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Imagination Rolepay!

Hey Jane! Could I make a Roleplay called.........

Use your Imagination Rolepay! Could I? Thanks!
For the cover could I have a Girl with a Cloud you know what I mean ;D (Like she's thinking?) And then a horse? If you could that would be AWESOME! Well Thanks anyway!!

-Cowgirls and angels

Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-02-05 01:54:30
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 682522 plaque2517
Jane Crandal & JB
2017-02-05 16:41:00
Thanks!!! Soooooo much!!!!
Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-02-06 01:27:40
Welcome everyone!! I am excited to be doing this. :) I made up some character's that you can choose from :D

Mia (Taken because i want to be her) :D

Here is my forum! xD

Name: Mia
Hair Color:Curly medium brown hair
Age: 12
Horse: Doesn't Have one but take's lessons at a place called A Bit Of Heaven
Personality: Funny Outgoing Loves her friends Rose and Sarah. :D And ADORES Horses!
OK Have fun everyone!!!!!!!!

Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-02-06 01:42:53
So It's About this girl who LOVES Horses! And her parents take her to this place Called A Bit Of Heaven. And Has a annoying Brother xD Lol And she has two friends, Rose And Sarah, That go to the same stable. Mia has a mom named Stephanie and A dad who's name is Henry If anyone wants to be the mom or dad just ask me ;D And if your Rose or Sarah then you can make up your parents :D

Mia: Hey Mom! Can I go to the stables? It's Saturday!? Mom: No sorry dear,Ihave to take your brother to football sorry -Her mom showing a half smile- Mia: Ugh! she walks out to her front porch and sits on the steps Glumly......ShE looks at her phone. She she's a text from Rose, It says........HI MIA! WANT TO COME TO THE STABLES TODAY? MY MOM COULD PICK US UP? WELL JUST LET ME KNOW, BYE!
I will ask my mom! basically triping up the front porch stairs, Mom Mom!!! Can I go to the stabl- Huh? Looking around.....She's not here! I run out trying to find my dad. Oh no!... He is at work! I better try calling him. -ring-ring- HI SWEETIE WATCH YOU WANT? Can I please go to the stable! SURE WHY NOT! (I started explaining how they where going to pick me up)
Thanks dad! Well everyone! I hope you enjoyed that little scene!!!! xD

CarolineLovesHorses & Charm
2017-02-06 12:59:29
Hi guys!So I've never been part of a roleplay before,so what exactly do we do here? Caroline,is it alright if I'm Sarah, since that's my real name anyway?And thanks for inviting me!
redbay & Midnight
2017-02-06 20:43:47
Hi! Thanks for inviting me! Can I be Rose? :+)
kdude & Wisteria
2017-02-07 02:40:02
Hey! Of course you can be Sarah! And sure you can be Rose :) Thanks for joining!!!! ANd Sarah I will explain :)
So you pick your character, then you act her out. Like i just did :D And stupidly i was on my other account when i wrote my act. so anyway! xD if you saw what i did then just use your imagination to wright down (Duh! Thats why i called this imagination roleplay! xD ) so ya that's it :) If you need anymore help just ask! :D But thanks for both of you joining!

CarolineLovesHorses & Charm
2017-02-07 18:02:16
Just start acting when your ready!!
Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-02-07 18:02:16
Since I am soooooooooooo excited I am doing some more acting! xD
P.S. I forgot to mention there is this mean girl that is always saying mean things and dose mean things. her name is Livy. I will act her if no one else wants to xD

Mia: Hey Rose and Sarah! So are you going to jump the wall today Sarah? Livy: I doubt your stupid friend could jump anything! Mia: Uh! Rolling her eyes. You can do it Sarah! Sarah smiles :) xD

Cowgirls and angels & Holly
2017-02-08 01:33:55
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