Contest Age 11 NOTE: To be eligible for voting your entry must have a horse or pony in it somewhere. Start your entry with TITLE by YOUR USERNAME

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Jane Crandal & JB
2013-08-30 17:47:40
Pony News
By: Noory
Part one out of five parts.

“Hey guys! Oh, you won’t believe this! Guess what!” Shouted 10 - year old Mary as she was running towards her two friends, Cherry and Perry. “Oh common, I don’t want to guess. You already started to make me curios, please tell me!” urged Cherry. “Wait; don’t tell me, I can guess it! I can guess it! I can guess it!” chanted Perry. “You’re going to – um – play – um. Oh no! You can have a sleepover? Or – yah! You’re – ummm… -“I’m getting a pony!” blurted Mary. “Oh you shouldn’t have told!” Sighed Perry. “Wait a second, you’re getting a pony!” gasped Cherry. “A pony, really!” Screeched Perry.
Then they both started asking a bunch of questions, such as… What colour is it? What are you going to name it? Is it really big? Did you ever visit it yet? “Calm down! Now guy’s I’ll tell you all about it, from beginning.” Started Mary. “You guys know how much I am so much obsessed with ponies. So when I just came back from school, I walked over to my bedroom. You saw my room before, how we have to pass by my parent’s room before we enter my room. Because I was tired, I was walking very slowly with small steps, so it took like fifteen minutes to get to my room. When I passed my parent’s room this is what I heard: Mom: I think a pony is a wonderful gift for her. Dad: Well maybe, but really she hasn’t even sat on a pony before. And this needs a lot of care and money. Well it’s indeed a great gift. I just walked a bit faster, because I didn’t want to eavesdrop.
“Well, um – maybe not, you know? I mean like, you might not get a pony. Your parents were just suggesting that.” Perry informed. Cherry rolled her eyes “She is 70% getting a pony, ok?” “No, like 30%!” Perry answered. Perry and Cherry were twin sisters, so they fought a lot. “No” “Yes” “No” “Yes”. Mary interfered “You guys, it’s 50% ok?” “Hey do you hear that?” Cherry asked. “What?” “That boyish kind of laughter.” Suddenly, the laughter stopped. “Oh it’s my annoying brothers.” Sighed Mary. Mary has two brothers. The older one is 14 years and his name is Larry. The younger one is 7 years and his name is Terry. Perry was curios “Wait a second, why were your brothers spying on us? They never did that, what if… it wasn’t them?

Noory & Sandy
2013-09-02 03:20:20
Part two
“Oh, maybe they started something new.” Sighed Mary “They always start new awful stuff to waste their time on!” informed Mary. “Yeah Perry! Who’d believe your weird ideas?” Cherry teased. “Please, stop that Cherry! Like, we have to give these guys a lesson for spying on us. They might have heard that you are 50% getting a pony. You know how they ruin everything; they might even ruin your birthday present and your birthday after 3 days! They also might tell your mom that you were listening to their conversation!
“I wasn't eavesdropping; I just passed by their room and heard all that! For now, we’ll call what I just did ‘accidental eavesdropping’ ok?” “Yeah ok, but did you just make that name up?” Cherry asked. “Yes, of course!” admitted Mary. “Don’t just change the topic now! We’ve got to make a plan!” Perry said. They all went to Mary’s room to make some plan. Perry asked “So Mary, I have some question for you. ‘What exactly did you hear when you passed by your parents room?’ like exactly?” “Um well ok, ‘Mom: I think a pony is a wonderful gift for her. Dad: Well maybe, but really she hasn't even sat on a pony before. And this needs a lot of care and money. Well it’s indeed a great gift.’
“Wait a second, you've sat on a pony before, and you told us you've been going on riding lessons, isn't that right?” Cherry questioned. “Good point Cherry, maybe they accidentally said that.” Mary answered. “Or maybe said that on purpose meaning that it’s a big hassle and that you don’t know how to take care lots yet.” Perry suggested. “Maybe like an idiom, you know what I mean? Cherry asked. “How about we have sleepover? Then we’ll have lots of time to think?” Perry asked. “Now you’re the one changing the topic.” mumbled Cherry. “Oh yeah, you go ask your parents and I’ll ask mine!” Mary shouted.

Noory & Sandy
2013-09-02 21:06:31
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