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Rat Interest Club

Hi Jane! Can I have a club called the Rat Interest Club please? I would like the plaque to be a hooded colored rat please! Thanks!

user no longer exists & ---
2015-07-15 00:04:28
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 639873
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-08-10 02:39:21
What's the club about...?
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-12 02:08:53
LOL, of coarse they are! I meant do you talk about rats? Me and my sister used to have mice. They were supposed to live for 8 months, but guess what? Thay lived for 3 years!!!
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-12 14:58:33
Okay! What;s it like having rats? Our mice didn't eat that many fruit! Once we gave them a tiny piece of orange, and they didn't even take a bite.
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-14 03:49:15
Tee-hee... Our mice LOVED peanuts!! Of coarse, we probably needed to take off the shell. But the food we gave them always didn't have the shell. Our mice also liked sunflower seeds, this sounds weird, but they can also eat birdseed! They also ate these things that look like cheerios but red and green.
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-15 18:04:16
Tee (I like to say tee hee)... Our mice like these things:

Sunflower seeds,
Bird seed,
And, my mouse Silver, took a few tiny bites of a chip!,
And both of our mice liked... BACON!!
Both they and I like... No... LOVE bacon! In the bag of our mouse food, there were these pieces of food that looked like cheerios, but red and green.

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-16 20:52:31
Do your mice look like the same ones on the plaque?
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-17 21:02:31
Excuse me, I meant rats. Sorry! (LOL)
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-18 16:57:19
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-20 02:30:31
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