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July 2019 Story and Poem Contest

July 2019 Story and Poem Contest

Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.

Jane Crandal & JB
2019-06-30 01:23:54
Once upon a time their was a flea bitten quarter horse. She had a nice pasture and a comfortable stall. But she was lonely their where no horses except the old donkey who wasn't very fun to play with or talk to. Her owners named this flea bitten horse breezy. She did not like that name. And she was still lonely one day she was led into a trailer. She thought I wonder where I am going? A few hours later she was at a new place. The owners where very nice. And she had a new name! It was Coastal. She was happy but still lonely.

Dusty was a bay quaeter cross Tennessee walker. He was very lonely even though he had 300 hundred acres to roam across. But one day he was loaded into a trailer and was brought to a new place the owners where very nice...…..
Now Dusty and Coastal Have a home together. They are never lonely because they have each other. And coastal likes her name a lot. And they have a good home. The End

user no longer exists & ---
2019-07-02 13:03:05
By: Wind drummer

Storm, the only word I can't say
It brings tears to my eyes
When I remember you passed away

I had never felt so helpless
Sad, angry, lost, upset
When I realized all my trying was completely meaningless

They say a horse as loyal as him,
Is hard to find, rare, special, amazing
He would never give me up, never throw me in the bin

He was the brightest star I knew
Someone to cheer me up when I lose
I flew with him, he flew with me

I know it's impossible to ever see Storm again
I'll just keep hoping
That one day I'll be holding onto his mane

I will never forget you, Storm
I'll always remember you
I could never ask for more

I love you, Storm

Wind drummer & Renaria
2019-07-06 08:14:06
The new barn; The Perspective of Abra.
By RennyisRennaconts

My name's Abra, I live in the cold stall 2 thirds of the way back on Shadow Lane. I'm a black thoroughbred mare with a small star and snip. I've lived here for a couple of years and it's been pretty lonely. I still see my mother, who lives across the way; It's been 4 years since I've been by her side. I've seen the people here walk by, but they don't come near me. Except for this girl. She smells sweet and nice but I can't tolerate her around me. The last time I let her kind near me it leads to disaster. She's here again leaning on my stall, she has the owner with her. At least I've been told that she's the owner. The girl is shorter and way younger than the owner. The owner is an older lady with graying hair and a stale stench to her. I snorted at her and kicked the wall. Normally that got them to leave but this time the girl just laughed. I stuck my tongue at her before shaking my head. The girl giggled some more before she muttered something to the owner. Before long the girl was pushing my old ratted halter over my face. I snorted and pulled against the lead until she gave a good tug. I hadn't left that stall for a few months now, no one had really dared touch me. They only ever took me out of the stall to do the general care that I needed. The girl led me onto a fancy trailer and tied me there. I snorted as she grabbed my mother as well. Oh, how I was glad to see my mother again! I snorted rejoicing as I did my best to nuzzle her as the trailer door closed behind us. I don't know how long it took for us to get off that trailer but eventually, the trailer door was opened again and my mother and I were lead out. The barn looked so fancy, much better than the other barn. I snorted and nearly pulled the girl over. My mother gave a reprehensive nip for nearly pulling her over. I was so glad to be in a new barn.

RennyisRennaconts & Cocoa
2019-07-12 03:30:01
Callies perspective-By Arnora

My names Callie and I live in a stall on Callings lane ,I'm a Pintallosa and I stay in my stall half the way down,across from my mom. Today a girl and a boy stand ing outside the stall and they have my halter and suddenly I'm being led out of my stall
and like usual I'm being groomed but theres a tension in the
air. Soon I understand because they put the pads on my back
and put the saddle on after it. Then they put on the bridle and led me out of the ranch grounds .He mounts up and kicks,so I start
walking and, on his command, canter and trot. Then he turns me back and the girl gets on. She dose the same thing and dismounts,
leads me back to the cross ties and takes the tack off."Good girl Callie,"she whispers "good girl."this is beginning to happen every day and we are galloping and eventually doing cross-country. They are always talking about me now and one day they load
me into a trailer and when they stop the trailer and take me out,
I see I'm at a show .Six minuets later they have me and the girl ready."Good luck Lily,cross-country is hard,"the mom says. The girl,Lily,turns me toward a course and whispers,"Come on Callie,
you can do this,girl"as if I'm the only one who needs encouraging. A person i can tell she does'ent like smirks at
her and me. I will prove I'm not a stupid horse even though her horse even looks smug.we sail over the firs fence and some how get all the way to the end without braking up.I think that there no more fences and so does Lily once we go over the picnic table, and suddenly there is a gate. I can tell that no one has cleared it and head for it working, overtime now and we sail over it. Once we get off the course Lily gets down and untacks and grooms
me before her family swarms us. Then she takes me into the trailer and leaves to get her ribbon. She comes back holding an blue first ribbon and her family swarms her outside. The next day, she's not at the barn. I look curiously at her brother. He
notices me and says"Lily got sick,Callie. And by the way,my name is Carter."Carter is a nice name, I think.

arnora & Brandy
2019-07-15 03:44:46
Try again and again or you will never stand
by laugh

I looked up to my mother and tried to push up but I fell. my mothers tender eyes were locked on me watching my every move in her eyes I could see love and compassion, all of it for me. I tried again and still fell a tear rolled down my little eye as I said too my mother I will never learn how to be a fast runner like you,, I will have to deal with the pain that no one will love me except you, then his mother said if you do not try you will never do so try and try again. I pushed myself up and stood on my own four feet.

laugh & Rachel
2019-07-16 15:09:47
By Wind Drummer

I have a secret. One that I won’t tell Barney and the other boys. They would just tease me, even though it’s true. One that I haven’t even told Anna and we promised we would never keep secrets from each other. But rules are made to be broken, especially unwritten ones like ours. If I told Jane she would clap her hands and beg to be told more, but Jane only has a garlic sized brain that smells and she would never keep it, at least for long. Then there are the younger kids, Max and Lola, the two shocking, abnormal twins that are always stealing my things, Cora who wouldn’t say anything, just turn white, Jax, Eva and little Tommy who has only room for one thing in his life, food. The only person who could keep it, is me. And I already know so what’s the point of telling myself when I know? That would be something only Tommy would do and I am far away from being him as the sun and the moon. So that’s why I’m writing it down in this diary. The one Anna gave me before we switched rooms. The one I have never used until now. So what is the secret you ask? There are miniature horses living in the attic of Pine Hill Boarding School, and only I know.

I wake up to a quiet thumping sound, coming from the rafters. I sleepily get out of bed and tiptoe across the ice cold floors, pull on my boots and walk down the hall. It gets louder when I reach the attic stairs, thumping so loud it could have waken even the deepest of sleepers. Hoofbeats, I think. Then I shake my head. Don’t be so silly. It couldn’t be, or could it? I grasp the stairs railing and begin the long climb up. It’s coming from here. I just know it. I reach the attic and look around. The only thing I can see is boxes. Boxes that could tell you anything. Boxes that hold secrets, just waiting for you to explore them. I shake myself out of the daydream and listen. The hoofbeats have stopped. I groan and walk back down. I don’t want to stay.

“AHHHHH!” I scream as I bump into the head teacher. She looks down her nose at me, glaring. Maybe she really was evil. I back away, trembling.

“I.. I’m so sorry-”

“Really Miss Victoria? Then WHY were you up in the attic, bumping around and waking everybody up?!” I blush.

“But, there were horses! Miniature horses up in the attic!” She doesn’t belive me. I can tell by the way she is glaring at me.

“Don’t be so silly Victoria! You still have the mind of a child!” she brushes past me and I go back to my room, upset and angry.

“Yes yes, it’s all true! She still hasn’t settled in and I’m afraid her mind is her only friend!”

I hear them talking about me in the office. It’s a weird feeling that you are being talked about but you aren’t there, at least not in the conversation.

“What a pity. And she was such a bright student before she came here!” They go over and over me, figuring out what to do.

“I think it might be to do with her family.” Miss Wilson leans over, wanting to hear more.

“Her family? What happened?” Miss Wilson said

“A few weeks ago their house got burned down. Her father, sister and brother all died so her mum sent her here.”

They both stare at each other, feeling pity for me. It doesn’t work. It just made me angry so I don’t stop myself. I rush in not caring what happens to me.

“YOU CAN’T TALK ABOUT MY FAMILY LIKE THAT!!!!!” I slam open the door and yell, my anger overtaking me.

“WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW?! YOU AREN’T MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!” I yelled, angry.

They stayed calm, which made me even more angry. Miss Wilson stared at me down her nose, her only weapon. It made me feel worse then if she expelled me. The other teacher, Miss Jackson, spoke in an ice cold tone.

“You have no right to be in here, nor did you to listen in!” I backed away.

“GET OUT OF HERE!” Miss Jackson roared, her eyes glinting like fire. I scampered out, not wanting her to yell at me. It reminded me too much of my dad.

I lay on my bed, daydreaming about the horses. People ran up and down the hall but I didn’t go. I stayed. Nobody came and made me leave so I just stayed, head on my pillows, dreaming. Pictures of the horses, galloping up and down on the floor in my mind, made me want to see them more than ever but the only proof I had was a clipping of sliver mane and a tiny hoof print on a ripped out magazine page. I knew they were there. But even if they never were there, even just thinking about the horses made me calm.

A picture flashed through my mind of a horse with deep red thrashes on it’s side. Just thinking about that made me nervous. I suddenly sat upright and bolted out the door, heading up to the attic.

“Victoria! Where are YOU GOING?!” Miss Jackson yelled.

She couldn’t make me stop. Nobody could. I just ran up the stairs with my teachers and Eva, out of excitement, following.

“Where are you?”I whispered, searching around for the horse.

“Victoria? This place is out of bounds. I told you before!” I ignored my teacher, rushing up and down the attic floors.

“Where are you? Please come out!” I spoke softly, not wanting the horse to run away.

Then I gasped. There she was, in the middle of the floor, slowly trotting across. “Stop please.” I whispered, getting down on my knees.

She didn’t but I knew the horse had heard me.

“Woah girl.” I softly spoke.

I got a closer look. It wasn’t a miniature horse. It was just awful wind-up toy! In anger, I stamped the thing to the ground, squashing in so it would stop moving. “V..ictoria!” I spun around.

Eva was staring at the toy in tears. “But… she was mine.”

“VICTORIA! Stop behaving in this childish way!” Miss Jackson’s voice made me step back.

“But I didn’t mean-” I was very sorry but that didn’t stop my teacher from getting angry.

“No you didn’t! You just didn’t think! Look at poor Eva!” She growled.

Eva was crying now, tears dripping on the ruined toy.

“I...I’m really sorry Eva.” I whispered.

Eva ran down the stairs, with what was left of the horse in her pocket. Miss Jackson grabbed me and took me down the stairs, slamming the door of the room with a big bang.

“Victoria, you are in big trouble”.

I stayed in there for ages. I don’t know how long. I couldn’t go out there again. Who knows what would happen? My body took turns sleeping and waking. Nobody came to see me. I was alone.

The only thing that kept me going were the horses. They told me that everything was going to be all right, even though that seemed far off. I made names for each of them in my dreams, day and night. Starshine was the flea bitten grey, the one who never quit, no matter what. Blackfire was the black horse as you can tell, who just looked just like fire to me and was the strongest. Hope was the pure white, calm and gentle, always kind. Then came Magic, the chestnut who kept hold of his temper and never hurt anyone. And then there was Storm, the wonderful blue roan. He shared a message with me and seemed to really understand what I was feeling.

Storm was a true best friend to me. I had never had a friend before. Now I knew what it was like. A wonderful thing. Something rare like the jewels that have said to be hidden all around Pine Hill. And while I was dreaming, I was also getting weaker. People came and went. Then only the doctor came. To me, he was the man clothed in white who came and went as he pleased. But really, I was getting sicker and the only person who didn’t know, was me. I felt like I was drowning in those days. A horrible feeling, I’ll tell you. But it was all worth it. Then one day, when I felt like I was burning up, someone paid a visit to my bedside. It was the cook. He came up to me and spoke in a husky sort of voice.

“V...Victoria….. I wanted to give you something” He said.

I stared at his old but kind face, wrinkled but at the same time smooth and young. He reached his into his coat pocket and drew out a bundle made from cloth and handed it to me. I gasped at what was inside.

There was tiny figurines of the horses. I saw Blackfire and Starshine, Hope, and Magic. But the only one that stood out to me, was Storm. The detail in him was amazing, something I would treasure forever.

I looked him in the eye and whispered “Thank you”

He smiled and nodded his head at the bundle of cloth. I felt around and drew out another figurine. It was a person. Me. I gasped and stared as he placed them all on my bedside table.

“I…. I made these for you” He said, staring at me, noticing the shock on my face.

“But…. How did you-” I was amazed that he knew.

He looked around, scanning the room for something. Spotting something, he walked over to my mirror and felt behind. He drew out something and took it over. There was the horses drawn on a scroll. The five horses and more, all standing together.

“This was drawn way before you came here.” He spoke, tears pricking his eyes.

It showed that they really were there. Suddenly I choked and fell back, groaning. The doctor rushed in and the cook was swept away in the violent sea.

Everyone came to me and I let them. I didn’t struggle. I just closed my eyes and imagined Storm. All the others came into the picture and well as some I had never seen before. There was a whole herd of them, galloping across the floorboards which soon became rolling plains, where they could be free. I opened my eyes and there was everyone. Even Ava and Little Tommy, Jane, Max, Lola, Barney, Jax and Cora. Then, there was Anna and all the teachers, but the cook was nowhere to be found. Maybe he had never really been there. He was just in my dreams. The picture of them all suddenly faded, and turned black. All I could see was Storm.

I woke up, after a while. I don’t know how long. All I know is that when I woke up, everybody screamed and clapped and smiled, like it was a big party. It wasn’t for me. Not at all. I glanced at my bedside table. The figurines were gone. I sat up, slipped on my boots and ran out the door.

“VICTORIA!!!” Miss Jackson yelled. I was up to my old tricks again, but I didn’t stop. Where were they? Did someone steal them? I wasn’t worried about me. I would be fine. So I didn’t need to think about it.

I ran past everyone’s doorways and quickly glanced inside each one. Not in Eva’s. Not in Barney’s. Not in Max and Lola’s. Same with Jax’s, Cora’s and Little Tommy’s. I didn’t dare look in the teacher’s rooms. But I knew they would never steal the figurines. MY figurines. It was no use. I started to head back into my room when I stopped. What about that attic?

“Victoria?! Stop!!!” The teachers hollered. Nothing they could say would make me stop. I ran up the attic stairs, faster and faster and faster.

“STOP!!!” Miss Jackson hollered, failing to climb up on her stubby legs.

I walked past the boxes, wondering if they were up here.

“Storm! Starshine! Hope! Blackfire! Magic!” No reply. Just silence. I was no stranger to it. Sometimes, that could be all I would hear for days, one time weeks.

“Storm? Are you here?”

“Victoria! Stop this at once!” Miss Jackson grabbed me and hauled me down the stairs, back to my room.

“STORM!” Tears pricked my eyes and the once strong picture of Storm, now faded away, into nothing. Now, it didn’t seem possible for him to be real. My imagination had vanished. Now boarding school just seemed like a boring place with mean teachers that didn’t care, people that hated you, food that tasted bad, not at all like home, and endless halls, that didn’t make you want to explore. Miss Jackson took me down and back into bed, despite my pleading. And for once, I didn’t struggle. Storm seemed far away.

“She breaks rules. It’s the only way!” I listen to them “whispering”.

I can hear it all. Everything. Then I stare at the newly installed bolt on my door. I can’t open it. I’m stuck here. I have already tried to get out. There isn’t a way. The windows are bolted too. The walls are too thick. It’s impossible. I really am stuck here. I try to escape again, throwing everything I have, at the window. No use. It’s boring in here.

I stare out the window. It’s winter and frosty white snow covers everything. It glitters in the sunlight, looking like fairy dust. Then I look closer. A tiny figure is trotting around, snow dusting his coat. It’s Storm.

“STORM!” I holler. I want to run to him.

I beat the door with my fists, yelling. “Let me out!! Please!”

I can hear footsteps. “Let me out!! Please!! Oh please let me out!!”

The handle turns. “Please!!”

It opens and I tumble to the floor in a mass of sheets and pillows.

“Victoria?! What on earth is this?!” It’s Miss Jackson. I don’t bother to stay and talk to her. I just stay quiet, get dressed under my blankets, pull on my boots and flee.

“Victoria!!” I don’t look behind me. I need to find Storm.

I run out to the garden. “Storm!” He is still there, trotting across the snowy grass, mane blowing the chilly wind. My teachers crowd around me.

“Oh my.” Miss Jackson’s mouth is hanging open.

“This is Storm. Storm, meet Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson, meet Storm.” I smile, seeing them look at one another.

“So you were telling the truth!” I grin and nod. Then I get down on my knees in the freezing cold and pick up Storm. I love him. I pick him up and put him in my pocket. He would be safe inside. The stable hand could give him some hay and apples. We walk back inside and I go to my room.

“Oh wow.” The figurines are back, on my bedside table, gleaming in the sunlight, perfect. But one is missing. It’s Storm.

Wind drummer & Renaria
2019-07-17 01:26:48
by autumn morning

I am Allegro. I am a dressage horse. But it wasn't always that way. I was a rescue. More like a hopeless wreck. I felt like there was no hope in the world for a horse like me. But then I am getting way ahead of my self. Here is my story. I was born in a stable. Grooms rushed around busily. chatter filled the aisles. The sound of horses chewing there hay surrounded me. My Mother was a Friesian, My father a thoroughbred. Mother told me that made me a Friesian sport horse. I was pitch black like my Mother and light boned like my father. As I grew older the people turned me out into the pasture with my Mother and other foals like me. I bucked, reared, crow hopped and all the things a colt with gangly long legs does. Aah…. I still treasure those years of freedom that I enjoyed so much just being a colt. But time must always move on. when I was 1 I was led out of my pasture. The next thing I new I was being led into a big box which was the trailer. I had never seen it before and I was surprised. I jumped back nervously. My owners where in a rush for some reason and prodded me more and more. This scared me and I was still unsure. They weren't giving me any time! They yelled and tugged on my lead rope. I tried to move off to on side but they shoved me back. One of the men who I never really cared for got red in the face and really mad. He walked quickly away and was soon back with a long thing I had never seen before it twitched and curved. I shyed to the right the thing still followed me. Now it was getting really scary. "Com'n" said the man and made a cracking sound. I was so scared I ran strait ahead and jumped into the box. The something behind me slammed and I jumped. Then the thing began lurching and the next thing I new was that I was being pulled out. "Give me some time" I wanted to say. But they rushed me out of the box and into a big round arena. I had seen them before but never been in one. "Was it safe?" I would have to find that out by my self. Those men where untrustworthy I had found that out already. I stopped at the doorway and tried to look in. The man jerked on the lead rope. "Git goin" he said. I backed up. and he jerked the rope again. The other man grabbed the twitchy thing again and made that loud sound. I jumped forward knocking the man to the side and into the entrance. The man quickly caught up with me. And I was sold. Now I would have a different life with different people. I just hoped they would be good people. But next thing I new I was back in front of the box. as soon as I saw it I stopped. The man who was tall and loud jerked so hard on my lead rope I lost my balance and stumbled "You silly beast. They never said a word about you bein lame" I quickly righted my self and backed up. The same thing happened as last time. And I really got scared I reared. Another man came and clipped another lead rope to my halter. And a third stood behind me. The 2 in the front pulled and the other man cracked his whip. An hour later I was in the box. And out again in a pasture. It took 2 men to remove my halter and once they did I raced off and got far away as I could. That night I jumped. I was not going to stay in this dirty old fenced area. I galloped away at top speed not stopping until my lungs screamed for air. Then I ate and drank from a stream near by. Days went by I was lonely tired and hungry. I sulked around with nothing to do looking for a horse to be with. But there where none. For days I wandered around. Eventually I came across an old crumbly road. I was sooo tired! I decided to rest and I did I soon was asleep. Next thing I new I was in a coral. Very weak and sick. I felt hopeless. The vet as the other horses called him. came every day and messed with me. I was to weak to try to defend my self and when I was stronger I didn't he was different then the other people I had known. He was quiet and gentle. Gradually I regained all my strength. And I soon trusted people again. But once again I was standing in front of a box. With a knew young woman holding my rope. I stopped once again. But this time the woman just talked to me and encouraged me. She let me explore the area the box. And the big shiny metal thing attached in the front. Soon I decided she wouldn't lead me into this box if she wasn't so scary her self. So I went in. Next thing I new I was in a green pasture with other horses once again. And then my training started. Know I am a top dressage horse who wins ribbons daily. Here is what I have to say to the feeling hopeless. There is always hope no matter what circumstance.

autumn morning & Liberty
2019-07-20 23:27:08
Summer Afternoon
by msjane

the pony stands
tail flishing flies
head down
hind end to the sun
it is summer
the horse waits

msjane & AE
2019-07-28 18:49:57
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