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The Seven

May I Have a role-play called The Seven aka TS. The plaque would show seven horses with the gold letters TS. beky12 will co-own and pay half
Starwalker123/ beky12

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-16 01:49:36
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 547138
Jane Crandal & JB
2013-10-16 01:59:48
There is a prophecy made by the Medicine Horse Sliver Cheyenne meany years ago.
The Seven Shale Raise
One Of Sliver (Taken)
One Of Coal (Taken)
One Of Gold (Pal)
One Of Ice (Taken By beky12 my co-owner)
One Of Mud (Bay)
One Of Water (Blue Roan)
One Of Two Tones, Healers Blessing (Paint, Medicine Horse)
And End A War But See No Fighting
Sliver Cheyenne was a great Medicine Horse before her death she past the job of the prophecy to her daughter Sliverwind and Son Dark Star aka Star . Sliverwind , A sliver gray 4 year fast as the wind she is the Sliver of the prophecy. Dark Star aka Star a coal colored horse with a white star on his head 6 years old, Fast as the Wind and Brave as the wolf, The Coal of the prophecy. Now they gather the others to end the herds war.
The Herds
Varo’s Herd: Lead By The Gray Varo and the white Dala
Luck’s Herd: Lead by Luck red and white pinto and Lala the grulla
Stillen’s Herd: Lead by Stillen a dun and Sona a dun
Carmel’s Herd: Lead by Carmel a Carmel colored horse and Amethyst a bay
More Herds to come
To Join
Joining Rules
1. Only make one seven horse apiece
2. up to 3 others
3. no seven can be younger than 1 year
4. The seven must be full before we can role
Out of Rule
Obey Club C Rules
The Seven Rules
1. Help Any Horse In Need
2. Obey Star and Sliverwind
3. more will be picked in role
Prophecy: (Yes/No)
Spot If Yes Above:
If Not Put How You Fit In:
Smile: (See Mine)
My Horses
Full: Dark Star
Name: Star
Nick: S, Dark, Starry and Darky
Age: 6
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Mustang
Height: 14.2
Mane/Tail: Coal Black
Coat: Coal Black
Markings: white 5 point star on his forehead
Prophecy: Yes
Spot If Yes Above: Coal
Family: Mom Sliver Cheyenne (Died), Dad Dark Wind (Died) Sister Sliverwind
Personality: Tuff, Funny, Loves to run
Smile: Fast as the Wind and Brave as the wolf,
History: He was born and raised by traveling Medicine Horses
Full/Reg: The Sliver Wind That Breaks Branches
Name: Sliverwind
Nick: Sliver, Wind, Sliv, win, windy
Age: 4
Gender: mare
Breed: Mustang
Height: 14.2
Mane/Tail: sliver gray
Coat: same
Markings: none
Prophecy: Yes
Spot If Yes Above: The Sliver
Family: Mom Sliver Cheyenne (Died), Dad Dark Wind (Died) Brother Dark Star
Personality: funny, Loves playing, can be serious as needed
Smile: Fast as the Wind
History: she was born and raised by traveling Medicine Horses
Full/Reg: Captain Jack Sparrow
Name: Jack or Captain Jack
Nick: Jacky, Cap, Captain
Age: 9
Gender: stallion
Breed: Clydesdale
Height: 16.2
Mane/Tail: Black
Coat: normal for his breed
Markings: white belly and blaze
Prophecy: No
If Not Put How You Fit In: Mentor and Friend to the seven
Family: Mom Sparrow (Died) Dad Captain (Farm Horse)Older Sister Princess (Died)
Personality: RPO
Smile: Strong As Ten Oxen
History: Jack was born on a farm with one older sister. His mom died with he was 5 and his sister that same day. Jack was grief streak and ran away soon he found and joined Dark Star and his parents. Been with them ever since

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-19 23:48:34
She needs a smile
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-20 20:41:01
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-21 02:22:23
can i be the one of water?
JumperGal & Jack Frost
2013-10-21 22:56:14
Its all ready teken Jumper
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-22 03:29:42
Is there anything not taken?

JumperGal & Jack Frost
2013-10-22 23:48:18
Everthing but the ones taken by me and Beky12 plus water is open and others are all ways
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-10-23 00:30:58
can i be the one of gold?
JumperGal & Jack Frost
2013-10-23 23:13:56
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