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Amethyst Park Weekly Eventing It shall be a club with weekly competitions

I would like to start a competition club:
It shall be called Amethyst Park Weekly Eventing
It shall be a club with weekly competitions
I want the plaque to have a purple background and writing that says:
Amethyst Park

Thankyou! :)

KarinyaParkMari & Libby
2017-05-03 02:18:35
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 633341 p 861
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-06-22 05:01:19
Form to join

Riding Ability:
Riding Style:
Favourite event:

Riding Style:

KarinyaParkMari & Libby
2015-06-26 02:10:28
Ok. I hope it's alright if I add a few things to my form?

Height:5ft 8in
Hair Color/style:Golden brown, falls in the middle of her back
Riding Ability: has been riding for 4 years
Riding Style: western
Favourite event:doesn't have one
Personality: shy, but outgoing once you get to know her

Show Name:Born to Fly
Barn Name: Flyer
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.5 hands
Colour: Brown and white paint
Mane and Tail color: mane is a mix of white and brown and Tail is brown
Markings:piebald (I think that is what its called..) face
Riding Style: Western

pp2 & Finnigan
2015-06-26 19:26:29
Thats fine, and you are both joined!
KarinyaParkMari & Libby
2015-06-27 02:34:15
Events: Eventing and Barrel Racing
All events are level 4 or 5
Please complete form below if you are wanting to enter!

Horse Show Name:
Rider Name:
Horse Height:
Horse Colour:
Horse Breed:
Event Level:


KarinyaParkMari & Libby
2015-06-27 02:36:35
Form to join

Name: Ellie B
Age: 12 and a half( turns 13 in July)
Height: 142cm
Riding Ability: advanced
Riding Style: English
Favourite event: dressage

Name: Sophie
Age: 5 years
Height: 5 hands
Colour: palomino
Riding Style: English

Ashleigh67 & Snow light
2015-06-27 07:43:18
Horse Show Name:Born to Fly
Rider Name: Skye
Horse Height: 15.5 hands
Horse Colour: Brown and White paint
Horse Breed: Quarter Horse
Event: Barrel Racing
Event Level: 4

pp2 & Finnigan
2015-06-28 00:09:35
We have now 3 entries to our comp! It will commence tomorrow at 12pm!!
KarinyaParkMari & Libby
2015-06-28 00:18:55
ok... i think the show has started...

Skye:*gets up early to groom Flyer for the competiton later today. She braids her mane and tail and then gives her a good brushing. She then goes back to the dining hall? or her house to get breakfast. After breakfast she comes back out to the stable and starts tacking up Flyer. Once Flyer is ready, Skye goes and changes into her riding clothes, an nice pair of jeans, a purple polo shirt and her best pair of boots. Then she french braids her hair and grabs her helmet. She leads Flyer out to the show ring to wait for their turn.*

Anouncer: And next up we have Skye on Born to Fly.

Skye:*We enter the ring. I'm relly nervous, but try to hide it. As soon as the timer starts I nudge and kiss Flyer into a canter. We make a clean, sharp turn around the first barrel and then canter across the ring to the second one. We barley miss this one and almost knock it over, but it stays upright. On this last barrel I know that it is esencil that we make the turn the right way. I nudge Flyer's side while also leaning that way and pressing the reigns against her neck to turn her. She makes a clean turn and I nudge her into a gallop across the finish line*

pp2 & Finnigan
2015-06-28 17:56:09
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