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Fall Festival Story Contest Enter your story about Fall where you live. Stories will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. One or more winning articles each month will get 3000 Wbucks and the writer will also get a pink saddle. All articles will be published in the Magazine. Articles must be at least 500 words long. Email photos or drawings to illustrate your article to contests@clubponypals.com Start your entry with TITLE by YOUR USERNAME

Fall Festival Story Contest

Enter your story about Fall where you live.
Stories will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. One or more winning articles each month will get 3000 Wbucks and the writer will also get a pink saddle. All articles will be published in the Magazine. Articles must be at least 500 words long. Email photos or drawings to illustrate your article to contests@clubponypals.com

Start your entry with


Jane Crandal & JB
2013-08-30 17:53:39
Fall where I live is great. The smells, the leaves and just the feel! Autumn is a magnificent season. I like fall where I live because of the 50-60 degree weather (not too hot, not too cold). It’s fun because I live in the woods. The more trees, the more leaves! We rake up leaf piles and put them in bags and then draw faces on them. We also rake up the colorful leaves and jump in them! I love playing in them! Another thing about fall where I live is the scenery. The trees, standing tall and proud in front of a pretty blue sky, make the perfect backdrop for a photo. Their leaves and maybe even other beautiful colors that I forgot to put in! I love the sounds they make, too. That satisfying crunch under your feet as you walk along makes me sigh with contentment.

I mentioned the smell of fall earlier. What is the smell of fall, you may ask? Well! Let me tell you, the smell of fall is one of the most refreshing smells. Also, fall is fun because of the festivities. My family is going to have a costume party this year. We’re going to have a bonfire and dress up and maybe even roast s’mores! I can’t wait to see all my friends! And then comes Halloween. We’re finally getting my dad to dress up this year! I hope he goes as a character from Lord of the Rings so he can match Dragon Girl and I! And my mom might dress up, too! Yippee!

I know this may sound strange and all but I have lately been into knitting scarves. I’m pretty sure I’ve knitted at least five scarves in the past week or two! I cannot wait to wear them and fall is the perfect time! I’m excited to show my work to others and have it come to use.

I also like the scented candles for some reason. Strange, right? But really. Scented candles rule. They smell so delicious! Another thing is the weather. I like the rain. I love the smell after a rain fall and the pitter – patter sound while it’s still raining. Also my family sometimes takes walks together. In fall the weather is nice.

Fall is a great time for adventures where I live, too. My siblings and I go on adventures in the fall. It’s fun! We climb trees and “rope climb.” Our latest adventure was trying to scoot over a broken down tree and climb down a muddy hill by using a rope. Luckily everything went well and no one got hurt! We had great fun playing around. We’ve also been on adventures where we spied, hopped on stones across lakes, and even one where Dude10 lost a shoe in a mud puddle. He was seriously muddy after that!

This article is nonfiction! My family does have a home in the woods. We are surrounded by trees. Fall is a nice season where I live.

pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2013-09-22 01:15:03
Ooops I forgot the "TITLE by YOUR USERNAME" part. The title is "Fall where I live" and it's by me, pizza freak. Do I need to re-post?
pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2013-09-22 23:34:12
Good Ol' Fall in Pennsylvania
By: I Love Horses4567

Fall. Such a pretty season. Changing colors, the cool evening air, I love it. My horse does, too. He loves the cool air in his mane, galloping on the hills. The smell of pumpkin pie fills you horse, as it is that time of year.

In the fall, everything changes, as up north it gets drastically cooler, so at night you can drink hot chocolate and snuggle with your plush horse under the blankets on your bed and watch TV.

I love fall, because during the day, it's the perfect time to go outside. It's not too warm or too cold-it's just right. But when it's really chilly out, like on a windy fall day, it's perfect to stay indoors and play with your guinea pigs or just hang out with your dogs. In my neighborhood, my brother and I are the only kids on our street so we kinda' just hang out around the guinea pigs (we have 3).

Fall is just wonderful. I think many people can agree-there are lots of foods you can make that you wouldn't normally make in the summer, and Halloween. One of my favorite holidays. There are just so many cool decorations out there-I even have a Halloween saddle pad for my Club Pony Pals pony, Marshmallow.

I think many people can agree that fall is one of the best seasons. Can you? There are just so many fun things to do: fall festivals (at least where I live), hay rides, and lots of cozy indoor riding lessons. I love fall, my horse does, everybody does. Well, at least some people do. I bet Mrs. Crandal even likes fall.

Ask yourself this: What is my favorite part of fall? I know what my answer is-EVERYTHING!!!!

I Love Horses4567 & My Pony
2013-10-13 03:41:34
Autumn in Virginia
by Horses1002

Fall. What is that? Well, if you ask me, I'd say it's the best season of the year! I wait all year to finally be able to cover my arms completely with my horse jacket. When I can use my horse pattern comforter on my bed.

As you're leading your horse, you hear the crunch of the leaves underneath your feet. Yes, here in Virginia the leaves fall from high trees, the breeze comes and so does my happiness.

The horses here seem to enjoy it too! You can tell because they gallop around in their pastures chasing eachother. It just tells you that they love the fall.

I love the many foods you eat in the fall that is just not appropriate for summer and spring. Like hot chocolate. I always enjoy being able to cuddle up with my plush horse and read the Pony Pal books.

I even have a fall bareback pad and a fall saddle pad for my Club Pony Pals horse, Razen! In the fall I take him for rides on the Pony Pal Trail, our favorite trail.

So what is my favorite part of fall in Virginia? EVERYTHING!! How about you?

horses1002 & Diego
2013-10-13 14:50:23
In, CA it is mostly cold in the morning but it is awesome then in the afternoon it is hot. I am having a really great time reading club pony pals books.
klnimmo & Wildflower
2013-10-18 01:54:18
My pony Autumn (fiction)
horsecrazygirl80 & Canela

"BEEP"...."BEEP" I slammed my alarm clock. Silence. I rubbed my eyes. It was Monday. NOOO! I got up to get ready for school. I threw on a long slim purple t-shirt with a silver horse on it. Then a black sweater and black leggings with purple sneakers. I brushed my long , long, straight black hair and swept it up into a side braid. I looked in the mirror. I am Hazel Higgins. I am japanese american.I am 13 years old and I love horses. I also love clothes, not as much as horses though.

I went downstairs and had a slice of banana bread then went to school.

. . . . . .

"Mom, I'm home!" I yelled. I looked around. Silence. I thought they were out in our shed working or something. The month before I had gone to a horse riding school and graduated. While I was gone my Dad built a shed for working or something. So far he does not want anyone in there. Must be his private room or something.

I knocked on the shed door. "Who is it" "Its me hazel" "Come in"

I opened the door. I heard scurrying around. In the shed was two small rooms. Then I saw a stall like box up ahead It was a stall I looked inside. There was a pony!

I almost fell backwards! I looked closer. It was a New Forest pony by the looks of it. It was a bay with a black mane and tail and a star on its head. The pony nickered. What was a pony doing here!

I looked for anyone around. "Hello" I said. "surprise!" I heard

Out popped Mom, Dad, and my little sister Jasmine. "What" I said bewildered. " we got you a pony for graduating from horse school" my mom said.

I gave everyone hugs and said thankyou zillions of times. I looked at the pony. "What will you call him?" asked jasmine. I walked into the stall. He sniffed my hands and nuzzled my shoulder. I smiled, "Autumn" That was the best fall ever!

horsecrazygirl80 & Flame
2013-10-20 02:38:10
The changes of fall
by: Jannah Rose

my story is a fiction it's about a horse
who has memories of when she was growing up and
things like that.

I remember the when I was a young filly I lived
on the farm I was young and naive I would play
with the other foals in the pasture I remember
when fall came my black foal fur was turning into horse fur and I was growing my winter coat the
trees were changing too their leaves were going
from a light green to a golden brown or red
it was beautiful fall was my favorite season
before I knew it I was a yearling by then I was
very mature but yet I was still changing the seasons changed days became weeks,weeks became months and months became years and I was finally ready to be trained to carry a rider and it was fall again I remember being trained I was stubborn
after I was done being trained for the day I would
stand in my paddock and look at the trees they
were so very peaceful the wind was changing too
it was cooler and it seemed to make everything chilly I noticed all of the changes I accepted them time passed it was time for me to find a home
I was sold to a person who kept me in an old barn
the stalls were small they had wires sticking
out of the sides of them they would
pinch me while I was in my stall I never got out
there were other horses there one was a wild horse
he would kick and buck in his stall the other horses looked in bad condition soon my owners
stopped feeding us my owner decided to sell us
me and the wild horse went to the same home
we finally started to talk to eachother
his name was Timber he was a wild horse
then he was captured by our old owner
our new owner seemed nice was she going to be
a good owner our owner's name was Niki she
treated us very well Timber changed he wasn't
very wild anymore Fall came I loved the changes
and I lived the rest of my life perfectly, THE END

jannah rose & The Fault In Our Stars
2013-10-25 02:27:11
The Cloud's Autumn
bye Fudge2714

the thing i like most about autumn is the beautiful colors. all orange, yellow, brown and gold. but something else i like is dreaming about what it must be like in the cloud's autumn. puffy trees, and perfect leaves, it makes me wonder if i'll get to see it.
Just thinking about it makes my mouth water, like the feeling when you see food that looks REALLY good. maybe i will be able to see it... one day. And until that day comes i will dream about... " The Cloud's Autumn"

Fudge2714 & Major
2013-11-01 21:42:57
Chilly Falls in Michigan
By KorusLover1

Falls in Michigan are nice, but cold and sometimes snowy. The bright colors of the red, yellow and orange leaves are gorgeous, making the fall even better. It's so fun to rake up all the fallen leaves, and jump right into them, then rake up the leaves again, and jump in again.
The fall is so cold though, that people are already shopping for 'winter' jackets, although I think they should be called Falter Jackets, a mix between fall and winter, Falter. Fall is also a great time to cuddle up under a blanket, just sitting and reading.
Fall is also a fun time to go outside with your horse and just ride around, listening the crackling leaves underneath the horses hooves. Its gorgeous out there.

So, here is my short story about a girl and horse in the fall, here in Michigan.

Lacey walked out of her house, it was a nice fall afternoon. Wonderfully, it was 62 degrees, and a nice day to ride. She walked out the barn, where her horse, Forrest was. She had been through so much with him, and he was such a great horse. She haltered him up and walked him out of his stall, over to where she would tack him up. She walked up the stairs to the tack room, and grabbed her nice all around (English, Dressage, Hunt Seat) saddle, and Forrest's bridal. She walked down the stairs and set the saddle down, took off Forrest's halter, and replaced it with the bridal. She walked around the corner and picked out a thick, warm saddle pad. She put the saddle pad on Forrest's back, then placed the saddle on top. She went up to the tack room again and grabbed the girth, then went back down to Forrest and buckled it on. Lacey then changed into her breaches and nice boots and mounted her boy, Forrest. Seated in the saddle, she picked up the reins and tapped Forrest's sides, and clucked. He walked on, out of the barn. Lacey looked around at her fall surroundings, golden leaves, some on the ground, and some still connected to the branches of trees. Lacey tapped Forrest into a trot and continued on into the arena, where today Lacey planned on doing a few jumps and then leaving for a nice trail ride. Lacey again tapped Forrest and he broke into a canter. They went over a few small jumps and then over some poles.
One hour on that today would be enough practice, and Lacey was very exited to take a ride in the new fall surroundings. They trotted out of the arena and onto the trail that went around the back of the property.
Lacey tapped Forrest and he broke into a canter. Lacey loved the sounds of the crackling leaves underneath Forrest's feet, it was music to her ears. The comfortable rocking of Forrest's canter drifted Lacey into a day dream of being a riding academy with Forrest, and going to the Olympics, and winning gold medals. Then her mind slipped back to reality. She thought of all the ribbons her and Forrest have already won together and thought 'all those are worth just as much as a Olympic Gold Medal, but still it would be so fun! And such an honor!'
She tapped Forrest's sides to remind him to keep cantering. He was so smooth and collected. They came across a small fallen log, which they just HAD to jump!
Lacey tapped Forrest into a fast canter and got ready to jump. When they went over, Forrest over-jumped, sending them higher up then needed. Lacey giggled and patted Forrest's neck, 'good boy' she said a few times. She slowed Forrest back down into a collected canter and sat back, enjoying the ride. They slowed into a fast trot and went over a tiny branch that had fallen from a tree. 'He he!' Lacey giggled and patted Forrest. They broke back into a canter, going that speed the rest of the curvy trail.
Once they had come to the end of the trail, popping out over by they far pasture, they slowed back to a trot came back to the barn. They cantered for a minute, then again slowed to a trot, then a walk, walking into the barn. Lacey stopped Forrest and dismounted, he was sweating and so was Lacey. They were obviously not cold. Lacey untacked Forrest and brushed him down. She gave him a carrot, for he had eaten lunch before their long, long ride. They had been out for two whole hours! Lacey slipped the halter back onto Forrest and walked him outside into the pasture for some grass. She put all the tack back into the tack room and cleaned Forrest's bit, then left the barn, leaving it looking like it was untouched. She went back into the house, took of her jacket and riding boots, changed into jeans and talked about to her ride to her parents.

This story is dedicated to Lacey Jamieson, a big inspiration to me and many, many, many, many, many others, all around the world.

R.I.P Lacey Jamieson 1997-2013

KorusLover1 & Snow Daisy
2013-11-04 02:29:01
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