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January Story Contest Age 12 & Over
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admin & Aslan Equinox
2014-01-01 15:49:09
Pegasi Hunters (part one)
By Sockylola1

~Chapter 1~
Sea flipped her mane. The herd was on the top of the mountain, the usual place for early year grazing. With humans on the lookout for horses, they needed to be up high. She looked around for her friend, Breeze. The black filly was usually galloping around somewhere, and sure enough, Sea spotted her galloping with Stone. Sea sighed and stretched her wings. Since she was the Lead Mare and Lead Stallion's daughter, she was expected to be mature. She couldn't go and run with the other foals. That "Just wouldn't be proper," as Daffodil, her mother, put it. Or, as Sparrow, her father, put it, "Because the other foals are silly." Well, she didn't then they were silly. Why couldn't she just have fun for once? It wasn't fair.
"Seeaaa!" That was her mother. Great. Probably more etiquette lessons on how to "steer the herd in a stampede" and how to "stop an argument between herd members" etc, etc, etc. She sighed again and began to walk over to her mother. She might as well get it over with.

Jessica Jace Jean set her backpack on the ground of the kitchen floor. She looked around for her father, Henry Valder Jean. Where was he? A year ago, she would've been able to find him in seconds. He probably would have found her. But of course, that was before her mother passed away from cancer. It felt like it'd been years since her father had smiled, hugged, and talked with her as he had before. They used to sit on the porch and watch the Pegasi fly over their heads. Now, her father would glare at the Pegasi, get his stable hands together, mount up, and ride out into the hills or forest to look for them. He'd already captured a few. He liked to jump them, and he was always showing them "who was boss." Jessica always treated their scrapes from falling or their hurt feelings behind his back. Once, he head caught her treating a pretty Palomino's knees after a particularly difficult jumping session. The poor Pegasus's legs had been tired, and her front legs collapsed, scraping the grit and cutting them a bit. Henry had let up and taken her back to her stall after that, but when he found Jessica he was furious. "What's the point of training them at all if my daughter is going to destroy everything I establish?" he had shouted. It was like Jessica couldn't even recognize him anymore. His heart had turned to stone ever since her mother had passed away, and there was no chance of melting it again.
She finally found Henry by one of the wire pens. The wire pens were pastures with wire domes weaved over the top so that Pegasi could be turned out, but couldn't escape. And, of course, the wire was unbreakable and electrified. She saw a Pegasus jerk back after trying to bite it and winced as it nearly fell over in shock. The electricity wasn't enough to hurt the Pegasi badly, but enough to give them the idea that trying to escape wasn't a good idea. The Pegasus in question who had tried was a large brown dapple stallion. He'd been caught in the hills the day before. One of the hunters who was employed by Henry who had helped capture him told her that the stallion had been accompanied by a palomino mare and a little brown and white paint foal. According to the hunter, the stallion had helped the little Pegasus foal into the air and then had tried to hold the humans off. Jessica marveled at how brave the Pegasus was. Pegasus foals didn't have very strong wings, so the palomino and the foal would've landed nearby. Henry was combing the hills carefully, searching for them. A foal was valuable to him; if he caught it, then he could start training it right away. It would grow up trusting him and only him, while adult Pegasi were harder to bend to his will.
From the twinkle in Henry's eye as he watched the dapple, Jessica guessed he meant to jump him. Henry loved to jump. It was his favorite thing to do with horses, winged or not. He had many trophies in his office, and he held the state championship title as well as a few records for the fastest Steeplechase. All in all, Jean Stables was famous. Everyone wanted to board their horses there.
Jessica considered saying something to her father, then pushed the thought away. He wouldn't listen anyway, so why should she try? She walked away from him, into the barn and over to the stall where her horse, Nightshade, was kept. Nightshade was a pretty black mare with a white sock on her right hind foot. She had a star on her forehead and a white snip on her muzzle. She was a good trail rider, and she was fairly well at popping over logs along the ride. Henry had tried before to get Jessica into jumping, but she refused to take Nightshade on a ride around the jumping arena. She knew if she did it just once then her father would nag her over and over to compete, telling her how good she was. She was just fine with riding Nightshade around the arena or in the forest and hills. Sometimes she visited the waterfall, before the Rangers declared that no one could go there to hunt for Pegasus. Of course, when they announced this, Henry and many others were indignant. Ranches who captured Pegasi for wild rodeos were angry. Stables like Henry's were angry. And Laboratories where Pegasi were tested on were angry. But the law held, and the Rangers didn't back down. No one was allowed to go near the waterfall, since that was only for Pegasi to drink at. Jessica thought it was a little silly; Pegasi hunters were always sneaking in and capturing Pegasi. There weren't any Rangers guarding the waterfall, so they wouldn't know if someone broke the rules or not. But it didn't matter to her that much, so she just kept to the hills and forest.
Sometimes she worried about the Pegasi. What if they weren't wild anymore? People were capturing Pegasi and attempting to breed them. Could the Pegasi really stay free much longer?

sockylola1 & Spirit
2014-01-02 02:52:33
The Forgotten:
Miracle Foals
Chapter 6 Sleepover
I unloaded Decker and turned him out in the pasture to enjoy the afternoon sun the time is around 3:15. We had ridden until 1:00 then turned the horses out and went out for Pizza, Chase’s Treat. At 2:30 Kate had had a thirty minute lesson so I’d stay to watch that. Then I’d helped groom Shine. I had then headed home promising to meet at her house later for a sleepover party.
I unhook the trailer and park the track.
“Lucy.” My mom calls form the house
“Coming.” I call back as I head for the house.
I open the door and I’m mobbed by dogs. I hold out my arms and Max jumps up into them. I hold on to my dog as I walk into the kitchen. My parents are at the table Lex, is laying in dads lap. The gray cat is a friendly bugger for a cat that had be a stray for most of his life. Felix is there to in moms lap.
“Hey, Lucy How was your ride?” Dad Asks
“Good, We toke a boy named Chase along, Then we went to Pizza, The I stayed and watched Kate’s Lesson.”
“Cool.” Dad replies
“Lucy, want are you up to tonight?” Mom asks
“I was going to go to Kate’s for a sleepover.” I say as I make use of the chair next to her.
“Sounds good, take Max with you.” Mom answers
“All right.” I answer
“Have fun be back by 10 a.m.” Dad says
“Ok.” I say and get up from the table up the stairs I race. I grab a backpack before heading off with Max at my side
Later That Night
Kate, “Carter is coming down for the show next weekend right?”
We are lying on her bed with Max talking.
“Yeap.” I grin
“I’m so excited Shine is getting so good at cross country.”
I’m taken back to the old days were Midnight and I would have been competing with them.
“She looked great today. Lynn gets here that day at 6:30 a.m.” Lynn had let me know her flight times will I was driving over to Kate’s.
“Cool. Are The foals doing ok?” she says
“Yes.” I answer
Ring, Ring, Ring , The phone blares.
“Lucy, Phone.” Kate’s Mom yells up the stairs
I Run down the stairs and take up the phone.
“Hey Luc.” Carter says, “Is Kate with You?”
“No, but I can get her.”
“Kate, Cater is on the phone.”
She joins me at the phone. I put I on speaker and place it on the table.
“Hey, You’re On Speaker Phone.” Kate says
“Hi Kate, We need to Talk about the show.”
“Right.” I answer “Lynn gets in at 6:30 that day so we will meet you all there at 8:30.”
“Who shows first Kate or me?” Carter asks
“Both, Our English Pleasure Class is at 9:00 in ring 1.” Kate says
“Then Hunter Hack after that for me and Hunter Jumper in ring 2.” He says
“ I move to ring 3 for jumping 3 feet,” Carter says

Starwalker123 & Star
2014-01-03 01:11:18
This the first Chapter of my new book
Name: Lizza's Dreams
By: thezoekid
Chapter One
Leather Glove
"Lizza!" Her mother called from the foot of the stairs.
Lizza didn't hear her mother for she was gazing out of her window in her room.
"Lizza!" Her mother called again.
"Lizza mother is mad you better go downstairs now!" Her 18 year old brother Tom told her.
"What? Oh!" She got up from her bed next to the window. She almost flew down the stairs her black curly hair fallowed.
"Yes mother?" She asked as she stopped.
"Someone is at the door for you...* Her mother told Lizza as she pointed to the young man at the door.
"Oh Craig dear!" The 19 year old girl dashed into his arms. No one talked but she seem to know what he was going to say. It was not going to be something good, for he was not hugging her back.
"Craig dear... Aren't you happy? I haven't seen you for mouths, Craig?" She backed away.
"Lizza... I have missed you but- it's been along time, and well-," He just couldn't say it.
Lizza looked behind him. She looked down at the ground embarrassed.
"Who is that?" She asked as she looked at the blond haired, skinny, and pretty young woman behind him.
"Thats why I came here... To tell you that I am engaged to her," He told her.
"Of course... Please excuse me I will go get Tom, I know he would love to see you again," She ran up the stairs trying to hold in her tears.
She rushed by Tom.
"Wow where you going?* Tom asked.
"Oh ya Craigs here," She told him as she shut the door to her door. She jumped onto her bed and cried into her pillow.
Tom went down the stairs to see him.
"Craig!" He rushed to Craig. Tom stopped when he saw the young girl by Craig's side.
"Wow!" (Tom stopped and whistled)
"Tom!" His mother scolded.
The young girl blushed.
"Now I see why Lizza up in her room..." Tom told them.
"Come in," He mother said.
"Thank you," The young girl thanked her.
"Umm... I will be right back," He told them as he run up the stairs and knocked on Lizza.
"Okay..." The girl smiled
"So whats your name?" The mother asked.
"My name is Mazy," She answered.
(Knock knock)
"Hello?" Lizza asked as she brushed away the tears.
"Its me," Craig answered.
"Who's me?" Lizza asked sternly.
"Craig," Craig answered.
Lizza went to the door and opened it.
"I'm-," Craig was saying something when Lizza slapped him across the face. And then close the door.
"Lizza! Stop acting like a kid," He yelled through the door.
"Who me? I'm not the one who goes away telling the person who loves you that you will marry her
and then comes back-," He entrapped her.
"I came back to say sorry,"
"Oh what for! And just a little hint I wouldn't have brought along your girlfriend to you use to be girlfriends house when you are about to tell her that you dumping her!" Lizza now ha the door open and yelling in his face.
"Lizza! At least I came back!" He told her in a anger voice.
"You know what! This sounds like the "Dear John" movie! Wait without the letter!" She slammed the door in his face again.
"Craig you have done what you came here to do... Now leave!" She told him.
"Fine! See you around," Craig went down the stairs mad and grabbed Mazy's hand.
"We're leaving! Goodbye Tom, Miss Jones," he nods his head.
After they went out the door Lizza's mother ran up the stairs and went in Lizza's room.
"Lizza you okay?" she asked.
"Mom I just need time alone, some time to think," She answered as she got on her winter boots and a winter coat.
"Maybe we can go out shopping for Christmas?" her mother asked.
"Mom this not what I wanted for Christmas I just need time to think," Lizza ran out the door and down the steps and grabbed her skates and was out the door.
She walked through the slick snow to the barn. She got out her horse Twilight and takes her up. She had a black cap with a hood. She started mounting the horse. She told the horse to go forward an it obeyed. Her blue dress flew in the wind, her black curls bounced up and down.
By the time that they got to the skating ring her face was covered with tears.
She dismounted and walked in a little old brown shad and got her skates on. She got on the ice and started skating.
Some how skating made her feel safe.
She was the only one there right now. She did a spin and a jump in the air. She then stopped when she saw someone staring at her.
A light blue eyed brown with a tint of red haired man looked at her.
"Hello?" She asked as she skated over.
"Hello, my name is Jason," He told her.
"Why were you spying on me?!" asked Lizza as she looked the man over.
He looked about 23 or 25
"I wasn't," the man adhered her
"Oh... Sorry, my name is Lizza," she told him.
"Nice to met you Lizza," The man smiled.
“Yes… Very nice,” She started to skate away.
“Wait… Where are you going?" He asked. “Don’t you want to talk?” He asked again.
“No. Not really,” She answered.
“Where you from?” He asked.
“You just don’t know when to stop! Look I am not single!! Well I wasn’t… But I am not interested!” She added quietly.
“How dear you-!" He was was interrupted.
“Oh then why are you talking to me?!” She asked sternly.
“I-,” He was interrupted again.
“My Lord!!” Yelled a tall handsome man called.
He sighed.
“Yes Zachary?” Jason asked.
“It is time to leave my King,” He said with a bow he looked to Lizza. “Bow! Why aren’t you bowing to your King?” He asked.
“King?” Lizza looked to him then back to Jason.
“Zackery please-,” Jason tried to shut up his friend.
“Why My Lord?” The man asked.
“Because she-,” He was interrupted again.
Lizza dropped to her knees.
“I am so sorry My Lord! I did not-,” She look down and felt worried until Jason got on one knee and lifted her head with his hand that had a worm black leather glove on it. She looked up. Their eyes meet.
“No worries far maden, all is forgotten,” He then stood up and stuck out his hand for her to grab.
Lizza was speechless for the kindness he had shown to her. She took his hand and got up. Lizza let go of his hand. She had forgotten that she was on ice with ice skates. She slipped grabbed his hand again. In the process his black leather glove had fallen off and onto the ground.
“You might want to keep on holding my hand,” He told her.
But all she could do was blush. He helped Lizza to the brown shed.
“Now My Lord?” Asked the man again.
“Yes,” Jason went to leave then looked back at Lizza. “So very nice to met you,” He said with a nod of his head.
She just smiled. When he had left she went on the ice again and started skating when she tripped on something. When she looked to see what it was she saw it was the black leather glove that was on the King’s hand.
She laughed

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2014-01-05 03:46:44
Title: DrAgOn HuNtErS
By: Horsesforever12

Chapter 1~

From the mouth of the Beast
Comes flames that do not cease
From the eyes of the Dragon
Comes fear to the brazen.
In the dark lands of the wold,
The Dragon sleeps in his mounds of gold.
If there happens to be passerby,
The Dragon will raise his hideous wings and fly
Then he will raise his dreadful head and roar,
Making the earth tremble from mountain to moor.
Oh, who hath courage to slay the great beast?
Who’s bravery has not decreased,
A person with faith and valor,
Someone who shall not cower!
Come, my valiant knight,
At the first break of light,
Come a-galloping across the dewy moor
To the wold’s hard, cold floor
Sword brandished overhead,
And slay the Dragon dead.
From the mouth of the beast
Comes flames that do not cease
From the eyes of the Dragon
Comes fear to the brazen.

Chapter 1…
Far, far away in a land a long, long time ago there dwelled a happy little borough underneath a great castle. The king at the time…King Frederick…was, I suppose, a very good king, for the bordars and the ceorls and the serfs never said anything bad about him. They were all happy folk and spent most of their times plowing on their fiefs and selling and trading different odds and ends and talking of the soldiers that were away at war. The tireless sounds of wagon wheels and the clip-clop of hooves and happy chatter never dulled. Once and a while soldiers would march by, coats of arms displayed proudly, bellows gleaming in the sunlight. And then there were the days when the King himself would march buoyantly down the worn dirt road, exquisite purple robes draped around him and golden crown glowing radiantly upon his gray head. Indeed, it was a very nice town.
Now, in that town there was a little home of a bordar family. They lived in dainty little house on a well-plowed fief with a couple cows and chickens and horses. There was a mother, and a father, and a young maiden. The mother was named Juliana and the father was named Jarin. And the young maiden’s name was Seraphina…but most people called her Sera because it was an awfully long name. Sera had long brown hair that was usually braided back, and twinkling gray-blue eyes. Her clothes consisted of braies, a kirtle, and a pare of batts most of the time and she tried her best to never get them dirty. She was a very clean, precise, and shy girl, though dirt could not be avoided because she was a peasant. She only talked when she needed to, and her dreams were to own a nice little cottage one day and have a big family…though she didn’t count on ever falling in love. She didn’t have any friends and she didn’t go to school, for you see, it was un-custom in those days. Little boys could be trained to be an arrowsmith or a knight or a scribe or a lot of other things but women didn’t do very much. Now, I am going to begin this tale when Sera was seventeen. Sera was still extremely shy and rather awkward at times, but she had different interests and likes. She enjoyed reading and sowing and baking and writing. Though she should never become a scribe or a mercer or a baker, she did it anyway with no real hopes or dreams but simply because she liked it. Juliana and Jarin became rather worried at times because they wanted their beloved daughter to have a prosperous future. What they did not know was that their daughter had a future that neither king nor wizard could predict.
* * *
One day while Sera was outside in the barn tending to a horse, Juliana called her name. Sera came running into the house quickly, barely noticed the muggy summer air. She came into the little cottage, dress flying around her, and puffed for a moment.
"Yes, Mother?" Sera asked in her quiet, gentle voice. Juliana brushed a strand of her brown hair out of her emerald green eyes and it was then that Sera realized her mother was a bit pale.
"Dearest Sera, while thee were at the barn the royal Messenger of thy King came by, hoping that thy might make haste and hasten at once to ye Majesty’s throne. I wish ye not to tarry, Sera, but hast thy done any wrong?" Juliana asked her daughter worriedly. Sera looked confused.
"The King wishes to see me? I tell thee, Mother, I hath done no wrong, but what occasion is this? Thy Majesty wishes my presence…a loathe peasant?" Sera wondered aloud, looking down and eyeing her worn kirtle. Juliana stepped toward her daughter, brow furrowed, and took her hands in hers.
"Whatever the occasion may be, my dear Sera, be of good cheer. Loathe peasant or no, be thyself. Do not quake before thy King but be strong, good daughter." Juliana told Sera and then rushed her out the door. Sera looked toward the towering castle and felt a lump in her throat. She didn’t notice the hot sun shining down on her pale skin or the dogs barking in the distance or even the town folk passing her by on the road. Her mind rested on worrisome thoughts and her gaze fell to her worn, dirty batts. At last she reached the great castle, it’s mighty towers looking down upon her like a knight who has just won victory over an enemy and it’s crimson flags motionless against the summer sky. Two guards, both heavily suited in bright, shining armor, let her pass and she entered the great palace. It was somewhat dreary and dark, and the many windows amongst the castle were covered with thick velvet curtains. Sera’s feet left dirt tracks on the gold floor and when she noticed the mess she had made she became even more afraid. Suddenly a scribe came up to her from nowhere and bowed. He wore a rather large hat on his head with a feather in it, swaying here and there every time he moved. His clothes were clean and looked expensive, and his shoes were that of the highest grade.
"Hello, young maiden. Pray thee, art thou Seraphina?" the scribe asked her. Sera nodded shyly.
"Then come hither. Thine Royal Majesty awaits." With that, the scribe took her hand and led her down a long, marble hallway. Sera tried her best to observe her magnificent surroundings, but the scribe was in too much of a hurry. At last they came to a large wooden door and the scribe opened it. Inside Sera’s heart nearly stopped. It was a beautiful, breathtaking throne room. The floors were marble and the walls were granite. The thrones were made of pure gold and the windows were so large and so splendid that she felt she was in a great cathedral. And, sitting upon his golden throne, was the King himself. Draped in his usual purple jack and sashes he stared down at her, snowy white beard falling down to his chest and crown gleaming upon his balding head. His face was wrinkled but wore a pleasant look, and his eyes shone with a gay hue. But he was not smiling in his usual buoyant way. Instead, his brow was creased and his lips were curved downward in a grave frown. When he saw the poor Sera enter the room, he gave a welcoming but weak smile and stepped down from his throne…a very odd thing for a king to do for a peasant.
"Welcome, dear Seraphina! I suppose you art in great upheaval on why I called thee here?" the King greeted in a deep, low voice and kissed Sera’s dirty hand. Sera only nodded.
"Well, there is no need for panic but there is one of distress. I suppose thy haven’t heard of the poem The Dragon, have thee?" the King questioned, going over to a book laying on a stand and picking it up. It must have been heavy, for the King had some trouble with it. It was a great brown book with the symbol of a dragon on it. Sera perked up. She had, in fact, read it and she enjoyed poems on this matter.
"I have, my King." Sera answered. The King looked at her with a raised gray eyebrow.
"Have thee? Well then, ye know what it says. All the same, I shall read it." said the King, and he flipped through a few pages in the book and then began to read in a droning yet fluid voice. Sera closed her eyes and breathed in the words. She could picture the Great Beast, loathing on his mounds of gold and roaring with great disdain at any passerby. Here is what the poem said:
"From the mouth of the Beast
Comes flames that do not cease
From the eyes of the Dragon
Comes fear to the brazen.
In the dark lands of the wold,
The Dragon sleeps in his mounds of gold.
If there happens to be passerby,
The Dragon will raise his hideous wings and fly
Then he will raise his dreadful head and roar,
Making the earth tremble from mountain to moor.
Oh, who hath courage to slay the great beast?
Who’s bravery has not decreased,
A person with faith and valor,
Someone who shall not cower!
Come, my valiant knight,
At the first break of light,
Come a-galloping across the dewy moor
To the wold’s hard, cold floor
Sword brandished overhead,
And slay the Dragon dead.
From the mouth of the beast
Comes flames that do not cease
From the eyes of the Dragon
Comes fear to the brazen."

The King finished and looked up at Sera, who’s eyes were still closed. He cleared his throat and Sera opened her eyes with a start. She felt a little embarrassed and looked down.
"I have found that this poem is of great interest these days, and yet they say it is only folklore. I think the contrary, though. In this book there is another poem, but it is a riddle. Listen." the King said and then flipped back a few pages. He began reading once more in his droning voice, but this time there was tension.
"With eyes like fire,
And a heart stuck in evil mire,
The Great Beast lies in his cave
His cold soul longing to be saved.

A curse, dark as night, rests upon him
But all the kingdoms wish to slay him;
The spell will only break
When there is love and not hate.

O, the curse shall only part
To someone with courage in his heart…
Come, beautiful Seraphina, come to the dragon;
And break the spell my brave maiden!

Then shall the curse break,
And the charming prince shall wake…
Then, beautiful Seraphina, the prize is yours
A reward for your love and courage!"

The King shut the book with a slam and turned to Sera, his eyes flashing with wonder but his face unreadable. Now, you must understand that by now our dear Seraphina was overcome by confusion and disbelief. She had also turned quite pale. The scribe looked a little worried and stood by her in case she should fall faint.
"Now," said the King, in a gruff voice, "I believe that this riddle was a prophecy written not too long ago…perhaps a couple decades before thee were born. I wish thy not to worry, but this is of great concern! Thy name is mentioned in this riddle, Seraphina. And I trust that ye art a loving, courageous maiden!" Unfortunately, this was too much for poor Sera to bear and she stepped forward, suddenly getting a burst of confidence.
"And I do not trust myself! If thee art saying that I should go off hunting for a mythical and deadly beast that only exists in folklore, then thy mind has wondering far from reality, my good King! And then you say I am loving and courageous! And thy do not even know me! I do believe I am contrary to that, thy Majesty. I shall have no more say in this ridiculous matter," Sera told the King, and turned to leave, her legs trembling. The King, taken back, stood speechless for a few moments before hurrying forward and laying a hand on Sera’s shoulder to stop her. Sera turned toward the King, pale-faced and lips quivering. The King looked at her with a compassionate but serious look and took her clammy, cold hands in his.
"Dear girl, this is not my decision. I only worry for my kingdom. This riddle rings true, and if we put these two poems together we get a message. Listen." And the King took a piece of paper from his bosom and read from it. It said:
"In the Dark Lands of the Wold,
The Dragon sleeps in his mounds of gold.
Oh, who hath courage?
Who has bravery?
Come, my valiant knight,
At the first break of light,
Come a-galloping across the dewy moor
To the wold’s hard, cold floor
Come, beautiful Seraphina, come to the Dragon
And break the spell, my brave maiden!
Then the prize is yours
For your courage."

"Dost thou see?" said the King, "It is a message for thee! I have been told that roars have been heard in the darkness at night and sometimes fire will light up the horizon in the North. Only now did I realize that your name matches this riddle." Sera began to shake in fear.
"But don’t thou see, my good King, that I don’t match the riddle? I am but loathe and fearful. I should never be able to free a great, mighty dragon from some kind of spell. Perhaps there is another named Seraphina?" Sera asked hopefully. The King shook his head.
"The person who wrote this prophecy was named Quinn, Earl of the Forest of Coucy and he dwelled here. Ye are the only one who’s name matches the riddle. Ye have a rare name, Seraphina." he replied. Sera sighed heavily.
"So now what? I shall now embark on a dangerous journey by myself to free a evil dragon from a spell? And I know nothing on this matter? Nor have I never left the comforts of home? I tell thee, great King, I barely had courage enough to speak to thee, but to meet a dragon!" Sera shivered at the thought. The King smiled reassuringly to her.
"Do not stress thyself, Seraphina. My dear son Prince Robin, an apprentice under my wise instructor, shall journey with thee. Thou shalt be heavily armed and have a mighty steed. If thee choose to not embark, the peril of the downcome of a kingdom rests in thine hands. Send word to me when ye hast told thy fellow guardians and art ready to go onward in the hunt for the Dragon." said the King, kissing Sera on the head and sending her off. As Sera walked back to her cottage her mind now rested on this one thing: "Is this really happening?"

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2014-01-14 00:40:20
My favorite horses
by: 20chogan

My favorite horses are black, Like it is at midnight. My favorite horses are fast, like a car. My favorite horses are sweet, like a red delicious apple. My favorite horses are beautiful, Like a Daisy. My favorite horses love me, and I love them.

20Chogan & Diamond
2014-01-14 02:26:31
What A Way To Ruin A Day
By EmmiLooBelle

Amelia walks the length of the dust scented barn. She waits for her sister,Tierra to get there. Amanda and Beverly had already gotton their two horses out. Amelia needed to get her Palomino out now and get tacked up. She walks over to the wooden stall and clicks her tongue. The horse aromatically looks up,wisps of hay falling out. Amelia giggled and got her horse out to saddle, after grooming. As Amelia tacks up, she was working on the girth when Tierra showed up, tear filled eyes. She said that she needed to speak to Amanda. Amelia just kept fighting the girth. Moments later, she hears tears. as Amanda and Tierra rounds the corner, they are both weeping. Tierra comes up to Amelia, Amelia has worry in her eyes. Tierra says through tears, "Buster is- is gone". Amelia cried. She hugged Tierra and Amanda. all of them crying. That was going to be a happy trail ride day. What a way to ruin a day.

EmmiLooBelle & Daggar
2014-01-14 02:26:31
Appearances can be deceiving
by AragornandArwen

Chapter 1
A black truck pulled into the Fantasy Dreams Boarding Stable parking lot. A young girl got out and headed to the stable. She was tall and red headed waist-length straight hair pulled back and braided on the sides. She was wearing a green shirt with drooping quarter length sleeves and a green skirt that was a riding skirt. She went to the office and wrote a note to let her friend know she was going to be gone. She owned the stable with her friend and took in boarders. When boarders were there training their horses it was a normal stable, but certain years the stable stopped taking boarders for a while and the two owners were gone for a long time. This was one of those years. Everyone knew the owners as Anna and Levi but their real names were Tauriel and Legolas and they weren't really human, but elf kind. Though they hid it very well and it was hard especially the ears. The tallness didn't matter because most people can be tall and pale so that part was easy. Most people thought they had very good sight and hearing and even though Anna and Levi didn't hide that they did hide that they could sense if things were wrong without even hearing about it. They also had a very magical way but most of the boarders were interested in training their horses that they didn't pay attention. Their (Anna and Levi) horses were Rivendell Preserver (Brego, Anna's) a bay TB and Mirkwood Prince (Prince, Levi's) a dapple grey TB. They were different from any other TB's which is one thing the boarders did think a little strange. This year was going to be different than any other year. For the stable, a boarder, and the owners.

Chapter 2
Tauriel got out Brego and saddled him up. She rode down to the driveway and was about to close the gate when a truck and trailer pulled in. Tauriel dismounted and went to the truck. "Hello I'm Ariana I'm 18 and I'm looking for Fantasy Riding Stables." said girl dark headed and young. Tauriel smiled. "I'm Ta..Anna one of the owners and yes this is it, but we weren't expecting any boarders. We're about to close for a little. We are going on a business trip for a while and have to keep the stables closed." she answered. The girl looked down. "Oh...I was hoping you could board my horse Derby Downs. I just moved and needed a stable to keep him at. This one sounded good since it was mostly private and in the woods. If you let me board my horse here I'll come and take care of him and train him and leave the money. I'm not going to steal anything. I might even watch the stable for you but I won't let any boarders come." Ariana answered sounding desperate and honest. Rivendell Preserver shook his mane and whinnied to the horse in the back. "Tell you what. I'll talk to my partner when he gets here and in the meantime you can get Derby Downs in a stall. Is your horse a mare?" she said. Ariana smiled. "Thank You so much. And yes why?" she asked. Tauriel smiled. "Because I think my TB Brego or Rivendell Preserver is his race name likes her." she said. Ariana smiled. "I think she likes him. By the way thats a pretty name and not one I've really heard used." Tauriel nodded. "Both me and my partner like uncommon names. Why don't you drive up there awhile." she said glancing over at the woods. Ariana nodded and smiled. "Sure." Tauriel mounted Brego then looked at Ariana. "Oh just put her in the first stall you come too on the right." Tauriel called back. Ariana waved her hand as if to let her know she heard. Tauriel waited till Ariana was good enough out of sight before she closed the gate and rode towards the woods. "Le abdollen Legolas." she said. Her partner rode over on his TB stallion Mirkwood Prince. "I know I'm late but I was trying to post the notices that the stable would be closed. I see one person didn't see the memo." he answered. Tauriel nodded. "The problem is she's a young girl and just moved. She said she'd offer to stay here and keep boarders away while we're gone and she would...Legolas interrupted her. "You told her what we do?" Tauriel got an annoyed expression on her face. "Let me finish. No I didn't I just told her what we tell everyone else. She said she would stay here and take care of her horse and everything. I didn't want to turn her away. We could just leave tonight when she's asleep." she finished with a sigh and turned back to Brego. She heard Legolas sigh and knew he would agree. "We'll see how it works, but if she finds out we're done." he answered. She turned back to him. "I think if she finds out and thats a big if, she will keep her mouth shut. Besides I have a feeling this time everything will be different." she answered mounting Brego. Legolas mounted Prince and shook his head looking at Tauriel. "I feel it too and thats what I'm worried about." Tauriel trotted out ahead. "Don't worry everything will work out you'll see." she called back as she urged Brego into a gallop. Legolas did the same shaking his head. When they reached the stable Ariana had everything done with putting her horse away and her accessories away. Tauriel pulled up Brego and dismounted. Legolas followed and nodded to Ariana. When he was at the stable and there were boarders he always wore regular clothes and his whitish-blonde hair appeared short. But that was the some of the magic of the elves for it was a few inches shorter than Tauriels but was pulled back in the front and that part was fishtailed about 4 inches in the back. But back to the main story. "I'm guessing this is your partner?" Ariana asked. Tauriel smiled. "This is Levi." she said. Legolas shook Ariana's hand. "There is a loft above the tack room where you can sleep. The gate is locked at the bottom of the driveway so at glance most people will drive by. We won't be leaving right away we still have somethings to take care of and we will be taking our horses with us." Ariana nodded and excused herself so she could unpack her stuff in the loft. "You sure act business like here unlike where we are from." Legolas said after Ariana left. Tauriel just looked at him her green eyes flashing in the sunlight. "Whatever you say. We won't get business with me acting like a warrior now will we?" she answered back. Legolas led Prince behind the stable with Tauriel following. "Very good answer." he said. They worked around the stable till Ariana said she was going to bed and had everything under control and that they could leave. Once they figured she was asleep they walked behind the stable and mounted their horses galloping them into the woods. They were gone with a flash of light and thus began the second biggest adventure of their lifetime and not their last.......for elves live forever.


Chapter 3
When the flash ended everything was back to normal. Ariana stirred in her sleep but didn't wake up. When she woke up she realized they were gone so she decided to get the work done. She got up and took Derby Downs out and put her in the crossties then mucked out her stall. She brushed her down and fed and watered her. Then she went around the stables and did whatever she saw needed done. After that she went to the loft and pulled out her computer and pulled up her work file. She was a secretary for the racing stable she was being sponsored by. She didn't race any yet because Derby Downs was still in training. She finished her work and decided to work with Derby some. Meanwhile in some other world Legolas and Tauriel were picking up their camp from the night when they dissapeared from our world. "We should get to Rivendell by this afternoon if we don't hit no problems along the way." Legolas said tightening the cinch on Mirkwood Prince. Tauriel nodded as she packed the last thing away in their saddlebags and tossed Legolas' his. She checked her cinch and then mounted Brego and picked up the reins. Brego started to go and she pulled back on the reins. "Easy boy." she said. Legolas mounted his horse and they started off through Middle-Earth heading to Rivendell the dwelling place of the last Homely House of their elven kin. Their whole appearance changed the minute they arrived in Middle-Earth. Their clothes had changed to normal elf warrior style to their gender, Tauriel took her flashy red hair down and it went down below her waist. Legolas' hair appeared short in our world, but now it was just below the shoulders which was his normal hair. Their ears were like normal, pointy. They rode most of the morning at a slow canter and picked up the pace to a fast canter when they passed through the river that was the protection point of all good elves. Back in our world Ariana finished her training with Derby Downs and just lounged around since she worked online and didn't have nothing else to do. But that was about to change for that night she makes a decision that will change her life forever.....

AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-01-15 21:24:41
By: Blitz

Part 1~

The air was cold...colder than usual. Summer raised her nose in the air, hot puffs of steam pouring out of her nose as she exhaled. There was a thin layer of snow on the ground, snow....in October....the first snowfalls in that region didn't usually come until the middle of December, the month of white stars. Summer sighed and looked behind her, flipping her creamy white mane to the other side of her soft dapple grey neck. She gasped, for standing right there was Loki, the most hated horse of her herd. Even his looks were menacing, his dark, pale grey eyes, his dark spiky mane, his dark grullo-bay-pinto coat. No wonder the mares told there foals to avoid him.
Loki cracked a suspiciously sinister smile, "Hello, Summer," he said, his voice cracking.
Summer took a step back, "What do you want?"
Loki laughed a bit, lowering his head, "I have just come to talk, is it a crime, to talk?"
Summer narrowed her eyes, but said nothing.
Loki took a menacing step forward, "You ARE the leader of this herd, aren't you? I would think it sufficient to you if I could give you any," here he paused, smirking, "...information."
Summer tilted her head a bit, "What are you talking about?" she asked slowly, sounding out all the words as if it was the first time she was saying them.
Loki looked away submissively, though his eyes showed something very different...something dangerous, "The snow. It's a little early for that, isn't it?"
Summer looked at the ground between her dainty white striped black hooves, Loki was right, she WAS wondering about it..."What would you know about it?" she asked.
Loki closed his eyes and took another step forward, "Winter has come early, Summer, and it is here to stay...here to stay forever," he opened his eyes slowly, now muzzle to muzzle with her, "Forever."
Summer jerked back, "How do you know that?!"
Loki let out a single laugh, startling Summer a bit. "Careful, Summer." Summer looked behind her, seeing that if she took a single step back, she would go over a cliff. She felt trapped, cornered...but would that lowly stallion really challenge his leader? She sure hoped not.
Loki flicked his tail, and looked up at the sky, taking a deep breath in, "I know what I know, that is all I can say."
Summer looked at his suspiciously, "Do you know how to stop it?"
Loki smirked, "If I did I wouldn't tell you."
"Why?" Loki took a step forward, getting even closer to Summer, who couldn't take a step back, "WHY? Well, why should I?"
"Because I am the leader of the herd! It is my job to protect everyone!" Loki frowned,
"Not anymore," he lifted a hoof threateningly.
Summer stared at it, "What....what are you doing?"
"What I should have done before, eliminate you from this story, all you do is get in the way of my plan-"
"Plan. And tell me, why should I let you?" Loki didn't wait for an answer, and with that, he took another jerky step forward. Summer screeched, a sound that sounded like a mixture of a whinny and a human scream. She hit him with her shoulder, pushed past him and ran.
Loki smirked, just another play in his plan, his plan for eternal winter.

Blitz & Tawaco
2014-01-23 02:58:00
Alice and Pepsi
by jjpals

Alice is 16 1/2, her horse Pepsi, is a white with gray points Welsh Mountain Pony. Alice and Pepsi are members of the Pony Club Organization, they both compete in the highest ranks of Show Jumping, Gymkhanas, and sometimes fun match races! Alice started riding when she 8 at her Grandparent’s farm where she also received her first pony, Frisky! When Alice was 10 her family moved closer to a horse farm so that Alice could start taking lessons from a licensed trainer! When Alice was 13 she bought Pepsi with her own money! Here is a story told of one of her days at the barn!

My day at the barn. (by Alice)
For my schedule today (or everyday) I have to wake up around 6:30, so here is my day!
When I wake up I pull on my breeches, a pair of clean socks, and a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt then I put my hair up in a bun and run downstairs to eat some breakfast and pack up my lunch. Once I pack up my lunch I put it in my back pack along with my Jodhpur boots, half chaps, helmet, and gloves! Then my mom tells me to hurry up, so I shove two carrot sticks into my pocket, (for Pepsi!) and I run out to the car where my mom is waiting. After a 30 minute drive we arrive to the barn and I greet the barn owner/manager, two of my friends, my trainer, and various other people at the barn, then I proceed in lacing up my jodhpur boots, putting on my chaps, buckling on my helmet and pulling on my gloves! After I do all that I tramp out to the fields with my best friend, Annie to catch Pepsi and Betsy (Annie’s horse), once we catch them we continue in taking them back to the barn in which we proceed in grooming and tacking both of our horses up! Once both horses are tacked up we walk them to the indoor arena where we boost ourselves up onto our horses backs, then miss Ashley tells us that today’s session will be jumping four 3 foot
Jumps! So I start Pepsi at a brisk walk 2 times around the arena while I do simple exercises on horseback, then I get Pepsi into a good steady trot and once I have done that 3 times around the arena I get into a working canter and proceed in jumping all four jumps cleanly! Once done with jumping I got off of Pepsi and walked her back to the barn, there I proceeded in untacking and hosing Pepsi down! Then I take her back out to the pasture where she can dry off! After that I skip to the bathroom to wash up and also to get my lunch from the kitchen area (which is right next to the bathroom!)Once I have my lunch bag I scoot in next to Annie and we both chat about horses, lessons, school, and annoying brothers while we eat our lunch! With lunch over I go back out to the field and bring Pepsi to her stall while I feed her, give her fresh water, and muck out! Then I muck out some other stalls and clean my tack! When my mother pulls up its about 4:00 and I grab my back pack and say goodbye to Pepsi by giving her the two carrot sticks that were intended for her and kissing her soft warm muzzle, once I say goodbye to everybody else I hop into the car and on the way back I take a short nap, during that nap I dream about horses and about Pepsi! And that, my friends is the story of a common day at the barn for me, I don’t know what you do every day but this is what I do and I love to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alice & Pepsi ^^~

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-01-30 02:02:39
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