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The Forest of Secrets {Horse RP}
The day finally came for Storm to be sold. The rancher was taking this fine stallion to a friend who had asked for him when a storm started to come overhead, thundering and lightning. Storm bolted, running through a muddy stream and into a forest beyond. What Storm didn't know was that this was The Forest of Secrets, no man had ever come out alive.

The Forest of Secrets {Horse RP}

Once there was a colt who was born to an evil, cruel rancher who only cared about making money off of his very fine horses and ponies. This colt was named Storm and he was a handsome blue roan with a black mane and tail and distinct white markings on his face and legs. The rancher was very happy when this little colt was born and knew that he would sell for a lot of money so he raised the colt harshly, training him hard and whipping him for not doing as told but he also gave the Storm praise for doing the right thing and was very happy when the day finally came for Storm to be soled. The rancher was taking this fine stallion to a friend who had asked for him when a storm started to come overhead, thundering and lightning. Storm got cared and bolted from the mean rancher when he was taken to the friend of the ranchers, running through a muddy stream and into a forest beyond. What Storm didn't know was that this was The Forest of Secrets, no man had ever come out alive. The rancher was very angry at Strom but would not chase him.
As time passed Storm grew to like this forest, the trees, streams and meadow that stretched wide in the middle of the forest. He started his own herd there and they now live happily in the meadow and forest but there is still trouble for this young herd. Vicious animals lurk in the dark, waiting for they're prey to draw near. Will you die of your enemies or live a happy life with your herd?

Hi Jane! I would like to start a role play club called The Forest of Secrets. As you can see, its about a horse heard. I have the 500 W-bucks and can the plaque be of a blue roan stallion in a mysterious looking forest? If not then I have some other ideas. I will post rules and my characters in my next post!

Pinkey280 & Finn
2017-05-03 02:18:35
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 645337
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-09-20 03:54:47
Hi! This club sounds pretty cool. Can I join?
It is a little funny that both of our club we made have the word "secrets" in them. My club I made is Ice-Land Secrets.

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-22 13:10:40
Thanks Jane and welcome everyone to The Forest of Secrets {Horse RP}! Incase anyone was wondering, RP stands for Role Play. I do have some rules to make, a form, and ranks so here they are,

1. Don't be mean to anyone in this group
2. No cussing, swearing or using the lords name in vain
3. Don't be to graphic while Role Playing
4. Everyone can have unlimited characters but please only keep a reasonable amount
5. Your characters can die if you would like

Name: (Please have two words. Example = Bird Sky)
Nickname: (Example = Sky)
Age: (From 1 month - 25 years)
Gender: (Stallion, Mare, Colt or Filly)
Rank: (Look below for details)
Coat Color: (Any normal horse color)
Mane and Tail: (Anything normal)
Hooves: (Anything normal)
Scars or Markings: (Anything of your choice)
Personality: (Minimum of three)
History: (Doesn't have to be much)
Other: (Anything you want to add)

Leader x 1 = Taken
Deputy x 1
Lead Medic x 1
Medics x 3
Guards x 5
Warriors x Unlimited (The normal horses of the herd)
Queens x Unlimited (Mares that take care of foals)
Foals x Unlimited (Young horses up to the age of 1 year)

I will be sending out regular updates on the group and information so that everyone can keep up with what is going on. Also, I will pick a co-worker to help me run the group. We need two more people to join before we can start RPing. Anyone may join!

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-09-22 18:04:18
Hey Pony Pal Club! Yes, you can join! It is kind of funny that two clubs where made around the same time with the word secret in the name but I promise I didn't copy your idea. Would you like to make a character? I just need two more people to join before we can RP
Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-09-22 18:06:58
Name: Storm Blaze
Nickname: Storm
Age: 10 years
Gender: Stallion
Rank: Leader
Coat Color: Handsome blue roan
Mane and Tail: Black
Hoof Color: Dark grey
Scars or Markings: None
Personality: Strong willed, loyal, fast and understands the forest better than anyone in the herd
History: I was born to a mean rancher, he raised me and was going to sell me when a thunderstorm scared me and I bolted into the forest. I have started a herd here and hope to never see a human again
Other: I have no mate or foal yet

Name: Echo Song
Nickname: Echo
Gender: Mare
Age: 1 year
Rank: Warrior
Coat Color: Chestnut
Mane and Tail: Light blond
Scars or Markings: A scar on her neck, four socks and a stripe down her head
Hoof Color: Light grey
Personality: Smart, fast, curious, a bit shy and very scared to go into the forest on her own
History: I was born to a race horse who didn't want me so she neglected me. I finally got big enough to jump my pasture gate, did so and ran into the forest behind the pasture, not thinking twice about it until I encountered a wild beast but Storm saved me and now I live with him in his herd
Other: I hope to become a great warrior one day

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-09-22 18:22:35
OMG! I would love to join! I ill send my FORM in juuuust one soncond...

P.S. Thanks! And I agree, it is funny.

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-22 20:39:45
Name: DesertDawn
Nickname: Dawn
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Rank: I can be what you want me to be Pinkey
Mate: Not yet
Coat Color: Buckskin
Mane + Tail Color: Black
Scars/Markings: Tall black stockings and one scar on her leg
Hoof Color: Black
Personality: Strong, Kind, Gentle, Curious but knows better
History: I was born in this forest with my mother.
Then I was bitten by a rattle snake; my mother didn't know I was behind and walked away. People found me and took me in, with another mare who adopted me. At the age of 4, I jumped the fence longing to see my mother again. But with no luck, I joined this herd.
Other: None

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-23 13:13:25
can i join

Pret & Dusty
2015-09-23 22:16:07
So when do we start the RP Pinkey?
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-09-24 18:47:02
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