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October Story Contest Age 11 Start your entry with TITLE by USERNAME The rules are your story must have a horse or pony in it somewhere to be eligible for voting.

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Jane Crandal & JB
2013-09-30 19:46:55
a Brave Heart.
by ThoroughbredLover2002

it all started on sunday morning when Over Lake a future x race horse was born he was a tall and skinny colt in other words slim
he loved to run! he would run through the fields and jump over the logs and fallen tree branches in the field he also had a friend named Paint the Wind or pokey. they would race each other there hooves thundering on the soft earth they would run and run! until the end of the fence line though they were tempted to jump the fence and run in too the open land there mothers Temptress and Aurora always said no so they listened as over lake grew older his legs got longer and he started to fill out though he was still the smallest colt in the field he still was the bravest. once he was a yearling they gelded him and put him in the barn. then when he was 2 and a half he started his training. it was hard running on the track for he was used to running in the soft grassy fields the dirt track was hard on his legs though he did it anyways until one day he was loaded in too the trailer he was haled for a few miles then they stopped he was unloaded and taken in to a strange place there were many thoroughbred racehorses then he was tied up. his groom put on his green saddle pad that said OVER LAKE and 7 his saddle and bridle was also put on then he was led out in to a open area they walked around a round track for a bit there were a ton of people there cheering and whispering to each-other they seemed happy. he kept walking for a while then a jockey mounted him he was lead out on to the track. he was loaded in to the starting gates there were about 9 other horses there kicking a whinnying then the gun shot and they....were off! over lake raced out of the gates and took 2 place he ran and ran it seemed for hours though it was only 1 minute they were almost to the finish when he tripped...........he did a front flip and the jockey flew off his back seconds later he just laid there for a bit people rushed up to him taking photos and petting him and checking his leg he got up his right back leg was throbbing with pain he was loaded in to a large open trailer with sawdust on the bottom he laid down on the soft bedding and closed his eyes.......he woke days later in a stall he was standing in a sling and his back right leg was bandaged minutes later his groom Ben came to check on his 'boy your awake!' he said over lake reached his head out to be pet and ben stroked him softly. END OF CHAPTER ONE.

over lake had been sitting in that stall for it seemed months now the vet had come and taken off his bandage and got him out of the sling he was very happy! but his leg seemed to feel weird like there was something in it then he herd something outside his stall 'ok i will take him a dusk i will get my trailer' a young woman said 'ok then bring the money too' a man said over lake was happy a new home he thought maybe a good one too!. END OF CHAPTER 2

over lake was in a small paddock with no grass but there were hay. every day his new owner Sarah came to see him she had blonde hair and brown eyes she was very nice she fed him peppermints and loved on him but oh i forgot over lake was no longer over lake he was prince or brave heart. finally prince had found his happily ever after why not find yours?

ThoroughbredLover2002 & BraveHeart
2013-10-04 01:40:08
Me and my horse (part one)
By pinkey280

Me my horse are best friends! We ride together, play together and perform in shows together. I am going to tell you about how I got my horse Blaze.

No to long ago I was riding on the rang in the woods when I herd something. I terned my horse around to see a mare with her foal fallowing me. I got down from my horse but the mare and foal didn't move. I walked over very sloly. She didn't move. Then I saw an old brand. It was the old farmers how youst to live down the rode. They hade to move becas they couldn't pay what they owned. I looked over the mare to see that she was very ill. "You rely need a vet" I said "Come with me and I will fiks you two up" So I led them to the barn and asked my dad if we could keep them. He said "Let me think about it. I will go call the vet"

Part two

He said "Let me think about it. I will go call the vet" "Ok" I said. When the vet got her he said "The mare has a very bad case colic and wont be able to nurse her foal. The foal is fine but very hungry. You should ether get another mare or bottle feed him" he said. I looked over the stall door to see the mare nuzzling her foal. "What about Star dad? She can nurse the foal" I said hopefully "...Ok you can take him to that stall but make shore Star is ok with him in ther with her" he said "Ok! Thank you dad!" I said happily and walked around the corner to get a rope. When I came back I saw the vet give the mare some medicein. He said "I will come back in a weak to see how she is doing" "Ok. Thank you" My dad said as the vat left the nekst fue days the mare was fine but on the 4th day of being on the ranch she was very ill agen. She died that night. I cryed and sleped by her. In the morning we bared her. I spent all day around her foal and named him Blaze becas he has a big blaze on his forhed. "I'm sorry about your mother" I said to blaze one day he seemed to know becas he nuzzled me. "Your so sweet!" I said him When I left his stall I asked my dad if I could start training him when he was old anuf he said "Yes. He can be your horse if you want. I think he's a Thorougbred" my dad said "Thank you!" I said and gave my dad a hug

And so that's how I got Blaze. He may have ben borne wild but he's the best friend you could ever have!

Pinkey280 & Finn
2013-10-05 19:18:14
My Wonderful Horse
By: I love Horses4567

When I first rode my Pony Pals pony Jack, he was just amazing. He has the smoothest canter and is a wonderful jumper.

One day, I was at a jump-off with him. The height of the jump was at 5'5". There were two contestants left-one was me.

I was last. The first contestant knocked over the pole. It was all or nothing for me and Jack. WE MADE IT OVER!!!!!!!

We won the tricolor for highest jump at the competition and won the jump-off gold trophy. Everyone in my family was there. They all ran down to the arena and we got our picture in the newspaper and the largest magazine for horses EVER!!!!

That was the best day of my life. I will never forget that moment and the people who helped make it happen.


I Love Horses4567 & My Pony
2013-10-05 23:00:50
Tall Sport the giant by sundae123456:
Once upon a time, there was a giant horse named Sport. Sport was a tri registered quarter horse paint. He was 12 years old and he was 16.2 hands. He was very gentle, but other horse laughed at him because he was so tall. Sport felt sad and he ran off by himself at the other end of the pasture. Then a mare named Mysti a registered bay quarter horse related to the famous (more faster to Secartariat) Man of War came up and said "Hi there fella". Sport turned and looked at Mysti" What do u want?. I am just a bad horse and I am to tall". Mysti walked up to him and faced toward him and said" no you aren't, you are the great Sport, the one who rescued us from the evil Kelly (the 1st owner of the herd). Don't say that. We just don't know how to thank you". Sport said "Really"?. "Really", Mysti said. 1 week later Sport was best friends with all the horses and the owner said "Sport I am going to take you to a show today". She loaded up Sport and Mysti and went to a jumping show. Sport knew what would happen so he closes his eyes. Sport opened his eyes and all of sudden he was in a jumping ring. "One, Two, Three GO" said the judge. And they were off! They aimed to the first jump! "Cleared" said the Judge! Everybody cheered. As they were at the most diffuclt part, the part where every horse failed, sport closed his eyes again and soared over that big brick wall! Cleared yelled the judge! Everybody clapped and cheered. When they got home, no one ever again made fun of the Tall sport the giant!
The End!
Written by: sundae123456
Printed by: sundae123456!

sundae123456 & Ice Cream Sundae
2013-10-20 02:38:10
You can vote once a day

msjane & AE
2013-10-31 23:07:03
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