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American Girl Fan Club

Jane, could I make a club called American Girl Fan Club? The plaque will have a red background with white letters saying American Girl Fan Club. Thank you so much!

user no longer exists & ---
2017-05-03 02:18:35
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 639742
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-08-08 04:37:11
Hey! I like American girl magazines! Can I join?
hosessaddles & Phoenix
2015-08-10 13:09:56
American girl dolls: 1 named Brianna
Other types: No
How many dolls: 1
Modern or historical: Modern
Favorite historical character: Rebecca
Pleasant Co. or Mattel American Girl: Not sure...

hosessaddles & Phoenix
2015-08-12 01:56:32
Your username: pp2
Do you have any American Girl dolls?: yes
If not, do you have other types of dolls?:no
How many dolls do you have?:2, Kirsten and chrissa
Do you prefer modern dolls or Historical dolls?: i like them both
Who is your favorite Historical Character?:Kirsten
Which one do you like better...Pleasant Company or Mattel American Girl?: idk

pp2 & Finnigan
2015-08-12 01:56:32
I'd possably like to join!

Username: PonyPalClub (Pony Pal)
American Girl Dolls: No
Other Types of Dolls: Madam Alexander
Modern or Historical: Either way
Historical Character: ??
Pleasant Company or Mattel American Girl: ??

I don't have an American Girl doll, but I do have an Madam Alexander! My little sister has an American Girl horse, though. Thanks! I have small magezine-like book that has all these horses and a little message inside every picture!

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-12 02:08:53
Hey, can we start?
hosessaddles & Phoenix
2015-08-12 13:07:40
Hey Breyer! Didn't know you had an American Girl doll! :D
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-12 15:01:06
I LOVE Madam Alexander dolls! Mine has REALLY thick hair, and it is dark brown. She's a cowgirl named Katie (I named her). I also have Barbie dolls, but what's your opinion?
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-14 03:49:15
Cool! My doll is five years old. I got her when I was six.
hosessaddles & Phoenix
2015-08-15 11:45:07
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