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October Story Contest Age 10 & Under Start your entry with TITLE by USERNAME The rules are your story must have a horse or pony in it somewhere to be eligible for voting.

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Jane Crandal & JB
2014-01-08 03:36:20
Found Horse By Iamfree {Part One}

Chapter One
I WAS cantering through a grassy meadow on my horse,Dream. the wind was in my face and it felt wonderful.

"Jasmine? JASMINE? ANSWER ME!" I opened up my eyes. My friend, Carly, was staring at me. "Uh, hi, Carly." Carly smiled "Jazz, we're at your house. It's TIME to get off the bus." Me and Carly loaded off the bus and began the long walk to my house.
Hi. My name is Jasmine. I'm 12 and I'm horse crazy. I have a Palimino mare named Dream. Her show name is Dream Come True.
Me and Carly went inside my empty farm house and changed. "Want to go out for a ride?" Carly asked. I grinned "Sure. My dog, Pebbles, came out of no where and ran us over. "After we let out Pebbles." Carly said sensibly. So we let Pebbles outside and walked out to the paddock. Dream nickered and trotted over and was followed by Nikki, Carly's brown Arabian. Pebbles started running towards Dream. "Pebbles get back here!" I shouted, breaking into a jog. Dream neighed and started running away from Pebbles. "Pebbles, stop right know!" Pebbles stopped but Dream continued galloping.
Then Dream jumped.
Over the fence.
And ran into the woods.
"We've done EVERYTHING!" Carly said to me two days later. I slumped to the floor. "Except find Dream." I mumbled grumpily. Carly sighed "Jazz, Dream is out there....somewhere." Then Carly brightened. "Want to take a walk?" she asked. I shrugged. "I'll take that as yes."
Three minutes later we were jogging down the small path that led to town. "Hurry up!" Carly said. Then I heard a nicker. I stopped in my tracks. Carly fell backwards "Hey, what's the big ideas?" she snapped. "That nicker....its..its..familiar." I whispered. Carly looked around "What nicker?"
"Shhhh..." I put me finger to my lips.
Then I heard the nicker again.
Me and Carly looked at each other then ran towards the woods. "Dream! DREAM!" I shouted.
No answer. "Come on, Jazz." Carly sighed "We're just hearing things." Fighting back tears, I turned around.
And I was looking straight towards a horse being ridden by a girl a year younger then us.
My horse.
My first reaction was "That's my horse!" I made a grab for the reigns but the girl backed Dream up. "She's my horse." She said uneasily.
Then she cantered off.
On MY horse.
TO be continued.

Iamfree & Lost Promise
2013-10-10 15:55:48
The Bay Pony
by Horses1002

Emma, a girl who was horse crazy, sat down for dinner at her friends house. She sat next to the window where she watched the ponies gallop around in the pastures. "Why can't I have a pony dad?" Emma asked.

"We can't afford one, and also, how are you going to take care of a pony if you can't even make your own bed?" Emma's dad said.

Emma ate her dinner then ran outside to watch the ponies. A bay pony stopped playing and trotted over to her. "Hello pony," She said. She stroked the pony and it whinnied. A man walked up to her.

"This pony is free, want him?" The man said.

"Yes!" Emma said jumping up and down. She hugged the pony as the man put a halter on the pony and lead him out of the pasture. "I can't believe you're mine!" Said Emma. "I'll call you chocolate" Emma said very happily, and she didn't stop hugging her pony.

horses1002 & Diego
2013-10-13 03:41:34
Hi my name is Myla I am a white horse. I am 2 yrs. old. I am not a wild horse you might think so but I can still be a little to wild for my age. I am in my stall I am bored to death my owner she is a girl 10 yrs. old she told me that a new horse is coming. Since she heard a new horse was coming she didn't even ride me or anything so , her dad was riding me feeding me and taking care of me ! He even said he is going to sell me if nobody is coming to buy me I am going to the slaughter or he is going to free me! Oh, no here is the new horse it is white and black my owner is even saying that horse is cute rude than she just give me a mean look what did I ever do to her. It has already been one week she has been giving that horse named naponna treats , and she has been training her and giving that dumb dumb love. Somebody is going to buy me as soon as my owner herd that she was acting all crazy and giving me attention. That is the end of my 2 yr old life I am now 3 yrs. old me and naponna are now friends.
klnimmo & Wildflower
2013-10-20 02:38:10
Lizzie Gordon, Horse Whiz
By: Iamfree {Part One}

Chapter One
"Okay, guys, today we will be working on double oxers. The Stanhope Competition will be coming up next week, and maybe we'll have a chance to place in it. Any questions?" While Mia, my riding instructor, answered some students questions, I rubbed my hands together. It may be April, but it was as cold as ever and the remains of the March Snow was still laying on the ground. "Okay, let us began riding. Lizzie Gordon, would you please began?" That's me. I grinned. "No prob." I told Mia. I clucked my horse, Dawn, a palomino mare, into a trot and we trotted towards the complicated jumping course.

I got Dawn about 3 years ago. she was the first horse I ever had. We learned how to canter together, how to jump together, and how to fly together. Now I am ten and Dawn is eight, and we'll closer than ever. I trust Dawn, and Dawn trusts me. I urged Dawn into a canter as we approached the first jump. We made through it with a clean round. "Nice job, Liz." Mia commented. "Go, Liz!" My two best friends, Andrea Curchinko and Jewel Michaels called. I grinned. Jumping was me and Dawn's thing. As Andrea began jumping, my attention began to wander and soon I was watching the junior rider group start practicing. I was watching my little sister, Courtney, practice jumping with smaller jumps. She was concentrating on the jump in front of her. She and her little pony, Minx, was cantering over a small jump. As they approached the second jump, a small rabbit ran across the road. Minx eyed it fearfully. Minx darted away from the jump and ran out off the practice arena and into the woods. Courtney was clinging to Minx's neck for her life. Jody, her riding instructor, was frantically trying to shout orders to Courtney. Without thinking, I kicked Dawn into a canter. We sailed over the arena fence and ran after Minx and Courtney. "Minx, calm down!" I shouted. I urged Dawn into a gallop, and soon we were inching closer to Courtney. "Stop!" I shouted. Courtney turned around. "I can't!" She cried. I gave one reach and grabbed Minx's bridle and turned him around. Minx slowed down to a trot. We trotted back tot he stable.
"Did you see that riding?" I heard an excited voice shout.
Horse Champ
Chapter Two
"Excuse me?" I asked, turning around to see a man with brown hair running towards me.
"Miss, do you exercise your horse like that every day?" I shook my head. "I was trying to stop my sisters horse. I'm Lizzie Gordon." I extended my hands. The man shook it "I'm Dan Spelled, of Real Riding? Its was popular TV show that is made up of horse champions. You, Ms. Gordon, are one of them!"
Oh my word!
"So, he wants you and Dawn to go over to, like, the Real Riding TV place this Saturday?" It was that afternoon and I was talking to Jewel and Andrea. I nodded excitedly. "He wants to see me ride and maybe I can be featured in his next TV show!" Jewel and Andrea exchanged an uneasy glance.
"What's the matter?"
"Um, are you, like, sure this is a good idea?" Andrea asked quietly. I nodded "Of course it is! Positive!"
I hoped it was.
"Okay, Harley! That's a take! Jasmine, you did a fantastic job- oh, hi, Ms. Gordon!" It was two days later and I was at the TV center that Real Riding was filmed. It was so exciting! "Um, hi, Mr. Spelled." I said nervously.
Mr. Spelled wasn't nervous.
"Okay, everybody! This is our new champ, Ms. Lizzie Gordon!" After unloading Dawn, we led her into the arena were Real Riding was filmed. After warming up, I showed the camera crew and Mr. Spelled my jumping. He gave me a thumbs up. I pulled up to him. "Fantastic, Lizzie! A real keeper! I can see a real champ inside you! Just, um, one thing...."
"Yeah?" I asked nervously.
"I think we should take your riding to the next level. Have you ever thought of getting a more professional and experienced horse?"
"Um...I'll think about it." Mr. Spelled smiled. "Good. Okay, it's a wrap! Lizzie, I'd like to see you tomorrow for my feature show, okay?" I nodded, but inside, I fell nervous and numb.
Sell Dawn?
"Hi, Lizzie!" Andrea was saying. I was making a three-way call with Andrea and Jewel. "Hi guys." I said, feeling numb.
"How did the practice go?" (This was Jewel.)
"Okay." (I left out the selling Dawn part.)
"So, remember, pack brownies for our picnic ride tomorrow." Andrea told me.
I sighed "Um, guys, Mr. Spelled needs me for his feature show, so you'll have to do it without me."
(There was a pause. No congrats, no excitement.)
"Elizabeth Amelia Gordon! Not once in your entire your entire life have you canceled a trail ride! Well you once got sick, but that was two years ago, but, how could you?" Andrea practically shouted.
I but my bottom lip. "Sorry, but Mr. Spelled needs me. And it's the right thing to do. Besides, you'd be able to see me recorded on TV!"
"Fine." Andrea said stiffly.
"Okay." Jewel said doubtfully.
They hung up.
I stared at the wall which was covered with pictures of me and Dawn. Pictures of us riding together, winning together, and watching Courtney and Minx win together. How could we part?
I sighed. I would never in a million years get rid of Dawn, but being on TV would be fun! What harm could be done?
And why was it when I told myself that zillions of time, it still didn't feel right?
And why wasn't I surprised when the next morning in big bold letters in the Sunday paper, where written
To Be continued.

Iamfree & Lost Promise
2013-10-21 02:29:13
Mia's story by: jannah rose * chapter one*

I was waiting in the car as my new parents Diana and
Luke came up the dusty drive way I had just been
adopted I looked out the window my new home was
a horse farm I knew nothing about horses we parked
in- front of the barn my new sister Julie was waiting there my new sister had long blond hair,
blue eyes and a perfect smile I got out of the car
" hello welcome to the family" she said I smiled
I was too shy to speak she looked at me as if
she never saw a 12 year old girl with long brown hair and brown eyes " ok let's go meet your new horse" did she just say my "new" horse I felt nervous a horse for me NO WAY I could NEVER care
for a horse as I walked through the barn
I stared at all the horses how could one family
have this many horses we stopped at a stall
with a name plate with the name "Lacie" on it
a grey horse put her head over the stall door
" this is your horse" Julie smiled as she said it
she looked at me as she stroked the horse on the
neck " WHAT THIS IS MY HORSE" I opened my eyes
very wide and gawked at the horse " yes this is
your horse since you are now part of the family
you have a horse" " BUT I know nothing about horses" " you'll learn she said looking at me"
I pet my horse with an annoyed look on my face
I just arrive to my new home and new family and
all of a sudden I have a horse that seemed awkward to me " your first lesson is tommorrow"
" okay " I said " lets go eat dinner" we walked
back to the house when we got there dinner was on
the table and diana and luke were at the table
we sat down and ate we had spahgetti and meat balls for dinner after dinner we walked to the barn and got grain for the horses Julie helped me
and I got to feed my horse by myself I patted
Lacie on the neck and stroked her then I left
the barn with Julie and we wen to the house
we share a room my bags were there I changed into
my bed clothes and I brushed my teeth I went to bed ..... The Next Morning I ate breakfast
and since I was homeschooled with julie
we got dressed brushed our teeth and
did our barn chores first we fed the horses
then we mucked there stalls and finally it was
time for the lesson Julie taught me how to
groom horses then she helped me tack up she
is the best rider I know we went out to the ring
Julie helped me get on I walked a couple laps
" ok you can trot now but remember to post
since your riding english you must post"
she told me how to ask for a trot I thought
the horse was going too fast so I slowed her down
" Mia it's ok if you don't trot perfectly right away you just have to relax" so I tried again this
time I was relaxed I trotted a couple laps
" ok slow her down to a walk we can bring her in now" she helped me get off and we went to the
barn I untacked and groomed lacie then we put her
and the other horses out to pasture

jannah rose & The Fault In Our Stars
2013-10-26 03:13:33
You can vote once a day

msjane & AE
2013-10-31 23:06:44
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