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Doctor Who Fan Club.
It will be an interest club.

Thanks admin

I want to make a club called Doctor Who Fan Club. It will be an interest club. thanks. Once you ahve made it, can tell TheImpossibleGirl you made it because I'm making it for her.

Ps i thought there already was a doctor who club

user no longer exists & ---
2015-01-29 01:17:33
Welcome to your club, it is 616091 p843

PS there is now :)

Jane Crandal & JB
2015-01-29 03:20:38
any thing going on?

brittneyhorselover & belle
2015-02-07 01:03:02
Inactive club!
hosessaddles & Phoenix
2015-05-03 00:12:48
Inactive confirmed, club will be deleted from the clubs page unless a member wants to step forward to keep it active.


Jane Crandal & JB
2015-05-03 03:38:02
This club is inactive! Pleas give me 20 w bucks!
Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-05-26 02:52:24
This club has already been reported as inactive recently.


Jane Crandal & JB
2015-05-26 03:11:32
Hey guys can I please join??? Doctor Who is my favorite show!!!!
Oreese & Hermione
2015-06-18 02:06:50
I will tell a bunch of people about the club. We should get a plaque made for our club!!

Oreese & Hermione
2015-06-18 02:06:50
I am working my way through season 8
Oreese & Hermione
2015-06-30 02:17:52
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