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November Story & Poem Contest Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.

November Story & Poem Contest Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.

Jane Crandal & JB
2018-10-31 18:30:53
My boy,
Please walk with me,
To the mountains,
To the ridges,
To the rivers,
And the streams,
Please walk with me,
To the end of the earth,
Please walk with me.

k3754 & Scooter
2018-11-02 00:31:29
Spirit Of The Horse
By Ponygirl08

Could one take it away?
How they glisten, night or day?
Could one make them give it up?
Make them drink from a cup?
Could one try to take away their spirit?
For the spirit of the horse cannot be broken,
We already know, we can leave that unspoken.

ponygirl08 & Shooting Star
2018-11-02 00:31:29
No Stirrup November Haiku
By Sidca

I am very, very, sore.
It's no stirrup November.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Sidca & Paloma
2018-11-05 23:42:15
"One Forever"
by Adeline HC

A forever friend is very rare
But once you find one, it's nice to share
A four-legged strength is your guide
They stay with you, wherever you ride
Enjoy those moments of being one
For, from now on, it's all fun
Your horse, a very treasured thing
Stay with him, as your heart lifts to sing
Thank you, my dear friend, I love you so
Let us do it once more, let us go.

Adeline HC & Esprit Ellis
2018-11-05 23:42:15
Chapter 3 Summerside Rescue
By Adeline HC

It was official. They had bought a dog. Kate promised to bring him over by the end of the week.
Now that she thought about it, Trixie felt good about getting a dog. Something told her it was the right thing to do.
Rajeana had named the pup Ace.
"If we ace horse training, then we might as well ace dog owning." she had said in a put on drawl. Trixie smiled at the memory. Rajeana had the funniest ways of making up names.
"Soon, you'll meet him. He'll get all of you used to having a dog around." Trixie said to Rocky while she worked with him.
He perked his ears in her direction, then pretended to be hypmotized by something very far off in the distance. His deep, brown eyes blinked curiously, then he went back to lazing in the sun.
"At least you're feeling more relaxed. Enough to be lazy, anyway." Trixie smiled. As if to prove her wrong, Rocky's body stiffened and he stood statue still as he watched her. Suddenly, he took a trotting step forward, then wheeled and gunned it back to the far edge of the round pen. Trixie tilted her head, studying him, wondering what had made him make such a dramatic move.
Rocky let out a deep sigh, still watching what lay beyond her. For a second, Trixie let herself look back to see what might have spooked him, but all she saw was sagebrush stretching out over many hills in the distance.
What did the gelding see that she didn't? Or maybe it had been a sound or scent. Maybe it had been the far off cry of a lonely mustang, or the scent of an animal's carcass baking in the sun, or the sight of a jack rabbit scurrying into the sage. She didn't know.
Trixie went back to what she was doing. Sitting. Rocky stayed the same distance away, not allowing any of his curiosity to pull him forward.
His eyelids worked tirelessly, watching the human. Trixie began to hum an old church hymn. The sound seemed to lull him. His curiosity was pulled back to beyond the fence. Trixie turned again.
The smiling face of a young girl met her eyes. "Hi, there!"
Surprised, Trixie looked back to Rocky. "Sorry, boy. Another day." she told him in a barely audible whisper.
Trixie stepped out of the pen and walked over to the redheaded girl. She seemed about twelve.
"Hello." Trixie smiled.
"Hi. Are you Trixie Brown?" the girl asked, then went on after Trixie nodded. "I'm Willow Adamson. I'm here to see if you need any help around this place."
Trixie, at first, was doubtful, but something told her not to take this lightly.
"Know anything about horses?" Trixie asked with a smile. "I guess you could say that. Never owned one though." Willow admitted sheepishly.
Trixie hummed thoughtfully.
"What do you need the money for?" Trixie didn't really care, but she thought it may be important.
"No money." Willow said, her smile sincere. Trixie stopped in surprise, then retained her shock.
"Ok. You have yourself a deal, Willow Adamson. You can come work here. But, make sure you have your parents permission and have them call me." Trixie said lastly, handed her a business card, then walked off. But the girl's call stopped her.
"You can count on it! Thank you!" she yelled.
Trixie nodded, then called over her shoulder. "You're very welcome!"

Willow Adamson did show up, with her parents permission intact. They had called last night, bending under their daughter's persistence.
She started work at two o'clock Thursday, but it was ten when she showed up.
"Got to get an early start." she said in excuse. Trixie couldn't help but accept the girl's eagerness.
"Alright. You get to work on those stalls. There's not much work around here, but it's enough to keep you busy. If you plan on staying here for lunch, lunchtime here's at twelve." Trixie said firmly, but she couldn't help but smile.
"OK. Sounds fine." Willow said while Trixie showed her the way to the shovel and wheel barrow.
"I would say 'have fun', but. . ." Trixie grinned.
"Yeah. I know. No one likes to shovel manure. But, if it's a job, it's a job worth doin'." Willow said firmly.
That'd look good on a t-shirt. Trixie mused thoughtfully when she went about her own daily chores.
When the horses were all groomed, Trixie went ahead and got to work with Rocky.
His head was held high, making Trixie smile.
"You look handsome. Don't ya, boy?" she grinned, watching him. Then he did something that she hadn't even expected. He gave a barely audible guttural nicker. Trixie stopped in her tracks.
"So, you have been enjoying our little intrigues together, have you?" Trixie grinned. He snorted and shook his head. Her laugh made him frisk.
Trixie sank down into the dirt and watched him closely, sensing the change in him. He seemed to no longer see her as a threat, at least. Of course, not a friend yet, but a definite impression had been made.
"Let's think of ourselves as acquaintances, then, shall we?" Trixie grinned. Rocky seemed to agree. He stood at the center of the pen, now, not as cautious as before. He stayed there for an hour, his legs straight, watching Trixie.
I wonder how he can stay in one place for so long. Speaking of which, how can I sit in one place for so long? Trixie asked herself. She couldn't feel her legs any more, which was not a good situation to be in when you were around an unpredictable horse. She decided her lesson for today was done.
After she heaved herself to her feet, and gained her feeling back, she smiled over at Rocky. "See you later, boy!" she called. He bobbed his neck, licking his lips.
He was learning something.

On Sunday, Kate Spencer came and went, but she did leave something behind. Ace was finally at his new home. Rajeana had went over to visit him a few times, so the sight of her was comforting, but when the pup saw the wide open spaces around him, he frisked like an untrained yearling.
"Hey, boy. Ace, is it?" Trixie cooed to the anxious dog. His tongue hung out in greeting.
"Acie, boy, this is Trixie, the one I've been telling you about. She does look kinda intimidating, doesn't she?" Rajeana teased, holding the lab by the leash.
"Well, thanks." Trixie huffed, trying to seem offended.
Rajeana laughed, then looked around the ranch yard curiously. "Where's Willow? Doesn't she want to come meet this newcomer?"
"She probably does, she just wants to finish up her chores first. It's only her third day working here, so she wants to prove herself." Trixie reminded. Rajeana nodded understanding.
Trixie looked down and noticed Ace had his eyes on something in the direction of the barn. Yet another human walked his way. He seemed overwhelmed by the new surrounding and two new human beings. Willow walked over to them and stood, smiling down at the playful looking pup.
"Aren't you just a bundle of energy?" she giggled, making the puppy squirm even more. Rajeana laughed.
"Wanna take him for a walk for me? He really needs the exercise, and I've still got some work to do myself." Rajeana admitted.
"Sure. I'll take him to the mailbox and back." Willow suggested her. "OK. Make sure he doesn't drag you there!" Rajeana hollered to the departing girl and dog.
Trixie chuckled. Now, they had a dog. Life on the ranch will never be the same.

The weeks went by, Willow coming almost everyday to help out in any way she could, including taking Ace on his daily walks. One Tuesday afternoon, the sun made the air blister with heat. That was why Trixie and Rajeana were happy to stay in the office, air conditioning on full blast.
"Part of me can't wait for winter. The other part of me just wants to stay inside all day." Rajeana moaned. "But what about riding?" Trixie asked, puzzled. Rajeana grinned.
"That's where the indoor arena comes in."
Trixie laughed. "Oh, yeah. Wouldn't want to forget about that."
"Oh! Speaking of forgetting, we got a fax yesterday, but I forgot to read it. I guess I was too busy. Let me see. . .oh! Here it is!" Rajeana cheered, snatching up a lone sheet of paper.
She smiled, and began reading. "Ok, here it says. . ." A new expression crossed her face.
"What?" Trixie asked worriedly.
Rajeana handed her the paper. Trixie's gaze dropped to read the words.
Save Me,
Trixie stared at the fax. Her eyes continued to read. The address was definitely familiar. Then it came to her. She covered her mouth.
"It's the same place we checked out a few weeks ago, isn't it." Rajeana said. It wasn't a question. Trixie nodded.
"Think we should go back?" Rajeana asked.
"I don't know. Maybe." Trixie mumbled. Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement, and then, very faintly, she could hear the sound of retreating footsteps.
Trixie shrugged it off. Probably just Ace.

Adeline HC & Esprit Ellis
2018-11-05 23:42:15
My Horse
by Rena18

hen you call for me I will come
When you look out for me I will run
The same question circles our heads
To be free or stay snuggled in bed?
To ride or not to ride?
To stay by your side?
And when i do,
I follow you
Never will i think of going
Leaving you so i can go sewing
But lets just ride
Stick by your side
I will never ever forget you
My horse

Rena18 & Redwood
2018-11-06 18:20:07
Barrel Racing
By Cowgirl Runner15

The horses neigh and throw their heads
Waiting for their turn to tear up the fresh ground
Watching our competition over and over again
Watching and watching
Warming up - my animal works with anxiousness

He throws his head
As he is lead into the alleyway
He side steps swinging his butt around
Waiting for the person to let go of his reins
The person finally lets go as he gives a jerk

He runs as fast as he can into the arena
I feel his body drop as we get to the first barrel
I pull the reins to the right and grab my saddle horn fast
Feeling his body jerk again as I know he has shifted gears
Running as fast as he can to the other side of the arena

His body drops again as we get to the second barrel
I pull the reins to the left and grab my saddle horn again
My leg scraping the barrel just barely but not enough to knock it over
His body jerks another time - hearing the wind in my ears
He takes off to the third barrel

Shhhh shhhhh
The dirt hisses as he drops and slows down
I grab the saddle horn and pull the reins to the left quickly
Barely missing the barrel with my leg as I lift it over it
He takes off again towards the alleyway

Thump thump thump thump
You hear as his hooves land in the dirt
Thump thump thump thump
As your heart is pumping like crazy

You pull back on the reins and he throws his head
He slows down quickly as you wait for your time
The crowd screams in celebration
You yell to celebrate as you have set a new arena record
You pat his neck in happiness while walking him out of the alleyway

You get off your horse still giddy with happiness
Many people walk over and congratulate you
As a girl approaches you with your paycheck and award for first place
You walk away as the new arena record holder and a good amount of money
And the horse that you could have never asked for

Cowgirl Runner15 & Splashs
2018-11-07 00:24:11

We got your story - nicely written! - but unfortunately we won't be able to publish it. It's a little too dark and scary for CPP's younger members.

I look forward to seeing more of your stories!


Jane Crandal & JB
2018-11-08 01:13:51
I just want the quill.

****you need to enter the contest -- write a short poem or story and you will get one -- admin ****

Luna21 & Echo
2018-11-09 02:34:28
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