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August Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

August Story & Poem Entries
Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

Jane Crandal & JB
2014-07-31 16:19:51
by behindthesesilvereyes

a silver mane
a whispered breath
sparking shoes
dance to death
thunderclouds rolling in
a wish, a hope, a cheshire grin
light mare, dark eyes
call for help no replies
dancing, turning
silver turns grey
the unicorn vanishes
in the ocean spray

behindthesesilvereyes & Farah
2014-08-03 15:41:12
by aljaune

cold winds
brushing against the river side
a horse of water
from the deep below
covered in snow
it turned in to water
as it touched
it whispered
as if sending a tale,
a story of all it's sorrow,
a secret of life

aljaune & Snowdrop
2014-08-06 20:35:40
Soaerus, Rise to the Throne, Part 1
by Saved By Grace

I am Sierra, of Daereth Village on the edge of Fayeburn forest. I am but a peasant girl who lives with Merida, an old woman with whom I’ve spent my whole life.
My parents left me with her when I was but a babe, and Merida has refused, my entire life to tell me anything about them. When I was a lass I pestered her often about my heritage, but now I feel tis not important, not near as much as my future.
You see, I am not an ordinary peasant lass, or at least Merida hints that I am not, and for this reason, she has taught me immeasurable things, though, come to think of it, how does she know such things? You see, we live in Merida’s tiny cottage a wee bit out of Daerth Village. It sits, nestled among trees on a little outcropping, and if you climb the little hill on the west side of our cottage, you can sit on the cliff, overlooking the sea. Merida stands there often, and she goes into a trance, almost, and her eyes get a far away look as the wind blows through her long hair, messing it and pulling it out from under her kerchief, rippling it in the wind like silver waves. The hut is constructed of wood and mud, with a thatched straw roof, like any other peasant house. Inside there are but two rooms, a small bed chamber and a kitchen with a small table and two chairs. If you push my bed aside, and move the rug, there a is a treacherous rock staircase, winding down to an underground labyrinth.
I remember when I was but five, when Merida first revealed this to me, I nearly fainted. To know that there was a great cave beneath my bed, was near too much to bear, for who knew but some night, a great beast might creep up and swallow me whole! But now it is a clever secret, that I find intriguing and delightful. To think, a hidden passageway that no one else knows about! Down there is an expansive library, study, and apothecary. The library is where I spend the largest part of my time. There are far more books than I could read in a lifetime and they are not categorized in any way, so when I go to search for a book, I can only hope for serendipity. I do not know how Merida could have collected all these books, for many are ancient, and in languages I do not understand. It is with this library that Merida has taught me how to read and study, but that was all when I was a wee lass, for now, she need not prompt me to go down into the bowels of the earth with a candle and find a book to read. Now I go down of my own accord, for it is my belief that I am to be a herbalist and wise woman like Merida some day, and so I study hard on such matters. Yet for some reason, it is not this that intrigues me, but strange and wondrous things, such as Unicorns and Winged Horses, and the history of Soaerus, and Faeries, and the lovely and frightening and beautiful things.

One day, I was sitting on top of the hill, and Merida walked out to the field after me to help me study. Her long silver hair was tied up beneath her kerchief and she reached up to wipe the sweat of her wizened, wrinkled, but beautiful face, hinting at what she once was. She, like many other women of her rank, wore a blouse and a kirtle. Her kirtle was made of an unknown material, soft, and durable, and once she whispered to me that is was made from the fibres of Unicorn hair, though I am not sure I believe her. She wore a deep navy blue and a cream linen blouse, with a light shawl, made from the same material as her kirtle.
I was sitting on a log, reading of herbal remedies, when Merida laid her hand on my shoulder.
I jumped. “Merida! I dinna hear ye coming!” I noticed a troubled look on her face. “What is it?”
“I will tell ye, in time. Move over a bit, so I may sit.” she said slowly.
I scooted over, my curiosity building. “What is it?” I repeated myself.
“Hush Sierra, have patience,” Merida admonished, “I have long waited to tell ye this news, though I never thought I would have to so soon. Yer father died years ago, in battle. But that is not important. Yer mother, the Queen, is on her deathbed, as we speak.”
I stared, “My what?”
Merida looked at me softly at me, “Yer mother is the Queen of Soaerus, and ye, ye are a princess.”
I looked at Merida for a long time. Was she joking? No, her face told me she was serious. Had she lost her mind? She was old enough. I actually didn’t know how old she was, but anyone could see she was extremely aged, though still physically healthy. I decided to play along, and see how it turned out. “Well then Merida,” I asked, with mocking in my voice, “Why dinna ye tell me this before?”
Merida looked at me levely, which made me think she was neither lying, nor joking, nor crazy. “I do na lie, Sierra, though I see how ye might not believe me. No, stay seated and trust me, just for a moment, and listen. I suppose I should start at the beginning. Yer mother, the Queen, gave birth to ye in secret, for she knew that an evil force was rising- yea, even at that time -and she wanted to keep ye safe. And so she turned ye over to me, hard as it was, much as she loved ye, she cared more fer yer safety, than for her motherly longings. And so she ran in the middle o’ the night to me cottage, dressed as a peasant, and ye, not a few hours old. And it was from this time on that I raised ye as me own, though taking care to raise ye so ye will not be incompetent when ye rise to the throne. I am sorry I hid this from ye fer so long, but, it was necessary. Now-” I cut her off.
“No! This canna be true!” I leapt up, “Ye told me that me parents never wanted me! Ye said- Everything ye’ve told me my whole life was a lie! And now, ye finally tell me, when me own mother is dying! If ye knew how I longed, many nights I yearned fer the day I could meet my own mother! How dare ye hide this fer so long! I hate ye Merida! Ye stole from me the relationship, the joy of knowing my mother! And now I never shall! T’will be a wonder if I even get there in time to see her before she passes.” I burst into tears and threw myself against Merida in a much needed embrace.
“Hush, hush now lovey.” Merida soothed, stroking my hair. “I’d have told ye long ago, but it were yer mother’s wish- nay, her command -not to tell ye till she was nigh upon death. She loved ye too much to have ye hurt or killed by an evil, too strong for all but one. For ye know if ye had known sooner, ye’d have wanted to go to her, and the evil-” Merida muttered a name under her breath. “would have wiped ye out, and ye being the last hope fer Soaerus. Nay, ye must stay hidden, and lie in wait for the danger, and prepare yerself for his defeat.”
“Then- oh Merida, surely ye’ll let me see her before she- she dies, wont ye?” I pleaded, fearing I knew the answer already.
Merida shook her head slowly. “Nay, child. Ye know as well as I that it’d put ye in danger, and not just ye, but the whole of Soaerus.”
“But what is endangering me? Merida, ye’re being rare vague!” I impatiently pleaded for an explanation.
Merida sighed. “Tis a long story, but I suppose ye must know the full of it to defeat the beast.”
I gasped. “Tis a beast I’m after? Not a human?” I imagined the worst creature out of a nightmare.
“Nay, child. A human beast, a brain with a cunning plan, and no kindness, only revenge. Now sit yerself back down, and I’ll tell ye the story.
“Long ago, when the Faeries still lived among us, they created an island, floating on a great sea, under a vast sky. The five Faeries, Elithia, Tesalia, Erisa, Meliata, and Litira split up the work between them. Elithia made the Waywyn Mountians to the east and the Kailmen foothills, Tesalia formed the forests to the west and beaches, Erisa created the plains and farm country in the north, and the living beings were left up to Meliata and Litira. Litira took on the task of fashioning the people and animals, and dispersed them all over this huge island, and Meliata was to set up rulers over this land. She made a brother and sister to lead this country, this great island, this Soaerus!
“That is the story of our beginning, that is the first history of Soaerus that we know of. Every child knows the three tiers of what follows, the rise of power, the growing evil, the banishment.
No indeed, all did not go well. Meliata, the foolish Faerie, she gave the ruling brother and sister magic, and far too much power, and every wee child knows that power corrupts! This ruling duo put the people in bondage, and took advantage of the magical beasts, the Unicorns, the Winged horses, the Dragons and all the other fine beasts. And the Faeries held a council to decide what to do.”
Here, Merida stood up and acted out the tale, hair blowing in the wind as Sierra sat spell bound, listening to the tale she’d heard so often, yet never failed to impress her.
“What mess have the humans got themselves into now?” Merida made a troubled face as she took on Litira’s stance “We made them perfect, in a perfect world! What happened, faire sisters? I know I cannot have caused any of this, for I created the beasts and commoners, and they have no flaws, besides as unimportant as they are, they could not have caused such a stir!”
“I know it was not I,” Merida portrayed Elithia saying righteously, “For I only formed mountains and hills, and they are incapable of any such thing.”
“Then it could not be me either!” said Tesalia, “I made the forests and beaches.”
“Nor I!” exclaimed Erisa
“Dear sisters,” Meliata cried mournfully, “I fear that I have caused this schism. I created the rulers of the land, and I fear I granted them far too much control. Everyone, even the smallest babe, knows that-”
And all the Faeries joined in, “Power Corrupts”
“Yes,” continued Meliata through tears, “Yet I forgot such wisdom, and flawed your imperfect world! What can I do to make it up to you?”
The other Faeries gathered round to comfort Meliata, and Erisa spoke up.
“We must forget who’s fault it was and remedy the situation. What say you, Elithia, Tesalia, Litera?”
Merida sat down again and continue narration.
“And so, the Faeries decided to punish the brother and sister by taking away their magic-or at least most of it- and banishing them to the land, as commoners. But one of them- I think it was likely Meliata- forgot to remove their immortality, and so some say, they still are with us.
“But the Faeries worked together to create good, and fine rulers for our land. They created a man and his wife to govern the land. They had a wee bit of magic and they weren’t immortal, but if they began to corrupt, their power would weaken. It is of this noble lineage that ye come from.
“And yet, to punish the world for corrupting, the Faeries promised they would not return until the last evil had been conquered.
“And that is the history of Soaerus, as most know it, but I, aged and wise as I am, know a wee bit more. That evil brother and sister are still with us, and I know who the brother is, where he is, and what he is doing. I tell ye Sierra, he, the great and evil Aiclor,” Merida shuddered at the name, “is the evil I spoke of. He has regained his strength, and is as evil as ever, and he has come to reclaim his throne, and to get revenge. So longeth he for revenge, that he hath named his mount, a fierce dragon, he hath named it Dìoghaltas, which meaneth revenge, in his ancient language.”
I gasped. “A dragon! But no one can overcome a trained dragon in battle, but they are riding the one- Merida!” I breathed softly, for suddenly I saw what Merida meant.
She nodded and I knew I was spot on. “Ye know the legend of the Winged Unicorn, as much as any child does, perhaps more, since ye know how to read, and study. It may only be found by the Hidden Princess. Every child, I think, has hoped that they may be the one, and many have pretended to go on quests and journeys to find it, perhaps ye even have yerself?” I nodded, it was true. I had rode my white mare, Liberty, through the woods and pretended to chase Unicorns and battle Wizards and horned eagles. “I thought as much.” Merida continued, “But let me tell ye that ye are the hidden princess, and those thoughts and imaginings are nothing compared to what ye must undergo to find this steed, and maybe ye’ll even fail, but let me tell ye that the only way that ye can save Soaerus, is by finding the one, Winged Unicorn!”

Saved By Grace & Lady Wind
2014-08-07 21:55:31
PinkyGirl & Sarge
2014-08-12 23:00:26
by: Jannah Rose
chapter 3: caught red handed

I awoke to the vivid rays of the rising sun I licked my lips my mouth was very dry I needed water. I got out of my bed roll stretching my arms and legs and jogging to a small crick by the barb wire fence that separated me from the amazing black horse. I cupped my hands and scooped clear,fresh water into them I slurped it quickly until I was satisfied. When I reached the black horse he was laying on his side his eyes were dull now not the shiny brown they were he was breathing shallowly then I realized that he had been doing this before I went to the crick. I cringed as a black truck rumbled up to the edge of the woods I squinted and looked through the tree line to see who it was. A woman tall,thin with curly,long red hair and blue eyes walked near us getting closer and closer I gulped nervously. "Amber?" she said softly I nodded solemnly.


jannah rose & The Fault In Our Stars
2014-08-14 20:06:10
by IronHorseFarms

I sighed softly. Though the crisp Autumn air was biting at my cheeks in just my sweatpants, shirt, and sweatshirt, I wouldn’t have missed this day for a thing. Today, after all, was a very important day. My first show with Trouble. True, it was early (4:30 A.M.), and true, I had stayed up late (12:00 A.M.), but I was more than ready for today. And so was Trouble.

Trouble was not your ordinary horse by any means. He wasn’t particularly handsome, nor spectacularly built. In fact, I was fairly sure that the only thing that made him stand out from the other horses was the fact that I had spent hours the night before combing, clipping, grooming, bathing, grooming again, and braiding him until he shone brighter than the Northern Star. But, despite all the extra work I went to make him stand out, Trouble did have a few of his own very special attributes. Not only was he a therapy horse, but he was one of the best barrel horses in the county. There was more to it than that, however. He had his name for a very good reason. When he was but an innocent colt, he loved to steal people’s things, play with them, then give them back. Then, when he got older, he constantly tried to sneak out of his stall, out of the pasture; he even tried to bolt out a lesson. And then I got him, 4 years after his barrel racing career had started. We had had only weeks to prepare for this show, but I was determined, we were determined to take home the blue.

“Hey! Arabella! If you want, you can load Trouble now. We’re leaving in 15 minutes, and you’re supposed to be riding with us in the cab. Check in with me when you’re ready to go. Your trunk’s already in the trailer.” And that was Elizabeth, the oldest stablehand in the barn. She had been working there for who-knows-how-long and in return, she got to board, train and show her horses with Silver Springs for free. And it was lucky that she had called out the information needed or else I may not have snapped out of my reverie.
“Thanks Liz! I shout back, and head straight for the stables. The aisles are as busy as ever, but Trouble is waiting for me in his stall, his stunning dapple gray coat remaining immaculate, mane and tail tangle-free.
“Hey boy.” I greet, as if we hadn’t already been through this process hours before. It doesn’t matter though, because he nickers in return, nuzzling my soft copper-brunette locks, as if not a thing had changed. I smile, and pick up the oiled brown leather halter with the polished brass nameplate. I slip it on, clip the lead rope on, and bring him out. Amongst the chaos, we bump into the mean girl of the town, Rose. Her tall, athletic frame is perfectly matched with adorable brown chaps, a cute white blouse, a straw cowgirl hat, and tan leather cowboy boots. Though I really didn’t like her, I had to admit that she had an impeccable sense of style. It doesn’t matter though, because she looks down in disgust.
“Hey, watch it runt.” She sneers, and walks off to a less-crowded part of the stable where her daddy’s limo was probably waiting for her. I sigh, and lead Trouble forward. Oh, today was going to be fun… If we could get through it.

~To be continued~

IronHorseFarms & Sundust
2014-08-17 23:12:03
Shadow of Happiness
By aljaune

under a tree,
in the meadow,
a fallow of grace,
galloping in the speed of light,
a mane of gold,
eye of the ocean,
shadow of happiness

aljaune & Snowdrop
2014-08-30 15:46:17
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