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January Story Contest Age 10 & Under
To be eligible for voting your story must have a horse or pony in it somewhere. Start your entry like this

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admin & Aslan Equinox
2014-01-01 15:49:09
Title: The Lost Horse
By: Iluvkitties

Chapter 1: Missing Horse

One morning, Abigail walked to the barn. But there was only six horses! She had seven horses! She thought to herself, "Where did the other horse go? He disappeared!" She went back in the house and told her mom she was going to tack up her horse and find the missing horse. She went back to the barn and tacked up her horse and left.

Chapter 2: Tracks

Abigail cantering when she saw some tracks on the trail. She smiled. She knew this trail. So she followed the tracks. Then she came to a fork in the trail. The tracks went left. She galloped on the trail to the left and then she saw the horse. She got her lasso out. But the horse jumped over a giant bush and she said to herself, "Oh fiddlesticks! I can't jump over that bush it's too high! But I have to try." She cantered her horse to the jump. The horse leaped into the air. They jumped over it. "Yes! We made it, Jumper! I knew we could do it." said Abigail.

Chapter 3: Catch the Horse

Abigail was galloping and twirling her lasso over her head. She galloped closer and closer and closer to the horse. She threw her rope. But she missed. Suddenly a different rope caught the horse. It was Abagail's mom! "Mom, what are you doing here?" Abagail asked. "You couldn't do it alone, so I tacked up my horse and went on the trails." said Mary. So they went home happily.

The end.

Iluvkitties & Cupid
2014-01-18 02:55:10
story entry age 10
title: the heart is the love
by: at the heart beat & blistering storm

chapter one
meeting copper and textra

alese and her sister elsa woke up one morning they wanted to play with elsa's moddel horses
they ran outside and played for hours come in darlings their mom yelled,"ok mom hold on!," elsa replied their family was royalty elsa and alese lived in a castle the girls loved horses and had always wanted to ride them ~~~~the next day~~~ mom i want to take lessons for riding horses and so does alese!,"elsa told her mother but honey horses are dangerous,"said the qween BUT i love them and so does Alese!,"elsa replied
her mother sighed fine but only for a little while DONT fall off ok ill drive you to the stable with horses near by ok honey no more upsesions ok?,"asked the qween YES ok mom thank you!,"elsa hugged her the girls hopped in the car and drove away when the girls arived the girls rushed out of the car and ran up to the lady standing at the door hello my name is mrs. weselton hi my names elsa and this is my sister alese,"elsa replied. the girls walked into the stable and looked around elsa found a palamino horse in a corner stall and asked his name, that is copper,"said mrs. weselton oh hes so sweet!,"said elsa kissing the horses nose
copper snorted and nudged her would you like this one to ride maybe i will give him to you if your mother would buy him," mrs. weselton smiled no i would just like to ride him thank you," elsa replied ~meanwile~ alese looked around she found a paint horse in the middle of the other side of elsa over here please mrs. weselton!," alese yelled they tacked up the horses and rode the first couple of times the girls fell off but they got back up and fell again but they got back up and the girls loved copper and textra

chapter two
competition already?

~~~the next day~~~ the girls woke up got there horses and rode then a girl came up and said hi my names elsa alese how about yours! hahahahahahahaha!,"said the girl
im way better than you if you fall off now youll never survive the competitions!
elsa and alese frowned competitions?," asked elsa
yeah DUH,"the girl laughed hey dont be mean to elsa im here too!," alese got mad the girls both frowned again and the other girl walked away when they got off their horses and asked mrs. weselton about the competition a competition huh oh wanna enter girls?," asked mrs. weselton of course!," the girls yelled

chapter three
gotta practice!

the girls practiced and practiced
~~~~the next day~~~~ the girls got the horses and got some more training it was almost the day for the competition oh phew one more day elsa!," alese got exited but im worried what if we fail!," elsa got upset oh we will do fine im sure cuz i know your with me right? yeah i guess," elsa frowned. the girls worked tiresly the girls practiced they made moves and they practiced even more! ~~~the next day~~~ the girls woke up it was the day of the competition the girls ran to their horses textra was exited and so was copper
~~~the girls entered the ring doing dressage~~~
elsa won first place for doing a move called "the piaffe" and alese got second place for doing a move called"a side step" and the girls were so happy!. the girls left and waited for the next competition" show jumping"

chapter for final
winning for my sister works for me!

~the past month~
the girls practiced and got a mail from the show jumping asosiation they did not axept alese's entering permit so they had to kick her off the team so elsa was left. alese ran to her room crying she climbed out the window and ran to the stable she ran inside and ran to textras stall she got her out and tacked her up. elsa was sad also but she knew what she had to do
she went to the show and entered the ring, elsa kicked copper into a gallop and he jumped and jumped and jumped when they headed tords the last jump they hesitated it was very high, you can do it boy for alese and textra!," elsa said patting coppers neck copper took off into a gallop and hesitated more but he galloped tords the jump and made it almost clearly! elsa had made the track better than that girl who bragged about herself winning elsa was so happy that she won she got back to the stable and gave her siter a hug they both held the trophy and lived on forever and ever!
the next competition im gonna win!,"alese quoted not a chance!,"elsa exclaimed the girls won the next competition and lived on...
hope you enjoyed please vote and good bye!
at the heart beat & blistering storm

at the heart beat & blistering storm
2014-01-22 02:55:44
You can vote for your favorite once a day

Jane Crandal & JB
2014-01-31 20:12:31
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