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August 2018 Story & Poem Contest Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.

August 2018 Story & Poem Contest Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.
Jane Crandal & JB
2018-07-29 01:52:10
Oakland Bay Academy: Phantom Stallion
Chapter One

Backpack? Check. Textbooks? Regrettably, check. Dorky uniform that made me look like some vintage Barbie doll?
Ugh. Check.
I sat in the backseat of the Windstar with my legs swinging out in front of me. My heels clunked against the seat with a thump, causing the boxes by my feet rattle in protest.
“Well, “I thought, “get in line.” Today, I was be moving to the Oakland Bay Academy for the Gifted, or OBAG. Believe me, it had nothing to do with being gifted. Even Thea Vale, the smartest kid in my freshman class, couldn’t have made it into Oakland Bay without forking over some moolah.
My mom looked back at me, her dark hair swinging over her shoulder like a curtain. She never wore her hair down. Was that jewelry she was wearing? And makeup?
What was the world coming to?
“Kiki, stop that. You could damage the computer. Do you understand how much that cost?”
Yeah, of course I did. I just couldn’t understand why she’d bought it for me.
Without a word, I stopped and planted my feet on the floorboard. The shiny black Mary-Jane shoes that were strapped onto my feet gleamed in the sunlight and hurt my eyes. Everything about this outfit hurt my eyes: The crimson jacket and socks, the grey-plaid skirt, that stiff-necked white shirt and tie.
Oh, and that hat that looked like a straw pancake with a ribbon slapped on it.
“You look so pretty,” said my father as he glanced back at me. “Like a regular doll.”
See? What did I tell you?
“I thought you guys didn’t like Barbies.”
My mom rolled her eyes. “They instill detrimental cultural stereotypes in young women.”
Which would explain why I never had any baby dolls when I was a little girl. All I had were robots and science kits.
And model horses. I’d managed to change her mind about horses.
I clutched the box on my lap. Out of all the things my parents had purchased for my dorm room, I only cared for the new bay thoroughbred that had been added to my collection. Mom wasn’t happy about it, but she’d handed me fifty bucks and told me to buy what I needed in Walmart. She’d been too busy pouring over her lab notes to come inside.
“I still don’t know why you had to bring all of those with you,” my mom commented. “You’re sixteen. You don’t play with toys.”
“Ah,” said Dad, “but they’re not toys, are they, Sakiyama?"They are collectables. And besides, she’ll want something to remind her of home.” He flashed me another smile. “Well, lass, are you excited?”
Excited? The Imperial March was playing through my head. I was on the highway to prep-prison!
“Yeah. I guess.”
Dad grinned, but Mom, being the scientist she was, knew exactly what I was thinking. Her brown eyes stared me down with a look that could have burned a hole in the back seat.
“Kikuchi, you are very fortunate. Your father and I have been saving for this for years.”
Yeah. They’d started saving right after they graduated from Oakland Bay and got married. It was touching, but it was also frustrating and creepy. Who in their right mind would save every penny they had to send their future kid to the same school they attended?
“Don’t be nervous,” said my father. “I realize Oakland Bay sounds like some kind of uptight military school, but it’s a wonderful place. You’ll make friends.”
“And connections,” Mom added. “My biology teacher had me recommended to Princeton.”
Dad laughed. “While I cooked all her meals and took care of Kikuchi, of course.” For a moment, the car swerved, like he was forgetting what country he was driving in.
“But Kiki, you’re going to like it here. I promise. There’s a beautiful library, lovely campus, trips abroad even a private beach.”
“Not to mention the laboratories and science centers,” said Mom.
Yup. I had absolutely no control over my future. Long before my mom was ever pregnant, they’d planned out my destiny. I was going to Oakland Bay, and then off to some top college for a science-centered degree.
I didn’t even know what I wanted to study!
I glumly stared out the window, watching the palm trees and tropical plants fly by. But I’d lived in Florida long enough to know that patches of “woodland” like this meant banana spiders, poisonous snakes, and probably alligators, too.
The car turned again, and dad chirped in his usual chipper, accented tone. “And here we are! Oakland sweet Oakland!” The car slowed as we approached a massive metal gate. The initials “OBA” were printed on a sign that hung on the front.
“Is that to keep criminals out, or students inside?” I asked, leaning forward in my seat. Dad only grinned.
There was a sudden creak, and the gates swung wide to reveal a paved road that led the way to some cobblestone building that looked like a small castle. There was a lake and a fountain out front, and beyond, I could see more elegant buildings erected on spotless, jade-green lawns.
“The letter says she’ll be staying in Redmond Hall,” said Mom. “That’s the best girls” dorm. Private study rooms, computer lab, and it’s across from the library. I had to pull a few strings to get you there instead of Ashford.” She gestured to the cobblestone building as we passed it. “That one is for the less serious students. And the new ones, of course, but I made it clear that you are academically gifted.”
Yeah, right. I was a B student. I didn’t belong on this campus in the first place, let alone Redmond Hall.
We turned down the next path, allowing me to have a better view of the campus.
And then I saw it: First fences, then a grey-stone stable, and finally you guessed it horses.
My hands flew to the window, and I pressed so close to the glass that my nose was squashed against it.
“They have horses?”
Dad turned his head in surprise. “They do?”
“Harry!” cried Mom. “The road!”
Dad slammed on the brakes, and I looked out the windshield just in time for us to screech to a stop in front of a dark-haired boy. He was dressed in the same crimson uniform that I was, expect he was wearing pants. Lucky.
The boy stared at us in horror, causing my toes to curl inside my shoes. Dad quickly leaned out of the window.
“Sorry about that, lad!”
The boy didn’t answer. He didn’t have time to, either, because Dad pulled around him and continued our drive down the road.
“Well that was an adventure,” said Dad. “Good medicine, I always say. Gets the heart pumping, adds some days to your life. Remember that while you’re here, Kiki.”
“Do horses count as adventure?”
“Academics are adventure,” my mom said sternly. I knew exactly what she was saying. No horses. But Dad was twittering on about how there wasn’t a stable while they were students, and how he would have liked to learn to ride, and about some pony his older brother had owned when they were kids.
I just kept staring out the window. Hey, if there were horses here, maybe this wasn’t a prison after all.

Paladin & Odin
2018-08-06 00:42:30
if I had a pony
By- Bella grace ponies

If I had a pony, I'd name him Prince, or Zitz.
I'd ride him everyday, then I'd give him hay.
if I had a pony, he'd be brushed everyday,
Neigh, Neigh, Neigh, plus more hay!
after a long ride, I'll give him some water.
if I had a pony, we'd go to shows, and win first place,
with no haste.
then we would go home, I'd give him a pat,
then guess what?
Neigh Neigh Neigh
MORE HAY!! if I had a pony, a pony, a pony,
if I had pony today

bella grace ponies & Prince
2018-08-08 18:50:49
Chapter 1
For Trixie Brown, every day was a good day. And today was no different. Wind blew through her dirty blonde hair. She wished the wind was the result of a running horse, instead of the beat up old truck she now drove.
Summerside Refuge and Rehab Center's welcoming sign met her eyes, and she took the turn. This wasn't a normal rehab center. It was an equine rehabilitation center. Horses would either be rescued or dropped off, just to come here to this ranch in Wyoming.
The dust from the road swirled around Trixie's truck. It was a mile drive from the turnoff until she drove into the ranch yard. Her arrend hadn't taken a long time, but she couldn't help but feel glad to be back. This was her home, and she intended to stay, helping horses from frantic, chaotic situations, and then, possably, adopt them out to hopeful buyers.
Rajeana Lincoln's smiling face greeted her as she parked. She came jogging towards the truck, decked out in a orange and blue plaid shirt, jeans, and scuffed up cowgirl boots.
"You got the feed, Trix?" Rajeana asked, peaking into the rear of the truck. Trixie was not sympathetic. "Not even a hello?" she complained.
"Oh. Hello! Did you get the wormers, too?" she continued. Trixie sighed, shaking her head at her friend.
They unloaded the supplies, organizing them neatly in the tack and feed room. Summerside only had nine horses in the holding pens at the moment, but it was always safer not to be short of anything. They were already stocked up with hay, their hay barn almost full to the brim, so that was something they didn't have to worry about- yet.
Trixie and Rajeana heaved the last bag of grain onto the stack that had ocumulated. "Our visitors arrive yet?" Trixie asked, catching her breath. Those bags of grain were heavier than she remembered when she had loaded them into the truck.
"Nope. Who knows if they'll even show up." Rajeana said absent mindedly as she walked out of the tack and feed room.
"Well, that'd be just plain rude!" Trixie said plainly, walking towards the fence line. Five horses grazed peacefully. Of the nine, these were the most gentled and trained. Cheeto and Dawn stood in their own little group. They used to be of the rehabilitation group, but now they were owned and ridden by Trixie and Rajeana. Cheeto's orange-chestnut coat glimmered as he walked forward to greet the girls.
"Hey, boy, what's up today?" Trixie cooed to the gelding, who nickered in response.
Dawn's dun shadow followed. She walked right up to Rajeana. "They sure know how to ask for attention!" she laughed.
"Yeah, and the others don't. So, let's hop to it and show them how." Trixie said determinedly.
"You say it like it's a chore." Rajeana accused teasingly. "I say it like it's our life work, which it is, and we need to take it seriously." Trixie said firmly. "Oh, right." Rajeana said, a serious expression crossing her face. But, it was quickly broken by a grin.
"Race you to the barn!" she tempted.
Trixie sighed, then laughed as she raced after her retreating friend.

Trixie stood at the edge of the round pen, eyeing the dull brown horse that shared the pen with her. Rocky pushed himself as far as he could get from her. He had arrived only a week ago, and he had the nerves of a cat who didn't like water.
He wasn't the most beautiful creature, but he had brains. He knew he didn't like humans, so it was up to Trixie to change his mind.
She sat down in the dust. Rocky snorted. Afternoon sun blazed down on them.
Mentally, she went over the events of Rocky's life. He had been abused by a former owner, then passed along to another person to get neglected. He had only lived in that home for a month before animal control had gotten wind of it. That had made Rocky a survivor. He didn't want humans to take over his life again, and he had yet to learn otherwise.
Trixie continued to just sit there. Rocky needed to know that she wasn't something to fear. Rocky was afraid of many things, and she hoped not to be one of them.
Rocky's brown hide shivered in annoyance. This human had no right to be in his pen, he seemed to say. And, his body language said even more. His eyes blinked repeatedly, saying he wasn't at all relaxed. He eyed Trixie with suspicion. He had no desire to trust this being.
Trixie leaned back onto the wooden fence boards. The movement spooked Rocky. He reared, stretching his legs to judge the fence's height, in hopes of jumping. But the six foot fence was too much for him. He jerked back his head back with worry, wondering what Trixie might do next.
Trixie yawned, seeing if the effect might calm him. He did perk his ears, but his muscles were taut.
"One of these days you'll see me as your friend." she finally spoke in a whisper. Rocky snorted at the sound, but nothing more.
They both stayed put for an hour. Trixie dropped a glance at her watch without moving her head. It was already five-thirty.
Finally, in a life changing moment, Rocky cocked a hind leg, a sign that he had dropped his gaurd and relaxed. Trixie couldn't help smiling. She sat there for another ten minutes, and then decided to leave.
Rocky's back leg straightened when she got up. He tilted his head in surprise, then watched as she left the pen.
That's a good sign. Trixie thought to herself.
Rajeana had been working with another horse, and she wondered what progress she had made. Suddenly, Trixie smacked her forehead. The visitors!
She ran to find Rajeana. Then, there she was. She held a clipboard in her hand, scanning it purposefully.
"I'm thinking we should worm the horses this week." she was muttering as Trixie hurried over to her.
"Oh, Rajeana! Did those visitors come? Did we miss them? Did they leave?" Trixie asked worriedly.
Rajeana sighed, her eyebrows bent.
"They didn't find a horse they liked. Our horses were either too big, or too small." she quiped. Then she shook her head.
"Anyway, good news. Firefly doesn't have that rash anymore. That natural remedy stuff really works." Rajeana admitted with a smile.
"That's good. At least it didn't spread to the other horses." Trixie said absently. She had really been hoping on one or two of the horses getting adopted out. The budget was low, at the moment. They weren't low on feed and supplies, but in case of emergency, it was always good to have loose cash around.
Trixie sighed. Some things just didn't go as planned.

"We got a few faxes!" Rajeana yelled from the office. Trixie's head popped up quizically. "I thought the fax machine was broken!" Trixie admitted. "The handy man came over while you were gone. He was happy to have a look at it." Rajeana called.
Trixie jogged down the hall and into the office. Rajeana was reading the first fax. Trixie snatched up the second one. It was from one of their earlier adopters, updating them on the health and well being of their adoptee. Trixie smiled as she read it. The writer couldn't say enough good things about the horse they had adopted. When she finished, Rajeana was done too. "Switch." she ordered playfully.
This one was from The Horse Refuge and Rehab Assosiation. It was commending them on a job well done, and their acheivments. This one also made Trixie smile.
Rajeana and Trixie's eyes met when they both finished reading. "OK. Let's shoot for it." Rajeana suggested.
"Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" they both slammed down the hands in their decided weapon. "Ha, ha! Paper wins!" Trixie grinned victoriously. She laid her hands on the paper and pulled it up to eye level. Her eyes opened wide. She quickly handed the paper to Rajeana, who's reaction mimicked Trixie's. The fax read:
Below the words was an address. There was no signature or name. Rajeana and Trixie stared at each other and gulped.
"You think this is a report on abuse or something?" Rajeana wondered, dropping a second glance at the fax.
"Maybe. I wonder who sent it." Trixie muttered. "You think we should drive out there tomorrow?" Rajeana asked, gesturing towards the address.
"Let's get a warrant from the sheriff first to check the place out. I'm sure he's still at the station. And, now that our fax machine is fixed, he can send it to us." Trixie suggested. "Good idea. I'll go ahead and call him. That leaves supper up to you. Surprise me!" Rajeana said teasingly over her shoulder as reached for the phone.
"I'll try." Trixie sighed, walking out of the office and back down the hall into the kitchen.
She cooked some leftover loaf, then whipped up some mashed potatoes and veggies to go with it. Rajeana was done with the call by then.
"The sheriff said he'll send it to us in the morning. Funny, he said he's patroled that area of town and he's seen no horse there." Rajeana muttered. Trixie rubbed her arms, wondering. "You think we should get the sheriff or a deputy to escort us?"
"Hmm. Maybe. It does seem kinda spooky. It could be some sort of trap or other. And, please, don't say that's far fetched. It's happened far too often in this world." Rajeana reminded. Trixie nodded, having no mind to argue.
"Well, I guess we'll just wait until morning. Let's eat." Trixie decided. "Yes, let's! I could smell the loaf from the office. Delish!" Rajeana said dramatically.
Trixie chuckled, but there was still a caution sign flashing in the back of her mind. What would tomorrow bring?

Adeline HC & Esprit Ellis
2018-08-13 23:14:34
Wild Horse, Wild Ride
By- Bella grace ponies

Brooke Smith walked into the Red 4X4. "ok, horse, here I come," she mumbled. "You Ready, Kylie?" She Said as she turned around to face her eleven year old daughter in the backseat writing down a list of horse names. "Yeah, yeah, do you think that Rocky would be a good name for a black or bay Stallion?" Brooke smiled. "That's Great! put Black snow and white ashes on there too." Kylie rolled her eyes. "why are we in the car if we aren't moving?" "ok, ok, just let me start the engine!" Brooke put her horse shoe shaped key into the slot. the truck's engine started up. "let's go get our mustang! YEEEEEEEHAAA!" shouted Brooke.

7 Hours Later

"Kylie, were here!" Brooke said in a exited tone. "OH MY GOSH! LET'S GET OUT!!!!!!" Screamed Kylie just before she swung the door open. Brooke opened the car door to see hundereds of beautiful mustangs in the gates. "were number 33399764." let's go see our horse's paper. when they got to the building were they gave people the EXTREME MUSTANG MAKEOVER hose papers. "we are number 33399764." reported Kylie. "here's your paper." said the person at the front desk. Kylie and Brooke looked intently at the blue paper.



Black Stallion, white star with 4 white stockings

16.1 hands

Aged around 2-4



bella grace ponies & Prince
2018-08-17 22:13:05
My Pony
by msjane

Azzie the pony
Looks at me forlornly
He wonders why
I do not ride
He does not think its funny

msjane & AE
2018-08-18 19:37:55
Pony of miracles
by SWC

Heartstrings was Abigail's first pony. You could not find a more sweet pony anywhere. He was a jumping, dressage, western, bareback, and cross country pony. He was the all around package. But the word WAS should be noticed. He WAS the best pony, before the crash.

Abigail's family was driving through the mountains on their way to a horse show where she was competing with Heartstrings.
"Do you think heartstrings is ok back there? He might be cold! Or running out of food! Or Or-"
Abigail's dad cut her off, "I'm sure he's fine. We'll be there in an hour."
Abigail's brother Avery was in the back seat with her. "You worry more than a cat on a wobbling hay stack!" he snorted.
"Thanks." Abigail said flatly back.
Suddenly a rabbit ran across the road causing Abigail's dad to swerve right to avoid it, then swerve left to avoid running off the road. Just when they thought they were god on the road two trucks came barreling toward them. They were coming the wrong way! Abigail's dad jerked them around the first one but right into the next. Abigail felt the impact, then blackness.

The next thing Abigail saw was blackness again. Then she felt someone shaking her. She opened her eyes. She was back in her bedroom. She was home. She was safe. She saw her mom and dad leaning over her.
Her mom started to cry,"She's ok! My baby's ok!"
Abigail sat up. "Of coarse! It will take more than that to mess me up!" She grinned, then she hugged her parents.
An hour later Abigail came downstairs.
"Hi mom. I'm hungry."
Her mom turned to her with a plate of pancakes. "Good, cause I made lots." She brought them to the table. Then they all sat down.
Abigail's mom flashed a look at her dad.
"Abby, we have to tell you something. After the crash the ambulance to pick everyone up. Your mother and I were told we were fine and even though you were unconscious they said you could go home too. But, um, they said Avery was injured bad, and they have t keep him there."
Abigail was stunned. Of all the people to get hurt Avery was the last she'd expect. "Oh no! Will he, you know, be ok?"
"We think so." Her mom said. "But one more thing. Um it's about Heartstrings."
Abigail started sobbing. "He's dead! I knew it! He really is dead!"
"No! No he's alive!" Her mom said quickly.
Abigail stopped sobbing. "He is?"
Her mom hesitated. "Yes, he is. But, well the vet says he have a fractured cannon bone."
Abigail was dumbstruck. It was her worst nightmare.

Wait until next month for the next chapter! Or W-mail me for an advance on it!

SWC & Starsight
2018-08-19 03:54:51
Dancing Bee
By Mintyblaze380

My pony, true and free,
Her name is Dancing Bee.
She loves to ride in the wind,
without or with her saddle restraints.
Dancing Bee she loves to roam,
But she will come running when I call her home.
My baby girl I feel I raised her well,
When I think of her my heart begins to swell,
for she is my sweetheart,
Dancing Bee.

Mintyblaze380 & Storm
2018-08-21 01:49:50
by SWC

Everyone says their horse is special cause he wins ribbons and trophies,
Everyone says their horse is special cause he is the most beautiful on the farm,
But my horse is special in a way that can't be explained, that can't be seen, that can't be hung on a wall and stared at,
My horse has lived for a thousand years,
And will live for a thousand more,
But still he was born only last winter,
He is the spirit of all horses,
He told me so,
It was his own courage to keep them going that made me speak for what I believed,
He told the ponies that nearly drowned in the sea to keep swimming,
That the island of Assateague was near,
His bravery is what keeps me going,
And he will be with me for all eternity,
He told me so.

SWC & Starsight
2018-08-22 20:41:28
I love horses
by Rena18

nobody loves them like me
my horse is special
our love is so strong
we go all the way
I say this so we can be free
in a way so different
we can be there to see
My horse my horse so free
happy as can be
you and me are free

Rena18 & Redwood
2018-08-30 09:35:52
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