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I wound Like a Role play called Freedom. The plague would be a jet black Stallion come out of a burning barn.
Starwalker123/Midnightdancer (Me to)

Starwalker123 & Star
2015-02-16 02:51:29
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 545107 p 689
Jane Crandal & JB
2013-10-07 03:51:53
So, what is this about? :)
sockylola1 & Spirit
2013-10-07 23:41:24
can i join??
DragonShadowCave & Artemis
2013-10-07 23:46:56
can i join?

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2013-10-08 00:55:00
The cold night sent the jet black horse running for the barn his name was Star, and he was a Champion 3 day- eventer. As a raindrops fall he canters up out of his run into his stall. In the stall on his right his best friend Zeus slept and on his left the new mare Midnight was sleeping. The other horse slept too in the stall crossest from him The Palomino mare Lilly slept with her and his 3 day old Daughter Rose. Star went to sleep.
*2 hours Later*
Star awaked with a start the flames reaching up around his body. He let out a pricing scream. Lucy his rider opened Zeus, Midnight’s, Lilly and his’s stall doors. Star lead then out in to the stormy night and they watched as the barn and house burned to the ground. Lucy came sobbing to the great Black Stallion “my parents are gone.” She wore a back pack “We are going to be free.” she put on a lead rope and mounted the great horse the little group leaves the scene and rides west trod the mountains.
30 Minutes Later they Come to a farm were Lucy’s Friends the twins Luke and Kate live. Lucy got of Star and climb the rope up Kate’s room.
Lucy, “Wake up.” she shakes her friend awake
Kate “Luc want is it.”
Lucy “The horses and I are going to the mountains the house and barn burned down My mom and Dad are died. Come with us.”
Kate, “Let’s get Luke too.”
Lucy, “I’ll get him you pack.”
Kate starts to pack her clothes and things. Lucy goes to Luke’s room waking and telling him. He packs and the three kids tiptoe down stairs. They all wearing a back pack Luke is carrying his pack without a word he fill it with food and water. They slip outside. Star, Zeus, Midnight, Lilly and Rose come up.
Lucy, “Lets go get your horses and a saddle for me.”
The Kids slip in the barn getting Luke’s Gelding Night Kate’s mare Lady and A yearling daughter of star named Faith. They saddle up and ride to the Mountains. When they arrive at the mountains they climb to a meadow were they find an old cabin and corral with a fresh water spring nearby. They sent up camp.
That was 3 days ago This is now
This role play is about 3 kid how toke there horse and ran. They live at an old cabin. You get to play as a kid that joins then or a horse.
The form rules are my rules
Group Rules
1. Lucy and Luke are the Leaders listen to them
2. No fighting
3. I will thank of more
Joining from (Don’t have to fill out the people From use you’re on)
Full Name:
Age: (12 to 16)
Hair color:
Hair style:
History: (Required)
Horse form (You can fill out this or yours.)
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name:
Stable/ Call/Barn Name:
Coat color:
History: (Required)
Owner: (If It Has one)

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-08 01:45:05
Anyone can join
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-08 02:56:02
My People
Full Name: Lucy Lauren W****
Name: Lucy
Nick: Lu, Luc,
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair color: Pale Brown
Hair style: curly in pony tails
Skin: Dark Brown Tan
Likes: Horses, the woods and Nature
Dislikes: Bears and Fires
Personality: Funny, Sweet, Kind, and outgoing
Family: not Alive
History: was born and raised on a ranch until the fire the rest is In the intro
Full Name: Kate Annabelle S****
Name: Kate
Nick: K.A., Kat, Kit-Kat
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Eyes: sky Blue
Hair color: Blond
Hair style: long and down
Skin: pale white
Likes: Riding her horse
Dislikes: bugs
Personality: Nice, Is a great friend
Family: Luke and parents
History: born and raised on a farm with her twin Luke see intro for the rest of the history
Full Name: Luke Jason S****
Name: Luke
Nick: L. J
Age: 16
Gender: male
Eyes: Sky Blue
Hair color: Blond
Hair style: long for a boy
Skin: tan
Likes: Hunting, fishing and riding his horse
Dislikes: being indoors
Personality: Standoffish until his gets to know you a great Leader.
Family: Kate his Twin and Parents
History: born and raised on a farm with his twin Kate see intro for the rest of the history
My Horses
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Star’s Leap Of Faith
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Star
Age: 7
Gender: Stallion
Breed: TB
Height: 16. 2 ½
Coat color: Black
Mane: Black
Tail: Black
Markings: none
Hooves: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: Normal TB
Personality: wild and fiery. Only Lucy can ride him
History: Raised by Lucy. A 3 day eventer until the fire. As well as Rose and Faith’s dad
Owner: Lucy
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Zeus’s Master Bolt
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Zeus
Age: 4
Gender: gelding
Breed: TB/ Mustang
Height: 14. 2
Coat color: bay
Mane: Black
Tail: Black
Markings: a bold blaze and 4 white ankle socks
Hooves: Black
Eyes: Brown
Build: a shorter stocker TB
Personality: A mellow Fellow
History: raised by Lucy. Was in training to be a 3 day eventer until the fire
Owner: Lucy
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Wild Cheyenne’s Lilly
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Lilly
Age: 15
Gender: mare
Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Height: 15. 2
Coat color: dark golden
Mane: white
Tail: white
Markings: a snip
Hooves: white
Eyes: brown
Build: normal Rocky Mountain Horse
Personality: sweet and outgoing
History: raised by Lucy’s parents. A brood mare until the fire her Foal is Rose
Owner: Lucy
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Star’s Wild Roses
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Rose
Age: 6 days
Gender: filly
Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse/TB
Height: a baby will still grow will be about 15.00 hands
Coat color: dark Bay
Mane: Black
Tail: Black
Markings: a star and a snip
Hooves: Black
Eyes: brown
Build: a more TB looking Rocky Mountain Horse
Personality: a curiose outgoing filly.
History: Her mom is Lilly and her dad is Star
Owner: Lucy
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Middle Of The Night
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Midnight
Age: 5
Gender: mare
Breed: Mustang
Height: 14.2
Coat color: Black
Mane: Same
Tail: same
Markings: a blaze and 4 white socks
Hooves: Black
Eyes: brown
Build: Stocky
Personality: Sweet
History: Lucy just brought her
Owner: Lucy
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Night Of A Thousand Stars
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Night
Age: 6
Gender: Gelding
Breed: Appy
Height: 15. 3
Coat color: White and brown Leapord Appy
Mane: white with brown streaks
Tail: white with brown streaks
Markings: Leapord Appy
Hooves: Brown with white lines
Eyes: Blue
Build: a stocking horse
Personality: Mellow , calm and cool
History: was given to Luke as a 1 year old and trained by him. Is a cutter
Owner: Luke
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Lady Sunset
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Lady
Age: 9
Gender: Mare
Breed: Paint
Height: 14. 3 ½
Coat color: Red and white
Mane: same
Tail: same
Markings: Tobyonio
Hooves: white
Eyes: Blue
Build: She is Built like a tank
Personality: has her wild times is good most of the time
History: was raised and Trained by Kate’s Mom. Faith’s mom
Owner: Kate
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Star’s Unfaithful Lady
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Faith
Age: 1 year old
Gender: Filly
Breed: Paint/ TB
Height: a baby still growing
Coat color: Black and white
Mane: same
Tail: same
Markings: tobyonio
Hooves: white and black
Eyes: blue
Build: Like a paint TB
Personality: Kind sweet and fun
History: a yearling Daughter of Star and Lady
Owners: Luke and Kate

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-08 02:56:02
Can I join? And is this like a stable a herd what?

Full Name: Rebekka Sand
Name: Rebekka
Nick: Reb
Age: (12 to 16) 13
Gender: Female
Eyes: Hazel
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: Wavy, usually in ponytail
Skin: ?
Likes: Horses!
Dislikes Nothing
Personality: Very friendly, is social, and loves horses!
Family: 2 parents and no siblings
History: (Required) She was adopted when she was a baby, and doesn't know her real parents

Horse form (You can fill out this or yours.)
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name: Dream Girl
Stable/ Call/Barn Name: Dream
Age: 4
Gender: Mare
Breed: Thoroughbred
Height: 17hh
Coat color: Dark Bay
Mane: Dark Brown, almost Black
Tail: Dark Brown, almost black
Markings: white star on forehead, and 3 coronet's on the two back legs, and one pastern on the front left leg
Hooves: Black
Eyes: Black
Build: Typical Thoroughbred
Personality: Is very sweet layed back, doesn't have that much of a temper
History: (Required) Is an ex-racehorse, but is now doing jumping and dressage
Owner: (If It Has one)

ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2013-10-08 22:15:48
Full Name:Apollo Artemis Tyler Whirlwind Leah
Name:Apollo Artemis Leah
Eyes:sky blue
Hair color:black and purple
Hair style:usually down to knees or in a tight French or dutch braide
Skin:pale yet tan at the same time
Dislikes:Most people
History:dad died when she was 4,never met her mother,has a connection with horses
Horse form (You can fill out this or yours.)
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name:Golds Blue Chance
Stable/ Call/Barn Name:Chance
Breed:Paint X TB
Coat color:sorrel almost chocolate brown and white
Mane:chocalate and white
Tail:light brown
Eyes:sky blue mixed with chocalte making his eyes look like yin and yang
Build:tall slim
Personality:bit on the bratty side but is kind and means well
History:top show horse

Horse form (You can fill out this or yours.)
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name:Bowmen's Arrow
Stable/ Call/Barn Name:Arrow
Coat color:buckskin and white and sorrel(this is a real horse I know with some wacky color mixes)
Eyes:deep brown
Build:small,light,kind eye,all-around
Personality:sweet,in training

Horse form (You can fill out this or yours.)
Show/ Long/ Reg. extra Name:unregistered
Stable/ Call/Barn Name:Clover
Breed:Mustang X Morgan
Coat color:bay
Markings:four white socks, star and snip
Build:short,trail and western horse type build but can do just fine at english
Personality:little la de da,but in a good way,holds his own,pitchs a fit some times,if he thinks you have a treat he will be very annoying
History:mustang makeover

I just realized I don't have a mare.WOW.

tylerbt & Vintage
2013-10-08 22:39:33
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