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****Ice-land Secrets**** Hidden in the ice and snow... Graceful and strong... Generous and kind... Lives mythical creatures who are known as unicorns. They are trying to stay hidden from the enemy. The Flame Seekers. They try to keep their home safe and silent in the night. And they protect their loved ones. They hold the Ice-land Secrets.

****Ice-land Secrets****

Hidden in the ice and snow...
Graceful and strong...
Generous and kind...
Lives mythical creatures who are known as unicorns. They are trying to stay hidden from the enemy. The Flame Seekers. They try to keep their home safe and silent in the night. And they protect their loved ones. They hold the Ice-land Secrets.

Hey Jane! I would like the plague to be a white unicorn walking through a blizzard; if not, please something similar! Thanks.

The unicorns can be multiple colors, but not many unless the color is rare. Here are the main Ice-land Unicorns colors:
Pure White
Pale White
Light and Dark Grey
Sometimes Black.

The Flame Seekers (the enemy) try to reveal the Ice-land Unicorns and take their secrets to someday rule the land. These Seekers are black with flames that show in their eyes and their coat is as black as ash. You may only be an Ice-land Unicorn. Here are the rules to this club:

1) No taking God's name in vain or swearing
2) No graphic scenes
3) Let's try not to fight about things, other wards be kind to others
4) No taking charge of the club or other's characters
5) No "Lovey-dovey" scenes of any kind
6) Have fun! I would like everyone who joins to do so

I will send to rest of the info. later. Thanks so much Jane!

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-09 14:37:50
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 645151 p879
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-09-20 03:53:59
SKOGEN & Jamaica
2015-09-20 18:28:37
Hey! this sounds fun. Can I join?
pp2 & Finnigan
2015-09-20 21:48:19
Hey guys! I'd LOVE for you to join!
A quick note, I am not trying to copy the club: Flame Seekers.
Anyways, if you want to be any color besides white, ice-blue, black, or grey, that is fine with me.
If you guys have questions about the club, I'd be happy to answer them! So please, don't be shy.
Here is the FORM:

Meaning of Name: (optional)
Age: (less than a month to 30 years)
Gender: (you may say MARE, or STALLION)
Fur Coat Color:
Would you like your character's fur to be long?:
Mane + Tail Color:
Stripes in Mane + Tail: (optional)
Eye Color: (any color at all except black and white)
Hoof Color:
Mate: (optional)
Fillies or Colts: (optional)
Markings or Scars: (optional)
Family History:

Remember that your character can be tough, but not mean. You may have up to 4 or 5 characters. Fillies and Colts can even grow up!
Here are the open Ranks:

Commander of all Soldiers,
2nd Commander,
Lead Foal Sitter,
Foal Sitter,
Town Unicorn (regular Unicorn)

If you have any options for Ranks, I would be happy to here them!
The Ice-Land Unicorns live in the mountains in small hut-like homes buried in snow.
This Ice-Land isn't the normal Ice-Land we know, but an island no known man (woman) knows about.
In the mountain they live in, there are many pine trees that can hide the homes and as well make it harder for the Flame Seekers to find their home.

Thanks for reading more about the Ice-Landers (Ice-Land Unicorns)! I will post my 3 FORMS after this is sent.

Thanks again!

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-21 01:12:03
Name: ColdStar (Star)
Meaning of Name: None
Age: 6
Gender: Stallion
Fur Color: Black (black is a rare color for Ice-Landers)
Long Fur: No
Mane + Tail Color: Pure White
Stripes in Mane + Tail: Yes. One white streak of black in middle of mane
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Hoof Color: Dark Grey
Talent: Protecting the land of Ice-Landers
Mate: Evening (Eve)
Fillies or Colts: A filly, Winter
Markings or Scars: A scar 1 inch under his left eye
Family History: Born in Ice-Land, his father was the leader of their home until he passed. His mother ruled as well.
His father looked exactly like him except for the streak of black and the scar on his face.
Personality: Courtious, gentle, strong, uses his magic only for good
Rank: Leader
Other: None

Name: Evening (Eve)
Meaning of Name: None
Age: 4
Gender: Mare
Fur Color: Pure White
Long Fur: No
Mane + Tail Color: Stunning Ice-Blue
Stripes in Mane + Tail: No
Eye Color: Stunning Ice-Blue
Hoof Color: Grey
Talent: Creating Snow-storms with her magic. She uses this talent to hide the homes of Ice-Landers
Mate: ColdStar
Fillies or Colts: Winter, a filly
Markings or Scars: She has a light grey star on her fore-head
Family History: Also born in Ice-Land, her mother and father were just normal Town Unicorns, selling food to the other Unicorns
Personality: Gentle, calm, and kind
Rank: Rules by ColdStar's side
Other: Though she makes snow, it is not enough to cover Ice-Land. The natural snow takes care of that

Name: Winter
Meaning of Name: None
Age: 2 months
Gender: Mare (also know as a filly if a foal)
Fur Color: Light Grey
Long Fur: No, but is just a tiny bit shaggy
Mane + Tail color: Darker Grey
Stripes in Mane + Tail: One black streak in tail
Eye Color: Amber
Hoof Color: Black
Talent: Playing with other foals
Mate: Too young
Fillies or Colts: Too young
Markings or Scars: None
Family History: Her father was leader when he was 2, and her mother when she was 3
Rank: Foal
Other: She does not yet know how to use her magic, but is learning

So those are my forms. We need at least 1 more player unless you don't want to join, SKOGEN. Then we'd need 2 more to start role-playing.

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-21 02:12:23
Name:DragonFlame (Dragon)
Meaning of Name:none
Age: 8
Gender: stallion
Fur Coat Color:grey
Would you like your character's fur to be long?: yes
Mane + Tail Color: grey
Stripes in Mane + Tail: ice blue stripes in mane and tail
Eye Color: piercing purple eyes
Hoof Color: black
Talent: advising, protecting
Mate: Storm
Fillies or Colts: none
Markings or Scars: his body has scars all over it from fights
Family History: unknown
Personality: kind, fierce protector
Rank:commander of soldiers?
Other:stars closest friend and advisor?

Name:Stormywings (Storm)
Meaning of Name: none
Age: 9
Gender: MARE
Fur Coat Color: ice blue
Would you like your character's fur to be long?:
(optional) no
Mane + Tail Color: ice blue
Stripes in Mane + Tail: (optional) none
Eye Color: ice blue
Hoof Color: grey
Talent: caring for other unicorns
Mate: Dragon
Fillies or Colts: none, maybe someday
Markings or Scars: none
Family History: unknown
Personality: kind caring sweet, but ferocious
Rank: warrior and medic
Other:even though her mate is the commAnder and she could easily be second in command, she chooses to be a normal warrior

pp2 & Finnigan
2015-09-22 00:57:20
Can I join? Here is my unicorn,

Name: Moon Whisker (Moon)
Meaning of Name: None
Age: 1 year
Gender: Mare
Fur Color: White
Long fur: None
Mane + Tail Color: Bright white
Stripes in Mane + Tail: Streaks of orange and red in the mane and tail
Eye Color: Soft brown with the faintest flame but no one can really see it
Hoof Color: Light grey
Talent: Has very powerful heeling magic but needs to learn how to use it
Mate: Would like some day
Foals: None yet
Markings or Scars: Rather long whiskers which is how she got part of her name
Family History: My mother was alone when she foaled me and wanted to keep me a secret because me father is a Flame Seeker. Luckily I don't look like my father but she still didn't want to join the herd so I left her and joined the herd not long ago
Rank: Medic? If not the Town Unicorn
Other: She doesn't know anything about her father but does know that having orange and red streaks in her mane and tail isn't normal

Is it okay that I made Moon Whisker half Flame Seeker? If not I can re-make her and I saw the post about suggesting new ranks. Could we add a medic incase one of the unicorns had to fight the Flame Seekers and got hurt? If so, could Moon Whisker be the Medic? Sorry about all the questions :)

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-09-22 00:57:20
Hey! So I had an idea. Since you said, pinky that Moon needed to train her powers, maybe stormy could be like her mentor or something, and they would share the rank until moon has fully harnessed her power.
pp2 & Finnigan
2015-09-22 01:28:39
Wow you guys! Pinky, great FORM! And yes, you can be a Medic. We'd need one too. and it is perfectly normal to be half Flame Seeker. Great idea for the stripes too!

pp2, your characters can be a Medic, Warrior, and Cammander. You made great choices (both of you)!

And Rae, to answer your first question, you play as a Unicorn who must stay hidden. Though the Warriors go into battle, their home is still in danger for being found.
And the Secrets, well, those are hard to explain. One of them, is that only the Unicorns know where their home is, what gives them the power to create snow, and the main Secret: There is a unknown Unicorn that takes care of them. Makes sure the snow continues falling, so that their home may remain hidden.
Your 3rd question, flames melt snow. Therefore, finding their home would be an advantage. These Ash Colored Unicorns (Flame Seekers) would do anything to steal the Ice-Lander's magic and become stronger, using both Snow and Flame to rule Ice-Land.
And Rae, you weren't being rude. Your just curious! Would you like to make a FORM?

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-22 13:44:45
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