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September 2013 Story Contest Age 12 & Older NOTE: To be eligible for voting your entry must have a horse or pony in it somewhere. Start your entry with TITLE by YOUR USERNAME

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Jane Crandal & JB
2013-08-30 17:48:41
by Kalsey

"Remember when your mom rode that Thoroughbred around bareback and bridleless and it didn't even try to hurt her?" Gabby asked me.
"Ya," I answered, trying not to sound upset even though Gabby is my best friend and she should know that I don't really like talking about my mother very often. 'She probably just doesn't understand the pain your going through' Hailey had told me more than once. She acts like Mom just died of old age. BUT IT WASNT THAT!! It was that skittish horse that my mom had to ride bareback and bridleless to prove how she trusted him. And then that one car door turned into screaming and crying as my mom laid in the dirt. Dead. It just makes me uncomfortable talking about my mom. Even 6 months after that day. I mean Dad and Hailey seem to be back to their normal routines but why cant I? It's just I cant stop thinking of that horse. After that he just hasn't been the same. He freaks out when anyone comes near him and you can see the fear and pain in his eyes.
"Hey, boy," I said to the horse. He still needed a name since my mom hadn't had time to name him. I decided to call him Spartan, since he is a true warrior who is still going strong. I guess I just sat there for a half an hour thinking, because I had come up with the best idea yet. But I wouldn't be able to do it by myself.
"Um can you come over to help me...with a horse?"
"Ya whats his name?"
"Spartan. Well actually, its him."
"Him? Wait you mean that horse? Taylor its too dangerous!!" I knew Noah would say that and I would regret calling him.
"Yes I'm sure. I need to help him. It might help me get over what happened like Hailey and my dad. Can you help or not?"
"I'll be right over."
"Thanks!" I rushed over to the house to grab a sandwhich and headed back out to meet Noah in front of the barn.
"Okay so what's your plan?"
"Um. Well we need to take a couple of fences and line them up all the way to the round pen where we need to get him and then we need open his door and shoo him in there." I really don't actually know If it would work but it was still worth a try. We headed to the garage to grab some gates and lined them along.
It hadn't worked. He still wouldn't let anyone near him. And I couldn't fall asleep either. So I went to the round pen and tried again. But I couldn't get near him.
And I was out.

Kalsey & Twister
2013-09-03 22:28:48
~New Horizons~
By Horsesforever12

chapter 1: <3 New Beginnings <3

Prologue: Zeus is the lead stallion on a mythical island named "Maltika". At the moment he is talking with Warrior, a horse in his herd.

"How dare you!" Zeus cried, his brown eyes a flame with anger. His hoof struck the rock of which he was upon loudly as he stepped forward. Warrior, a red roan stallion with a mane and tail as black as night, cowered nervously. "You have gone beyond our territory to unknown lands, your foolish followers trailing along beside you like dumb dogs." Warrior knew he had no excuse.
"Sir, I am dreadfully sorry."
"Sorry you will be! I am banning you to Earth." Zeus said, his voice ending with growl. Warrior's eyes grew big.
"Earth! But sire...our ways or not that of Earth horses...how will I survive?"
"Your silly followers will come with you." Zeus replied, rather vaguely.
"But sir-"
"Enough!" roared Zeus. "Leave at once!" Warrior, shame-faced, turned and trotted off. Athena, Zeus's mate, came up behind Zeus suddenly.
"Zeus! What have you done!" cried the dark bay mare, one of her dark eyes hidden under her black mane.
"Are you siding with a traitor!" Zeus said, not replying to Athena's question.
"Since when was Warrior a traitor," Athena answered, her eyes fixed on Zeus's.
"If you are so concerned on matters of a horse that has lost my trust, why don't you join him!" Zeus said, not meeting Athena's gaze.
"Zeus! What has gotten into you? Are you banning me?" Athena gasped.
"What do you think," Zeus replied gruffly, his face so close to Athena's that she could feel his breath.
"If that's the way you're going to be, then I do believe I will leave!" And with that, Athena turned and left, her stride quickening as she got farther away from Zeus.

Chapter 2 will be posted soon!!! :) :) :)

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-09-07 18:15:04
The Forgotten: Miracle Foals
By Starwalker123

Chapter 3 Foals
I left the heavy box onto my bed it’s filled the photos, the box is wooden, a gift from a family friend that lives far away. I reached over to Felix in return he bats at my hand playful.
“No.” I bark roughly, shoving him off the plush bed.
He slinks out the door menacingly. Sitting on the bed, cross legged on a purple blanket, the box set temptingly across from me. Plucking out a picture anxiously, it show’s me. Barely 5 years old, mounted on a white Shetland. I still know that pony now he is 21 and lives just 10 miles up the road, he has a job teaching kids with handicaps about horses. The next picture I pull shows a nine year old me with my mom and dad standing under the sign grinning. That was the day we opened. We had always been a dog foster home but that was the day we became a rescue. I look at pictures until 5:30.
“Lucy, Time to go feed,” Dad calls up the stairs.
I leap off the bed and head down the white stairs. Dad hands me my boots. I toss on a purple jacket and pull on black muck boots. Dad opens the white wooden door. Max the pug leads the way Tramp, Lady, Heart and Pete following. Dad and I step out on to the covered door way. Then rain picks up harder and harder it falls. We slip across the yard and into the warm barn. I grin as a hear horses calling for dinner. I walk over to Paris stall. I look in a tiny gray and white foal lays in the straw. Paris is still griped by pain. I Step into the stall.
“Dad. Call Dr. Jay Its Paris.”
Dad calls back “OK.” Before running to the house
I pet the tiny colt.
“Moon Walk aka Moon.” I whisper
I watch as pain racks over the mare.
“A second foal.” I Mutter
“Easy Pretty girl.”
After want seems like hours but want is real 30 minutes Dad and Dr. Jay come into the barn. I step out of the stall and Dr. Jay enters. He gloves up and starts to exam her. I watch the mares labored breathing in the straw.
Dr. Jay turns to me and dad
“There is a second foal we need to get her to the Vet center.”
“Lucy, I’ll hook up the trailer you run get your mom.”
I run like the wind back to the house. The grass the slick but I stay on my feet I pull open the door.
“Mom Paris is foaling its twins. We need help loading her to move her and one foal to the vets.” I Call.
She hurries down stairs and gets ready. We make our way back to the barn. The trailer is back to the door Mom and I help Dad and Dr. Jay lay a bed of straw in the trailer.
Dr. Jay, “Lucy, Get the foal.”
I walk into the stall and pick up the foal. Dad and Jay get Paris. We make our way down the aisle into the divider less featherlight. The load Paris and she lays back down in the straw.
“Lucy.” Dr. Jay says
“Want.” I reply.
“Take that foal and get in in the back seat.”
I carry the tiny colt to the track and lay him on the back seat on a blanket them I cover him with another blanket. I get in next to him. I run a hand down his neck. He weakly lays his head in my lap. Dr. Jay shoves a bottle of milk into my hands.
“Get This Down Him.”
I stick the bottle in his mouth he drinks weakly as the truck pulls out on the drive followed by Dr. Jay’s car. Dad drives slowly past the old barn ruins. I look at the tiny foal. Mom turns to me “How is he?”
1 hour latter
We pull into the vet center after a trip that should have taken 15 minutes. We back up the horse surgery room door. They lead Paris inside then a vet Tec takes the foal. I get out and my parents lead the way to the waiting room.
3 hours Later
Dr. Jay enters the waiting room.
“Paris died, But the foals are alive the second born is a lemon color and white filly.”
I started to sob. Mom and dad guide me to the truck. I cry for the drive home.
9: 30
We eat dinner and go to bed.
I yawned sleepily Felix and Max. Orange cat and fawn pug untangled themselves form me and trot out the door. I hear the piter pater of rain on the roof. Then I remember want day it is and leap out of day Saturday adoption fair day at the fairgrounds. The people are coming to look at Misty then I’m headed to join mom and dad there. I think of the events of the night before as I dig in my drawers. Blue Jeans, A purple western shirt come on and I’m dressed. Then I go down stairs. The dogs bark as I let Max into the back yard to join them. I dish out cat food and Felix comes running. Lex the Gary shorthair joins him. Lex had a family coming on Monday to see him. I read mom’s note on the table.
Dear Lucy,
The Bright’s are coming at 7:00. The foals are doing will. The Horses are feed. See you soon.
I smile before getting a energy bar and heading outside. I race down the grass to the barn I open the down and the horses call out. Mom and Dad toke the minis and Clancy to the fair. I tack up Leo and head to the ring. I ride for 30 minutes them stable him.

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-09-09 02:22:34
A New Start Part 1
By Otaku_Lady

I slammed the door behind me and ran for my life. Literally. Behind was the empty walls of what used to be my home, Meadowbrook Apartments. Sure, it was boiling hot in the summer and below zero in the winter, but at least it was a place to sleep and eat. Well, it was until the masked man had broken in. I was the first to notice that something was different. Maybe it was the slight noise of the intruders breath, or the light, nearly silent tapping of boots on the hardwood floor. Whatever it was, it had woken me up. I tried to warn the others of the impending doom, I really did, but it was too late. I barely managed to escape. The pine needles muffled the sound of my heavy footfalls on the forest floor. My breath came in short gasps. I couldnt keep running forever. I sat down against the trunk of a tree and stared off at the obscured city lights in the distance. I would wait until morning to figure out what my next move would be. For now, I needed to sleep. I shut my eyes and fell into a restless slumber soon after.

I woke up to the feeling of a horses soft snout nuzzling my face. I woke with a jolt, immediately looking around for anything I might have to fight. I was pretty strong, but my attacker might have weapons. If that was the case, I was done for. Luckily, it was only a horse. That was when I heard a soft giggle. I looked up, and there was a person sitting on the beasts back. The strange girl hopped off and said Wake up. My name is Rose, and I found you sitting here this morning. Because Im a nice person, I figured that you might want some food, so I went to the store and got you some cereal. I also decided to bring my horse, Jasper, along. It seems that he likes you.

My tired brain tried to process this. So this girl had found me all alone and had decided to bring some food? I mean, I wasnt going to decline her offer or anything. I snatched the box of cereal out of her hand and began eating furiously. God, I must look so unsophisticated. Well, whatever. I was starving. Between mouthfuls of cinnamon and sugar, I asked her why she was here in the first place. She replied with Well, I am running away. The situation at home isnt that good, so I figured that it would be best if I stayed out of the picture for a while. So, Mysterious Forest Girl, who are you and why are you here?

 I guessed that the least I could do for this girl was be kind to her. After all, she had given me some food when I was practically starving. Um, my name is Dove. Its a really dumb name. Most people think of the soap when they hear it.

 Rose chuckled a bit, then she said I have some friends that could help you get where you want to go. If you are interested, that is. The only catch is that you have to travel on horseback to wherever you want to go. She looked back at me.

Well, its not like I had any other plans, so I agreed. Great! Just hop on Jaspers back and we can get this started.

Otaku_Lady & Red Dragon
2013-09-10 23:11:58
Unicorn School Part I
Dragon Girl

School. I didn't even like the word. Well, not that I had ever heard of it. Lucky for me my mother told me what it was before I threw out the invitation(though I didn't feel lucky at the time). I stood there in front of the enormous building, gawking at it like one of the Clamppits. I pawed the ground with my hoof. There were far too many other unicorns here for me to feel at ease. I tried to practice the breathing exercises I had learned about, but it wasn't working. 'Come on, Kitty! Get a hold of yourself!' I challenged in my head, shakily walking across the lawn. Everything was big and shiny, something very strange for a farm filly. Everywhere, unicorns were heading for the big doors, which were opened wide. I stared up at the school flag, which bore a rearing pegases leaping through fire. Hopefully I wouldn't have to do THAT here. Before I could even think of jumping through fire, I was shoved back and books went everywhere. I struggled to my feet. Another unicorn was picking herself up. "Oh my pumpkins, I'm so sorry!" I cried, levitating one of the books in the air while I reached with my mouth for the second. "Oh, don't worry! Everyone does that their first year." said the other unicorn, pulling the remaining books into a double bag that was hung over her withers. "How did you know I was new?" I asked, handing her the book I had been levitating. "Well, I've been here two years, you see." she said in her rather regal voice. It was like bells sort of, bells with high authority. "I know what everypony here looks like." I pawed the ground again. 'Oh, just go up and talk to people! That's how you make friends!' was what my mother had told me. Yeah, right. My father made more sense when he said 'Friends come like the winds. You can't make them come, you just have to wait for them.' If I was supposed to talk to anyone to make friends, I had no idea how. The other unicorn cocked her head. "My name is Resa." she offered, staring at me kindly. "Um, Kitty." I replied, hiding my face. "Kitty? That's a rather odd name, no offense." she said curiously. "It's short for Catherine." I explained. For the first time, I noticed that everyone else here had saddle pads and books. All I had was a rigged chicken feed sack full of paper, chicken tail feather quills, and ink made from nuts. "Oh! That would make sense! My name is actually Teressa, but it's far to long for my taste." she said. "Have you been to see Principle Yianna yet?" she added. "Um, no. Am I supposed to?" I was hopeless. "You do have to get your class schedule, dear, even if your just coming for enrichment activities." said Resa. She tossed her white mane, which was banded into diamond shapes against her lavender neck. "Well, actually, I'm staying here all year in something called a 'dorm'." I murmmered. "Then you'll get your room assigned along with your classes." She said. "Okay, that's good to hear. Where is this Principle Yianna anyway?" "As soon as you walk in you'll see two wings. Take the right one and turn right again at the end of the hall. Her office is the fifth door on your left." she whickered. 'What in the universe? There are wings in this thing?!' "Got it. Thank you for your help." I said, dipping my horn and trotting for the entrance. That is when things got crazy. The whole room was filled with unicorns going this way and that. All that I could see was two wide halls traveling in either direction. There were no wings. 'GREAT. Just great.' I growled to myself. 'Easy girl. Just go and ask someone.' I fought back the urge to stamp my hoof in frustration. There were two ponies near the hall to my right. They didn't look mean. In fact, one looked like she didn't care for her appearance at all. I nervously trotted up to them. "Hey, sorry for interrupting, but can one of you direct me to the right wing?" I asked with a teeny smile. The two exchanged a glance. "Er, your standing right in front of it." said the one that looked more fancy. She was pale blue with a powder pink mane, which was pinned neatly to her neck. I blushed, which was quite visible on my bright yellow coat. "You looking for the principle?" asked the lazy one. "Yes...." I admitted, hiding my expression under my bangs. "Well hun, why didn't you say so!" she cried, smiling a huge grin. "I'm Mari. This is my sister Lizzy." she explained, then, leaning into my ear, added: "Her name's actually Elizibeth." I tried not to laugh at how sneaky she was being. "I'm Kitty." I said. "Kitty? Well ain't that a wonderful name! I bet it's short for Cinthia, right?" "No, actually, it's short for Catherine." I corrected. "Well, I guess the lot of us have nicknames." said Lizzy. "Her name is-" "Don't you dare go 'round telling people my name, Liz!" snapped Mari. "Annamaria." finished her sister. Mari glared at Lizzy. "Would you like me to take you to Yianna, Kitty?" she asked. "Oh, um, thank you. That's very nice of you." I said, following in step behind Mari. As we walked through the "wing", I noticed that most of the unicorns looked at us like we'd just came out of a tractor beam. "Why are they laughing?" I hissed. "Unicorns around this place don't have any respect." she said. "It's all status, status, status, popular, popular, popular, and how to get higher on the like meter. I'd say I'm on the bottom." Suddenly, a stallion stepped right in front of us. "Hey, Mari! Going past your old pal without a hello?" "Dude, why would I do that?" she cried, giving him a high hoof. "Where are you off to?" he asked. "I'm taking Kitty here to the principle, that's all." she said, wrapping a leg around my shoulders. "Got in trouble on your first day, huh? Class hasn't even started yet!" he teased. "Actually, I'm not in-" "Of course you ain't in trouble! No one gets in trouble this early in the year! I was just messing with you." he said. "Well, I'd better be getting her to Yikes, right?" said Mari with a wink. "Right." he answered and returned the wink. We left the stallion behind and turned right. Before I could even count how many rooms we had passed, Mari threw open a wide door and shoved me inside.

*too be continued*

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2013-09-24 21:18:01
Release Mystique?
By pizza freak

"NO, MYSTIQUE!" I shout as she threw her rider off. She was the newest horse and unable to be tamed. Someone found her out in the wild and sold her to us. But back to the present! We hired the best horse trainer in town, William Bernet. He was the rider who was just bucked off. He got up, dusted himself off, and blushed. "Now, that horse is a little wild for my liking. You'd be better off sending her back to where she came." He said in his western drawl. "But the Pattersons won't-" I began. "No, not them Pattersons. I mean out in the wild. You can't tame this horse, no not at all." "Release her?"

pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2013-09-25 01:11:37
The Innocent Part 2
By Maid Mairain

“Look! There he is!” a rough voice shouted.
Levi turned in his saddle and saw, to his horror, the sheriff and two of his deputies.
“Come on Thief! Hya! Run girly, run! Hya! Hya!”
Levi leaned way forward in his saddle, almost laying on Thief’s neck.
“Come on girl, RUN!” Levi gave Thief a light kick and she raced onward, using all the speed in her.Her stride lengthened, the wind blew hard in Levi’s face, threatening to steal his hat. Thief’s hooves hit the dirt, one after another, over and over and over again, till it seemed that Thief’s hooves forgot to touch the ground at all, till it seemed that hay were flying.
And yet the trio of law men stayed directly behind him, just a length or two away, as they raced through town.
People stepped out of their houses and oshops to watch the four riders fly by. Children scrambled to get out of the road. Dogs barked. Chickens squawked and jumped into the air and ran off the road.
And still the riders stayed directly behind Levi never gaining, never losing any ground.
The four horses bore their riders speedily down Main Street, and out, onto the open prairie.
As the men and their mounts thundered across the prairie, Levi turned in his saddle – and froze. The sheriff pulled his pistol from its holster, coked it, aimed it, and fired. His shot flew true, straight ahead, right towards his target.
But the bullet never struck, for Levi never stopped to think. He simply acted. So, on a spontaneous signal, Thief leaped to the side, just as the bullet whizzed by.
The sheriff stared. Levi grinned impishly back at him. Clark shook his head in disbelief and fired again. Thief dodged to the right. The sheriff fired again, and again and again. Levi cued Thief and they dodged to the left, right, left and to the right again.
Then suddenly a chunk of metal was propelled toward Levi’s head, missing him by maybe a quarter of an inch. Another object was hurtled past Levi, this one quite larger. Levi recognized it immediately. It was the sheriff.
Levi turned in his saddle to see the two deputies skid to a stop, just as the sheriff’s horse landed on his back. Suddenly Levi realized what that metal object was. The sheriff’s horse, had lost its shoe.
Levi instantly recognized this as his cue. He spurred Thief into an even faster gallop and lit off into the Stone mountain, the huge mountainous boulders through which Stone Creek runs. These mountain-like rocks sheltered perhaps the best hiding places in all of Blackwell county, and Levi knew them all. He’d often played Hide-and-go-seek or rather I’ll-hide-and-you-try-to-find-me-and-fail-and-call-when-you-give-up with his cousin as a child so he knew the rocks, inside and out.
The deputies never even noticed when or even if Levi ever rode off. As far as they knew, he could have been standing right next to them. They were too worried about the sheriff.
Clark sat up immediately. “Where’s the McClure boy? Did you catch him?”
“Why no sir,” said one of the two deputies, “He must have rode off. We were so worried-”
“You two ninnies!” We were supposed to catch that kid!
The two other men started to mount their horses.
“No. Stop. It’s of no use now. He’s go the best horse in the country and it knows all the tricks in the books - and some that aren’t. He’s likely miles away by now.”
So the trio rode slowly back to town, their pride trailing behind them in the dust.
Meanwhile, Levi hid out at the Stone Mountains, waiting for dusk.
However, it seemed the tides had turned against him once again, fro dark was a long time in coming.
Finally, around maybe eight o clock, Levi crept from his hiding place and gave a low whistle. Thief appeared out of nowhere. Levi pulled his only slightly dirtied handkerchief from his pocket and tore it in two. Then, starting at her shoulder, Levi ran his hand down Thief’s leg and tapped her fetlock. Thief picked up her left front hoof willingly, holding it up as Levi tied half of his handkerchief around her hoof.
He did the same for her right front and then looked around for something to tie around her back feet. There was little else he could use.
Then, on a sudden inspiration, Levi pulled off his boots and socks and slipped his socks on Thief’s back hooves. Then Levi tied hit boots together by the pull straps with a bit of rope and slung them over his saddle horn. He led Thief around in a circle around him and listened.
“No. Your front hooves are still too loud.”
Levi took the handkerchiefs off Thief’s front hooves and stuffed them full of grass before tying them back on. Then he led her around again.
Levi nodded. “Much better.” He said before leaping on her and trotting, silently, back to town.
When Levi reached town, it was completely dark. He slowed Thief to a walk and made his way down the back streets toward the blacksmith’s shop.
Caleb Donelson owned the place and he was the only blacksmith around. Caleb was also Levi’s employer.
When he reached the shop, Levi leapt off Thief, landing lightly on his bare feet. Levi swung the back door open and tiptoed in, leading Thief behind him.
“Psst. Caleb.” Levi whispered.
The man jumped, dropped his hammer and spun around.
Caleb grinned. “Oh. It’s you Levi! I didn’t hear either of you come in!”
Levi motioned to Theif’s so-called “shoes”. “That’s why.” He said.
“I see. Didn’t want to be heard, eh? I didn’t expect to see you so soon after what the sheriff said.” Caleb bent over to pick up his hammer.
“Oh, then you’ve heard about it?” Levi asked with a bit of a sigh.
“The sheriff burst in here tellin’ tales of some criminal kid named Levi, if that’s what you mean, but of course I knew it weren’t you. He said it was a child and you’re a full eighteen years old. Just fifteen years younger than me. He also said it was some criminal-like person, and that’s one thing you aint.” Caleb stopped joking and looked at Levi seriously, “You didn’t really rob the bank and steal a horse, did you boy?”
“Yes.” Levi looked Caleb in the eye, “I did, but not in the way you think. It happened last night. I got trapped in an alley by Clint Andrews and Clyde Daring. They force me to rob the place. I tried not to, but they wouldn’t let me. You believe me, don’t you Caleb?” Levi looked at him imploringly.
“Course I do, Levi. I believe every word of it. Oh if I could just get my hands on those two! The idea of them picking an innocent kid like you to do the dirty work for them!” Caleb struck the horeshoe with vigor.
“That’s what I said to them,” Levi gritted his teeth, “Only they didn’t like it too much.” Levi rubbed his sore jaw, “But I’ve come to ask you a favor. The sheriff’s horse lost a shoe. I’m figuring that the one you’re making is for him. Could you hammer it on real loose or something so it’ll come off next time he tries some real hard running?”
Caleb looked up at Levi, “You want me to go against the law?” he asked.
“Well put it this way,” explained Levi, “Would you rather give the sheriff a couple of bruises or have me hang unjustly?”
“I see. Well Levi, I tell you what. We’ll give her a try.” Caleb grinned at Levi, “He’s coming tomorrow morning. You want to stay here tonight? Jenkins might not want a so-called criminal staying at his place.
Levi nodded gratefully, “I can just bed down in the loft in the barn.”
So Levi unsaddled and rubbed her down before climbing into the loft to sleep the night with high hopes.

But the next morning, those hopes were dashed.

Next month. . .

Will Levi prove his innocence!? Will he even LIVE long enough to try? Come back next month to find out!

Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2013-10-01 02:26:19
You can vote for your favorite once a day

Jane Crandal & JB
2013-10-01 05:17:45
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