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October Poem Contest Start your entry with TITLE by USERNAME The rules are your poem must have a horse or pony in it somewhere to be eligible for voting.

You can vote once a day

Jane Crandal & JB
2013-09-30 19:48:26
By showla

Horses are a wonderful breed
Some of them are called a steed
Some of them like to eat grass
But others would just pass
I love my horse very much
Even tho she eats much
The End

showla & Noah
2013-10-04 13:07:57
By pinkey280

Apples are good in Fall.
You can eat them big and small.
They feed me
and my horse.
So apples are my faverot of all!

Pinkey280 & Finn
2013-10-04 17:35:21
Autumn Mare
by Chisipiti

Summer brings the brilliant sun,
While spring invites new life,
Winter brings the crystal snow,
While autumn is crisp air in my lungs,
It's the fallen leaves upon the ground,
Tree tops burning colours bright,
While I stand, the forest still.
Her breath against my chilled cheeks,
Her eyes glimmer in the low shining light,
Her coat now soft with downy hairs,
She stands with me,
we stand together,
My misted breath mixes with hers,
My lids shut, no longer seeing,
Her fur musky as the forest floor fills my lungs,
Her heart beat so clear in the silent forest,
She is gone when dusk settles,
Broken earth tells of our meeting,
I am gone when dawn breaks,
Fresh leaves re-write our meeting,
And I leave without her, my Autumn mare.

Chisipiti & Bramble
2013-10-08 18:53:29
Halloween Horses
By Sockylola1

The horses whinny as they hear

The witches fly up, all a peer

They zoom to the pasture and land

In the middle of the grass, then stand

And walk towards their waiting steeds.

The black horses pay heed

To the witches' commands,

Letting them measure them by hands,

They are then rented out by the Warlock horse keeper,

Who even supplies them with a free feeder.

The witches cast aside their whiskery brooms

And mount on their horses, Jazz, Tip, and Zoom!

They gallop through the night, cackling

And shooting up lighting, their fingers crackling.

They ride through the night, pointed hats

Bobbing as they jump over walls and stacks

Of bricks, tripping every now and then in the dark,

One horse shines out from the rest, white as a stark,

A powerful woman rides him with her face aglow,

Sending flakes of snow

All around her as she brings on Winter.

The new witches are hinter

To stay away from her all Summer;

Or else be the practice of her wand, Hummer.

As the night begins to fade and dawn lights

Come, the witches, the dark night frights

They return to the Warlock the horses in the Pasture,

And the horses all whinny a hello to their master,

Tired and worn from the long night,

But the one shining pony that was so ever bright,

He happily grazes and never feels tired

As the day begins and the horses that were hired

Lay down for a rest in the comfortable grass

And won't wake up, even for the feeding lass.

sockylola1 & Spirit
2013-10-08 21:35:04
Flip a Dime
By: POA Girl1

This is song or poem.

Ponies go down,
And a golden crown,
Ponies come up,
Just like a jump,
Ponies can tick,
And they can lick,
Ponies rime like a lime for a dime!
the end

POA Girl1 & Remi
2013-10-09 21:46:33
Spooky Pony
By: CowGirl7

At the end of October
It starts getting colder
Nights are longer
Days are shorter

Out come trick or treaters
Young candy eaters
Dressed up very scary
But acting very merry

The scariest night for a pony
Like being chased by a coyote
Out comes a pony named Ozzie
Scared of a fake zombie

Left to right, up and down
Scary creatures are all around town
From costumes to decorations
They are all terrifying creations

Children’s shouts and screams
Ponies can’t handle these extremes
Bags, masks, and weird smells
With some loud yells

To a pony, it’s all worth it
Because at one point, the kids will quit
It is great to have a happy rider
As long as you aren’t scared by a spider

CowGirl7 & Ozzy
2013-10-10 05:31:38
Ponies and People
by Horses1002

People make me sad,
Ponies make me happy,
People always yell,
Ponies always whinny,
People always hate,
Ponies always love

horses1002 & Diego
2013-10-13 03:41:34
Title: See the Leaves
By: Horsesforever12

See the leaves drift downward,
See the clouds roll onward,
See the mountains climb and tumble,
See the earth shake and tremble.

See the mustangs wild with spirit,
See them galloping with not a hint of merit,
See their eyes; see their hooves beating the ground,
See them break the the quiet with sound.

See their leader, tireless and strong,
See the way he dances, as if listening to a song,
See his muscles ripple with pleasure,
See his delight...freedom is his treasure.

See the leaves fly around the throng of horses,
See the leaves rise and fall to their courses,
See the mustangs gallop away into the plains,
See the wind in their manes.

See the leaves drift downward,
See the clouds roll onward,
See the mountains climb and tumble,
See the earth shake and tremble.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-10-16 19:27:37
Riding In Autumn
by jeppocat

In the windy autumn air,
I ride with my favorite mare.
The leaves crunch as she trots along
while the air sings a windy song.

In time the leaves with have frost
another year away and lost.
So, as I ride toward the setting sun,
many adventures are yet to come.

jeppocat & Rinoa
2013-10-26 03:11:44
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