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Waterfall Academy Roleplay
Waterfall Academe is the best riding academy in Northern America with a exclusive riding program and boarding school

Hey Jane can I make a Role called Waterfall Academe. Here is the description.

~Waterfall Academe~
Waterfall Academe is the best riding academe in Northern America with a exclusive riding program and the most High-class riding/boarding school and is the richest.

Riding lessons start at 10:30-12:30 Monday-Sunday. A ballet box is placed on the tack room door to signup for PRIVATE lessons. Here is the forum to that.
That's the forum for the PRIVATE lessons. We go through the ballet box everyday and make sure you get your private lesson than don't get the lesson.

We have 10 dorm buildings that holds up to at least 4-8 people and their stuff. Oakwood dorm, lakeside dorm, rocky river dorm, Paint dorm, Redwood dorm, Pinewood dorm, Studded dorm, Horseshoe dorm, Wilderness dorm, and the Rosebud dorm. We also have a auditorium for meetings and more. The dorms also have a HD TV and your own fridge. We have a Diner to for Homemade dinner. breakfast, and lunch. We also have a drycleaners with 25 driers and washers. BRING YOUR OWN SOAP. Each dorm also has a shower and bathtub and sink.

The stables are high tech with sturdy troughs and heavy stall doors that slide not Open. Each stall has two hay bales next to it and a tack holder when tacking up your horse not leaving it there. The troughs hold 45 pounds of water and 25 pounds of feed. We get weekly shipments of horse food and other things. We have five barns. One of them is for breeding. If you want to breed your horse, put a slip in the ballet box and put the horses name down and its new mate. Anyone can breed their horse with a school horse, one of your own, or a close friends horse IN the academe.

We have four horse fountains and concrete and stone paths with benches and flowers with hedges and rose bushes. We have a lake with a waterfall making it bigger that has ducks and different kinds of fish in it. In the winter it freezes and we can ice skate on it. And when not frozen, we can swim in it! We have over 50 trails and 4 arenas. One for practicing, one for dressage, one for English, and one for Western. We also have 3 paddocks for all the horses including some cows.

Enough of that, lets move on to the forum!

Style: (Like earrings and other things)
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Dinner/Soda:
Dorm Clothes:
Barn Clothes:
Competition Clothes:
Riding skills: (Beginner Intermediate Advanced)
Facial Hair:
Facial Looks:
Competition Name:
Coat Name:
Mane + Tail:
Riding Skills:
Paddock Tack:
Barn Tack:
Competition Tack:

Here is my forum. I will post school horses later.

Name: Miss. Rose (Because I'm a riding instructor)
Full name: Isabella Rose
Gender: F
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown in a French Braid
Hobbies: Riding, computers, shopping, hard work, And going out to dinner and hanging out with her friends and family.
Habits: N/A
Style: 25 Ct. Diamond Earrings a gold bracelet with my name on it and a rose in my hair
Favorite Animal: Horse and Rabbit (ALL)!
Favorite Dinner/Soda: Fried chicken, Mashed potato's and gravy, corn, and Dr. Pepper
Dorm Clothes: Yoga set no socks or shoes
Barn Clothes: Plaid shirt, white pants, and regular boots.
Competition Clothes: Depends on the Competition
Lessons: Everything
Riding skills: Advanced
Age: 14
Extras: Is SUPPER Rich
Facial Hair: N/A
Facial Looks: A elegant nose, firm check bones, thin eyebrows, thick eyelashes, and a broad chin.

Name: Raindrop
Gender: Mare
Mate: None but needs one
Competition Name: Rainstorm
Breed: Arabian thoroughbred Quarter horse
Coat Name: Chestnut Palomino
Mane + Tail: White with some Chestnut
Owner: Isabella Rose
Habits: Taking and drinking your strawberry soda.
Lessons: Everything
Riding Skills: Advanced
Paddock Tack: A to-tone blanket neck length with a fly mask and leg wraps.
Barn/Stall Tack: Same as Paddock tack but no fly mask instead a ear net and no leg wraps.
Competition Tack: Depends on the Competition.
Extras: N/A

Remember, you can be a stable hand, worker, or student!
The plaque will have a Arabian on it Thanks!

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-25 03:43:57
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 601043p817
Jane Crandal & JB
2014-06-25 18:41:33
Name: Dagny Skye
Eyes: piercing scary gray.
Hair: black
Style: Big silver hoops when not riding, smaller hoops when riding, diamond studs during competition.
Favorite Animal:Horse
Riding cloths: White shirt, breeches, show jacket, black boots, helmet.
Riding skills: Advanced
Personality:Can be nice, very scary to some.
Mate: None
Competition Name:Take Me Home/ Luna the Moon
Breed:French Thoroughbreds
Coat Name:chestnut, black mane and tail/ Dark flaxen
Mane + Tail:Black/ golden
Lessons:I would love for Ebony to be a part time lesson horse for intermediate or beginner riders.
Riding Skills:Beginner through Advanced
Paddock Tack:Fly mask, light or heavy blanket, travel boots
Barn Tack: all around saddle, white pad and boots, martingale, bridle.
Competition Tack:Specific saddle, white pad with support pad, white polo wraps, martingale, specific bridle.

Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-07-02 23:55:08
Miss Rose: *I go to the front of the stable and greet Dagny and her horse ** "Hello there, I'm Miss. Rose. Your riding instructor. Its a pleasure to have you. Here is your dorm number Dagny.

Dorm Number: 0001#
Name of Dorm: Redwood Dorm
Name: Dangy Skye
Cost of rent: 35$ Per month

Well, you can get sichuated with Luna and Ebony. There are stalls everywhere so you can pick your own. *I smile and walk away**

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-07-04 01:01:08
Dagny: Thank you miss Rose. *I put Ebony and Luna in the 2 biggest stalls, 1 and 2. Hands miss Rose her first 2 months rent*
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-07-04 03:08:42

Avalon Horse Farm Eventing Stables Roleplay is having a show starting on Monday the 7th!!!!!
all ages welcome!!!!!! there will be trophies:)

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-07-04 21:15:31
Miss. Rose: *I take the check and put it in a bag for it to later on, get changed into money**
"Your welcome".

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-07-05 01:26:57
Please tell your pals Chance!!
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-07-05 20:06:26
could I do it
Blue Sky & lucky
2014-07-15 20:06:47
Name: Sierra Lupont
Eyes:almost teal
Hair:dark blonde
Hobbies:riding, writing, art,
Style:Not much style, at her boarding school, she's teased about her "gypsy look" but she takes pride in her long flowy skirts and peasant blouses, sandals and teal nail polish.
Favorite Animal: horse of course!
Favorite Dinner/Soda: Meat! Anything with meat! Her family is primarily vegetarian, and only eats fish and chicken when it comes to mean, so red meat is like super special.
Dorm Clothes:cute skirts and cardigans and scarves
Barn Clothes:jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt or peasant blouse
Competition Clothes:Teal jacket, tan breeches, black top boots.
Riding skills: Advanced Intermediate
Personality: RPO
Age: 12

Competition Name: Dustin' Off My Boots
Breed:Registered AQH
Coat Name: Dun Sabino
Owner: Sierra Lupont
Habits: A bit spooky, and very cunning
Personality: RPO
Riding Skills: Intermediate
Tack: Light Brown English tack with a teal pad.

Admin: We are experiencing a serious slow down of many parts on our game. We are working as fast as we can to remedy that. Thanks for bearing with us in the meantime. No ponies were repossessed for August.

Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2014-08-16 01:26:13
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