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January 2019 Story & Poem Contest Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.

January 2019 Story & Poem Contest Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.
Jane Crandal & JB
2018-12-30 02:07:15
Attention, pony pals! Horses are in trouble!!

Behind the dog dish: The sad truth

Often times we go to the pet store to buy a bag of food for our beloved pets, not thinking about all that goes into making the contents of the kibbles. If only we knew what a simple dish of canine food costs our dear equine friends! Oh readers, if only you knew the bloody horrors of the slaughter house! Helpless horses, usually disabled or pregnant, sometimes even racehorses are sent to the killpen, where they are auctioned off one by one. Even if they had a successful run on the track, they are still sold. Even if they have famous bloodlines, they are still sold. Even if they leave behind a heartbroken tearful little girl, they’re still sold. EVEN if they were a former Dressage Grand Prix horse with a bright future, they’re still sold. It doesn’t matter anymore. Nobody cares what happened in their past life, its in the past. Buyers are only interested in what condition the horse is in, and how much flesh is still on its body. Buyers push their way to the front to see the horses, slaughter house representatives picking and choosing the ones that don’t sell. Their owners are done with them, and the killpen is a dark but legal way to rid oneself of horses.

Horses that are sold for the slaughter house are crammed into a cattle truck, with no safety equipment. Some of their legs are broken, others suffer injuries from the jolting and rough trip in crammed quarters. No matter, for they are on their way to their death. Their suffering and pain will be ended in a few hours so it’s not abuse is it? Haha. It is. Any animal, even on its way to its death should not be suffering unless absolutely necessary. Where are they going? To a lovely slaughter house in Canada or Mexico. Once the horses arrive at the hell hou-*ahem* slaughter house, they are sent through a chute, where their life is ended in a “painless and humane way”, or so we’re told. They die from a 4 inch metal rod shot into their brain. Sometimes more rods are injected, only do the slaughterhouse employees stop when the horse is forever still. Some slaughter houses stab a puntilla knife through their backs, which severs their spinal cord and leaves them helplessly unable to breath or move. Yet another common practice in slaughterhouses is to spray down the live horses with boiling hot water, which helps the machines and workers remove the skin from the carcass. Yet other horses are given dose of euthanasia, for a less painful more humane way to die. The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) calls the 4 inch captive bolt a “humane method”, with emphasize that, “an adequate restraint is necessary to ensure proper placement of the bolt.” Oh yes, shooting a 4 inch bolt through a horse’s skull to its brains is very humane. If the AVMA says its humane, then its fine. But, dear reader, if someone of higher authority says, for example, eating a cup of salt a day is healthy, does that mean that we can all go out and intoxicate ourselves with salt? I certainly hope not.

But its all good, right? We never think about it, the big pet food companies turn their heads when the shipments arrive, whatever makes them the most money is all that matters. Horses are just animals, they were meant to be killed and eaten for food. I’m not saying equine aren’t fit to be eaten, but the way in which they are killed is inhumane and cruel. If there is one but one way to save a horse from this horrible fate, seize it. Horses can be saved from the slaughter house and restarted with a little patience and time. Many equestrians have tried their hand at rescuing a pitiful horse from the slaughter house, and restarted it themselves. This gives the horse a new chance at life, and saves them from the cruel death at a slaughter house. We are told that slaughter houses are humane, but do we really know they are? Simply because we are told something does not always mean that it is true. I leave you, reader to allow a moment of silence and respect for the helpless horses that have been sent to die in this cruel andhumiliating process.

chestnutcolt13 & Thunderstorm
2019-01-08 20:15:00
I brayed a sigh. Just another day at the market. I'd have thought a donkey, such as myself, would be sold swiftly. But, as was the case, I had been on the market for two days. I enjoyed the break, but couldn't help but picture myself doing more.
Hopefully, my new owner would not be as merciless as my last one. But, some hopes don't become reality.
I was sold that afternoon. My new owner sat upon me, then dug his heels into my sides, and cursed at me. I knew better than to just stand there. With every heavy step, I realized the burden I carried.
Every donkey must serve his master well, but I'd just as soon kick my heels and rid myself of the responsability. I used to be wild. I used to search for an oasis for food, and be filled with relief when I found one. Ah, what a blessing to be wild.
To my delight, I plodded into the city of Nazereth. It had been some time since I'd seen the likes of the Nazarene's. I wondered where else my owner might take me.
The market.
I guess it wasn't really a surprise. Every day and night on our journey towards Nazareth, my owner cursed about how he'd made a bad choice in purchasing me. He kept saying he should have gotten a camel.
Well, I thought. If he wasn't going to appreciate me, good riddence.
I stood yet another two days at the market. It was beginning to take a toll on me. How could the lack of work be so tiring?
My hopes lifted when I noticed a young man studying me nearby. I watched him curiously as he moved towards the tradesmen. They nodded, exchanged looks, then settled a deal. I was now to be this man's donkey. I sighed. Things never change.
Or so I thought.

"Mary! Mary come look!" yelled the man. I stood beside him, wondering what all the fuss was about.
"Joseph? What is it?"
Mary and Joseph? Well, all I could say was it had a ring to it.
"Look. This animal will carry you to Bethlehem when we go to be registered. You will not walk." Joseph said firmly. Mary nodded, then turned to admire me. As soon as she touched me, I felt this couple was different. New owners, yes. But, this was new in an entirely different manner.

I spent one night under their roof, then they collected their things, and I suspected they were preparing for travel.
As soon as Mary sat across my back, a feeling of duty swept over me.
Be still, Donkey. Be sure of foot. You carry the women who bears My Son.
I shuddered. Now, I understood. It was an incredible blessing and such an honor, it made me do my best to be careful. Joseph stood at my head, and led me out of the gates of Nazereth. With my every footfall, I gained energy. Great plains spread before me, and I was the lucky one to be carrying such a precious thing.
Suddenly, the task of carrying Mary was no longer overwhelming. She was carrying the Son of God.

The travel was hard. The roads even harder. I labored up and down hills. I stopped and began every day with a step forward. It was tough. We were all tired. My concern for Mary grew. She had added in size and weight. She would soon be due, and we had yet to reach our destination. Joseph was much more worried than I. I had seen the birth of my own kind, and I did not think too much of it. But, Joseph, I supposed, thought otherwise.
Perhaps in the miles ahead we would find some encouragement. Maybe the desert would give way to an oasis, a welcoming sight. We had already joined those of David's lineage, so the desert we crossed was crowded.
If only that guy, Ceasar Agustus, hadn't sent out that decree, then Joseph wouldn't have to take Mary on this perilous journey. They could have been home and well. Not on some rocky, precarious trail headed towards Bethlehem, the city of David. Not to mention the possible dangers of the humans they traveled with.
Of course, they probably didn't think such ill thoughts, but I would keep my eyes open none the less.
It is My Son you carry, donkey. God reminded me.
I bowed my head, ashamed. Of course. Forgive me. It was careless of me to think You wouldn't protect Your Son.
And, on went our steady traveling.

White, curly, oval shaped animals grazed on the hillside. Sheep. They were peculiar creatures. They had a habit of falling down and not being able to get up, but that's what the shepherds were there for. That, and to protect the flock.
Unlike my species, we can fend for ourselves.
I fend for you.
I breathed a sigh. Yes. That is true. The sun was near to setting in the horizon in the West. Only a few ours left for daylight. We had traveled near all day, and were nearing the destination in which we were traveling. Joseph's steps had become more springy, and Mary hummed sweetly on the breeze, picking my mood up as well.
"We should stop for the night, Mary." Joseph suggested.
"No." Mary insisted. "Let us just rest for a few minutes. We must get to Bethlehem."
Joseph nodded, then gave in with a sigh.
They settled beside a rock, leaning on it for support. A shepherd stood nearby, his eyes ever watchful, staring at them.
I stomped a foreleg, feeling suspicious.
He stepped closer and leaned against his staff. "You have come a long distance to pay your taxes. From where have you come?"
"Nazereth. How far is the City of David from here?" Joseph wondered.
"Not far. Just over the rise of this hill, and a couple miles. You will come upon it soon." the shepherd promised.
"That is good news. Thank you." Joseph said. "Now, we must be going." he said to Mary.
She nodded slightly. With the help of Joseph, she stood. "I think we must hurry." Mary admitted.
A flash of worry crossed Joseph's face. "Hurry?" He looked frantically around. "The donkey! Where-"
I was standing right in front of him. Mary chuckled beside me.
"It is alright, Joseph. Just, please, help me up." she said, gesturing towards me. I bobbed my head. Yes, please! His actions were rather dramatic, but I supposed he'd never been a father, and had right to act this way.
I picked my steps carefully, the sky darkening with every mile. The few lights of the city grew larger as we drew closer to Bethlehem.

Mary moved restlessly on my back. I flicked my ears, wondering if her time had come.
"Hurry, Joseph!"
It had!
Joseph started rapping on innkeeper doors. It turned out, though, that he was doing it in vain.
"I'm sorry, there is no room."
"The inn is full."
"I cannot take in any more!"
I could see Joseph was feeling hopeless and frantic. I tried to incourage him by continueing on when he was yet again turned away. Just keep moving. We'll find a place. I was trying to tell him.
"Joseph!" Mary yelled.
Joseph was really knocking on doors, now. Pounding was more like it. He kept being rejected.
"Please, my wife is going to have a baby!" Joseph yelled pleadingly.
The innkeeper looked at him, and I saw mercy.
"There is a stable behind my inn. It is not much, but you may use it if you wish. It is all I can spare." he admitted.
Joseph was more than eager to take the offer. He led me down a path back to the old stable the innkeeper had spoken of.
Mary's going to have the Son of God here? I had seen better for the birth of a donkey!
Mary settled in the straw, contractions tensing her body. Joseph held her hand in his. I watched quietly, hoping all would go well without difficulty.
Mary yelled. Joseph prayed. And I stood there. Then, and unbelieveable brightness filled the stable. I looked outside. Up in the sky was the largest star I'd ever seen. How amazing!
My Son is born.
I turned back to look at the couple. I stared. There, in the straw, was my Creator's Son. My eyes were bright as Joseph picked the Baby up and lifted Him to Mary.
"What a wonderful Child is this." Mary smiled.

A knock sounded, and I turned to see a couple of men with staff's. Shepherds.
"Come in." Mary incouraged quietly. They came into the stable, and to my surprise, they kneeled down before Mary and the Babe.
"Praise be! The Savior is born!" they declared, raising the hands in the air in thanks. I nickered in agreement.
"The Gift of God has come!" one shepherd said in achknowlagement. "Let us tell the nations and rejoice!" He hurried out of the stable with excitement.
I started to realize the great thing that had happened this night. My neck arched with joy.
Thumpy-thump. I knew that sound. A camel, or maybe a few, were approaching. More visitors. I did not think such excitement was good for Mary after such a strenuous child birth, but I thought not praising the Savior's birth would be even worse.
"The Star is above this Babe. This is the Son of God." A man spoke with soft wisdom. He was joined by two other men. They look wise, I thought.
"We have traveled across the land to reach this place. We have brought gifts for this little One." Another man said.
Mary and Joseph looked at each other, surprised.
Three gift's were set before the Child. I could smell the pungent scent of Frankinsence. But there was also Myrr. The other gift, I could not smell.
"Gold, Frankinsense, and Myrr for the Babe." the wiseman announced.
Mary nodded her thanks, then went back to smiling at the Baby she held in her arms. I looked at her with delight. She was so blessed. And she deserved every blessing coming her way.
Joseph kissed his wife on the forehead. A cow stirred in a stall and let out a bellowing moo. I sent it an ear-pinned glare. The Child startled and cried. Mary coed to the Babe and he soon quieted. Ah. I smiled with releif.
"What is His name?" all the visitor's said at once. Mary chuckled softly.
"Jesus." Mary smiled.
The Baby's eyes slowly fluttered, and He drifted back off to sleep.
I swallowed. I had never felt so important. Here I was, having witnessed the humble birth of Jesus, God's Son. How wonderful it was, indeed.

Adeline HC & Esprit Ellis
2019-01-10 01:07:53
im in need of the writing quill for the scavenger hubt XD
Admn: so write a story!!

ais8765 & scarlet
2019-01-10 22:20:49
I am bad at english but here we go!

It was a tuesday in November. It was windy and stormy, but i really wanted to take Magic for a ride. Magic was already clean, so i tacked her up with our new red saddle pad, a black saddle and a black bridle.

We started walking in the woods, Magic was calm, even tho she often bucked in the woods. After about 20 minutes of hill walk and trot I started galloping. Magic became really hot, and I could not keep her calm. I could barely see because of the rain,and had lost one of my stirrups. Magic turned of the trail and we was lost in the woods.

I was scared, just tried to not fall off. After a bit Magic slow downed, and I could finally stop her. but now, we where lost.. I felt empty, scared and kinda stupid, like i should have stayed home.

I jumped off magic and started lead here, to maybe find a way home. After 1 hour of walking I got a little bit of hope. We was not in the woods anymore, we where at Olssons Stables!

I ran to the door, knocked and Missy opened the door.
-What have you done child? asked old Missy horrific.

I saw my clothes, wet, dirty and not in one piece if you say so..
-Uhm, i went out with Magic, and she was too fast, and i did not know where I was...

i had started crying. missy gave me a hug, took Magics reins and gave them to jason, the worker in the Stable.
-give this horse a stall, three blankets and a lot of food and water, ordered Missy.
-Okay, answered Jason and took the reins.

Missy took me inside and gave me a cup hot chocolate.
-It is fine now, you are safe.

i heard the words, and started feel calm. When i had yelled Missy about the ride, what happened and how stupid i felt missy said I could sleep at her, and Magic too of course.

The next day Missy had made breakfast for me. When i had ate Missy and I walked to Magic. I tacked her up, and of course brushed her.
-Are you sure you want to ride home by yourself? Missy asked and gave me a finally hug.
-Yes, its fine, i answered and sat up on Magic.

I waved at Missy, and Jason, and walked away.

When i was home it was only 6 am, nobody was in the stable. So i fixed Magic, took the bus home and fell asleep in my bed.

The next day in the stable everyone asked me SO much questions about what happened. i explained and did not feel guilty anymore.

Now I have learned to not ride in storms... and that EVERy rider can do wrong sometimes!

TheDevil666 & Magic
2019-01-12 10:13:42
Winter 2019
by msjane

Gray sky
Casts a soft light
Horses wonder when they will be ridden

msjane & AE
2019-01-13 02:12:24
Horse riding is not a sport. It`s a lifestyle

A horse is not a hobby. It`s a best friend.

A stable is not a hime for your horse. It`s your home too.

We equestrians give 1000 of hours just to make a horse rideable, to jump over a obstacle, to make the perfect piaffe.


Because we get someone to trust. Someone to love. A horse is not as a human, they won`t leave if you don`t look fantastic today, and they won't just find someone new.

So before you say horses don`t have feelings, or even care about their riders, they do.

TheDevil666 & Magic
2019-01-14 09:07:29
A Dream
Something to dream
All it can be
it's a horse

Wind drummer & Renaria
2019-01-16 06:39:36
A New Start
Chapter 2
By: Ponygal103

"Wait." Said Issie. "You want to go see the horses?" Reese looked at her "Yeah, why wouldn't I want to?" She asked. Issie gave a dramatic look at Honey "Well, when Honey got here, she wanted nothing to do with them." She explained. Honey sighed "It's true, I wanted nothing to do with 'em. But Issie is incredibly stubborn, so now I absolutely love riding." They giggled as they walked out the door. They walked down a gravel path towards a large white building. There are white picket fences surrounding large sections of green grass. The girls got to the building and walk in through the large open section facing the road. "Welcome to the stables." said Issie with a gesture to the building. "Wow." Reese said, "it's really big. How many horses are there?" Issie thought then replied "Hmm, probably around 80. But most of them are broodmares and stallions, there are only about 20 horses for us to ride."

The girls walked down the long aisle lined with stalls, some with horses, some without. “The horses we as students can ride are in the west part of the stables, closest to the riding arena and jumping ring.” Honey explained. They rounded a few corners and walk down another hall. Issie pointed out a door “That’s the office, that’s where you can usually find Cassy, if she’s not teaching or riding.” No one appeared and the girls kept walking. The first few stalls were empty, but the fourth one was occupied. “This is Doc.” Said Issie as a dark bay poked his head over the dutch door. Reece cautiously reached out and stroked his head. “Doc is one of the sweetest ponies here, great for beginners, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got paired with him.” said Issie. The next horse was a large black and white paint, Honey reached into her pocket and pulled out a slice of apple, “Diablo, come here buddy” The horse stretched out and took the apple. “Diablo is one of the coolest horses. He’s trained as a performer, he knows all sorts of neat tricks, like how to rear on command, count to five and play dead when a gunshot goes off.” Issie told Reese. A few stalls down, Honey and Issie stopped. Reese looked in, but didn’t see a horse. Suddenly, a thud came from inside the stall. Issie laughed and held out her own apple. “Here, watch.” She held the apple above the door. A small grey head popped up and Reese looked down. The smallest horse she had ever seen was rearing up. “This, is Hercules.” Honey introduced to Reese. “He’s a fabella, he is very small, but really strong for his size.” The next horse was a mare named Penny. Then they met a mare named Fox. “Fox is Lynn’s horse, they are fantastic together.” Issie said to Reese. “Do you guys have horses?” Asked Reese, “I do.” Said Honey, “His name’s Destrier. But I think he is out grazing, so you’ll have to meet him tomorrow.” “Wait, tomorrow? Why tomorrow.” Asked Reese, “We have a lesson tomorrow, so you get to meet all the riders, and their horses.” Explained Issie. They continued on, meeting some more horses, her favorite being a large bay gelding named Romeo. As they were leaving, Reese spotted a black horse looking at her. “Which horse is that?” She asked. Honey and Issie looked at each other, “That’s Cobalt,” Said Issie “he belongs to Natasha, but if you ask me, he is way to good for her.” Reese stared at Cobalt for a moment longer then they walked back out and up to the dorm.

A few hours later, the girls walked down into the dining hall. They had been in Issie’s room watching a movie with her roommate, Tessa. Dinner that night was tacos and afterwords the girls walked back to their rooms. The next day was Reese’s first day of school. She hopped she was ready for it.

Ponygal103 & Sai
2019-01-17 00:19:44
Horses are the best
By: Wind drummer

A horse is a dream come true. So many people get to choose, buy and own their own horse. A horse is like a best friend. You can talk to a horse,tell your equine friend all your secrets and bond. You can care for it. Love it. it's anything but a pet.Now less and less people are buying horses and more and more are ending up in the slaughter house. We need horses! A horse can heal someone's heart,be a friend and help them in times of need so let's get the word out! If you can, buy a horse. A horse can make you happy and give you a friend. So horses are the best animal! let's hear it to horses!!!

Wind drummer & Renaria
2019-01-17 18:02:11
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