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January Poem Contest
To be eligible for voting your poem must have a horse or pony in it somewhere. Start your entry like this

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admin & Aslan Equinox
2014-01-01 15:49:09
Name: One year to wait
By: Zoe

One love
One hope
One dream
One fait
One time
One date
One year to wait

I love the love
I hope the hope
I dream the dream
I see my fait
I count the time
I time the date
But only one year to wait

The look in her dark brown eyes
As she flys right by
She stops and stairs
At the other mares
I then wake
My life is at sake
But I still dream of those days
Just one year to wait

thezoekid & Star Gaze
2014-01-05 03:46:44
My Dream Horse
By 20Chogan
My dream horse is small,
She is not tall.
My dream horse is black,
She is not white.
My dream horse is nice,
She is not mean.
And though my dream horse is small,
My love for her would always be big.
And I dream that someday,
My dream horse will come to me,
And stay with me forever.

20Chogan & Diamond
2014-01-10 04:12:54
Through a Horse's Eyes
By Winnie

Wild dash
Legs flash
Hooves dance
Horses prance
Eyes roll
Dust bowl
Teeth bared
Nostrils flared
Coats gleam
Tails stream

Winnie & Texas Lone Star
2014-01-11 00:29:51
Title: Winter's Story
By: Horsesforever12

A red streak of sun blankets the horizon
The clouds pass by...swooping, flying...
The silence rests upon the motionless grass
The pond looks like a mirror of glass.

The mountains are crowned with the gold
That the radiant sunshine buoyantly beholds;
The wind quietly, almost sheepishly, runs his course
Dancing like a young, free horse.

A light snowfall sprinkles the heads of grass,
And the wind...sometimes wary sometimes rash
Carries the snowflakes on his back
Nothing in the world does he lack.

The peaceful serenity is interrupted as the sun,
Tired- but now presently having fun,
Rises in all her wonder and glory
And brings a new day in Winter's Story.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2014-01-14 00:51:09
By: avon4you


avon4you & Lilly
2014-01-14 02:26:31
prince in summer
by every step of the way

i wake
i take
a walk
to talk
to my friend
around the bend
in the stable i go
i hear the horse's whinnies echo
i teach my horse
on a show jumping course
prince is his name
i always wash his mane
its always fun
to ride in the sun
with my horse prince
in summer since
i cant ever say never
to riding forever
i got my horse prince
at a sale and ive ridden him
ever since and now that ive got him
we enter the arena
and ride around the rim
i won tons of ribbons with him
it isn't a bummer when me and prince
ride in summer

enjoy! ,`}

every step of the way & Eternal Fire
2014-01-25 01:53:28
by RoxxaneHart

It’s surrounding me,
sweeping my tail into its billowing, never ending cloud
and softly exploding as its swept back to the ground.
A new puff rolls up every time my hooves rush across its surface
Bits of the harsh grain embed themselves on my lashes, stinging, pinching, burning
Until they finally let go and fall back with one beautiful sweep of my head
Like predator to prey, it follows me as I run through this never ending desert
- repeating the cycle once more

RoxxaneHart & Struttin
2014-01-26 17:42:33
My Horse
By Pinkey280

I could be with my horse all day
Playing on the ocean bay
And when my horse walks up to me
I look up from the sand and see
She is not just any horse
She is mine and I love her or than any other horse ofcorse

Pinkey280 & Finn
2014-01-30 19:06:58
You can vote once a day

Jane Crandal & JB
2014-01-31 20:31:25
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