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Inside Out Interest Club

hi JC,
I would like to make a club, here are the details:
it will be called "INSIDE OUT" interest club.

we can talk about certain scenes in the movie, which characters you liked, and so on:)

the plague will be a picture of all the feelings: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust.

rrpals & Black Widow
2015-07-24 13:39:32
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 640563
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-08-10 02:45:14
Can I join? I have seen the Inside Out move and liked it a lot!
Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-08-12 18:20:39
Hey rr!!!!
I want to join!!!!!!!!

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-08-15 01:39:35
yes you may all join!!!
rrpals & Black Widow
2015-08-15 19:00:03
Yay, thanks! What is your favorite parts of the movie? And who is you favorite emotion? I liked Anger
Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-08-16 17:40:44
My Favorite Emotions are Fear and Disgust:P
Not that I hate Joy, sadness, or all the others, I just found those two emotions very funny and true:)

My favorite part of the movie was when Joy realized she NEEDED sadness!!!!!
And the time when joy cries, I just have to cry with her:)
I love crying over a sad movie:P

Another part of the movie that I liked was when Anger, Disgust, and Fear take over Riley's brain!!! It's a blast!!!They all are trying to act like Joy, all happy, but whatever they say just comes out as their own emotion!!!!!
Love it:)

Then in the credits (at the end of the movie) I love how they enter other people's minds to see what they are thinking:)

jjpals & Dynamo
2015-08-18 13:01:39
Yah, I didn't really like Joy and Sadness (Joy was too joyful and sadness was too sad. Lol) but I also loved Fear and Disgust.

My favorite parts of the movie where when they enetered other peoples brains, the part where disgust made anger mad to let joy and sadness inside and when anger gets excited about all of the new curse words

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-08-20 02:17:49
Inactive, please give me 20 W-bucks
Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-09-04 19:14:42
Inactive confirmed, club will be deleted from the clubs page unless a member wants to step forward to keep it active.


Jane Crandal & JB
2015-09-05 02:50:33
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